part 4 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

As per her promise the second wife went to Hunadi's room carrying a tray with two mugs on it so that the two guards wouldn't suspect a thing.They let her inshe found Hunadi pacing up and down with anticipation Hunadi : Thank God you finally cameI was beginning to think you've changed your mind Second wife : I got delayed by your other sisteryou know when she starts blabbering she doesn't stop Hunadi : Ooh I thought she's with the king tonight Second wife : That oneever since all this started he doesn't want any of us near him.Now take this make sure you drink all of it .She handed her one of the mugswhich Hunadi took but didn't drink immediately Second wife : What are you waiting fordo you think I'll poison you or something? Hunadi : Aaah well....okay okay I'm sorry just that you've been teaming with Mokgadi (first wife)to make my life a living hell ever since I got married to the king so I kind of got used to the way you were treating me so this sudden change of h..... Second wife : Alright I understand thatbut sister right now you've got to trust me because I'm the only one in your corner.Unless you want to watch your daughter being murdered in cold blood in the next four hours . Hunadi : I'm sorry you're right.I'll drinkremind me why I have to be knocked off again .The second wife rolled her eyes and chuckled Second wife : For an educated woman you can be dumb sometimeswhat do you think will happen when they come to fetch the baby for the sacrifice and she's nowhere to be found while you are in this room.The idea is for them to think the maiden drugged you and then took off with the baby while you were sleeping that way they won't suspect you and then they will let you stay and allow you to be with your son. Hunadi : Ooohbut I don't like putting her in this position Second wife : She knew what ahe was getting herself into when she agreed to this besides it's not as if we forced her or somethingshe volunteered....Now drink upwe are running out of time .Just then the maiden signalled that she was outside the windowHunadi drank the mixture and then they prepared the princesswrapping her in the warmest clothes then Hunadi took out a locket which had her picture in it and put it around her neck then wrapped her with her baby blanket Hunadi : Now what if the guards that are guarding the gate notice her and want to see what she's holding Second wife : She won't use the gateI noticed that the fence in the backyard has a small hole at the corner so she's going to use it.Plus we are going to use this .She then took a small old looking basket just behind the closet Hunadi : Who put that there Second wife : I did while you were busy going up and down to see and beg our heartless husband the king I was planning our rescue mission .Hunadi started yawning Hunadi : Ooh i get .She put her hand in her mouth as the herbs started to take effect. Second wife : It's timeyou will pass out In a few minutes .Hunadi nodded and kissed her sleeping daughter all over her little face with tears streaming down her cheeksthey put her in that very old looking grass basket then put dry leaves and grass then added some papers on top to make it look like normal trash. Hunadi : Goodbye .a..angel .She yawned once morethen the second wife opened the window then took the baby and passed her to the maiden over the windowHunadi was sobbing silently.She held the maiden's hand Hunadi : Please take care of my angel Maiden : Don't worry my queen I will guard her with my life .Hunadi nodded Hunadi : I trust youplease be careful Maiden : I will do so my queen you've been so good to me and my family since I've known you and you loved and cared for us for as long as I can remember. It's time I returned the love and show you that your goodness didn't go unnoticed Second wife : You are wasting time ladies .Hunadi wiped her tears and a snot that was now covering her nostrils Hunadi : Good bye my friend and thank you so much .The maiden nodded Second wife : Remember what I told youmake sure nobody sees you .The maiden nodded again then she checked the coast then ran to where the second wife told her to goshe passed through the hole unnoticed and dissapeared into the woods.But before she dissapeared one of the guards who was easing himself in the woods saw her but he was more concerned with finishing what he was doing than worrying himself with what the maiden was up to.Hunadi cried so hard after the maiden disappeared into the cornerthe second wife consoled her Second wife :Go tlo loka wesho selle hlebare mmago ngwana o swara thipa ka bogaleng and this is such a time(It shall be well don't crythey say a mother holds a knife where it is sharp) .She continued to cry until she passed outthe second wife tucked her in then went to her chambers making sure nobody saw her except for the guards of course . # MEANWHILE . The guard who saw the maiden disappearing in the woods finished his business still wondering whom the maiden was going to "meet"so late at night Guard : Oka hwetsa a ilo kopana le moratiwa wa gagwemokgomana o nale mahlatse wankwa(She's probably going to meet her lover in the woodslucky fellow) .He murmured to himself and then chuckledhe used the tree leaves to wipe his behind clean then wore his trousers.He then went to join his fellow three guards.He relayed the story of what he sawthey all laughed but one of them suddenly stopped laughing and looked at the others Guard 2 : Ay go nale se se sa kopaneng gabotse mo(Something doesn't add up here) .He mumbled thoughtfully Guard 1 :Ora kang bjalo? (Why do you say that?) .He shook his head Guard 2 :Nor mohlomongwe kea phosha (Nah maybe I'm wrong ) Guard 3 :Se bolele bjalo monna

re botse se se leng monaganong wa gago (Don't say that mantell us what's on your mind) Others : Ee re botse monna(Yeah tell us) Guard 1 : Gape wena ke go tseba ole bjalookwana le go bapala ka menagano ya rena ka nako enngwe.Ore ge o bona gore re go adimile ditsebe o thome gore hee hee ga se selo (You always like thisyou love playing mind games with us and when you get our attention you claim it's nothing ) .He chuckled Guard 2 : Go lokile ke tla le botsa le ge ele gore eka noba ese selo (Alright I'll tell you even though it might mean nothing ) Guard : Hey wenabolela (Hey you talk) Guard 2 : Go lokileke nagana gore go a makatsa gore mengwaga yohle yeo ke tsebilego Mmatshepo (maiden's name)ase kaka ka mmona anale monna goba gona go dira dilo tsa phaaku.Kudu ka morago ga ge abile mohlogadi a sale omoswa go fihlela lehono le. (Alright I just think that its strange that ever since I've known Mmatshepo I've never seen her with a man or seen her do strange things.More especially ever since she became a young widower) .The others nodded thoughtfully Guard 4 : Tlaa natso (Continue) .The guard shook his head Guard 2 : Watseba ka nako engwe le ditlatlale ra gore le bjalo ga le so ntshware gore ke lebishitse kae?(You know sometimes you can be stupiddo you mean to tell me you still haven't grasped what I'm trying to tell you?) .They stared at him Guard 3 :Modimo a ntswetsese mpotse gore onagana seo ke se naganang? (Oh goodness medon't tell me you're thinking what I'm thinking? ) .He asked with his hand over his moutheyes looking scared.The wise guard nodded Guard 4 :Keng kganthe? (What is it?) Guard 2&3 : Re nagana gore o atshaba mo moshate ( We suspect that she is running away from the palace) Guard 3 : Ebile ga a tshabe a le tee (And she's not running away alone) Guard 1 : O tlabe a tshabelangle gona le mang ka gore obe ale nnoshi ge ke mmona (Why would she be running away and with whom cause she was alone when i saw her) .they all looked at each other as it finally registered in their minds what could be happening Then : Ngwana o mo sehla(The pale child) .They stared at each other with terror Guard 4 : Akase dire selo sa boshilo bjalo nni mola a tseba gabotse gore kotlo ya seo keng (No she can't do something that stupid when she knows what will happen to her) Guard 1 : Modimore swanetse go begela kgoshi gona bjalo ntle le fao le rena re tlaba mathateng bjalo ka yena (Godwe must alert the king asap otherwise we will all be in trouble just like her) Guard 2 : Mohlomongwe kea phosha (Maybe I'm wrong ) Guard 3 : Le ge gole bjalo re swanetse go bega ditsholo tsa renage rele phosho gona molato ga o gona le fao eupsa ge ele gore re rereshitsega gona yoo atlare beago molato (But still we have to report our suspicionsif we are wrong so be it but if we are right nobody will find fault with us) Guard 1 :Wa rereshalena ba babedi eyang leyo bega taba ye(You are rightYou two go and report this matter) Guard 3&4 : Re tla dira bjalo (We'll do so) .They went inside to report their suspicions they found the head guard and they relayed everything to him.He in turn went to inform the king who was staring into nothingness wearing his pyjamashands held at his back. King : Go shetse feela di awara tse pedi (Only two hours left) Head guard : Kgoshi yaka (My king) .He bowed his head King : Nka go thusha kang? (How may I help you?) .The guard relayed what the other guards told himthe king's face changed immediately into rage.He shouted at the guard to go search Hunadi's chambers.The guard hurriedly left the king's chambersminutes later the king followed shouting orders left and right which woke everybody who was sleeping even the queen mother and the other two wives and their daughters the head guard returned shortly only to tell him that the princess is not in the young queen's chambers Queen M : Ore go diragetseng?(What did you just say happened? ) Head guard : Kgoshigatsana esatsogo belegwa e timeletse (The new born princess is missing) Queen M : O RENG (WHAAAT) First wife : Ke tsebile ke bone gore Hunadi gona le se sesa lokang abeng anyaka go se dira(I knew itI noticed that Hunadi was up to no good) .The queen mother and the two elder wives and the king went to Hunadi's roomthey budged in and dragged her out of bed but she fell on the ground like a sack of potatoes Queen M : Heeytsoga wena (Hey wake up) .She roughly shook her then slapped her cheeks First wife : Oreng asa tsoge? (Why isn't she waking up?) .The king touched her pulse but it was faintly there First wife : Tse ke ditiro tsa moshomedi wa gagwe (This is her maiden' s work) .The king cursed to hard in anger even his veins were showing King : Dira gore lea mohwetsa Ge le mo heeditse le mo tlishe mo go nna a phela.Ke nyana go mo rutela babantsi (Make sure you find her and when you do make sure you bring her to meAlive.I want to make an example of her) .The head guard nodded and ran out the chambersordering all the available guards along the way.There was a commotion as a horn signalling an emergency was blown waking all the villagers.Somewhere a bit far from the palace the maiden was still running as she heard the horn been blownshe started to panic but still she forged her way ahead.Running and never looked back .

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