part 3 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Later that evening Hunadi took off the princess's clothes and wrapped her in a warm blanket only.Then went to look for the kingshe found him in his study room that was situated next to his chambershe was drinking a glass of his expensive whisky.She banged the door startling him King : Whaat .He roared as he turned and looked at her with his blood shot eyes Hunadi : For an educated man who should be bringing about change in his people you sure as hell are as dumb as fuck .She felt her face going hot same time and tears threatened her eyes King : How dare you disrespect me like that Hunadi Hunadi : You slapped me .She whisperedstill in shock that he slapped her for the first time ever since she married him. King : And I will do it again if you come to me with your nonsensenow gather what you came with and leave my study .She stared at him with tears that had finally made their way down her cheekshe roughly pushed her out.They were now in his chambers when she remembered why she came to see him in the first place Hunadi : WaitI have something to show you King : Hunadi I don't have time for your childish nonsenseyou know the ways of our people very well and there's no way we can change them now to suit our needs.Our customs must be followed to the endI'm sorry if that's so hard for you to comprehend Hunadi : My husbandit's not too late to make things right by our daughter.She's just an innocent babyplease give her a chance to live and explore the world like any other child.Haven't you learned anything in school King : Hunadi I will say this once and you better make sure you listen to me carefully.I didn't go to school so that I can degrade our customs and beliefs and adopt the foreign ones I went to school so that I will be able to communicate with the world and try to bring about social development in our land but that doesn't mean we should forget who we are and where we come me from.Traditions are traditions and ways of our forefathers must not be forgotten instead they must be preserved and followed to the later Hunadi : But she's our daughter my kinghow many innocent blood must be shed before you accept and realise that these kids are as human as you and I with the same red warm blood running through their veins King :They are nothing like usthings like them should be wiped out of this earththey bring about a bad omen and I would be damned if I let such happen in my village Hunadi : But my king I..... King : My decision is final Hunadi and don't you dare do something to defy my ruling now leave my chambersyou know better than to set your feet in here .Hunadi just stood there silently crying Hunadi : Whywhy are you so heartless? .She turned to look him in the eye to see if maybe she would see the warmth and love that she got accustomed to see in his eyes but she was so dissapointed to see only coldness.The man she had come to love and respect and admire was no longer thereonly a heartless beast resided in him.She slowly put the princess on the bedunwrapping the baby blanket King :What the hell do you think you are doingget that thing off my bed .He roughly pulled her only to see what he never expected to see Hunadi : So you still say she's the seed of an evil spirityou still think she deserves to die.You still believe she doesn't have your blood running through her veinsare you going to turn a blind eye to the fact that she is your blood just like her brother is.If so then kill her now in front of my eyes like a monster you are and get it over and done with .She was wailing and pointing at the little princess.All along the king had his eye fixed on the birth mark on the princess's bumthe birth mark looked exactly like hishe looked at her pointy nose that looked exactly like his not to mention her innocent eyes that were staring straight at him.She is her father's daughter through and through only difference is her skin colour.Tears rolled down his eyes silently as he was slowly stretching his hand to touch the birth mark but then formed a fist and closed his eyes Hunadi : Go on touch her .He shook his head with his eyes still closed King : I can''s better this way besides it's too late now Hunadi : Please don't say that King : Hunadi plea.... Queen M : Ke matshila mang a diragang moo? (What nonsense us this ?) .The queen mother roared as she bagged in the king's chambers and her eyes went straight at the naked princess on the bed and noticing her birtmarkthe same one she also has just like her son.She looked from her son the king to his young wife breathing fire King : Er mma(Mom) Queen M : Tswalela molongwana wo wa gagoke sa bolela(Shut your mouth I'm still talking) King : O..... .One evil stare from his mother rendered the king dumbshe turned her attention to the terrified Hunadi Queen M : Wena Hunadi ke rileng to wena?tsea tshila ye ya gago otswe kamoo.Kaone ebile resehlwe re dikadika re nape re se lokishetse go dirwa sehlabelo gona bjalo(Hunadi what did i say to you?take your trash and leave.Or better still let's not waste any more time and prepare it for the sacrifice now) .Hunadi quickly wrapped her baby with her blanket and held her protectivelythen stared at the king with eyes filled with pain and disappointment. Then she half ran and half walked to the door.Passing the angry queen mother who's eyes were filled with tearsshe stared at her wondering what could be making her want to cry while she was the one who was supposed to cry for the injustice to her daughter.She heard the queen mother arguing with the king as she hurried down the passage with tears blinding her eyes . . *Meanwhile in the Hunadi's chambers the maiden had just finished bathing the young prince and preparing him to sleep when Hunadi budged into the room crying Hunadi : She's so heartlessshe's a horrible horrible monster.What kind of a woman is she

she has no heart no compassion at all.I was so close to changing the king's mind but she ruined everything .She said as she sobbed on the maiden's shoulderwho vigorously rubbed her back trying to silence her cries.The door opened and the two elder wives entered followed by two royal guards First wife : Ba tseeng (Take them away) .Hunadi turned with eyes filled with tears Hunadi : Ba tsee bomanggo diragalang (Who do you want them to take awaywhat's going on?) .The second wife chuckled Second wife : Be o nagana gore o bohlokwa go re feta rohle ankere? Le go hlabebetse last gago letsatsile orele bjalo ka ge le rena re fetile fao bare re belega banenyana fela (Did you think you were too important than uswell now it's your turn to suffer.We also passed there when we were crucified for giving birth to girls only) .They laughedclapping their hands mocking her First wife : Bjalo o belege phoofotswana mmamoratwago botse bjang (Now their beloved has given birth to a little monsterhow good is that) .All along Hunadi was crying as she held on to her babies First wife : Heey lena le emetseng mootseang kgoshana le selo se le we ishe mo seswanetseng(Hey you what are you waiting there fortake the Prince and that thing to where it's supposed to be) Hunadi : NOOO NOOOO NOOOOO .The young queen screamed her lungs outholding on to her kids.They managed to take the Prince away just when the queen mother entered her chambers Queen M : Humola wa re hlodia wena (Shut you are making noise) Hunadi : Kea le kgopela sentseeleng bana baka hle mma (I'm begging youplease don't take my babies away) She knelt on the floor still holding on to the princessshe was still crying and begging them.The queen mother slapped the living daylight out of her on the same cheek the king slapped her earlier Queen M : Humola nxa (Shut up*clicking her tongue*)O ntheetse botse ngwanenyanaka gore ke nale pelo a botse ke tla go shia le selo seo sa gago ka gore ke tsatsi la sona la mafelelo ka ge ka moso se tla dirwa sehlabelo said badimo.Eupsa kgoshana yona etlaba ka phaphushing yaka go fihlela o lokelwa ke goba mma wa makgonthe mo go yena(Listen to me little girlbecause I have a good heart I will leave you with your thing for the night since tomorrow she will be sacrificed to the gods but I will take the Prince to be in my chambers until you are ready to be the mother you are supposed to be to him) First wife : Tlisha ngwana o mo gonna wena(Bring the baby to me) .She referred to the guard holding the prince ) Queen M : Dirang gore gobe le balata ba babedi kantle ga mojakole hlokomele yoo gore asatswe ka moo phaphushing le selo se sa gagwewena sepela omotseele dijo tsa gagwe tsa mantsibua ka gore ga aka sehlwele a etswa ka moo go fihlela selo se sa gagwe se e hwa (Make sure there are two guards guarding outside the doorensure she doesn't leave her chambers with that thing of her's.You go fetch her dinner because she is not allowed to leave her chambers until that thing is dead) .She referred the last part to the maiden just before they all exit the roomseconds later the second wife got back into the room Second wife : How much do you want to protect her? Hunadi : What .She whispered in a small defeated voice still kneeling down Second wife : I know you heard meso cut the act.I said how much do you want to protect your child? Hunadi : With everything in me Second wife : How much do you trust your maiden? do you think she is willing to put her life on the line for you and her .She pointed at the princess Hunadi : I trust her Second wife : But can she lay her life for you Maiden : I would do anything for my queen and the princesseven if it means I die in the process Second wife : Now listen to me and listen carefullywe are going to put you to sleep three hours from now and I will snuck in here and take the baby out the window and you will run away with her to my father's villagedo you know where it is Maiden : Yes I do Second wife : GoodI will give you a massage to give to my sister who will then get in touch with my elder sister in town and you will go stay with her in the city until things calm down and Hunadi will be able to visit you two.Do you think you can do that Maiden : Yes my queen Second wife : Now if this plan failsI don't know anything about it and have nothing to do with you two do you understand me. Hunadi/Maiden : Yes Second wife : Don't keep me waitingbe outside the window on the said time .The maiden nodded Hunadi : Why are you doing this Second wife : Doing what? Hunadi : Helping me protect my daughter Second wife : Hunadi I'm a mother so I know and understand what you are going through Hunadi : But earlier you were rejoicing in my pain Second wife : It's called acting my dearyou should try that sometimes.Besides you and I have some things in commonwe are two educated women surrounded by a bunch of old fashioned fools in an isolated village that refuses to adapt to change.So we got to look out for each other from time to time Hunadi : Thank you my sister Second wife : Don't thank me yet....let me leave before they get suspicious .They hugged and she left.Hunadi and the maiden stared at each other in desbeliefthey hugged each other for the longest time ever because they new the risk of what they were about to do and how dangerous it would be for the young maiden if she get's caught.

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