part 2 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

An hour or two before the meeting that will determine the fate of the young princessthe king was looking out the window in his chambersin deep thoughts.He heard the door closing King : Ke nagana gore ke le boditse gore gake nyake go shitishwa.(I thought i told you I don't want any disturbances) .He said still looking out the windowthe person cleared her throat.The king turned in irritation but his face softened when he saw the young queen but then it was quickly replaced by confusion mixed with sadness Hunadi : Kgoshi yaka (My king) .The king swallowed hard King : Hunadio nyakang mo?o tseba gabotse gore ga wa dumelelwa go tsena ka phaphushing yaka go fihlela o fetsa kgwedi tse tshelelang tsa botswetsi (What are you doing here?you know very well that you are not allowed to enter my chambers until after six full months after giving birth) .She sniffed Hunadi : Kea tseba kgoshi yakataba ke gore ga ka tla go wena bjalo ka mogatsago felake tlile go wena bjalo ka motswadi yo a robegileng pelo(I know my kingthe thing is I didn't come to you only as a wifebut I came to you as a parent with a broken heart) .She knelt down before himbut the king held her and help her stand up King : Hunadi .He held her shouldersshe raised her head to look at him.The look on her face broke his heart for he knew why she broke protocol to come see him Hunadi : Ke kgopela o se bolaye ngwanaka hleshe's our gift from the ancestors just like our son(Please don't kill my child) .The king sadly stared at her and shook his head King : kea go kgopela se thatafishe dilo goya le go feta.O tseba setso sa rena(I'm begging you don't make things more difficult than they already are.You know our traditions.)that thing will bring only bad luck to our kingdom.Just because we allowed the missionaries to dwell in our village and educate our people it doesn't mean we should suddenly change our ways and follow their way of life .The queen cried like a child Hunadi : Yes I know our traditions my kingbut when it comes to the killings of innocent children just because of the colour of their skin it's uncalled for.You have the power to change those ancient traditional beliefs my king please.Our daughter is innocent just like those who were murdered in cold before her. King : Stop it HunadiO tseba gabotse gore nka go direla se sengwe le se sengwe ose hlokang goba o se kgopelang eupsa ka se sebaka ke manyami nka se kgone le ge nkabe ke rata.Moshomo waka wa mathomo ke go tshireletsa setshaba sa rena pele(You know very well that I can do anything you need or ask for but this time I won't even if I want to.My first priority is to protect my people ) Hunadi : PROTECT YOUR PEOPLEPROTECT THEM FROM WHAT?IF THERE'S ANYONE WHO NEEDS YOUR PROTECTION HERE IT'S THE KIDS AND NOBODY ELSE .She shouted at him in frustration which shocked the kingno one has ever shouted at him before even his own mother.She realised what she's done and quickly knelt down on his feet again apologising and crying and holding on to his robes.This time he didn't do anything he just stared at her still shocked Hunadi : Tshwarelo kgoshi yakake theleletswe ke lelemeebe ese maikemisetso aka go go kgadimosha(Forgive me my king it was a slip of the tongueI didn't mean to shout at you)in my bid to make you understand.She's our baby my kingwe conceived her out of love.She and our son are the symbol of our loveplease don't take her away from me.Ke motho bjalo ka mang le mang( she's human just like everyone else).Please don't let some superstitious beliefs make you kill our daughter in cold bloodI beg of you my king..please .The king silently stared at herA knock sounded King : Oka tsena(You may enter) .The queen mother entered Queen M : Go diregalang mo?ke kwele lentsu la gago go tloga kua kgole (What's going on here?i heard you voice from afar) .She addressed the young queen who just stared at her feet.She feared the queen mother so muchshe knows what a firm ruler she was after she took over the reins immediately after her husband passed on Hunadi : (I..i..i) Queen M : Ke ke ke wang tswang kamo na wena ga o tsebe setso se reng mabapi le basadi be be lego setswetsing.Kea bona setotwane seo ose belegego se setse se thomile go go berekisha go dira thato ya sonao lebetse tulo ya gago(I i i for whatdon't you know what our customs says regarding woman who just gave birth.I can see that the zombie you gave birth to has started using to do her biddingyou even forgot your place) .The young queen cringed at the hush words the Queen mother said to hershe looked up at the king but he looked away and went back to the windowleaving her kneeling where she was Queen M : Tswa mo phaphushing ya Kgoshi pele ke bolela mantsu a bogale ao nkase te tsholeng ka wonaGa ke sa nyaka go go bona kamoo go fihlela o fetsa dikgwedi tsa gago (Leave the king's chamber before i say something i would not regret and I don't ever want to see you here until you finish your waiting period) .The young queen quickly stood up and saddly left the king's chambersleaving both mother and son to talk Queen M : Morwa o lebelega ole kgole ka megopoloo jewa keng? (Son it looks like your far in thoughtswhat's eating you?) .He turns and look at her King : O tseba gabotse gore ke tshwenywa keng mma(You know very well what's bothering me mom) .The queen mother sits down on the couch and pat the space next to her for her son to sit Queen M : Wena o tshwenywa fela ke gore o dumelela Hunadi a go goga ka nko le mo go sa swanelang(You are bothered because you are letting Hunadi control you) .He exhaled deeply sitting besides his mother King : Ga go bonolo bjalo ka ge o nagana mmaHunadi esale o moswa gape go golela ga gagwe ditoropong go mo dirile gore a bone dilo ka tsela enngwekudu ge go etla go taba ya ngwana yo.Ga a kweshishi gore ke ka baka lang re swanetse go tswela pele re phela ka tsela yeo ba makgolokhokho ba beng ba phela ka gona(This is not as easy as you think momHunadi is still young and the fact that she grew up in the city made her see things differentlymore especially the issue of this child.She doesn't understand why we are continuing to live the way our forefathers used to live) Queen M : Kea go kwa ebile kea go kweshisha eupsa go sa kweshishi ga gagwe ga gore gore ga a tsebe setso sa rena.Ge oka tlogela mohlolo o otswela pele o tsebe gore ke gona ge setshaba le bogoshi bja rena bo phutlame(I hear and understand you quiet well but her not understanding why it has to be done doesn't mean she's oblivious to our customs.If you let this abomination continues know that it will be the end of our people and our kingdom) .That left the king speechless . ***MEANWHILE . The young queen threw herself on her bed wailingher maiden comforted her by rubbing her back Maiden : I take it ga wa sepela gabotse (it didn't go well) .the young queen shook her headthe maiden went to pick up the young princess who was awakeshe nudged the queen who had her hands over her face Maide : Mo swareo lebelele botse bja gagwe.then look me in the eye and tell me you are not giving up the fight(Hold herand look at her beauty) .The queen took her daughter and brushed her pink soft cheeksthen looked up at the maiden Hunadi : I'm definitely not giving up Maiden : That's more like it

then looked up at the maiden Hunadi : I'm definitely not giving up Maiden : That's more like itnow listen to me .She told the young queen her plan on how they are going to overcome the challenge Hunadi : O ra gore etla shoma (do you think it will work) Maiden : It has tore bolela ka madi asenang molato moo.We can't let her be another one of their stupid traditions' victim (we are talking about an innocent blood here) . . ****LATER there was singing and shouting at the palace gatethat made most of the people there to abandon what they were doing to go and see what the commotion was about People : Ga se hweGa se motho sell seo (Let it diethat thing is not human) People : Ee ke mehlolo felagase tloshwe tsatsing(Its an abominationlet it be removed from the face of the earth) .Then there was singing the elders emerged from the crowd and entered the palace.The young queen and her maiden were one of the people watching the whole thingThe young queen silently criedtears running down her face which she didn't bother to wipe.The people were called in and they all gathered in the yard waiting for their king.The queen mother went to address them so long Queen M : Tsielala setshaba sa geshorea kweshisha gore le befetswe.Efela ye gase yona tsela ya go dira dilo(Attention my people we understand your anger.But this is not how we do things) People :........ Queen M : Kgoshi ya rena etlatla ebolela le lena ka nako esa fetseng pelo (Our king will come and address you soon) Man 1 :Rena se re nyakang go se tseba ke gore mohlolo o o lokishwa nenggape re ka se hwele lefela nni (What we want to know is when will this abomination be sortedwe don't want to die for nothingno ways) Queen M : Kea kweshisha gore le nyaka di karaboke ka baka leo ke rego le emeleng kgoshike yena yo atla fetolang dipotsisho tsa lena ka mokaebile sho o etla (I understand you want answersthat's why I'm saying wait for the king.He will answer all your questionooh here he comes) .She said the last part pointing at the king who was approaching the gatheringthey all bowed to him as he sat before them.With his advisors and elders Elder1: Le ka dula fase (You may sit down ) .They all sat on the dusty ground Elder 1 :Ke tsea gore goba gona ga lena mo gora gona gore le setse le kwele ka se se hlagetseng kgoshi ya rena le setshaba ka kakaretso(I take it that you being here means that you've all heard about what has befallen the king and our nation as a whole) People : Go bjalo(Indeed) Man 2 : Bjalo sepheto sa kgoshi ya rena kengke seo re tlilego ka sona mo(Now what is our king's decisionbecause that's what has brought us here) Elder 1 :Aowa karabo le tla e hwetsamong mabu sebaka ke sa gago (And the answers is what you will getmy king over to you) .The king stood upthey bowed to him once more while the woman allulated People : Kgoshi ya renasebata se segolo.Tau ya leshoka(Our kingthe great animal.Lion of the wilderness) King : Kea le dumedisha kaofela ga lena (Greetings to you all) People : Thobela Kgoshi ya rena (Greetings our king ) .The king paused a bit then cleared his throat before he spoke again King : Seo le se kwileng ke nnetemmakgoshi o belege ngwana o mosehla (What you heard is true the queen gave birth to a pale child) Man 3 : Ga se ngwana ntweo(That's not a child) People : Ka nnete ga se motho(Indeed it's not human) Woman 1 : Ke mehlolo ka nnete (It's truly an abomination ) Youths : Gase bolawe(It must be killed ) People : Asehwe (Let it die) Youth 2 :Le reng lere ngwana yoo a bolawesebete le sehlogo se sekaaka sa go bolaya madi a go hloka molato fela ka baka la gore asa swane le lena ke sangle se hwetsa kae?(Why are you saying the child must be killedwhere do you get such bravery and wickedness to kill an innocent blood just because she is different from you) .said one young man who was wearing nice clothesthe people went ballistic on him and there was commotion with many people wanting to attack him while one or two agreed with him.One elder stood up Man 1 :Go dula toropong go go sennye monagano mosha (Living in the city has polluted your mind boy) People : Ka nnete (Indeed) Elder 2 : Tsielala setshaba sa gesho (Attention my people ) People : ......... Elder 2 :Akere re tlile mo gore rekwe gore Kgoshi ya rena etsere sefe sepheto mabapi le taba ee(We all came here to hear what the king's ruling over this matter isisn't it) .More commotion as the people agreed Elder : Bjalo mo feng sebaka sa go bolela (Now give him a chance to speak ) Man 1 : Go lokileefela ase hlwe a dikadika (It's finebut he mustn't beat around the bush) King : Go lokile setshaba sakaKe tsere sepheto (It's okay my peopleI have decided) People : Tla natso morenare thieditse (Tell us then our kingwe are listening) King : Re tla pheta bjalo ka ge setso sa rena se laelamehlolo o tla tloshwa tsatsing gosasa pele letsatsi le hlaba gona mo kgorongotla dirwa sehlabelo sa badimo(We will do as our traditions bid usthe abomination will be removed from the earth tomorrow morning at dawnand will be sacrificed to the gods) .There was celebration all around with only a few who were shaking their heads in shockthe young queen who was watching and listening to the proceedings sobbed like a child) Hunadi : Nooooooooo .They all turned to see her standing by the palace doorway crying her lungs out.The queen mother commanded the guards to take her back to her chambers while the king watched silently.He then stood up and left.Leaving the people singing and rejoicing.Happy with the king's ruling

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