part 19 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

It was still a bit dark when Tshepo reached Koketso's homehe was his last hope.He prayed that they welcome him and Amogelang in their home.Their gate was locked so he decided to wait under the tree opposite their gate because he didn't want to call out to Koketso's in fear that he might attract attention from wrong people.Few minutes later he saw Koketso's dad opening the gate with a lunch box under his armpithe was afraid to approach him because of the bad experience he had with Tirhani's dad so he decided to wait for him to disappear down the street then he went in since the gate was not locked anymorewith Amogelang on his back.He reached Koketso's window and knocked lightly careful not to attract any unnecessary attention.After a while Koketso came to the windowhe opened it while rubbing his eyes Koketso : Aah monna Tshepoo dirang mo so early in the morning? (Hey manwhat are you doing here) .Tshepo wanted to speak but a huge lump was closing in on his chest and his to throat suddenly felt dry Tshepo : Am a..a Koketso : Forget it man just come to the front door I'll open for you .Tshepo nodded gratefully as he turned around to go to the front door minutes Koketso opened and they went to his room Tshepo : Thanks man really appreciate it Koketso : It's nothing . Koketso made a space on his bed for Tshepo to lay Amogelang to sleephe left his room and come back with to cups of coffee and gave one to Tshepo.They drank silently at first until Koketso broke it Koketso : So...tell me boywhat happened at Triple T's home.That you had to leave so early in the morning with your little sister? . Tshepo exhaled deeply Tshepo : Boy you can't believe what I'm about to tell youI for one I find it so hard to believe Koketso : Out with it Tshepo : Well last night..... .He narrated everything to Koketso just the way it happened Koketso : You're kidding me Tshepo : I'm still shocked as well Koketso : At least my parents are Christians I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have you guys Tshepo : I pray so manbecause I don't think I'll survive any more rejection.My parents have to find us before it's too late Koketso : Now let's sleep a bityou know I'm not a morning person.i still got to finish dreaming .They laughed as they joined Amogelang in bed luckily he had a double bed so they all fitted.It felt like they slept for ten minutes when Tshepo woke up to people shouting outside the bedroomhe looked at where Koketso was sleeping but he wasn't there.He was about to leave the room when he had his name been mentioned so he listened in on the conversation Koketso : But mamaba tlo leba kae if you chase them away?I thought you liked Tshepo(where would they go) Mama k : Moshemane gwa bjalo ga ke na tabaga se bothata bjaka gore b taweleletse ke mathata(Boy at the moment I don't careit's not my problem that they are having problems) Koketso : But mama it's only until their parents find them Mama K : That's if they are even looking for them Koketso : Of course they are looking for them mamao bolela bjang(how can you say that) Mama K : Hey wena don't shout at me wenaI'm still your mother Koketso : Some parent to you are .He mumbled Mama K : Oreng? you know I can still bat you up neh(what did you just say?) Koketso : Nothing mama Mama K : Good..now take this money and go buy bread and eggs at the tuck shop so we can make breakfast .She gave him the money Koketso : What about Tshepo and Amo? Mama K : Don't worry I won't chase them away just yet but I stand by what I said Ketsothey can't stay with us.It won't be safe for all of us if they stay hereI don't want us to be victims of the albino attacks. Koketso : But ma.... Mama K : But nothing Ketsomy word is final.They have to leave before the end of the day Koketso : I thought you were a Christian isn't it the bible teaches us to love one another Mama K : Heey don't you say dare preach for merun along to the shop now . Koketso left still mumbling under his breath Tshepo was still standing at the door with tears streaming down his cheekshe dropped down as he cried his heart out Tshepo : Mama o mo kaePapa why have abondoned us?(Mama where are you) . Koketso was gone for like thirty minutes since the shop was a bit far and it being the only shop in their village it was always fullmama Koketso knocked so hard in Koketso's bedroom Mama K : Heey Tshepo bula mo mojako(Open this door) .He opened the door looking terrifiedshe entered and stared at Tshepo then her eyes moved to the sleeping Amogelang.She sat on the bed Mama K : Tshepo I know you've heard my discussion with Ketsoson it's not that I hate you or against Amogelang or albinos.I hope you know thatthe thing is we are living in a cruel world and you know it.I just don't want what happened to your family to happen to mine because of Amogelang.Do you understand that . Tshepo was looking down all along with tears dropping on his hands as he cried silently Mama K : So because I'm not as heartless as you might think right nowI will give you a bus fare money so that you will go to the hospital in town.That's where rumours says your mother is and since she's the only one who knows my home it will be better if you go to her

I will give you a bus fare money so that you will go to the hospital in town.That's where rumours says your mother is and since she's the only one who knows my home it will be better if you go to her maybe you can be lucky enough to meet your father there. Tshepo : Okay Mama K : Alright gee my boynow wipe those tears awaygo have a bath and I will bath your sister for you so that you can go before the twelve o'clock bus leaves Tshepo : okay mamakea leboga(thank you) .. Minutes later Tshepo was done bathing and mama Koketso had bathed and combed Amogelang's hair Mama K : Are you done? Tshepo : Yes ma Mama K : Okay now take this money and go. Tshepo nodded and took the money Tshepo : Le shale ga botse mama and thanks for your kindness (Farewell mama) Mama K : Sorry I couldn't help you my boy Tshepo : I understand mamaI just wished I could see Kk pele re tloga(before we go) Mama K : No my boy it's better this wayyou will see him one day soon . Tshepo nodded sadly as they left Koketso's homehe prayed that they find him mom in the hospital like mama Koketso said otherwise he knew that they will be in trouble because no one wants to help them because associating themselves with them can mean trouble for them . . . IN THE HOSPITAL . . Mma Mokoena was looking so much better than she did few days ago Mokoena just arrived to visit her Mokoena : Sthandwa se nhliziyo yami(love of my life/heart) Mma Mokoena : Ooh Tebogo myeni wami(my husband) . Mokoena sat on the hospital bed beside her Mokoena : How are you my love? Mma Mokoena : I'm trying Sthandwa(my love)but its hard.I still can't believe my baby is gone and you had to bury him without me .She cried so hard Mokoena pulled her to him and embraced her Mokoena : I know my love but what else can we dowe have to be strong for our remaining kids and the one you are carrying Mma Mokoena: I know but still...anyway any leads on Tshepo? . Mokoena exhaled deeply Mokoena : Eish I finally found one of his friends who stays near the schoolhe admitted that they were staying with them for the past few days but they had to leave Mma Mokoena : That's Tirhani'sso did he say why he had to leave or where he went? Mokoena : Well a strange thing happened when he was to tell mehis father called told him to stay away from me and warned him never to talk to me again Mma Mokoena: Whaat!!you must be joking Mokoena : Unfortunately not Mma Mokoena :No something just doesn't sound right herewhere was his mother? she's always been good to Tshepo and we used to talk whenever we met at school meetings Mokoena : I didn't see herthe man didn't even allow me to step in their house.Everything was just hush hush Mma Mokoena: And how about Koketso I'm sure he went there.I know the mother she's a member if our church committee I'm sure if there's anyone who can help my boy its her Mokoena : I haven't got a chance to go there I'm planning to go when I leave here but I'll pass by the police station first time get their update on the case Mma Mokoena : Ooh please Mokoena ngicela uthole umfana wam he's the only child I have(please find my son) . Mokoena turned her to look at him Mokoena : Nomzamo what do you mean ge ore(when you say)he's the only child you havehave you forgotten there's Amo as well .Mma Mokoena rolled her eyes and stared at the wall Mokoena : Ke bolela Le wena anke omphetole(I'm talking to you please answer me) Mma Mokoena :Unga buza ibhasi libhaliwe?(meta phor which meant" Why ask the obvious") Mokoena : Zamo I hope you're not implying what I think you are implying Mma Mokoena : Shoot me for being human TebogoI'm a mother who just lost her son.My handsome baby is gone and he's never coming back something which we could have avoided if you didn't bring that cursed child in our home and for that I will never forgive you Mokoena : Zamo!! Mma Mokoena : Yes it's true there I said it.I blame her for my little boy's death and what I'm going through. Mokoena : She's just a child Zamo Mma Mokoena : Yes she is a childa cursed child who brought nothing but pain in our lives Mokoena : No you didn't just say that Mma Mokoena: I said it so what ? Mokoena : Take it back this instant Mma Mokoena : No I won'tI would do so only if you bring me back my son Mokoena : Zamo Mma Mokoena : Wangi biza ungi bona(why call me when I'm here) Mokoena : When did you turn so evil and heartless she's our daughter for crying out loud Mma Mokoena: No Tebogo she's not my daughter maybe she is yours but definitely not mine and I never want to see her again she will just be a constant reminder of my loss . Mokoena was so shocked he didn't know what to say they were disturbed by the doctor as he entered the ward and greeted Mokoena then examined Mma Mokoena Dr Mathebula : All is in order manana Mokoena (Mrs Mokoena)if you can manage to keep you stress levels at a minimum you might go home in a day or two and the baby is healthy too .The doctor said with a smile Mma Mokoena: Which home doctorwhen my house has been burnt down.I might as well go back home eNewcastle .They all kept quiet after that seconds later the doctor left Mokoena : Let me go as wellI will come back tomorrow Mma Mokoena : Come only if you've found my son Tebogo otherwise don't bother Mokoena : You've got to stop this Zamowe are in this together .Mma Mokoena just stared at him until he broke the silence again Mokoena : Good by sweetheart .He went to peck her lips but she looked awayhe made for the door disappointed Mma Mokoena : Just find my son Tebogo or so help me God .He looked at her then shook his head then he leftMma Mokoena wiped the tear that was streaming down her right cheek then turn and got under the bed covers pulling them over her head as she continued sobbing


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