part 18 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

It was the morning after little Thabang's burialMokoena was preparing to go to the hospital to see his wife Mrs Hlabirwa : Ra tla ra mmoloka ngwana wa rena pele ga nako ya gagwe(We really buried our child before her time) Mokoena : Rakgadi le bjalo ke kwa okare kea loraga ke tshepe gore moshemane waka o ile (Aunty even now I feel like I'm dreamingI still can't believe he's gone) Mrs Hlabirwa : Re hloka go amogela fela gore ore shiile ore shiile ga go se reka se dirang go fetola dilo(We just need to accept that he's gone and no longer coming back and there's nothing we can do to change things) Mokoena : Ke nnete yeo rakgadise se setsego ke gore ke kgwetse bana baka me mosadi a fole gomme ke tsee ba lelapa laka re ikele gauteng. Ye naga ya gesho enthobile pelo ka tsela yeo ke beng ke sa e letelale bjalo e dutla madi(It's true auntythe only thing remaining is for me to find my kids and for my wife to heal so that we can leave for the city of gold.Our land has broken my heart in the most unexpected wayeven now it's bleeding) Mrs Hlabirwa : Kea go kwa ngwana kgaetsediakake tshepa gore oka se nape o ntebala lenna ge setsele khudugile(I hear you my brother's sonI just hope you won't forget me as well once you've moved) Mokoena : Nka ba legal a kaofela efela eseng wena ( I can forget them all but not you) Mrs Hlabirwa : Ke thabela go kwa seo(I'm glad to hear that) Hlabirwa : Areye monna (Lets go man) .Hlabirwa saud as he entered the lounge Mokoena : Go lokilerakgadi re saile(Alrightaunty we are out) Mrs Hlabirwa : Go lokile (Alright) .They left they caught a taxi and on the way they passed a group of protesting youth with placards some saying "We Need Peace In Our Land" "Bring Justice For Little Thabang" " Our King Has Failed Us"Some said " Albinos are Humans Too".The taxi passed them Woman 1 : The youth is right the kings has truly failed usour village used to be a peaceful one and now it has turned into the Bataung village's replica Woman 2 : Its true hey Man 1 : Nna ga ke bone molato ka seo we diragalangdilo tse di tshilafatsa naga ya rena.Ga di tloge diyo aga naga ya tsona kua kgole me rena batho batho (I don't see anything wrong with what is happeningthis things are polluting our land.They must just go and build their own land far away from us real peopl) Man 2 : O setlatla moshaema yo fihlela se se direga lapeng la gago otlakwa gore go bohloko bjang.Se se tsweletseng morwa Mokoena ke masetlapelo fela ebile gase seo oka se dumang gore we diragalele le lenaba la gago(You are such a coward boywait until it happens to your family and you will feel how painful it is.What happened to Mokoena's son is such a tragedy that I won't even with for my worst enemy) Man 1 : O bolela ditshila (You talking rubbish) Woman 1 : Ke kwela mosadi yo omo nyetseng Lee ruri(I feel so sorry for the woman you married) Man 1 : Aay homola wena mmadibekwana (Shut up you ape) Driver : I hate to be on Mokoena's shoes right nowpoor man Man 1 : Ore poor mannna ga ke mo kwele or ga tee.O itira matsebanyanake mang a rileng abe mosamaria wa kgaogelo?Ge nkabe ase a topa leswebe lela ale tlisha lapeng la gagwe lehono nkabe morwagwe asa phela(I don't feel sorry for himhe likes to act like he knows it all.If he didn't behave like a good samaritan and took in that albino his son will be alive today) Woman 3 : Wa reresha wenabatho ba bangwe ba rata go ipiletsa mathata ale kgole watseba(You are rightsome people like inviting trouble in their lives when it's far from them) Man 1 : Ke kwele bare mosadi o sepetlele ebile ga a tsebe gore morwa wa bona o hwil(I heard his wife is in hospital and she has no idea that their son is dead) Woman 3 : Iyoo he nkabe ele nna mosadiagwe be ke tla napa ka mo hlala ka pelapelafor all we know the albino might be the results of his infidelity (If I was his wife I'd divorce him instantly ) Woman 2 : Sis o mosadi o mo bjang naa wena? you should be ashamed of yourself(What kind of a woman are you?) Woman 3 : Bare nnete ya baba(The truth hurts) .Mokoena was quietly listeninhis heart broke with every negative hurtful wordsHlabirwa wanted to say something but he put his hand over his and shook his head.They finally reached their destination Mokoena : Re kgopela go shala mojako wa sepetlele monna wa gesho (Can we please drop us at the hospital entrance ) Driver : Go lokile(Alright ) .The taxi stoppedHlabirwa and Mokoena got off Woman 2 : Mokoena! ! She exclaimed in shock Mokoena : Thobela man Dipuo....ohh as for wena(You)ugly and heartless womanI'm glad you are not my wifecause I don't do good with ugly people who think they know it all.I pity the man who will marry if you not married alread.As for wena Matomega ke na polelo(I'm speechless ).Enjoy the rest of your ride .He closed the taxi door and they left.Leaving the occupants shocked and ashamed . ***Meanwhile in the hospital Mma Mokoena had just finished bathing and the nurse was helping her wear her hospital gown.Yeah she woke up yesterday at the exact time that Thabang's casket was lowered to the ground.She woke up with a start as if she was having a nightmare and opened her eyes looking around in fearher heartbeat accelerating to a higher degrees.The machines beeped furiously and a nurse came rushing in to help her fill led by a doctor.The doctor injected her because she was getting out of control and minutes later she fell into a deep sleep only to wake up later in the afternoon calmer than before.She look around and saw a jug filled with water and an empty glass on the sideshe tried reaching for it but she felt a stabbing pain on her chest and a pounding headache. Mma Mokoena : Aaaaaah .She screamed in pain just when Doctor Mathebula came in Dr Mathebula : Manan Mokoena mipfukini (Mrs Mokoena you are awake) MmaMokoena wanted to roll her eyes so bad but she decided otherwise and asked for a glass of water instead Mma Mokoena : W...wa.water .She said in a cracked voice Dr Mathebula : Ooh sorry .He poured the water for her and put a straw that was beside the glass and helped her drinkshe finished the whole glass and asked for more. After drinking her second glass she felt better Mma Mokoena : Thank you doctor Dr Mathebula : You're welcome .Mma Mokoena nodde and stared at her hands Mma Mokoena : How long have I been here ? Dr Mathebula : Over a week Mma Mokoena : Whaaat?who's looking after my kidswhere are they.My God my poor babies must be running of their minds with worry and are probably dying of hunger Dr Mathebula : Mam calm downI'm sure your kids are fine wherever they are.Be patient maybe your husband will come see you again later or tomorrow Mma Mokoena : Ooh Tebogo is back Dr Mathebula : Yeshe's been coming to see you everyday Mma Mokoena : Ooh Thanks God I'm sure the kids are with him now .Doctor Mathebula didn't respond to that because he knew about little Thabang's horrible death Dr Mathebula : Now let's check you two and see how you are doing .Mma Mokoena noddethe doctor examined her Mma Mokoena : Doctor you said you "two" Dr Mathebula : Huh Mma Mokoena : You said let me check you twowhat did you mean by that Dr Mathebula : Sorry my badI thought the other doctor must have told you this Mma Mokoena : Tell me what? Dr Mathebula : That you are two months pregnant Mma Mokoena : I'm what? Dr Mathebula : Two months pregn..... Mma Mokoena : Ooh Nkosi yami (Ooh my Lord) .Well that's how she discovered the wonderful news hours after coming intoshe was touching her stomach and reminiscing about becoming a mother for the third time

she had a huge smile plastered on her face when Mokoena and Hlabirwa entered the ward and found her like Mokoena : Modimo 'a ntswetseNomzamo(My God) Mma Mokoena looked up to see if its really her husband or if she was day dreaming Mma Mokoena : Tebogo Mokoena : Oooh Zamo wamiu vukile.I thought you were also leaving us (Ooh my Zamoyou are awake) .They embraced each other like there was no tomorrowMma Mokoena pulled out after a while Mma Mokoena : Tebogo where are my kidsdid you come with them .She looked aroundhoping she would see them but they were nowhere to be foundMokoena had tears threatening to drop out of his eyes but he pushed them backstaring I to space.Mma Mokoena shooked him roughly Mma Mokoena : Tebogo uya nge thusa please talk to me(You scaring me) .He looked down a spoke in a low voice Mokoena : They are all gone Mma Mokoena : Gone where? Mokoena : Oooh I'm so sorry ZamoThabang..... .Mma Mokoena zoned out when Mokoena started telling her what's happening when he was done narrating the story Mma Mokoena was quiet as if she wasn't there.when Mokoena finally raised his face to look into her eyesthe sorrow and shock he saw in them was heart breaking . At the Tivani's it was early evening and they were having dinner as a family over a light conversation when the door opened and Mr Tivani walked in Mr Tivani : Family..I'm home .He said in a song likeTinyiko and Tirhani got up from their chairs excitedly and ran to their father.They hugged him and he sat down at the dinner table and kissed Mrs Tivani Tinyiko : Eeuw papa Mr Tivani : Insati wa mina mos (She's my wife) Jeffrey : We know that Mr Tivani : Take off your hat Jejehow many times must I tell you that Jeffrey : Sorry dad .He took it off Mrs Tivani : A uri niya mi phamela ka papa Jeje (Let me go dish up for you) Mr Tivani : Endla tanonafa hi ndlala(Do thatI'm dying of hunger ) .Mrs Tivani got up and Mr Tivani smacked her buttshe laughed all the way to the kitchen while their kids giggled.Mr Tivani ran his eyes around the dinner table and came to rest at little AmogelangTshepo noticed and started sweating nervously.Tirhani noticed and tried to make a conversation Triple T : Eer bhava maha n'wi tsundzuka munghana wa mina Tshepo Mokoena? (Er dad do you still remember my friend Tshepo Mokoena?) .Mr Tivani looked at his son and back to Tshepo then Amogelang and back to his son again Mr Tivani : Ooh yes I do sonHow are you Tshepo .He smiled at Tshepo but his smile didn't reach his eyes which scared Tshepo even more Tshepo : Agee Ntate Tivani (Greetings Mr Tivani) .He mumbled nervously seconds later Mrs Tivani came back with Mr Tivani's food.They ate silently then Tirhani and Tshepo washed the dishes and they retired to bed.Tinyiko slept with Amogelang again which left Tshepo unsettled but Mrs Tivani assured him that she will be okay.It was in the middle of the night when Tshepo felt pressed and woke up to go to the toilet to ease himselfhe then when to the kitchen to drink water.That's when he heard the unbelievable Mr Tivani : They can't stay here nkatanga(my wife) Mrs Tivani : Where do you want them to go Josefa (Joseph) Mr Tivani : I don't care Maria but what I know is I want them gone first thing tomorrow morning Mrs Tivani : They are just kids and its not as if they will stay here forever.It's just until their parents found themyou know it's not safe out there Mr Tivani : It's not safe herewhat if my friends comes to visit me? Mrs Tivani : I don't care and what do you mean by"it's not safe here"what could harm them? Mr Tivani : Maria ungani endli tanojust do as I say (Don't do this to me Maria) Mrs Tivani : JOSEFA (JOSEPH ) Mr Tivani : Don't shout at me please Maria I'm still your husband and you must show some respect Mrs Tivani : Then bhula na minawhat's going on? (Talk to me) .Mr Tivani inhaled and exhale deeply before he spoke Mr Tivani : Ni tshembisi kuri unge ni zondi(Promise you won't hate me) Mrs Tivani : Vulavula maan he Josefa (Just talk already Joseph ) .He cleared his throat Mr Tivani : I'm also part of the group that has been cleansing the land off albinos but I was assigned at the Baroka village .Tshepo gasped in shock and almost dropped the glass of water he was holding Mrs Tivani : Whaat?Ooh Tivani what have you done.When did you become a heartless murderer ? Mr Tivani : Please don't judge me Mrs Tivani : Ooh my God I can't even look at you right now Mr Tivani : Ooh please don't act so hollier than thou on me right now.Where did you think all the money I used to feed you into this thick woman that you are today came from ? Mrs Tivani : You told me you are doing some odd jobs here and there Mr Tivani : And awuzange uti hlupha kumbe kuti vutisa leswaku intirho wanjhani?a swiri kahle loko unyondzela ntsena and to hell with everything?.Now that you know what those odd jobs aremake sure those bloody brats are out of my house as in yesterday (You never bothered or asked yourself what those jobs were as long as you had something to eat) Mrs Tivani : Please don't do this Tivani I'm begging you just give them a few days .Tshepo's felt hes heard enough and left the spot he was standing at with tears now streaming down his cheeks and into his chesthe knew that if he didn't ease himself before he would have done so on himself at that moment.He slowly went back to Tirhani's roomhe sat on the bed while he watched his friend sleeping peacefully.He wondered how Tirhani would feel if he were to discover what his so called wonderful perfect father is doing for a livingwould he still be proud to be his son and call him dad or would he get mad at him.He found himself crying wondering where he will go from here since his father's family didn't want themFor the first time in a long time he got off the bed and knelt down and prayed.He prayed that his parents found then before its too lateHe waited until dawn then he took a paper from Tirhani's school books and a pen and wrote a short note thanking Tirhani for being a great friend and Mrs Tivani for her hospitality.Then he folded the piece of paper and took his mother's towel in Tirhani's wardrobehe quietly left the room and went to Tinyiko's room.He watched the two girls sleeping peacefullyhis heart broke into tiny pieces as he carefully lifted Amogelang from under the bed covers.He held her and kissed her foreheadshe laid her head in his shoulder.He then went out the doorclosing it in the process.He went to the front door and unlocked ithe opened it carefully and closed it once he was outside and he left with his little sister.He reached the gate and luckily it was unlockedhe looked back at the Tivani house with so much heartachethe house that has sheltered him and his sister for the past week.A house that brought a little bit of joy in his shattered heartthe house that made him feel at home away from home.It brought him so much pain to leave them like this but what other choice does he have?He was so heartbroken so much so that he dropped a tear which he quickly wiped offhe put Amogelang on his back since she was a bit heavy for him to carry and covered her with the towel.He closed the gate and left not knowing where to gohe just went with the flow.Wherever the wind carried him and his sister he was okay with ithe thought of his parents as he walked in the semi dark streets while praying in his heart of hearts that nothing harms them


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