part 17 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

The never ending knocks turned into bangs when Jeffrey didn't open the door Mrs Tivani : He wena Jeje pfula nyangwa lowu sweswi(Hey Jeje open this door now) Jeffrey : Gents yi Olady lami yaz(Guys it's my mom) Thamzen : So vula mos(open it) Jeffrey : Wena a wu lazi I olady linjani that woman can kick ass boy(You don't know how she is) .The boys laughed as she banged the door harder than before Tshepo : M..m.maybe you should open bro JT .Jeffrey slapped him behind his head Jeffrey : Uya hlanya boy(Are you crazy) Mrs Tivani : He we Jeje ni ku kombela ra mahetelelo loko Unga pfuli nta landza bheyila ra mina wa no rivalaI'll chop your stupid door down as in yesterday(Hey Jeje I'm asking you for the last time to open this door otherwise I'll go fetch my axeI can see you've forgotten me) .One of Jeffrey's friends looked a bit scared Tlangelani : Aah he JT pfula nyangwa he mfowa n'wi tiva aunty swaku injani.That woman doesn't bluffI told you that involving the boy in our plan while he's under her watch is a wrong move but do you ever listen to me ?nope (Hey JT just open the dooryou know how aunt is) Jeffrey : Finebut if any of you laugh at me once she had her way with me I'll kick your asses Thamzen : Aaah bro don't tell me the mighty JT usaba umfazi(Fears a woman) Jeffrey : Hey wena she's not just any womanshe's my fucken mom .She banged the door one last time Mrs Tivani : Okaay awu pfuli(You not opening )just you wait and see Jeffrey : Ookay na pfulamara no tshembisi kuri unge nibhi (Oky I'm openingbut promise me you won't beat me up) .Mrs Tivani laughed Mrs Tivani : Tirhani famba uya teka bheyila (Tirhani go fetch the axe) Jeffrey : Alright se na pful(I'm opening ) .Jeffrey opened the door only to be punched on the face by Mrs Tivani as she entered the room and looked around Mrs Tivani : Incini leswi?(Whats all this?) .Jeffrey kept quiet as she scanned the room and saw Tlangelani Mrs Tivani : Tlangi ulava yini la vusiku lebyiSi kuyima u hatlisa u muka sweswi.Upfumelela Jeje aku hona(Tlangi what are you doing here so late at night get up and hurry home now.You allow Jeje to corrupt you) Tlangelani : Sorry aunty .He quickly got up when he passes his aunty on his way out she punched his stomach Tlangelani : Hii mara aunty he nwehe(But aunty) Mrs Tivani : You still here Tlangelani : No aunty .He quickly ran out the doorthe other guys stood up prepared to be beaten up.But she just gave them a stare which scared them and they stared at their feet Mrs Tivani : And youu tlangela kule na nwana lweyi.He's going through a lot as it is (Play far from this child) .She pointed a finger at Jeffrey Jeffrey : Okay ma(Mom) Mrs Tivani : Tshepo go to Tirhani .Tshepo slowly went to join his friend at the door who hugged him and pull out a tongues on his brother making ugly faces. Jeffrey made fist threats pointing at Tirhani then indicated he will punch his face when he thought his mom wasn't looking but she saw him and gave him one hell of a punch and he fell Thamzen : DAMN!! Mrs Tivani : Make sure kuri loko ni pfuka tyaka leri ringa la ndlwini ri nyamalarile(Make sure all this trash in this room has disappeared when I woke up) Jeffrey : Yes mom Mrs Tivani : Good .Mrs Tivani then left the room and went to the main house Jeffrey got up and closed the door with a bang after punching and kicking the air.His friends laughed Jeffrey : And nou (now) .They stoped laughing immediately Thamzen : Hade skeem saam (Sorry friend ) ****IN THE MAIN HOUSE . Mrs Tivani caught up with the boys before they went to Tirhani's bedroom Mrs Tivani : Tshepo did he hurt you? Tshepo : No mama Mrs Tivani : Gooddon't allow him to corrupt you with his dirty mind.I know you are going through a lot right now but you have to be patient your parents will find you soon Tshepo : Yes mama Triple T : Mom why don't we go check up at his home maybe they are looking for them already Mrs Tivani : Good idea my boyyou will go after breakfast.I will look after little Amo while you are gone Tshepo : Ookay Triple T : Don't worry boy mom will look after her very well Tshepo : Okay thenThanks ma Mrs Tivani : You are welcome babyfambani miya tlela(Go and sleep) and boys Boys : Yes ma Mrs Tivani : Stay away from Jeje and his goons Boys : Will do .She smiled at them and they smiled back then they went to bed.Five hours later Tinyiko woke them up Tinyiko : Heey boys wake up .She screamed in their ears Triple T : Haay wena maan uhi vangela pongo(Hey you are making noise) Tinyiko : Mama ite ni mi pfuxa(Mom said I must wake you up) Triple T : We are awake so shoosh Tinyiko : Mama ite ni vuya na n'wina (Mom said I must come back with you) Triple T : Tinyitinyi don't irritate meleave my room. Go pay with your dolls or somethingwe will come at our own time jeez Tinyiko : Nta byela mama kuri mite ami lavi (I'll tell mom that you refused to come with) .Tirhani picked one of his sleepers and threw them at her she ducked and made a face then ran outthey heard her tell her mom exactly what she said she would tell her.So they quickly got up and fixed the bed and went out the door meeting Mrs Tivani at the passage with a jug of cold water Mrs Tivani : You're so luckyI wanted to splash all this water on your lazy asses Triple T : Mom stop swearing Mrs Tivani : Heey who's the parent hereme or you? Triple T : You of course Mrs Tivani : GoodTshepo baby did you sleep well Tshepo : Yes ma thanks for asking .Mrs Tivani nodded and turned to go back to the dining room Mrs Tivani : Go wipe your faces and come have breakfast Boys : Thanks ma .Munites later they were eating breakfast when Jeffrey came to join them with a swollen faceTinyiko stood up quickly and went to him. Tinyiko : Buti kuyendleke yini hi xikandza xa n'wina (Brother what happened to your face) .She asked with a voice filled with worry which made Tirhani to roll his eyes while their mom didn't even bother to look at himTshepo stared at the plate in front of him while little Amogelang was already eating and enjoying her breakfast . . **MEANWHILE Mokoena and his group of friends went to Mokoena's neighbourhood to ask around for his kids but nobody seemed to know anything about them.They looked and looked until they got tired and decided to go to town to ask the police for an update regarding the case Mashiloane : Dumelang monna wa gesho (Greetings man) Policeman : Thobela(Greetings) Mashiloane : Re tlile mabapi le case ya bana ba go timela be re tlo botsisha gore le tla kae ka dinyakishisho (We came concerning the missing kids's casewe were wondering how far you are with the investigation?) Policeman : Okayare the kids yours? Mashiloane : Aowa monna wa gesho ke ba mmata waka (No they are my friend's kids) Policeman : Ooh kea bonaokae yena (I seewhere is he?) Mokoena : Kenna mohlomphegi (It's me sir) Policeman : Kganthe wa kgona go bolelanna be ke nagana gore ga ogo mo goba ga o bolele.Ka gore o bolelela ke mmata wa gago (So you know how to talkI thought that maybe you not here or that you don't know how to speak since your friend is the one doing the talking) Mokoena : Tshwarelo monna wa gesho (Please forgive me ) Policeman : Go lokileke maswabi nkase kgone go le thusha gona bjalo ka gore motho yo aswerego molato osa tswile ga a gona.Le ka tla ka dinako goba gosasa (It's fineunfortunately I can't help you nowthe guy who's investigating the case has just left you can come back later or tomorrow ) Hlabirwa : What so you wasted our time for nothing when you knew you are useless to us Policeman : Heey wena ke tla go lokela ditshipi gona bjalo ka gore o roga lephodisa (Hey I'll lock you up for insulting a police officer ) Hlabirwa : Lephodisa last mogweteareyeng banna (Police officer my assguys lets go) .They left the police station disappointed and went to see Mma Mokoena at the hospital then they later went home.Two days later preparation for Thabang's funeral were madehe was to be buried the following day.Mokoena and his aunt were sitting in the sitting room Mokoena : Rakgadi ke rata go leboga thego ya gago le ba lekana last gago matsatsing a go feta go fihla gona bjalo (Aunty I just want to thank you for your support in the past few days until this moment) Mrs Hlabirwa : Ga se selo re leloko le tee (Its nothingwe are one family ) Mokoena : Le gego le bjalo kea lebogakudu ka ge o kgonne go dira gore papa a dumele gore re dire moshomo kua gae(Even so I'm grateful more so because you managed to convince dad to allow us to do the funeral service at home) Mrs Hlabirwa : Kea go kwabe go sena ka tsela engwee ntle le fao be ke tlamo pshinyela hlogokgolo yela ya gagwe e thata....(I hear youhe had no other choice otherwise I would have farted on his big stubborn head of his ) .Mokoena laughed a bit Mokoena : O ra gor?(You reckon?) Mrs Hlabirwa : Ee ga ontsebe botse wena (Yesyou don't know me well) Mokoena : Iyoo onkgopotse ke sabe pukung tsa gago tsempe (Remind me not to be in your bad books) .They genuinely laughedMrs Hlabirwa snr stared at her nephew Mrs Hlabirwa : Go gabotse go go bona o sega motlogolo waka (It's good to see you laugh my nephew) Mokoena : Kea tsebabe ke tla rata ge mosadiaka akabe a fodile gore atle a boloke morwa wa rena (Yeah i knowi just wish my wife was better so she would to be here when we bury our son) Mrs Hlabirwa : Ke nnete yeo bjalo re tla reng ba kua mmoshareng lebona ba bitsa ka mo o patela mpeto sepetlele.Obe okase loke ka go realo ga rena kgetho re swanetse go no mmoloka gore oshale o bonana le tsa sepetlele.Le yena otla kweshisha mafelelong (That's truebut what else can we do the mortuary people are costly and on the other side you also paying for your wife's hospital bed.And you can't afford both so it's for the bestwhen the boy is burried you will only deal with the hospital bills.Your wife will understand eventually) Mokoena : Ke tshepa bjalo (I hope so) Mrs Hlabirwa : O hloma bjang yena makoti(how is our daughter in law anyway?) Mokoena : Ga gona phapano le bjalogora gona gore hlogo ya gagwe ebe e gobetse go feta ka mohwa wo dingaka di beng di nagana ka gona.Bare ba tla dira diteko gape ka moshopologo go bona gore o gobetse go fihla kae (Still the sameit seems like her head injuries were deeper than the doctors thought.So they've scheduled to do more test on Monday to examine the extent of her injuries ) Mrs Hlabirwa : Go reng base ba dira bjalo go tloga peleng (Why didn't they do so from the beginning? ) Mokoena : Ga ke tsebe rakgadike nagana gore ke ka baka la gore be ke so patele goba ga gagwe sepetlele (I don't know auntyI think maybe it's because I hadn't paid the hospital bills at the time) Mrs Hlabirwa : Aay tshelete tshalete ka moka mo re sepelang(Its money money everywhere we go) Mokoena : Re tla reng ke yona tsela yeo dilo di dirwang ka gona (What else can we do its how things are done) Mrs Hlabirwa : Kea gokwa motlogolo wakaKganthe dijo di tla neng naa rea hwa ka tlala makoti(I hear my nephewwhen are you bringing foodwe are dying of hunger my daughter in law) .She shouted the last partMokoena laughed Mma Hlabirwa : Dietla mama ke setse ke sola (It's coming mom I'm just dishing up) Mrs Hlabirwa : Dira ka pela pele ke idibala (Hurry up before I faint) Mrs Hlabirwa : O segang ke swanetse go bolela gape ge kesa bolele le tlano makala le bona ke wela mo fase pele ga lena (Why are you laughingi have to speak out otherwise you will be suprised to see me fall down in front of you) .Minutes later Mma Hlabirwa entered with their food and waterthey all ate making small conversations here and there. . ***Two days later


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