part 16 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Later that afternoon Mashiloane's little brother returned to the Mokoena's followed by the police and their forensic team.They investigated and took pictures of the crime sceneasking questions here and there.Of course the noisy neighbours did what they do best when they saw the police cars.After they've gathered all the necessary evidence and staff they then took the corpse and left after promising to do a post mortem to determine the real cause of death and that they will do their best to ensure justice prevailed and the culprits are caught and punished Mashiloane : Ke maswabi monna wa gesho ka seo se go hlagetsego(I'm so sorry about what you're going through) Mokoena : Thank you manI appreciate goba gona ga gago (you being here) Mashiloane : I wouldn't be anywhere else Mokoena : Even now I still fail to accept that my boy is gonemy little innocent imagewhat kind of cruelty is this. .They had now exited what used to be Mokoena's home and were going to Mashiloane's carjust then Hlabirwa and his wife entered the yard meeting Mokoena and Mashiloane before they reach where the car was parked Hlabirwa : Motswala(Cousin) Mokoena : Ey tswala(hey Cuz) .They hugged and Hlabirwa petted Mokoena at the back which made him a little emotional since his aunt and cousins were the only family members who were still in contact with him but he got hold of himself because people were watching Hlabirwa : Ke maswabi motswalake selle hlemonna ke sebete(I'm so sorry my cousin a man must be brave) Mokoena : It hurts tswala (Cuz ) Hlabirwa : I know .Hlabirwa held Mokoena on both shoulders and forced him to look at him Hlabirwa : I know it hurtsbelieve me I understand but falling apart is not what you need right now.You need to get your act together and be strong for your wife and kids Mokoena : Kea tseba but its not that simple(I know) .Hlabirwa noddedhe then paid his attention to Mashiloane Hlabirwa : Mashiloane .They shook hands Mashiloane : Hlabirwa re bona masetlapelo a ahlagetsego mmataka (We meet under such unfortunate incident that has befallen my friend) Hlabirwa : Eish oka bolela gape (You can say that again) Mokoena : Naa gonale seo le se kweletseng ka bana le mosadi (Have you heard anything regarding my wife and kids) Hlabirwa : Ka bana gona aowa eupsa Mma Mokoena o sepetlele sa kua toropong.Keile kamo hwetsa thoko ga tsela goseng ge re eya mmerekong ra napa ra mo kitimishetsa gona (With the kids Nobut Mma Mokoena has been admitted at the hospital in townWe found her lying on the road side on our way to work so we quickly rushed her there) Mokoena : Ka nnete (Truly) Hlabirwa : Ee(Yes) Mashiloane : Then what are we still waiting forlet's go there .The all ran to Mashiloane's car and went to the hospitalthere wasn't that much of an improvement on Mma Mokoena's condition. Mokoena : Ooh sthandwa sami (ooh my love) Mashiloane : Yooh ba nyakile go go bolayela mosadi mmata waka(Ooh they nearly killed your wife for you my friend) .Mokoena held his wife's hand and kissed her exposed flash on her forehead because most of her face was wrapped in bandages Hlabirwa : Ere ke yo bitsa doctor(Let me call the doctor) Mokoena : Mma Mokoena waka (My Mma Mokoena) please wake up my loveI need you.Our kids needs you please pull through for us.I can't do this without you babyI'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you.I should have listened to you when you suggested we moved even if the house is not yet furnished but being my stubborn self I didn't listen and for that I'm so so sorry sweetheart.Ooh my Zamo MaDlomo wamisthandwa se nhliziyo yam.Aw vuka mamakhe ngiya ku mcenga bandla sthandwa se nhliziyo yam(My sweetheartooh mother of my kidsplease wake up I'm begging you sweetheart ) .Hlabirwa left them to go call the doctor Dr Mathebula : Avuxeni vaka hina(Greetings everybody ) .Mokoena stood up to greet the doctor Mokoena : Ahee doctor (Greetings doctor ) Dr Mathebula : Aw Goalkeeper Mokoena : Killer Mashiloane : Such a small worldwena Hasani!! Dr Mathebula : Maradona its quiet a small world indeed...My former soccer team mateyou look too old for your age Maradona where are all those muscles you used to have Mashiloane : Aagh you crazy man Dr Mathebula : Woow who thought we would ever meet again after all these years Mashiloane : Yeah Mokoena : Its a pity we meet under such circumstances Dr Mathebula : Yeah indeed it isbut she's a strong woman.I can guarantee she will pull through but I just can't say the same about the baby though Mokoena : Which baby? Hlabirwa : Ooh ke lebetse go go botsa(I forgot to tell you) Mokoena : Guys what are you talking about? Dr Mathebula : You wife is two months pregnant Mokoena and the longer she stays unconscious the chances of the baby making it are getting slimmer by the day.Because the first trimester is the most critical time of any pregnancyit was unfortunate that she had to go through what she went through when she's at a this vulnerable stage Mokoena : O mpotsang monna (What are you telling me man) Dr Mathebula : It is soI'm so sorry man.But we are keeping a close eye on her to ensure no harm comes to them Mokoena : Nka thabela seo my friend (Id appreciate that) .After Mokoena saw his wife and talked to the doctor about her condition the guys drove to the police station to open a missing person's case so that the police can help them find the kids.Later they drove back to the village in silence .The Mashiloane's dropped Mokoena and Hlabirwa at Hlabirwa's house then left promising to come back the next day to help Mokoena search for his missing kidsbecause they didn't want to wait for the police to search for the kids.That night Mokoena didn't sleep a wink he tossed and turned until he heard the cocks crowl to signal the new day.He laid in bed for a while until he heard voices talking not far from the room he slept in then the door opened aand his elder aunt who is also his father's twin came in and rushed to him.She gave him the warmest hug ever and that made Mokoena sob like a baby Mrs Hlabirwa : Lla ngwana kgaetsediakao ntshe ka moka tseo di hlabang pelo ya gago;ntsha bohloko ka moka boleng pelong ya gago motlogolo waka.Ntshake gona nna rakgadiago nkase go lahle o madi aka.Re Bo Mokoena re nale maatla bjalo ka dikwena tseo 're leng tsona efela gore maatla a rena atle a iponagatse o swanetse go hlatswa pelo tsa ya gago ka go tlosha seo se gobatsang pelo ya gago(Cry my brother's sonrelease all the tension that's stabbing your heartrelease all the pain in your heart my nephew.Release it

release all the pain in your heart my nephew.Release ityour aunt is here and I will never forsake you no matter what you are my blood. We are the Mokoenas we are strong like the crocodiles we are but in order for the strength to be revealed you need to cleanse your heart by removing al that's hurting you) .She was rubbing his back while he was holding on tightly to her as he sobbed.After some time he stopped crying and she used the small blanket that she had covered her shoulders with to wipe his tears then she kissed his forehead and sat on the bed besides him Mrs Hlabirwa : A okwe tlogolwana sakarobala ropeng tsa rakgadiago (There you go my nephewlay on your aunty's lap) .She put his head on her lap like she used to all those years ago when he came crying to her after his father beat him up for losing one of his cows.Minutes later he fell into a comfortable sleep and she carefully laid him on the bed and covered him with a blanket.She went to join her son and daughter in law in the sitting room Hlabirwa : O moshiile a le bjang? (How was he?) .Mrs Hlabirwa snr shook her head before she sat downshe was a thick woman Mrs Hlabirwa : Ngwana ola obone mahloko a magolo bophelong bja gagwe bjalo gona go lekane(That boy has experienced too much pain to last him a lifetimeit's enough now) Hlabirwa : Gona ke nnetebjalo re tla dira bjang ka di tokisho tsa poloko ya ngwana ka gore ntlo ya gagwe eswile gape malome Mogau (Mokoena's dad)ga a nyake gokwa selo ka Tebogo le ba lapa la gagwe?(You are rightbut what are we going to do regarding the child's funeral arrangement since his his burnt down and uncle Mogau doesn't want anything to do with Tebogo and his family? ) Mrs Hlabirwa : Mo tlogelele nna owe (Leave that one to me) .Three hours later Mashiloane arrived with two men who were going to help on the searchHlabirwa went to the guest room to woke up his cousinless than a hour later they were combing the village from one house to another in search of the kids... . . It was the third night since the unfortunate incident took placeTshepo and Amogelang were still staying with the Tivani's.Amogelang was having one of the nightmares that's been troubling her since the unfortunate incident three nights agoshe was screaming in her sleep crying for her mother.Tinyiko woke her up and tried to hold her just as Tshepo and Mrs Tivani entered the bedroom Tinyiko : Mama ni ringetile ku n'wi miyeta kambe anga miyeli woya a rila(Mom I tried comforting her but she just kept on cryin) .Tinyiko said with teary eyes Tshepo : My princess keng(Whats wrong) Amo : Ke nyaka mama abuti Tshepo mama okae (I want mom brother TshepoWhere is she?) .She wailed as Tshepo sat on the bed and held her in his arms Tshepo : Mama o tla bowa ese kgale my princesso sailo go lata papa (Mom will be back soonshe went to fetch dad) Amo : Ka nnete?(Truly?) .She asked hopefully as she wiped her tears with the back of her hand Tshepo : Ka nnete nana(Truly baby) .Amogelang happily smiled at her brother who was trying to hold back his tears and failed.Mrs Tivani sat next to Tshepo and rubbed his back Mrs Tivani : Khomelela n'wananga swi ta lungatiisela (Hold on my child all shall be wellbe strong) .Tshepo nodded as tears silently ran down his cheekshe didn't bother hiding or wiping them.Minutes later Amogelang was snoring lightly in her brother's arms Mrs Tivani : N'wi tisi ka minanta tlela na yena(Bring her to meI'll sleeper with her) .Tshepo nodded and let Mrs Tivani take his sistershe hugged him briefly and exited the bedroom Tinyiko : Sorry i couldn't help Amo .She said with teary eyes Tshepo : No worries Nyiko atleast you've tried your bestcome here .Tshepo hugged her then later exited her roomjust when he was about to enter Tirhani's room someone grabbed him roughly by his throat and put his hands on his mouth to stop him from screaming.Tshepo got scared until the guy whispered in his ear Guy : Promise you won't scream and I'll let you go .The voice was familiar Tshepo : Bra Jeje .Jeje is short forJeffrey Jeffrey : I JT la ka wena boy(Its JT to you) .He said as he let go of him and slap him on the head Tshepo : Sorry JT (Jeffrey Tivani) Jeffrey : A hi fambi ndlwini ya mehe sweswiU tshika kuva nhwanyanawe need to talk(Let's go to my room now and stop being a sissy) Jeffrey dragged him to his bedroom at the backyard where he was smoking weed and drinking with his friends. Jeffrey : Tshama hansi hi bhula ta va va nuna(Sit down and let's us talk men staff) Tshepo : B bu..but c..ca.can't we talk in the morning .Jeffrey and his three friends stared at each other for a second and burst out laughing Jeffrey : Thamzen uyi zwile le ntwana I ringa ikaka kanjani(Thamzen did you hear what nonsense this boy had just said ) Thamzen : Eish ngimzwile (Yeah I heard) Jeffrey : Cava hier wena second handare you a man or woman? Tshepo didn't respond out of fearone of the guys who was sitting at the corner took out a pocket knife and that scared Tshepo worse than before Jeffrey : Why onge utshuhile so(Are you scared)I asked you a question Tshepo : I'm a wom...nor I mean I'm a man Jeffrey : Are you sure ? Tshepo : Y..ye..Yes Jeffrey : Now listen to me carefullywhat we discuss her stays between us.jy verstaan .Tshepo nodded Jeffrey : Good....we want to help you avenge what happened to your family .Tshepo looked from Jeffrey to his friends and back again thinking that they will say they were joking but they looked serious as a heart attack.He stared at his feet he knew he should be thrilled that they want to help him but he felt it was too soon and tharefore it wasn't the right time to do so nowhis first priority was keeping Amogelang safe until he finds his parents then when he's good and ready he will then think about revenge and besides that he's still a child himself .But the problem was how would he make Jeffrey and his friends understand that without making them feel insulted and unappreciated.When he looked up they were all staring at him expecting as answerhe cleared his throat but before he could speak there was a knock at the door and their attention shifted to it.


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