part 15 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

It was during lunch break of the second day when Mokoena was called into the mine manager's office. Mokoena : knock knock Manager : Enter .Mokoena enters and takes off his hat Manager : Ao Mokoena you don't have to do thatwe are not home.This is the city of goldyou must leave the villages tendencies back home when you come here .He said that laughingMokoena and the mine manager comes from the same village.Only that the manager is a few years olderactually he was Mokoena's elder brother's childhood friend.So he always teases him even now Mokoena : Akere wa tseba gore bare mehwa ya kgaleehwa boima(You what they say about old habitsthey die hard) .They both laughed Manager : Seo ke se tseba gabotse(That I know very hard) .The manager gets up and pour both of them glasses of whisky Mokoena : Don't bother with a drink manI still have to go underground remember.I don't want to give you reasons to fire me claiming I worked under the influence therefore endangering my fellow colleagues Manager : Don't worry about that because you no longer going under .The manager puts the glass in front of him and sit on the opposite chair Mokoena : Hao kganthe go diragalang?don't tell me I'm fired (what's going on) Manager : Dula fase monna(Sit down monna) .Mokoena was still standingholding his hat.He sat down Mokoena : Now you are scaring mewhat's going on? .The manager took a deep breath Manager : Monna (man)Something terrible happened back homeI got a telegram three hours ago.It says that the village was under attack for the past two weeks. Mokoena : Thats terriblebut why?our village is a peaceful village even our king is not the type to start unnecessary quarrels Manager : Thats the thingthe say the attacks comes from the Batau kingdom and what bothers the people is that the king Is doing nothing about it Mokoena : What?but what do they want .The manager exhaled deeply tgen too a huge sip of his whisky before looking at Mokoena sadly Manager : They say they are "cleansin"the villages Mokoena : What ?that's ridiculous Manager : I know Mokoena : So ba "cleanse"from what? Manager : Take a sip because you gonna need it .Mokoena stared at the manager for a while before he reluctantly took a small sip of the hot staff and blinked several times Mokoena : Ke theeditse(I'm listening) Manager : They say they are cleansing it from the bad blood that has polluted the land Mokoena : Which bad blood bjalo (now) .Mokoena had a feeling that he won't like the answer but then he had to be sure.The manager stare at him Manager : Albinos .Mokoena stood up from the chair and started pacing around the officehe came to stand in front of the manager and looked him straight in the eyes waiting to hear him say he was joking but sadly he said nothing.Mokoena took a huge gulp of the remaining whisky and coughed afterwards while blinking several times.He hit his chest when felt the burning sensation of the hot staff Mokoena : O reng monna(What are you saying man) Manager : Go bjalo monna wa gesho(it like that my man)....I'm so sorry Mokoena : Oh dear Lord I have to go home before they attack my familybeen planning to relocate with them here for quite some time but I kept on post pining because I wanted to furnish the house first.Now they are in danger from those illiterate foolsman please let me go and fetch them before those hooligans kill my princess .He spoke with his hands on the tablehe watched as the manager's eyes roamed around the room avoiding eye contact.He felt his stomach grumble out of fear as if he was going to have a running tummy.He started sweating Mokoena : Monna keng? (Man what us it?) Manager : I'm sorry but your family was attacked two nights ago Mokoena : Dear God Nooooo....please don't tell me that they killed my princess.Not my beautiful angel .Mokoena broke downhe felt as if something has hit his knees therefore weakening them Manager : We don't have all the details but you have to go home as soon as possible Mokoena : I have to go Manager : Yes mantake all the time you need.Besides your leave is coming up in the next two weeks you might as well take an early leave Mokoena : Thanks man .The manager shook hands with Mokoena Manager : If you hurry up you can still catch the evening bus .Mokoena nodded and left the office and rushed to his house to pack a small bag then hurried to the bus terminals.Luckily he found the bus almost fullless than thirty minutes later they were on their way home. . . ***MEANWHILE It turned out that the man who helped Hlabirwa and his friend with Mma Mokoena was a doctor who worked in their local hospital in the neighbouring town.It was late afternoon of the second dayHlabirwa and his wife were visiting Mma Mokoena who's condition was looking better than when they brought her in Mma Hlabirwa : Yoo mogatsaka le bjale ga ke tshepe gore go sa na le batho ba pelo tse mpe tsa go sena kwelo bohloko ka tsela ye(Sweetheartyou know even now I still can't believe that there are heartless people without compassion out there) Hlabirwa : Ke bophelo mo bo tlang mogatsaka(Thats life for you my sweetheart ) Mma Hlabirwa : What did your uncle say about all this? Hlabirwa : That oneI don't see any difference between him and the guys who did this.He is as heartless as they come just like his elder sonthey blatantly told me that if I want to continue to get along with them I must never ever mention Tebogo or his family to them.Because they want nothing to do with them Mma Hlabirwa : That's wicked Hlabirwa : I'm not suprised at allsometimes I wonder if he's really related to mom.They are soo different Mma Hlabirwa : I know heymy mother in law is a gift from God Hlabirwa : You are luck to have a kind mother in law Mma Hlabirwa : I knowI'm also lucky to have a handsome kind husband like you Hlabirwa : Yeah you lucky thing .They laughed a bit then stared at Mma Mokoena Mma Mokoena : Poor Nomzamoshe has to go through all this by herself.With her family being far and her husband not around to comfort her Hlabirwa : Tebogo will be here any dayI sent a telegram to his workplace I'm sure they've got it by now Mma Hlabirwa : I hate to be them right now .Minutes later the doctor came in Doctor : Good afternoon Mma Hlabirwa/Hlabirwa : Afternoon doctor Mma Hlabirwa : Doctor er er.. Doctor : Mathebula....My name is Dr Hasani Mathebula .The doctor said as he introduced himself to Mrs Hlabirwa Mma Hlabirwa : Okay Dr Mathebulawill she ever wake up anytime soon? Doctor : Yes she will wake up maybe in a day or twowe've managed to stop her blood flow on her head injuries before further damage was done Hlabirwa : Thank you doctor Dr Mathebula : Did you manage to get hold of her husband? Hlabirwa : I sent a telegram to his workplace I'm sure they've informed him by now Dr Mathebula : I seeshe is one lucky woman.If you didn't find her when you did.We would be talking another story by nowshe was badly hurt and those kind of injuries could be fatal especially for a woman in her condition Mma Hlabirwa : What condition is that? .The doctor looked at them for a second or two before he responded Dr Mathebula : Well since you are her family I might as well tell youMma Mokoena is two months pregnant Hlabirwa : What? Mma Hlabirwa : Is the baby alright though? Dr Mathebula : By the grace of God yes

for now though Mma Hlabirwa : Ooh dear Lord .The doctor did his check up and left Hlabirwa : Well I think it's time we goI have to go back to work.I was lucky that Van Wyk is in a lovely mood and he simply agreed to let me come and see how she's doing Mma Hlabirwa : You are right let's gomaybe Mokoena will be here by tomorrow Hlabirwa : YeahI don't wish to be him right now.I have to ask Van Wyk for a day off tomorrow so I can go check on the kids Mma Hlabirwa : Thats if they've survived the attack Hlabirwa : We have to stay positive nd hope for the best Mma Hlabirwa : Wa rereshaareye(You're rightlet's go) .They left the hospital with Mma Hlabirwa going back home while Hlabirwa returned back to work. . . Half way through their journey home Someone nudged Mokoena on the shoulders just when he was drowning deeply in his thoughtshe looked up to see one of his childhood friends Mokoena : Ao monna Mashiloane? ke wena motho yo (Hey Mashiloane man is it really you) Mashiloane : In the flash .He was wearing a three piece shiny suitMashiloane was known to be a big shot business man in the city but he never forgot his home. Mokoena : Kganthe even big shots business man like you ba a namela bus(rides a bus) Mashiloane : Why do you mock me manI might be some big shot something but I'm still human .They laughed even though Mokoena's mind was far Mokoena : You are rightso where is your car?I heard you've got two of then now Mashiloane : I left the other one in the citythe other one is at home.But I'm going to use it when I go back to the city with my wife and kids.This village life is not for me anymorI'll just come to visit my old lady and siblings and to check on my house that's it Mokoena : Well that was my plan also Mashiloane : Why do you say washave you changed your mind now? Mokoena : No I haven't changed my mindjust that I don't know what I'm going to find when I get home Mashiloane : What do you mean by that Mokoena : Eish man it's a long story Mashiloane : We have all night moshela monna(Hey man)can we please swap sits I want to sit with my main man here .He addressed the man sitting next to Mokoena the man agreed then they swapped.A while later Mashiloane noticed that his friend was pre occupied Mashiloane : Hey manwhat's eating you now.You mind seems far from here .Mokoena shook his head and started telling him the reason he's going home Mashiloane : Thats bad Heeywhat bothers me is why the kings is letting all this happen when he himself has a sister who is living with albinism.He should be the first one to stand up to this fools Mokoena : I guess he doesn't care because his sister is safe overseas and making a name for herself Mashiloane : No there's more to this Mokoena : Maybe but that will not help me right nowI'm just praying that my family has managed to escape somehow Mashiloane : Let's hope so .Mokoena nodded silently as the bus continued with the journeythey arrived in the village in the early hours and suddenly Mokoena's heart started beating faster.Mashiloane's little brother was waiting for his brother already so they offered Mokoena a lift since it was a bit of a distance from the terminal to the inner village.When they reached Mokoena's street some of the neighbours were already up.They watch the car and wondered who it was because it was rare for them to see a car passing by.When it came to a stop in front of the Mokoena's burnt house they called each other to watch as Mokoena jumped out of the car and ran to his house followed by Mashiloane and his brother.Mokoena entered the house and went straight to his bedroomwhat he found there was too painful to put into words.A burnt corpse of his son was still therewith his little teeth exposed because his skin was burnt beyond recognition.Mokoena hugged his son's body and wailed like a wounded animal Mokoena : NOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT MY SONGOD NOOOOO......WHY HIMWHY MEEEEEEE.GOD WHY DID YOU ALLOW THIS TO HAPPPENWHHHHHH HYYYYYYY???? .He cried for a long timehe was inconsolable.it was a such a heart breaking moment.Some of his neighbours came and started narrating the story of what took place two nights ago to Mashiloane while Mokoena was half listening Mashiloane : Where is his wife and other children? Woman 1 :Rumour has it that she was raped and killed in the bushes while other says she was dropped on the road side by those cruel men after they beat her up for letting Amogelang escape and was picked up by some man and take to the hospital in town.As for the kidsothers say they saw Tshepo run with Amogelang to the woods but all efforts of finding them were in veinut was unfortunate that poor little Thabang couldn't escape with them Mashiloane : Why didn't you call someone to take the boy to the mortuary?what kind of neighbours are you Woman : Yooh monna(man)don't bite my head off....we triedbut Mokoena snr and Moleko(Mokoena's brother and also the mine manager's friend) said it's non of their concern.They said Mokoena seized to be one of their own when he went and married the Zulu woman and then making the albino child part of their family.So we couldn't do anything Mashiloane : Another reason why I'm taking my family out of this God forsaken villagethanks for the info mam.We'll take it from here .The woman left the houseMashiloane asked his brother to drive to town to get the police and mortuary people while he stayed behind and gave his friend time to mourn his son.


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