part 14 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

The men dragged Mma Mokoena to the roadside and left her there to die after beating her up beyond recognition.Some spit on her while others urinated on her then they left her lying there to continue with their mission Man : Se Se tla go ruta go hlompha (This will teach you how to respect) Man 2 :Go lokile banna ba geshoshiang mpshagadi yeo moo.Dimpshagadi tsa go swana le yena di tla tla tsa mo topare sana le moshomo o montshi wa go hlwekisha naga ya rena(It's alright gentlemenleave the bitch here.Bitches like her will pick her upwe still have a lot of work to do to cleanse our land) .It was on the early hours of the next day when two guys were walking towards where she was Guy : Hlabirwa ake o mkemele moo ke ntshe meetse(Hlabirwawait for me here I want to ease myself) Hlabirwa : Ay le wena monna o tlare diegisha oreng osa dira seo pele o etswa ga gago? (Hey man you will delay us why didn't you do so before you left your place) Guy : Akere be shetse otlhodia mosadiaka ka molodi wa gago ka bona bokaone ketswe pele re elwa ka baka last gagowa tseba gase motho wa go tsoga ka masa (You were annoying my wife with your non stop whistles so I had to leave before she started a fightyou know she's not a morning person ) Hlabirwa : O lefeyega monnao tshaba mosadi wa gago okare ngwana (You are such a cowardyou fear your wife as if you are a child) Guy : Ga ke mo tshabentweo e bitswa tlhompo monna Hlabirwa(I'm not afraid of hermy man thats what we call respect) Hlabirwa : Tlogela kua(Get out of here) .Hlabirwa said while language at his friendwhom it was known all over the village that he listen and does everything his wife tells him to do even if he doesn't want toHe gave his friend the lunch box and ran to the nearest tree.Mma Mokoena woke up to the cold morning breeze and heard voicesthey got even closer and she heard it was two men arguing.She tried to scream for help but her mouth was swollen and painful .She moaned in pain when she tried to get up Guy : Hlabirwa o kwele seo (Hlabirwa did you hear that?) Hlabirwa : Ke kwa eng?o thomile.Fetse re sepele pele Van Wyk are koba moshomong ka baka last gago (Heard whatdon't start with me.Just funish so we can go before Van Wyk fires us for being late because of you) Guy : Go lokile lea fetsaga go hlokagale gore o nkgeme hlogo (Alright I'm almost doneno need to bite my head off) .The guy finished and went to his friend Hlabirwa : Ntlaa ebile o mpoledisha o rotawa tseba gore go selekisha bjang?(*clicks tongues*You even talk to me while you're busy urinatingdo you know how disgusting that is) Guy : Se itiri o mokaone ka nna ka moso etlaba wena (Dont act like you are better than meit could be you tomorrow) Hlabirwa : Lora gapetse dijo tsa gago tsa mosegare moshemane (Dream ontake your lunch boy) .Hlabirwa launghed at him once more as he hands him his lunch box.Just then the heard a faint voice asking for help) Mma Mokoena :Thushang(Help) .She shouted in a painful low voice then she coughed Guy/Hlabirwa : O kwele seo (Did you hear that?) Hlabirwa /Guy : Ke kwele (I've heard) Hlabirwa : Are yo bona gore go diragalang(Let's go see what's happening ) Guy : Aowa are sepelega se kgale mola ore re shaletse moshomong bjalo o nyaka 're shalele le go feta(No let's gono so long ago you were complaining that we are running late now you want to delay us even more) Hlabirwa : Atshi are hlola o tlogele bofeyega bjo bja gagomotho a ka noba a gobetse a hloka thusho.O tla reng ohwetsa ele o mongwe wa leloko la geno wa setagwa(Lets go and investigate and stop with your cowardice somebody could be hurt and needs our help.What would you say if we find out it's one of your drunkards relatives Guy : Hlabirwa se thome bjalo (Hlabirwa don't start now) Mma Mokoena : Thushang (Help) .She screamed in a squeaky painful voice praying they heard her Hlabirwa : Tla monna (Come on man) .They rushed to where they heard the voiceonly to find its a woman Guy : Ke mosadi (Its a woman) .Hlabirwa turned her around only to find is someone he knows Hlabirwa : Mma Mokoena .She strained her eyes look up at him Mma Mokoena : Hlabirwa .She then fainted Hlabirwa knelt down besides her to check her pulse and was relieved when he felt it Guy : Hawo ke mogatsa motswalago (Its your cousin's wife) Hlabirwa : Ee

Hlabirwa knelt down besides her to check her pulse and was relieved when he felt it Guy : Hawo ke mogatsa motswalago (Its your cousin's wife) Hlabirwa : Ee Nthushe monna...re leke go emisha koloi tse fetang.Re swanetse go mo isha sepetlele pele go eba llata(Yeshelp me out manwe must try to stop the passing cars and take her to a hospital before its too late) .The carried her beside the road and laid her down as they tried stopping the passing cars to ask for help but no availit was almost sunrise when a nice car stopped and a nicely dressed man came out of it and went to them . . . In the wood Tshepo spent most of the night combing the woods looking for his little sister but he didn't find herhe felt extremely exhausted and decided to rest a bit so he sat down on the grass.He fell asleep in that position until he felt some tingling sensation on his neck.But because he was still drowsy he just put his hand over it and continued with his sleep.Seconds after removing his hand he felt it againhe quickly beat his neck thinking its an insect.He opened his eyes and quickly reached down to his trouser pocket for his pocket knife when he heard someone laughing.He relaxed when he realised it was his two friends Koketso and Tirhanithe later being the culprit Tshepo : Wena triple T ke tla go gata marago a gago a go omelela moshao bapala bjang (Triple T I'll kick you thin ass boywhat kind of a game is this) .Triple T was just the nickname they gave him because I of his two names and surname starting with a T*Thomas Tirhani Tivani) Triple T : Ni khomeli mfana wa meheano ku tlangisa maan nawe (Forgive me my boyI was just playing with you) Tshepo : Well you chose the wrong time to do so .He then stood up to their level but couldn't look them in the eyes because he had tears waiting to fall off at any moment Triple T : Na twisisa he mngani(I understand my friend) Koketso : Cry no morewe got you man Tshepo : You talking shit nowdo you even have any idea what I'm going through right now? .His friends looked down sadly as Tshepo finally started sobbing without shamethey tried comforting him but he pushed them away Tshepo : Tsk...leave me alone manmy whole family has been wiped out so cruellyand I managed to save my sister but she also disappeared without a trace after went home to check things.So shoot me for being grumpy Triple T : Nikombela unirivalela he mnganina swi twiva ku swilo aswi fambi kahle endyangwini maan.Kambe wa switiva he chomi swaku ni twana no huhwa(Please forgive me my friendI know things are not going well for your family.But you know me and my silly games) Tshepo : Yeah rightyou just and insensitive ass hole .He said with irritation and left them not knowing exactly where his headedthe two boys stared at each other then Koketso hit Tirhani's head and they followed their friend Koketso : Er Tshepo Tshepo : What .Tshepo snapped at him in irritation Koketso : Tirha's(name in short) got something to tell you .Tshepo looked at Tirhani impatiently Tirhani scratched his head.Koketso nudged him Triple T : Achoo Kkwa penga he mfo (Are you crazy) Koketso : Bolela monna (Talk man) .He kept quiet for a whileTshepo decided to leave them Tshepo : Ga kena letsatsi ka mokake swanetse go nyaka kgaetsedi yaka (I don't have all day?I got to go look for my sister ) Triple T : I know where she is .Tshepo quickly turned to them Tshepo : What did you just say? Triple T : I said I know where she is .Tshepo kept quiet for few seconds Koketso : Are you okay man? .Koketso nudged him Koketso : Hey monna (Hey man) Tshepo : I'm cool man....Tivani are you sure you know where she is? .He asked slowly Triple T : My brother found her in the woods after your house burnt down and brought her homeI left her sleeping with Tinyiko(Tirhani's little sister who happens to have a crush on Tshepo) Tshepo : Seriously .He asked hopefully Triple T : Yeah manI wouldn't lie to you like that .Tshepo jumped at him excitedly and kissed him all over his face with tears of joy running down his face Triple T : Ay maan unga ni endli cheri yawenitshiki he ndoda*zulu*(Hey man don't make me your girlfriendleave me alone ) .Tshepo let go of him Tshepo : Can we go see her now Triple T : Of course man .They walked towards Tirhani's home Koketso : Hey man we really sorry about you family Tshepo : I know Triple T : I'm also sorry about ealieri was really stupid Tshepo : Water under the bridge .The put their hands on each other's shoulders as they went to Tirhani's home


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