part 13 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Tshepo ran to the back window and opened it as quickly as he couldhe looked out to ensure its safe for them to jump out only to realize that the window is a bit high for the little kids to climb down Tshepo : Thabang ke tla tswa pelegomme pakete e ke tla e bea mo kgauswi le fasterewena o thushe Amo go namela godimo ga yona a theogele fase akere me wena o tla latela ka morago(Thabang I'll climb out firstI will put this bucket next to the window.You must help Amo climb down the window then you must follow afterwards) .Thabang nodded with tears in his eyes Thabang : Buti tshepo nna kea boifa(Brother Tshepo I'm scared ) .Tshepo knelt down to his little brother's level and held both his shoulders Tshepo : Kea tseba ebile kea kweshisha ngwaneshoeupsa gona bjalo o swanetse gore obe le sebete gore retle re kgone go phela.Amo wa re hlokabjalo ka bagolwane ba gagwe re swanetse goba bo supermen ba gagwe ntle le fao banna ba babe batlatla bare tseela yena.Ke seo o senyakago?(I know and understand little brotherbut now we got to be brave so that we will survive.Amo needs us and as her elder brothers we must be her supermen otherwise bad bad men will come and take her away from usis that what you want? .Thabang shook his head Tshepo : Good boybjalo thusha butiago gore retle re kgone go tshaba ka pela pele ba re hwetsa(Now help your brother so that we can escape before they catch us) .Tshepo briefly hugged his little brother to assure him then quickly climbed out the window after putting the bucket next to the window.He stood outside and checked the coastno one was in sight but he could hear the men shouting at his mother.Thabang helped his little sister climbed down. Tshepo : Good boy bjale mphe toulo yeo elego mo mpetong (give me the towel thats on the bed) .He fetched the towel and passed it on to his brother Thabang : Ashe yona (Here it is) Tshepo : Ke moshemane wa gesho naabjalo namela pakete ka pela otle ke tla go tshwara gore ose wa wa (Thats my little brothernow quickly climb on the bucket I'll catch you so that you don't fall) .Just when one of Thabang's leg was out the window the bedroom door openedtwo men came in Men : Ema gona mo oleng moshemane(Stand where you are boy) .Tshepo stared at them from outside the windowhe tried pulling his little brother to him but one of the guys grabbed him Tshepo : Boy go tlogela lehono obe le sebeteo itlhokomele ebile o tlholomele le mma.O tla go hloka nna ke tla tshabesha Amo gore ba se re tseele yena.Kea go rata abutinyana waka (From now on you must be brave and look after yourself and mom.She will need you im taking Amo into hiding so that they don't take her away from us.I love you little bro) .He brushed his headthe man pushed Thabang to the back and tried to grab Tshepo but he slipped away from him and then picked up Amogelang and they ran for their lives. Man 1 : Ba tshaba bitsa ba bangwe(They are escapingcall the others) .He shouted at his partner who quickly ran out to inform the others of the children's escape ) Men 2 : Hela bannabana ba tshabile ka lefasetere laka morago.Ba rakedisheng(Hey menthe kids have escaped through the back door.Chase after them) .Five men ran to the back while Mma Mokoena sighed with relief Mma Mokoena : Ooh thank you Lord for protecting my kids .The man that were inside the house tide Thabang's hands to the bed then left the room and went to the front to join those who were waiting.He whispered something to one of the masculine big man who shook his head then he addressed them Big man 1: Le tseba seo le swanetsego go se diraMosadi o ore jetse nako ka go gana go tlisha leswebe la gagwe.Ka go realo ntlo ya gagwe ga efiswe a lebeletse me ge e swa lorelore? gore le ka moso re rute le babangwe gore ditaelo tea Kgoshi ga do tshelwe(You know what to dothis woman wasted our time by refusing to hand over her albino child.So her punishment will be for her to watch while her house burn down to ashesso that even tomorrow many people will come to know that the king's command must be honoured) .The others nodded and started pouring petrol in and outside the house while Mma Mokoena cried like a baby Mma Mokoena : Kea le kgopela hlelese tshome motse waka.Ke sona selo seo ke setsego le sona hle (I'm begging you please

lese tshome motse waka.Ke sona selo seo ke setsego le sona hle (I'm begging you pleasedon't burn my house it's the only thing I have left) .They ignored her and continued with their taskthe men who went after the kids returned empty handed.Although Mma Mokoena was heartbroken because of what is about to befall her houseshe was relieved that her kids managed to escape. Minutes later the house was on fireMma Mokoena's cries broke many people's hearts.Some were watching through their windows while those who were not shy came to watch as the scene unfolded.She tried running inside but two guys held her Big man : Mo swareng go fihlela mollo o ehwa(Hold her until the fire die down) .Mma Mokoena's cries never touched the guys hearts or made them feel sorry for her. Woman 1 : Aay le yena Mma Mokoena ga a kwe maan(Aay Mma Mokoena is so stubborn ) Women 2: Wa rereshake Ile ka mmotsa nna gore ase dumele Mokoena amo gapeletsa go tsea ngwana yolabona bjale gore go diragang (I knowI once told her not to allow Mokoena to force her into taking the child inlook at what is happening now) .The other woman clapped her hands in desbelief when she heard what her friend said Women 3 :Kganthe be ese ngwana wa gagwe? (Wasn't she her daughter?) Women 2 :Awo kgarebeakere bo Mma Mokoena ba rata go itira bo mother Teresa (No ways girl isn't it Mma Mokoena loves acting like mother Teresa ) Women 1 : Iyoooh(Sjoe) .The house burnt down until the only thing left standing was the wall Mma Mokoena was now crying silently. Mma Mokoena : If only Mokoena was home from the mines in the citymaybe all this wouldn't have happened. .Mma Mokoena thought to herself . . . ****Meanwhile Tshepo watched the house burnt down until there was no fire left Amo : Abuti Tshepoo llelang(Brother Tshepowhy are you crying?) Tshepo : Gase selo kgoshigatsana ya gesho(Nothing my little princess) Tshepo : I hope mom took Thabang out of that house on time .He mumbledhe then wrapped Amogelang with the towel he took earlier.He waited until he saw them leaving while dragging his mom away with themonce he was sure that they were all gone.He then helped Amogelang sleep on the groundthen his slowly went to where their home used to be to look around.He snuck to the house and ran straight to his mother's bedroom to check if his little survived or not .His heart started beating faster as he reached the room? His heart broke into tiny million pieces when he saw what used to be his little brother Thabang.He was burnt beyond recognition Tshepo : NO NO NOOOOOOOO .He crunched down wailing like a small girl at a candy store.After what seemed like an forever he stoped and wiped off his tears Tshepo : Ke tlo lehwetsa ka o tee ka o teeand when I do you will regret the day you decided to step your feet in my home.(I will find you one by one) .He had this evil scary face while speakinghe bent down to touch his late little brother head which was very hot Tshepo : Don't worry boy boyafter what I'm going to do when I find them they will bow down before me.It might not be today but one days soon I'm going to avenge your painful death.Kea ikana(I swear) .He then left to go be with Amo where he left heronly to find it deserted Tshepo : What the hellAmo. ..Amo .He called out to her only to be met by silencehe started to panic.As he combed the little woods in search for herhe couldn't hold himself anymore so he started crying.While silently praying that maybe Amo woke up while he was away and she got bored and wondered alone in the woods.Because that is much better than if she was found by those hooligans Tshepo : If that's the case then I pray I find her before they do ..He mumbled to himself as he continued to comb the area until he got tired and sat down crying


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