part 12 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Few days later Mma Mokoena's health was still not goodshe tried few of the home remedies she knew to treat herself but to no avail.Now it had even turned to her craving strange foods and drinks.So on this lazy mid morning after yet another nauseous attack and vomitingshe was drinking a glass of cold water sitting in one of her couches with her feet on the coffee table when Florence a friend of hers from her home town came barging in her sitting room without knocking Florence : Heee my frie.... Mma Mokoena : Hey ungak' ulinge ungene la kwami ngathi ungena etoiletna khona even at the toilet descent people knock first before barging in (Hey don't you dare enter my house as if you are entering the toiletalthough....) .Florence's eyes popped out because it wasn't the first time she barged into her friend's home without knocking Florence : Haw mngani wamikwenze njani wa ngi hlasela ekuseni ka so ngi ku jabulele ka ngaka(My friend what is going onwhy attack me so early in the morning when I'm so excited to see you) Mma Mokoena : Hay yikuthi nawe uya dina sometimesnje khona uzo funani la kwami so early in the morning (Hey it's just that you are so annoying sometimesanyway what do you want in my home so early in the morning) Florence : Kanti yini ngawe namuhlayou say it's early in the morning at past eleven (Whats wrong with you today) .MmaMokoena just looked aside silently and subconsciously staring at Amogelang in a strange way as she played with her dolls.Florence tapped her shoulders Florence : Friendtalk to me.What's eating you? Mma Mokoena : Nothing for you to worry about I'll be okaywena(You) just tell me what brought you in my house now? Florence : Ooh now you want to hear me outwhen just a second ago you were biting my head off for not knocking .She folded her arms dramaticallyMma Mokoena held in her laughter because she knew her friend was already dying to share whatever news that brought her in her house Mma Mokoena : Okay my friend when you're ready to talk you will find me in my bedroom I just want to take a short nap. Florence : You are so unbelievable uyazi(You know) Mma Mokoena : Really now Flo.. .Florence gave her the look Mma Mokoena : Okay okayout with it Florence : If you must know I came to warn you Mma Mokoena : Warn me?warn me about what .She exhaled deeply Florence : I was visiting my boyfriend the other day and I overheard something Mma Mokoena : Which one since you have a list of man riding you .She stared at her friend with shock written all over her face Florence : Haay mngani awu ngi tshele kodwa.Do you want me to tell you what I came here to say or are you going to just sit there and act hollier than thouinsulting me(Hey friendtell me) Mma Mokoena : Sorry ke nawe mmgani wami kanti awu dlaliswa ku la malanga(Sorry my friendaren't i supposed to mess around with you these days?) .Florence acted hurt until Mma Mokoena Mma Mokoena : I said sorry my friend pleaseI really really apologize Florence : Fine I'll tell youwell as I was saying I was at my boyfriend's place few days ago.Well it's actually three days ago to be preciseso I overheard him and his friend saying the abductions of albino children here are the work of their king that Mmamogashwa tyrantking Motaung of the batau tribe. Mma Mokoena : Tell me you are joking my friend Florence : Unfortunately it's the truth no jokes this timethey say he's on some sort of a mission to wipe this villages clean from them .Mma Mokoena stared at her friend strangely then she looked over at her daughter who was playing with her toys without a care in the world Mma Mokoena : Do you think they will also come to our village Florence : The reason I'm telling you is because they said they are coming here tonight because they've noticed that this village is full of them. .Florence pointed at Amogelang Mma Mokoena : U cinisile kodwa mngani wamiour king will never allow that to happen he's a decent man(Are you telling the truth my friend ) Florence : Girl I wouldn't be here if it was just a another one of the stories I picked up on the streetthis one I heard from the man who works as the royal guardMngani(friend) I even cut my journey short I was supposed to return here on Sunday but because I love you as my home girl I thought it better I give you a better chance to escape this before they get here .Mma Mokoena started to panicshe paced up and down in her sitting room Mma Mokoena : Mara we ntombi where would I run to with three kids in such a short time .Florence looked at her with pity Florence : I have no idea choma but all I know is that if you stay here you will not leave to see sunrise Mma Mokoena : Unga khulumi njalo Flo(Dont talk like that Flo) Florence : Well my friend unfortunately it is what it isI've done my part the rest is up to you.Ithi ngi hambe we ntombi(Let me go girl)good luck with everything .Florence stood up and left..leaving Mma Mokoena still debating with whether to believe her friend and run for it with her kids or take a chance and stay.Tshepo came out from where he was hiding behind the kitchen door just as Mma Mokoena was sitting down

dismissing what Florence just told her Mma Mokoena : Aay uFlorence na manga akhe (with her lies)she just want to scare me mpssh .She mumbled to herself and sat down Tshepo : Mama are you going to easily dismiss what aunt Flo just told you despite what has been happening in the past two months Mma Mokoena : Hay maan Tshepo a ungehle toe (Get off me) Tshepo : But mama what if o a rereshawe can't risk it (She's telling the truth) Mma Mokoena : You talking as if you don't know that Flo is the village's big gossip monger and a liar Florence : Ooh so is that what you think of me now .Said Florence as she came in again without knocking Mma Mokoena : Haw Flo I thought you had left Florence : Obviously.....Yes I left but I realised half way from here that I forgot my house keys so I came to fetch them .She went to the couche she was occupying earlier and took her keys and went to the doorshe stopped and looked at Mma Mokoena before exiting Florence : Don't say I didn't warn youGod knows I tried but haay instead of thanking me uhleba ngami(gossip about me) with your son. .She clicked her tongue and left Tshepo : You still think she was lying Mma Mokoena : Aagh maan Tshepo don't you have some home work to do or a test to study for.Ungazo ngi nyanyisa maan (Don't annoy me) .Tshepo left to his room and banged the door with angerMma Mokoena dismissed Florence like that . . **Later that evening they had just finished eating their evening meal when they heard people singing from afar then minutes later someone knocked in their front doorMma Mokoena looked at Tshepo who looked like he'd seen a ghost Voice : Mmago Tshepo bula ke nna Mmago Dikeledi mosadi (Tshepo's momopen up its me Dikeledi's mom) .Mma Mokoena sighed with relief and went to open the doorMama Dikeledi barged in breathlessly with bloody clothes Mama D : Sesi go befile ka mo ntle(Sister is ugly out there) Mma Mokoena : O wa ntshosha mosadi Kganthe ore go diragalang?(You're scaring mewhat is going on?) .The woman sat on the nearest couch she can find then broke down and criedMma Mokoena embraced her and rubbed her back until her sobs subsided Mma Mokoena : Talk to me mmago Dikeledi(Dikeledi's mom) Mama D : Masetlapelo feela a ke wa boneng ga ke tshepe nka bo pata boroko morago ga seo ke se boneng.Ooh Morena theoga o tlo pholosha bana ba gago (I've seen only misery out thereI don't even think I will be able to sleep after what I've seen. Oh Lord please come down and save your children) Mma Mokoena : Mama Dikeledi ntebelele sesi(Mama Dikeledi look at me)and please tell me exactly what you are mumbling about .The woman shook her head and looked at Mma Mokoena with teary red eyes filled with pityshe held Mma Mokoena with her clothes Mama D : You got to leave this God forsaken village Mma Mokoena? take your kids and run and never look back. Mma Mokoena : Run from what Mama D : They are coming for all albino childrencan't you hear the noise out there?they have all different weapons you can think of even guns .Mma Mokoena blinked several times with fear and disbelief Mma Mokoena : But where will I go so late at nightI don't have relatives nearby even Mokoena's family hates me because I'm a Zulu woman. Mama D : Never mind that Mma Mokoena just go as far as you can from this village pleaseyou don't want to experience what I've seen Mma Mokoena : What happened to you vele? .Mama Dikeledi looked like she was far with her thoughts and when she spoke her words came out continuously in a whisper Mama D : Earlier on I went to visit my friend who lives by the riverside she just gave birth to twin boys two weeks ago so I bought some gifts to give the kids.We were still laughing and having a good time when suddenly some men barged into her house with guns and staff.They started demanding she gives them her kids but she refused.I also tried to reason with them too but one of them slapped me so hard on my face and my nose started bleeding.They managed to take one kid and when they tried to take the other one my friend held on tight to him.So they let her be and then dragged me outside and shoved me in the hands of those who were on standby in the yard .She shook her head as if to wipe away some horrific memory Mma Mokoena : O mpotsang (what are you telling me) .Mma Mokoena whispered with a shaking voice when she recalled her friend Florence's warning Mama D : You can't believe what they did thereafter .She cried hysterically and wrapped her hands on her trembling body and moved back and forth Mama D : They poured petrol on her house then they burnt it with her and her baby insidethey made me watch it all.I can still smell the horrible smell of burning flash that filled the air not to mention her piercing screams.The husband came running to the house and they grabbed him and beat him up.They sai..said...it was his fault for polluting the village with the seed that gave birth to the pale twin children.They were still beating him up when I managed to escape and come hereI immediately thought of little Amogelang Mma Mokoena : Whaaat...but this village has never seen albinos as a threat or any different from anyone.Hell our king's sister who leaves overseas is an albino and she's a beautiful sexy model.Where does all the hatred comes from now all if a sudden Mama D : I don't know Mma Mokoena but all I know is you have to take your children and escape to a far far away land.I don't even think I'll sleep tonight will all the images of what I've seen running through my mind .The singing sounded even closerthe two women's eyes shot up. Mama D : You got to gonow Mma Mokoena : But how did they know which houses has albino children Mama D : It seems like for the past two months they've been patrolling and doing surveillance on the villagers lives Mma Mokoena was pacing up and down her house trembling and shaking like a leaf Mma Mokoena : Kgoshi ereng ka tse ka moka (What is the kings saying regarding all this) Mama D : It seems the King of batau tribe has a hand in all thiswe all know how powerful he is and the Queen mother is also in support of all this.So what will our quiet and less powerful king say and do.They are blaming the dissapearance of their pale princess three years ago as the causethey say after she dissapeared no rain fell and their crops and livestock died mysteriously and every year since then right around that time the same thing keeps happening Mma Mokoena : I've heard enough TshepoThabang take few of your clothes and give me a towel so I can put Amo on my back so we can leave now .She screamed as she ran around her house preparing to run for their lives.The singing voices sounded right around the corner not far from their house Mama D : Nna Kea tshaba bjaloere ke ye gae bjalo...good luck Mma Mokoena(I'm now afraidlet me go home) .Mma Mokoena didn't respond to her farewell as she carried Amogelang on her back with tears streaming down her face she didn't bother wiping them away Mma Mokoena : Bana baka are yeng (My children lets go.She shouted at them as she heard the voices sounding closer.She looked out the window and noticed they were almost at her gate so she turned off the lights and opened the door but quickly closed it as she saw the men entering her yard she put Amogelang down and stared at her kids helplessly Mma Mokoena : Tshepo Ngwanaka(Tshepo my child) you are my last hope.Please use the back window to escape with your siblings while I stall them Tshepo : What about you mama? .The fifteen year old boy asked with teary eyes filled fear Mma Mokoena : Don't worry about me I will be finego go now. .Tshepo took hold of his siblings' hands and went to her parents' bedroom window while their mother tried her best to control the terror she felt.Just then there was a banging at the door Men : Bula lebati mosadi rea tseba gore o gona ka gare(Open the door woman we know you're in there) .Mma Mokoena slowly went to the door and opened the doorwhile praying that her kids managed to escaped through the back window.She regreted not listening to her friend Florence's warnings but she knew it was now too late.The men entered and pushed her aside then they started searching the house.


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