part 11 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Amo : Ake nyake (I don't want to) Thabang : O lokile nkase sa go rekela stock swee(It's okay I will no longer buy sweets for you) Amo : huh Tshepo : Mmotse gore ga one taba abuti Tshepo otla go rekela(It's alright brother Tshepo will buy them for me) Amo : Buti Tshepo anlekela*nthekela*(Brother Tshepo will buy for me) Thabang : Ga ke go rapele(I won't beg you) Tshepo : Wa gafa ...mmotse gore a sepele a nnoshi(He's crazy...tell him he must go alone) Amo : Wa gafa.. (he's crazy....) .Thabang came in fuming Thabang : Ohooo abuti Tshepo ke wena o mmotsang gore a reng(Oh brother Tshepo you are the one who's telling him what to say ) .Thabang's lower lip started trembling Tshepo : Aah o seka thoma bjalo (Don't start with me now) .Thabang cried and ran to his mother who was in the bathroom Thabang : Mama mamaabuti Tshepo yena ore Amo ase mphelegetse shopong go reka malekere (Mom mom brother Tshepo is refusing to let Amo accompany me to the shop's to buy sweets ) Mma Mokoena : Tshepo .Silence just giggling sounds Mma Mokoena : Hey wena Tshepo (Hey Tshepo) Tshepo : Ma (Mommy) Mma Mokoena : Kganthe o dirang moshemane waka wena?(What are you doing to my boy?) Tshepo : Ga kea mo dira selo mama (I didn't do anything to him mom) Thabang : O nale maka mamake mo kwele a mmotsa gore ase dumele go sepela lenna (He's lying mama I heard him tell her to refuse to go with me) Mma Mokoena : Tshepo ke tla go tia I rutisha ngwana eng (Tshepo I'll beat you up what are you teaching the child) .She came to the sitting room with Thabang who is ten years old holding her hand) Tshepo : Aah mama what if ba utswa Amo tseleng ya goya lebenkeleng (Oh mom what is they steal Amo on their way to the shop) Mma Mokoena : And who will steal her?You just crazy.let the kids be or I will beat the hell out of your crazy mouth Tshepo : If they steal her I'm going to tell dad that you let his princess out of your side Mama Mokoena : Wena Tshepoga okwe akere o itse ke tsebe tse telele okare makgolo wago setse a theeditse ditaba taba tsa batho (Tshepoyou so stubborn with those long ears like your grandmother's when she's busy eavesdropping on other people's matters ) Tshepo : Ao mamamara ga go na taba ka gore ke makgolo waka (Ooh mombut it's fine because she's my grandmother) .His mother wanted to slap him but he ran to their room Mma Mokoena : Amo tla my baby (Amo come) .Amogelang went to her mother she picked her up and put her in her lap Mma Mokoena : Baby wa mama (my baby) .She tickled Amogelang who laughed until she had little tears coming out of her eyesThabang was just smiling at them.Then Mma Mokoena stopped Thabang : Lenna mama (Me too mommy) .But Mma Mokoena shook her head laughing Mma Mokoena : Yooh aowa mama o tennwe boy (No my boy mommy is tired now) Thabang : Aaah wena mama o rata Amo feela (Ooh mom you only love Amo) .Mma Mokoena stared at her sonthen smiled and put him besides her) Mma Mokoena : Listen my boymama ole rata le le bararo ka go lekana.Akere le le ka moka le bana baka (mommy loves the three of you equallyisn't it you all my kids) .Thabang nodded slowly Thabang : Mara Amo yena ke o mmotse (But Amo is beautiful ) .Mma Mokoena laughed Mma Mokoena : Ke ka baka la gore ke ngwanenyanagoba mohlomongwe o nyaka goba ngwanenyana le wena? (That's because she's a girlor maybe you also want to be a girl ) .Thabang shook his head Thabang : Aowa yoo (No ways) Mma Mokoena : Bjalo ge se te swantshe le yena akere (So don't compare yourself to her) Thabang : Okay mama Mma Mokoena : Agaaa ke moshemane waka yowe bjalo kitima o ilo reka malekere a gago (Aaah that's my boynow go on and buy your sweets) Thabang : Okay mamamara Amo nkase mofe (Okay mombut I won't give Amo any) Mma Mokoena : Ka baka lang bjalo? (Why not) Thabang : Akere o ganne go mphelegetsa (Because she refused to go with me) Mma Mokoena : Haa mara moshemane wakaAmo ke ngwana hle (But my boyAmo is just a baby ) Thabang : Efela o tseba go sepela mos (But she knows how to walk ) Mma Mokoena : Ee eupsa a kase tsebe go kitima a utame ge kgokgo enyaka go mo utswa gore e tla mo ja (Yesbut she won't be able to run and hide when the boogyman wants to steal and eat her) Thabang : Ooh Mma Mokoena : Agaaa bjalo ka abuti wa gagwe o swanetse go mo tshireletsa ka nako tsotlhe (As her brother you must protect her all the time) Thabang : Go lokile mama le yena ke tla mo rekela malekere (Okay mommy I will also buy her sweets) Mma Mokoena : Go lokile moshemane wakaO bowe ka pela.Se bolele le batho bao osa ba tsebego(Thats alright my boyhurry up.Don't talk to strangers ) .Thabang left the house running excitedly to the shopNot much has changed over the past three years except that little Amogelang has grown into a beautiful three year old who was adored by her family so much.Her older brother Tshepo who was fifteen years old was over protective of herthey were still staying in the village but were planning to move to the city soon as they feared for Amogelang's life.Because in the past two months albino children went missing with no leads whatsoever as to who's abducting them and for what purpose.Their village was a peaceful village unlike the other neighbouring villages who were still leading traditional infested lives with ancient beliefs.The following day they went to church since it was Sunday. . . # AT THE CHURCH . . They were sing songs and praising the Lord like never beforetheir Bishop was visiting their branch so it was fuller than it normally was. Pastor Joseph : Praise the Lord Congregation : HAllelujah Pastor Joseph : Praise the Loooooooord Congregation : Halleluuuuujah Pastor Joseph : Amenthat's more like it.Now as we all know that today is a special daywe have our Bishop here in this very church joining us.I trust you are all happy and keen to welcome him.I know I am.Say Amen Congregation : Amen Pastor Joseph : HAllelujah. ..NOW without wasting anymore of your time.I would like us to welcome him with his old time favourite hymns Congregation : Yeeees Youth lady : Sweet Jesus sweet Jesus what a wonder you are.You are greater than the morning star.You are fairer much fairer than the Lilly that grows by...... .They continued to sing until it endedthe old bishop came to the stage.He was seventy years old but he looks stronger than his age mates Pastor Joseph : My wonderful congregationpl ease allow me to welcome our Bishop again to the stage.A round of applause to Bishop Mathews .The church stood up and applauded as the bishop was loved and respected dearly.He went to the pulpit smilling while waiting for the noise to calm down.Some where even crying because they felt so blessed to be in the same room with a man who was known to have once had been in the presence of an angel. Youth lady 2 : Woooow just woow .Bishop Mathews cleared his voice Bishop M : Ahem.....Good morning beloved Congregation : Morning bishop .The noise died down there afterit was so quiet you could hear a pin dropping Bishops M : Oooh what a happy day it is for me to be in your presence as we hear to praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Oooh how sweet is thy namehow sweet is our Lord Jesus's name.That was such a beautiful songmy old time favourite song that reminds me of my youth days when I used to talk the talk and walk the walk .He acted it out pretending to work in a funny way like some biys dothe congregation laughed while the bishop chuckled Bishop M : I remember on those days I was just a new residence doctor who had just got married less than five years with a son when the Lord touched me.And ever since then I have come to learn to respect and fear the Lord more than anything else in this whole wide world.Hallelujah Congregation : Amen Bishop Mathews : Before I continue there is another favourite song of mine that also reminds me of those days when I've come to experience the glory of our Lord and his love.It goes like this"Amazing grace"you all know I'd be so honoured if you can sing that song with me Youth lady : Amazing gracehow sweet the sound .That saved a wrench like me.I once was lost but now I'm found Was blind but now I seeeeeeee .She dragged the last word as the Bishop raised his hand signalling her to stop Bishop M : Thank you my daughter....I'm sure you all understand and know how immeasurable God's love for us is.It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. It doesn't matter what your status in society isit doesn't matter what the colour of your is.In the eyes of the Lord we are all equalIn the eyes of the Lord we are all his children. Amen Congregation : Amen Bishop M : Now coming to my scripture todayI was going to address a different issue today but as I stepped on that door this beautiful morning the Lord spoke to me.I'm sure you've all heard about the abductions that is taking place on this village and its surrounding areas.Hallelujah Congregation : Amen Bishop M : Hallelujah Congregation : Amen Bishop M : Now the Lord told me to tell you that the end is nearrapture is here.It's time to evaluate yourself and ask yourself this.Am I really a child of GodAm I going to see heaven?Am I walking with the spirit of the Lord or in his righteousness? Who am i

do I have love within me.Do I love my neighbours just like I love myself or just like I want to be loved.Search yourselves belovedevaluate yourself.Beloved I would like for us to read 1Corinthians chapter 13what does it say about lovewhat does it say about treating your fellow human beings.Can somebody please read it for me before we pray for the safety and protection of the missing children and to ask God to intervene and stop the devil on his tracks....Please read for me my son Youth guy : 1Corinthians chapter 13 starting from verse 1 >>>>>If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels but do not have love I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge and if I have a faith that can move mountains but do not have love I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast but do not have love I gain nothing. Love is patient love is kind. It does not envy it does not boast it is not proud. It does not dishonor others it is not self-seeking it is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies they will cease; where there are tongues they will be stilled; where there is knowledge it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part but when completeness comes what is in part disappears. When I was a child I talked like a child I thought like a child I reasoned like a child. When I became a man I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully even as I am fully known. And now these three remain: faith hope and love. But the greatest of these is love .He read until the end and the Bishop raised his hands and smiled to the heavens Bishop M : I love this scripture so much i wanted to share it all with you.... Now ask yourself this againdo I live my life according to the scriptures as a Christian?If notplease change your ways.Repent before its too late .He was still busy preaching when Amogelang went to the front Mma Mokoena tried to stop her but the Bishop signalled for her to let her behe picked her up as he continued preaching.She then kissed his cheeks and the whole congregation laughed even the bishop Bishop M : Ooh my beloved I am so blessed to be the chosen one today.An angel just gave me a kiss.Please rejoice with me .The congregation applauded as they laughed the bishop tried to put her down but she refused.She even refused when Mma Mokoena tried to take her away.After a while the bishop finished his sermons.They sang worshiping songs then later prayedthat Sunday miracles were performed as sick people were healed and those who went there to visit became born again christians after seing the glory and power of the Lord.After the church serviceMma Mokoena went to fetch Amogelang with the boys Mma Mokoena : Greetings Bishop Bishop M : Greetings my daughter is she your daughter? Mma Mokoena : Yes bishop Bishop M : She's quite something and she's beautiful MMma Mokoena : Thank you .The Bishop looked at her thoughtfully before he spoke Bishop M : I foresee greater things to come from her.But she is going to go through great life challenges and difficulties which she will have to be one with the Lord in order to overcome them.You doing good by teaching them to fear the Lord at a very early age Mma Mokoena ; Thank you bishop Bishop M : Do you mind if i prayed for you and your family Mma Mokoena : Not at all Bishop Bishop M : Come this side .They went to pastor Joseph's office then the bishop and pastor prayed for themafter a while they finished Them : Amen Bishop M : I foresee an evil spirit threatening to use you in the futurebut if you stay true to your beliefs as a true Christian.And strengthen your faith in the Lord you will overcome itbut with great difficulties if I may say so.So my advice for you is to always invite the Lord in everything you do that way the devil will not win Mma Mokoena : Amen Bishop M : Now take care of the gift within you .Mma Mokoena was confused Mma Mokoena : Which gift Bishop Bishop M : All shall be revealed in due timebut remember do not turn your back on that which the Lord has blessed you withno matter what.Worry not it shall be clear when the time has come. .The bishop bid them farewell as he prepared for the last church service.Mma Mokoena took Amo and this time she didnt resistshe held her in her arms and called boys then they left the church and went home.She pondered what the Bishop told her but nothing came to mind so she let it go.They arrived home and she prepared a light snack for the kids and went to take a nap cause lately she didn't feel so well.She was always tired and moody and this morning before they went to church she vomited and couldn't take anything down afterwards.She asked Tshepo to look after his siblings then she went to her room and slept . . . 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