part 10 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

The next morning at dawn the villagers came in numbers to witness the maiden's sentencingeven her family members came.She was tied to the big tree at the centre of the palace yard.People were singing their traditional songs and dancingthe maiden's family and friends were crying their eyes out. Elder : Tsielala setshaba sa geshokgoshi e etla.Are mo amogeleng ka tshwanelo(Attention my countrymenthe king is coming.Let us welcome him the way we supposed to) People : Kgoshi ya renammoshi o mogolo.Tau ya leshokawena wa go busha dikgoshi le dikgoshana tsa kgole or kgauswi.Rea lotsha (Our kingthe great ruler.The lion of the wildernessOne who rules over the small kings and chiefs from far and near.We greet you) .The king nodded and sat down with the queen mother and his wives on his right hand side and the coucil of elders and his advisors on the left hand side Elder 1 : Thobela kgoshi ya renaMmarena le bommakgoshi ka moka le lena setshaba sa gesho (Greetings my kingthe queen mother and our queens and all of you my countrymen ) .The people mumbled their own greetings back to him Elder 1 : Ke manyami a magolo ge re kopana moo gapere kopantshwa ke taba tse di sego monate (It is with great sadness that we meet here againand we meeting with not so great news) .People mumbling Elder 1 : Bjalo ka ge re tseba gore malobanyana moo bere swanetse re kopane mo re dira sehlabelo sa badimo.Kage re tswaletswe ngwanangwana o mosehla yoo rohle re tsebang gore ke sehlola seo se sa amogelegeng mo nageng ya rena go tlogela bogologolo (As we all know that we were supposed to meet few days ago to make a sacrifice to the gods.Because a child has been borna child who is pale which we all now it's an unacceptable abomination in our nation from a long long time ago) Man : Yeo taba rea etseba tla ka tabataba monna wa gesho re sa jelane nako ka taba tsa go feta tseo re di tsebago ka moka(That is not newjust talk about the matter at hand let's not waste each other's time with old news that we all know) People : Ee o bolela nnete mmona(You are right man) Woman : Rebotseng gore go dirwang ka moradia yookgwedi tse pedi tsa go feta waka ngwana o mosehla o dirilwe sehlabelokage ke tseba setso sa gesho ke ile ka amogela seo.Bjalo yo ngwana oo a tshabeswago yena ke o mo bjang?o fapane bjang go babangwe.Ana ke gore yena onale madi a bogoshing g..... (Just tell us what you are going to do with this criminal because two months agoi gave birth to a pale child who was then sacrificed to the gods and I accepted it because i know and respect our culture.Now I want to understand how this one was rescued?how is she different from the others.Is it because she had royal blood or w....) People : Heey wena mosadi be o etla gabotse eupsa bjalo wa senya?sehlola se sa ngwana se ba bjang le madi a bogoshing mola re tseba gore ke peo ya moya o mobe.Se tle le gore tlaba(Hey womanyou were coming up so well but now you are out of linehow can you say this abominable child has royal blood when we all know she's the seed of the evil spiritDon't confuse us) .Hunadi cringed at the hurtful remarks from the man but she got hold of herself and pushed her tears away as people started making noise arguing Elder 1: Aowa re kwele (Alright we've heard you) .The people continued making noise some even threatening each other Elder 2 :TSIELALA BAGESHO (ATTENTION MY PEOPLE ) .He shouted asking for their attentionthey stopped talking Elder 2 : Ke tshepa gore ka moka ga rena re batho ba bagolo bjalo ka go realo ke kgopela re hlompaneng re adimane ditsebe.Ebile re fane le sebaka sa go bolele gore mafelelong retle rebe le kwano(I believe we are all adults heretherefore I expect us to respect and listen to each other.And give each other a chance to speak so that we will understand each other at the end of the day) Man : Ke nnete yeo mogolo wa renatshwarelo hle (That's true our eldersapologies) Elder : Re ka tswela pele? (Can we please continue ) People : Tshwela pele (Continue ) Elder : Kea leboga.....Nako setse ejele ke magotlo bjalo nkase hlwele ke senya nako bjalo ke tlafa kgoshi ya rena sebaka sa go bea sa mafahleng a gagwe(Thank you.....Time is not on our side anymore so I will not waste time but I'll make way for our king to address us) Women : Ageageeee ke kgoshi ya rena wena mabusha o busha le dikgoshi le dikgoshana naga ka bophararea go amogela (*Alulating*it's Our kingthe one who rules the chiefs and small kings nationwidewe welcome you) .The king stood up and cleared his throat King : Madume setshaba sa gesho (Greetings my people) People : Tama kgoshi ya rena (Greetings our king) Kgoshi : Ntle le go senya sebaka sa lena ke tla tsena tabengMoshomedi wa moshate o robile molao.Eseng fela ka go utswa sehlabelo sa badimo eupsa le ka go roba tshepo yeo mmakgoshi abeng amo tshepa ka yona.Ge o senyela mmakgoshi o senyela lenna Ge o senyela setshaba saka o senyela lenna.Ge o roba monyetlo le setso sa gesho onyatsa bogoshi bjaka.Ka go realo o swanetse ke kotlo ekgolo yeo etlabang thuto le ka moso bathong ba go swana le wena (Without wasting anymore of your time I'll get right into the matter that brought us here.The palace maiden has committed a crimenot only by stealing the gods sacrifice.But she also broke the trust that the young queen trusted her withwhen you wrong the queen you wrong mewhen you wrong my people you wrong me and when you break and disregard our customs and traditions you are disrespecting my kingdom therefore you must be punished severely as a lesson to others who might want to do the same) .Some mumbling and arguing Elder : Tsielala setshaba sa gesho (Attention my countrymen ) .Silence again Kgoshi : Kea leboga mokgalabje wa gesho....Bjalo ka ge ke sa bolelakotlo ya gagwe ke gore a bethwe abe a rakwe mo setshabeng sa gesho go sabe le motho yo atla molatelang goba aka mmoledishang kera le ba gabo.Ka go realo lapa la gabo le bao ba shothellanego le yena ba tla beiwa leihlo?yo aka lekago mathaithai o tla bolawa ntle le tikatiko goba yona kwelo bohloko.Ge aka leka ale bea gape no setshabeng sa gesho kotlo ya gagwe ke lehu ka gore otlabe anyaditse molao le bogoshi bja rena (Thankyou my elder.....As I was sayingher punishment is that she must be beaten/flocked severely then banished from our land and never to set her foot again.She must not communicate nor get any closer to her family and relatives and those who knows her.Her family and friends will be watched closely and any one who dares to get closer or communicate with her will be punished to death and if she even tries to step her foot in my village she will be directly disrespecting our kingdom therefore will be punished to death without any waste of time) .Hunadi couldn't help but shed tears for the maiden she stole a glace and her and her tears brought pain to her already broken heart.She took her eyes from the maiden only to catch the maiden's ailing mother's deep stare.It was as if she was staring deep into her soul and it made her feel so ashamed.She stared back at the maiden for any sign of regrets but she saw nonthe maiden shook her head and that made her sob openly.She couldn't stand to be there anymore so she ran to her chambers Elder : E boletse kgoshimosenyi ke wa lena.Malope marapo kea gago (The king has spokenthe criminal is yours.Malope over to you) .Some woman alulated while some sympathized with the maiden and her family.The Man chose five men who will each flock her ten times eachthey then began flocking her until they reached fifty strokes.She screamed in pain for a while until she lost her voice and cried silentlyby the time they were done she had already lost consciousness.Her clothes were wet from all the blood that was dripping out of her woundsfew of those strokes hit her right eye causing the eye to be swollen beyond recognition.Minutes later they poured cold water on her to wake her upwhen she eventually woke up.It was as she had lost her mindshe cried hysterically for her mother and for her dead husband asking him why he didn't come to take her.Some women slapped her Woman : Wa re hlodia wena (You are making noise) .She cried still then the women roughly dragged her out of the palacethey were singing and kicking her.Hunadi watched through her window with tears running down her cheeksthe guilt was just to much for her to bare.From that day on her life was never the samethey joyful young queen never smiled at anyone again for many years.Some thought she was heartbroken over loosing her pale daughter whom it was obvious meant everything to hersome even went as far as accusing her of not loving her son.But throughout everything she kept her promise to her friend the maidenshe always ensured her family never lacked anything although the mother was reluctant to take anything that has to do with the royal family at firstshe eventually accepted that she needed help with regards to raising her grandchildren. . . . # MOKOENA'S HOUSE . . Mma Mokoena was fuming beyond words thinking the child belongs to Mokoena's concubine.Mokoe na entered the bedroom Mokoena : Nka hlalosha (I can explain ) Mma Mokoena : Hlalosha sizwenamuhla yimi nawe (Let me hear you explaintoday it's me and you ) .She mixed her language and his in anger stomping her right feet on the ground repeatedly waiting for him to talk Mokoena : Are dule fase mogatsakakea go kgopela (Let's sit down my wifeplease) .She gave him a deadly stare Mma Mokoena : Johannes Tebogo Mokoena uthe wena uza qhaza qhaza ngizwe.Angi boni isidingo so kuthi ngize ngi hlale phansi (you said you will explain please do explain.I don't see why I have to sit down) Mokoena : Go lokile ge sithantwa*sthandwa*(Its okay my love) .He tried breaking the ice by saying *sithantwa*which he knew always made her laugh.he saw a flicker of a smile which she quickly hidebut it was enough to give him the courage to talk to her. Mokoena : Wellke rile ke fetsa go thea dihlapi ka bona....... (After I finished fishing I saw......) .He narrated everything that took place from when he found the baby to their present moment ) Mma Mokoena : U cinisile weTebogo? (Are you telling the truth Tebogo?) Mokoena : Nnete feela mogatsakaI love you too much to lie to you (Nothing but the truth my wife ) .She kept quiet for a while then she got up to change her wet clothes Mma Mokoena : You're not off the hook yetjust give me time to think this over.Aay niya zenza iziga weTebogo (You know how to do things Tebogo) .She shook her head as she continued changing Mokoena smiled at her Mokoena : Onthata ke le bjaloubile wa shiya le mazulu ageno kua Kwazulu wa tlo rata nna mokgomana wa mopedi (You love me the way I am that's why you even left your fellow Zulus at Kwazulu and came here to love this Pedi man) .He said proudly and she laughed and took a pillow and hit his head with It and they laughed hysterically.Mokoena kissed and hugged her from behind while they watch the baby sleeping Mma Mokoena : She's cute Mokoena : I know right Mma Mokoena : But who would want to harm such an innocent soul Mokoena : Beats me .They were silent for a while then Mokoena broke the silence Mokoena : Do you think you can be able to love her as your own just like you love our boys .Mma Mokoena entangled herself from him and went to brush the baby's cheeks absent mindendly MmaMokoena : I don't know heybut I'm willing to try .Mokoena exclaimed excitedly Mokoena : So we are keeping her? .MmaMokoena nodded Mokoena : Thank you my lovethank you so much.I knew you will love her like I love her.God has answered our prayersfinally we have a baby girl MmaMokoena : Yes he has .She said as she looked at the baby once moreshe pouted her sweet pink lips and she stretched her small body.Then she opened her small eyesMmaMokoena couldn't help but pick her up MmaMokoena : Have you named her? Mokoena : Well I thought since she came to us when we needed a baby girl and staffI would name her Gift MmaMokoena : I love itshe is indeed our gift I just hope nobody will come to claim her one day when we are used to having her as our own Mokoena :Whatever happens dearwe will deal with it when the time comes.For now are mo amogele bjalo ka mpo yeo a lego yona re lebale ka tsohle (Let's accept her for the gift she is and forget the rest) MmaMokoena : Kea le rata (I love it) Mokoena : O ratang (What do you love) MmaMokoena : Amogelang..... .Mokoena seemed lost MmaMokoena : As her other name sweetheart Mokoena : Hmmmm so her name will be **Gift Amogelang Mokoena** MmaMokoena : Yeswhat do you think? She asked him as she brushed the baby's curly hair Mokoena : I love it MmaMokoena : Then that's what we'll call her from now on Mokoena : Thank you my love MmaMokoena :For what Mokoena : For accepting and loving her so easily MmaMokoena : Whats there not to love .Mokoena shrugged his broad shoulders and hugged his wife and their new addition to the family

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