part 23 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

# AT THE HOSPITAL . . It's now the second day since Mokoena was brought in by people who found him lying unconscious on the streetthe first few hours at the hospital was the hardest for him when he became conscious because the hospital staff didn't believe him when he told them what he's been through with the witches despite all the markings on his body.They thought he was hallucinating and didn't know what he was talking about and that he had probably hurt himself and drew the strange patterns on his body and that made him more angrier so he fought with them which resulted in the doctor sedating him several times to calm him.Also the fact that he went ballistic when he woke up only to discover that they took his son's shirt and sneaker made him insult them until they produce them and then he grabbed the shirt from the nurse and held on tightly to it sniffing on his son's scent which only caused him to break down and cry.He asked for his wife since they refused to let him go to her ward because to them he was just a mentally disturbed man who needed psychological evaluation.He was now lying in bed staring at Nothing thinking about what his family went through in the past two to three weeks which now seems like eternity. Mokoena : How can such a perfect life go so drastically wrong in just a blink of an eyeI used to have what my mate only dreamt about in this village a perfect family which I built with my beautiful wife wonderful children and a good job.But now all is gone surely the devil is having a jolly moment with my life. Nurse : Hey Mokoena was bakwenadireng moo.Baloi gaba so go tshwenye lehono(Hey Mokoena of the kwenas what's up.Aren't witches bothering you today) .She chuckled as she wheeled in her medication trolley Mokoena ignored her another nurse entered after her Nurse : Tate Mokoenale hlwele bjang lehono?(Mr Mokoenahow are you today?) Mokoena : Aowa re hlwelemolato ga o gona kgaetsedi (Very wellno problem at all sister) Nurse 2 : Any bad dreams last night Mokoena : Not at all .He was lying through his teeth because he got tired of being called a lunatic for telling them the truth Nurse 1 : Ooh lucky you Elisawena ba go boledishang(He is talking to you) .Elisa just ignored her flat out and took her tools after checking Mokoena's Bp and his swollen legs and feet which now looked so much better than they were when they first admitted him.She then wrote on his file as to which medication he must be given then she turned and address her colleague Nurse 2 : Tsatsi leo o tla tsebang gore balwetsi le bona ke batho ke tsatsi leo otla hwetsang attention yeo o e nyakang.Mr Mokoena get well soon(The day you discover that even patients are human beings only then will you get the attention you seek) Mokoena : Thank you . Mokoena smiled as the rude nurse flicked her tongue at the other nurse after she had left the ward.She roughly grabbed his hand and put four different pills in it Nurse 1: E nwa(Drink up) Mokoena : Kea leboga(Thank you) .She rudely stared at him then left the ward pulling the trolley fast leaving Mokoena staring at the door Minutes later he started yawning several times then he turned around and laid his head on the pillow and he was out **Meanwhile Mma Mokoena was starting to regret chasing Mokoena away and telling him never to return to the hospital if he didn't find Tshepo.Now it's been four days since she last saw him and she was starting to get worried.Dr Mathebula entered her ward Dr Mathebula : Manana Mokoena how are you doing today (Mrs Mokoena) Mma Mokoena : So much better doctor Dr Mathebula : Good if you stop stressing like you were doing the past few days.You might go home tomorrow Mma Mokoena : Really Dr Mathebula : Really .For a moment she was excited to go home until she remembers that she has no homethe doctor noticed her mood changes as he was doing her check up on Dr Mathebula : We're almost there keep it up Mma Mokoena : Thanks .She said in a low voicethe doctor looked at her Dr Mathebula : Is there something bothering you Mrs Mokoena Mma Mokoena : Well I was just thinking about the fact that I no longer have a home and my husband went MIA on me so I don't know where I'm gonna go when you discharge me Dr Mathebula : Aren't the Hlabirwa's willing to accommodate you until you sort things out since you are related Mma Mokoena : They might do so but without MokoenaI don't know .She said sadly with teary eyes Dr Mathebula : Don't cry something will come up somehow.Have faith and try to stay strong Mma Mokoena : I will tryfor my unborn babies' sake because for as long as I know they might be the only ones I'm left with .Her tears dropped and she wiped them awayjust as Mma Hlabirwa and Mrs Hlabirwa came in Mrs Hlabirwa : Good afternoon doctor Dr Mathebula : Afternoon Mrs Hlabirwa Mma Hlabirwa : Madume bana baka(Greetings my children) Dr Mathebula/Mma Mokoena : Agee rakgadi (Greetings aunty) Mrs Hlabirwa : Zamo...go bjang sesi (How are you sister) Mma Mokoena : Very well thank you lekae Lena(How are you) Mrs Hlabirwa : Re tsogile (We are fine) Mma Hlabirwa : Ako mpotse moshemane waka naa molwetsi was rena le mo lokolla neng?(Tell me my boywhen are you discharging our patient?) Dr Mathebula : Le kaosane akana a lokollwa(Even tomorrow she might be discharged) Mma Hlabirwa : Ao ke taba tse botse tseo(That's good news then) Mrs Hlabirwa : Ele ruri(Indeed) .They smiled looking at mma Mokoena Mma Mokoena : Ee makoti waka ga o bontshe o thabela go tswa ka moo molato keng(My daughter in law you don't seem to be happy to finally leave here what's the matter) .She started crying sadlyMma Hlabirwa hugged her and rubbed her back Mma Hlabirwa : Selle ngwanaka man(Don't cry my child) Mma Mokoena : Ke tla selle bjang rakgadi mola ke se sana legaele Tebogo ga ke tsebe gore o nyametse kae(Why shouldn't I cry aunty when I no longer have a homeI don't even know where Tebogo has disappeared to) Mma Hlabirwa : Kgomola ngwanakago tla loka reka se go lahle le ga tee(Don't cry my childit shall be well we will never forsake you) .She then gave mma Mokoena a warm long hug while rubbing her backDr Mathebula left them talking to do his hospital rounds . . . At the camp site were the kids were held hostage Tshepo was worried about his sister because he didn't know whether she was still alive or not because five albino kids from Amogelang hostage room were sacrificed the previous night while Tshepo and his fellow hostages were watching through the holes at the door.It was the most horrific and traumatising experience for the teenagers to witness.It's been two days since they were brought to the campsite with no water or food to eatsome of the kids that had been there for longer were getting sick from mulnutrition and hunger.There was even a horrible smell in the room because it's been days since the boys had a bath they were sitting around the room each of them embroiled in his/her own thoughts when the door opened and two guys shoved two steel basins filled with porridge and meat Guy 1 : Ejang dikolobe tenang(Eat up you pigs) Guy 2 : Yeah ka gore(because) the queen mother doesn't want to do a sacrifice will thin things like you .The kids dived in and started eating because hunger was killing killing them well all except for Tshepo and Thato Guy 1 : And youdo you think you are special than them huh?You think you are bettergo and eat now tsk Guy 2 : And that's an order .Tshepo and Thato said nothingthey just stared at the guys Guy 1 : Heey lena mamina ke lena do you think we are joking(hey you mucus) Guy 2 : You know what suit yourselvesjust so you know you will get your last meal in three days from todaya day before you are all sacrificed to the gods.And we will be the richest men alive because of your blood .He then laughed and they both left and closed the door locking it from outside.The other kids were halfway through the meal when Tshepo and Thato joined in Tshepo grabbed a piece of meat.He was about to eat it when he noticed that Thato was eating the porridge only Tshepo : Why o saje le nama monna(Why aren't you eating the meat as well man) .Thato smiled sadly as he ate the porridge for the third time without picking the meat Thato : Monna Tshepoberekisha hlogo...wa se bona seemo sa rena.So where do you think the meant comes from (Tshepo my manuse your head... you can see our position.) . Tshepo stopped to think a bit just before he ate the meat he was holding Tshepo : No man please don't tell me it's what I think it is..…it might be game meat Thato : Just think about itdo you think these heartless beasts would just give us so much meat if it was game meat Tshepo : No no no no man please tell me you're joking .Tshepo said as he threw the meat back into the basin

do you think these heartless beasts would just give us so much meat if it was game meat Tshepo : No no no no man please tell me you're joking .Tshepo said as he threw the meat back into the basinthe others stared at him as if he was crazy and then one picked up the meat and ate it Thato : Do you see me laughing? Tshepo : Why didn't you warn the others thenhow could you let them eat human meat .Tshepo whispered so that only Thato would hear him Thato : Look at them do you think they will listen to me when they are so hungry.Man when you got hereit had been two days since we ate our last meal.It was while we were eating that particular meal when I found a little human finger in the meatI stopped eating there and then Tshepo : Then why didn't you show them what you've foundthey would have stopped eating as well Thato : There were two guards watching us and when I found the finger and I was about to inform the others when one of the guards kicked me on the face and I fellhe got hold of my shirt and whispered a warning in my earto never ever try and utter a word of my discovery to the others otherwise I'll be the first one to be sacrificed when it was our age group's turn to be sacrificed.And i don't want to die although they kill us eventually anyway.So after the guards have collected the basins I told them all but non of them believed meyou can try if you have the energy to do so because I truly do not have it. Tshepo : Woow we are in hell stru Thato : Tell me about it Tshepo : Man we got to fight backwe can't watch them murder is one by one.We have to find a way to escape here Thato : How ? Tshepo : Don't worry I've got a planI'll tell you about it after eating .Thato looked at the brave young man and nodded in agreement Thato : Alright I'm in because either way we are doomed so rather they kill me while fighting back like a man than to just die like a chicken Tshepo : That's my man....let's dug in I'm so hungry .They continued eating the porridge without meat they were almost done when one of the kids screamed pointing at the basin Tshepo : Keng bjalo Selinki? (What is it now Silinki?) Tshepo looked at what the boy was pointing at only to see a human small feet with it's five little toes intactthey started screaming some trying their best to vomit but nothing came out.The guards came to check what was making them scream one started laughing at them when he saw the small feet.Tshepo got so angry that he picked up the basin and threw the remaining human meat at the guardthe other one came forward and started beating Tshepo with his stick the other boys fought him off.When his friend joined in Thato took the other basin and used it to beat the guard on the head.It was so chaotic that the other guys rushed into the roomthey beat up the kids with their sticks until some lost consciousness.Tshepo's uncle shot in the air twice with the gun he was holding and they all stopped fighting immediately Uncle : Lenkwe le nkweshishe lena matshila tenangif you ever try your stupid stunts again you will know who I am(Listen and understand me well you scumbags) Tshepo : I know your heartless ass too well and I.... .He was cut short when his uncle beat him behind the head with the gun and he fainted immediately Uncle : NEXT.. .He shouted and no one dared to say anything Uncle : Goodga ke sa nyaka go kwa mathaithai gotswa go lena......Guys let's go bring him with (I don't want to hear any more nonsense from you) .He pointed at Tshepo as he said the last words and he left the roomtwo guys dragged Tshepo with them while one collected the basinshe made as if he wants to hit Thato with one and laughed when Thato blocked the non coming blow with his handsthe guard and his friend laughed at him so Thato spat at him which gained him a strong punch on his mouth which cracked his lower lip.Then the guards left . ****Tshepo woke up when cold water was splashed on his facehe gasped for air as he felt like he was suffocating.He opened his eyes only to come face to face with his uncleHe tried to move but he couldn't because he was tied to a wooden chair Uncle : Welcome back to the land of the living my nephew Tshepo : I'm not your nephew Uncle : Ooh but you are And that's something you can't run away from even if you wish to . Tshepo stared at him with so much disgust and hatred because what he was saying was the trutha horrible truth that he couldn't get away from because they were really tied by blood Uncle : OOOH now you have nothing to say NEPHEW .He mocked him and got closer to himTshepo looked down ready for his blows Uncle : Look at me you stupid boy . Tshepo continued to stare at his feetso he roughly grabbed his chin and forced him to look back at him Uncle : I SAID....LOOOK AT ME YOU IDIOTwho the hell do you think you are playing some hero huh.You are as stupid as your father who chose a woman over his own blood.And as if that was not enough he put his so called loved ones In danger by bringing a cursed child in his home...He thought he was being a good Samaritan by rescuing that paled skin thinglook what that got himand you.You are following in his exact foolishnesslike father like son.Sometimes I wonder if he's really a Mokoena Because us the Bakwena's are not stupid Tshepo : But you are so damn evilI myself wonder if he is really related to evil people like you .His uncle slapped himhe bit his tongue and started bleeding. Uncle : Do not insult me I'm not your age mateyou know what Im not going to let them kill you just yet so tomorrow when the queen mother comes to make the teenagers sacrifice I'm going to ask her to replace you with that albino child you love so much and I'm going to make sure you watch as I slit her tiny chest and take out her heart and guts and give it to the queen mother and then I will make you eat the rest of her useless cursed body parts one by one until you finish.And then I will set you free so that you will suffer with the memories of what you've seen for the rest of your miserable useless life . Tshepo spat at his face with his bloody salivahis uncle slapped him so hard he fell with the chairhe then grabbed him and punched him several times on the face. Uncle : You are going to regret this you stupid boy.... ThorisoThabo come here .The boys came in Uncle : Take him back to the others .They untied and dragged Tshepo away back to the othershis uncle was so angry he kicked the chair that they had used to tie Tshepo on several times when it didn't breakhe picked it up and hit it hard against the floor until only pieces of woods remained.The guards reached the room and threw Tshepo inThato rushed to him and helped him sit up.His face was bloody and swollen beyond recognitionhe raised his eyes to look at Thato and he started laughing Tshepo : She is alivemy little sister is still alive man Thato : Save your breath man don't talk.You need to rest Tshepo : She is aliiiiive manooh God is good my sister is alive .He continued to mumble as if Thato didn't speak while still laughing seconds later his laughter turned to hysterical sobs...The others watched as he sobbed sadly until he fell asleep while Thato comforted him


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