part 22 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

The van was traveling on high speed which caused the kids to bump heads here and there wherever they pass the part of the road which had potholes.Half way to the unknown place it started raining which scared the kids even more.The younger ones started crying Amogelang being one of them.She held on to Tshepo so tight out of fear as lightening and thunder stroke Amo : Abuti Tsheponkutamishe kea tshaba(brother Tshepo please hide me I'm scared) Tshepo : Go lokile tshwarelela ka kudu o ponye mahlo(Alrighthold on tight and close your eyes) Amo : Go lokile (Alright) .For a while they traveling silently with the rain hitting the van and windows so hardit was pitch black outside all they could see from the windows were the tree branches as they swayed in all directions from the windy rain as lightening light the nightit was starting to get cold in the van one could hear teeth chattering as they shivered from the cold.Suddenly they heard a very strange sound as lightening struck one of the trees ahead and the van came to a surprising halt the kids were shoved together like a sack of potatoes bumping each other's heads.The youngest cried in shock and painseconds later they moved back to their original positions Amo : Buti Tshepo re ilo go hwa?(Brother Tshepo are we going to die?) . Tshepo couldn't hide the shock at the question but he quickly recovered and hide it just to ease her mind Tshepo : Aowa kgoshigatsanabutiago akampane ahwe pele pele a dumelela selo se sempe se go tswelelela.wankwa?(No princess your brother would rather die first before he can ever allow anything bad to harm youdo you hear me?) . Amogelang nodded and laid her head on her brother's chest.Few minutes later the canob was opened by one of the guys Guy : Hey you three come with me .He pointed at Tshepo and the other two elder kids they just stared at him with confusion as it was still raining worse than before Guys : Heey lena le reng le ntomoletse mahlo bjalo ka pudi e apeilwe le manaka?I said get the fuck out of the vanNOW(Hey you why are you staring at me like a goat cooked with it's horns ?) When they still didn't move he grabbed the nearest albino little girl and dragged her out of the van and quickly pointed a knife on her throat which caused the other kids to scream their lungs out running to the back Amogelang held on even tighter on Tshepo Guy : Heey lena bana ba baloivoetsek'ang ka mo van'ing gona bjalo or I'll slash her throat(Hey you children of witchesget the fuck out if the van now) .He slightly slashed her throat by mistake while he was shouting at them and she started bleeding a bitbut the blood was washed away by the rain.He kept on shouting and insulting them as he threatened to stab the little girl to death by lifting the hand with a knife lightening stroke the blade and it transferred into his hand and electrocuted himhe fell on the ground twitching and panting while screaming.His two friends came out of the van to see what the commotion was about and they saw the gruesome sight as their friend was screaming in pain then came to a stop seconds laterthey got closer and turned him around since he was lying face down.They turned him around and he looked like he was burnt alive. Guy :What the hell .He whistled as he stared at himthe other one looked at the little girl and shook her by her little shoulders Guy 3 : Wena ngwanenyana o modirileng Matome?(Little girl what have you done to Matome?) .The girl just stared at him looking scaredshe touched her privates while crying and looked at her feet as a small pool of her urine gets mixed up with rain water.The guy grabbed her with her clothes and shooked her so hard Guy 2 : You stupid cursed animalwhat did you do to him .He shooked her so terribly that her teeth cluttered as he shook her Tshepo : Mo tlogeleng ga le bone gore ke ngwana ebile lea mo tshosha(Leave her alone can't you see she's just a child and you are scaring her) . Tshepo shouted at the guys Guy 2 : Ooh ore ke mo tlogele​?then tsosha Matome pele(ooh you say I must leave her alone right?then wake Matome up) .When Tshepo didn't respond he looked at him in disgust and spat on the ground Guy 2 : I thought so .He then shoved the little girl aside and she fell on top of the dead guy Guy 3 : Heey lena nako ya re shiyaetswang ka koloing le tlo tlosha lekala le mo tseleng re tla tswela pele ka leeto(Hey youtime is running outstep out of the car and remove the branch on the road so we can continue with the Journey) .The kids stepped out of the car and went to remove the tree branch on the road with the guys help and then went back to the van.Tshepo tried to help the little girl back into the van but the guy who was shaking her grabbed Tshepo by his vest since it was the only cloth he was wearing since he left his shirt on the road when he was cleaning his wound Tshepo : I just want to help her up man can't you see she's freezing to death Guy 2 : That's non of your concernyou don't have to worry about her because she's not going anywhere.She will remain here with Matome's corpse isn't it she's the one who killed him Tshepo : SHE DIDN'T KILL HIMHE WAS STRIKED BY LIGHTENING.she has nothing to do with it Guy 2 : Heey just shut it and get into the van or else you will remain behind with herthen your little dear sister whom you are so overprotective with will be all alone Tshepo : You are such a heartless manI wonder who's father you are Guy2 : Voetsek wena and enter the damn car or we are leaving you behind Guy 3 : Hey wena Thabo let's go Guy 2 : Tsena koloing wena tshila towe(Enter the car you piece of trash) .He shoved him in as the car was starting to move a little and then he ran to the front and got inthey drove off leaving the little girl there.They heard wild dogs barking from afar as they watched the little girl through the back window of the canob as she ran towards the van which was drifting further and further away from her.Before the car disappeared into the night they saw few wild dogs surrounding her Tshepo : OOOH dear God where are you when we need you the most. .A tear dropped out of his eyethe kids cried silently as the van continued with the journeythe younger ones where beginning to fall asleep when the car came to a halt.Seconds later the canob was opened and Thabo appearedwith a smug smile on his face Guy2 : Welcome to your new and last homenow get off my car before you ease yourself on it.Etswang ka pela pela(Get off quick quick) .The kids stepped out and looked aroundthere three roundavels and one square house at the center of the yard there was a huge fire and few guys surrounding it joking and laughing while drinking traditional beer.Mokoena's brother being one of themhe came towards the kids and looked at them one by one while smoking a cigarette Uncle : Thoriso my soncome put this jackpot into their designated rooms.Thabo mo thushe(Thabo help him) .He then dropped it on the ground and put it out by stepping on it.Them spat on the ground as his son Thoriso who was just a few years older than Tshepo came to join them.Tshepo stared at him in the hope that he will see even an ounce of pity in his eyes but he was disappointed to see non.He grinned at them then roughly grabbed Amogelang from Tshepo's arms Tshepo : No man please don't do this Amo : Ga ke nyake ga ke nyakega ke nyake .... Ntlogeleng Ntlogeleng (I don't want toI don't want toI don't want to......Leave me alone Leave me alone) She screamed while crying and holding on so tight to Tshepo Tshepo : Please don't separate uskea kgopela (I'm begging you) .Thabo helped Thoriso and they finally succeeded in separating them Tshepo tried to grab Amogelang's arm but his uncle slapped his so hard he fell Amo : Abuti Tshepo Abuti Tshepo...nthushe abuti Tshepo (Brother Tshepo Brother Tshepo... please help me) . Tshepo tried to get up from the ground so he can run to her but his uncle stepped on his backhe watched helplessly as Amogelang was taken away from him kicking and screaming for him Uncle : If you know what's good for youyou will lie down like a good boy Tshepo : Don't Tell me what to do you evil heartless manI don't know you...I hate youyou are no blood of mine because there's no way my father came out of the same womb as yousome of Satan you are so ev....... .He didn't finish the sentence as his uncle stepped on his face harder shutting him up.Thabo came back and shoved the younger kids towards the rroundavel they put Amogelang in shutting him up.Thabo came back and shoved the younger kids towards the rroundavel they put Amogelang inher screams could still be heard from the room.Thoriso came and also shoved the older kids to the other room.Tshepo's Uncle grabbed Tshepo with his trouser belt at the back and took him to the room where they took the elder kidshe carried him as if he was nothing since he was a tall masculine man.When they reached the room he dropped him inside as if he was nothing. Uncle : O leke mathaithai gapeo tla hwa pele ga nako mosha(Try your clever tricks againyou will die before your time boy) .He then left the room closing the door behind him with Tshepo still hauling all sort of insults on him which were ignored flat out.He then started crying hysterically while holding on to the door.He turned around and dropped to the ground he leaned with his back on the door.After a while he stopped crying and raised his head to look around the room only to came face to face with more than a dozen eyes staring back at him most of them were albinos. Tshepo : OOOH my God .he mumbled to himself but loud enough for the others to hear as he wiped his tears awayonly three of them including him were not albinosHe carefully scrutinized them only to see pain and hopelessness in their eyeshe rubbed his eyes several times with the back of his hands just to make sure he was not hallucinating but when he removed his hands and they were still there.He came to a sad realisation that it was indeed as he had seenhe even recognized one of the albino boys as one who goes to the same school as him but he was a grade higher than his. Tshepo : Hello Them : Hello .The one from his school came forward and helped him up The Guy : The name is Thato Tshepo : Tshepo Thato : I know your name Tshepo : You do ? Thato : Yes most kids at school knows you as our future soccer star .He smiled a bit when he said that Tshepo : Ooh Thato : Yeah by the way welcome to hell .He wasn't smiling anymorehe patted Tshepo on the back and went to sit down as he continued to introduce the others to Tshepo . . . # THE_CAVE . . . The witches were preparing Mokoena who was lying unconscious on the four cornered stone they use for human sacrificesthey had drawn a circle with white paint and made a cross at the center with red and black paint and the light a fire where the cross joined.They started singing and dancing in circles for several times then the leader drank some unknown herbs from a small clay potshe spat it on the fire Witch : Phrrrrrrrrr kea le bitsa ka moka ga lena lena baetapele ba rena le wena kgoshigadi ya lewatleetlang lena bagolo lebe dihlatse ge kgoshigadi ya rena e kgolo re efa ebile e amogela sehlabelo sa rena.(I call upon all our leaders and our great queen of the oceancome our fellow leaders and bare witness as we give our sacrifice to our great queen and as she readily accepts it) .She made the Phrrrrrrrrr sounds again as she spat on the fire and one by one their fellow witches came out of the fire and landed around the circleAfter few minutes the great queen appeared she was non other than the queen mother of the Batau tribe.Mokoena starred several times and open his eyes only to realize he was bound from hands and legs Mokoena : Go.…. go diragalang mooke kgopela le ntlemolleng(wha..what's happening hereplease untie me) Witch 3 : O tsogile (he's awake) Witch 1 : Mo lokishengke nako ya go dira sehlabelo (Prepare himIts time for the sacrifice) .Witch 2 and 3 started drawing strange patterns on his body and when they reach his heart they drew a circle around it then smeared some black looking mudhis heart started beating faster than usual Mokoena : Le ntirang please stop Ntlogeleng hle kea le kgopela nkase botse motho ka taba ee(what are you doingleave alone please I won't tell anyone about this) . They laughed and their visitors joined in as wellthey were all fat and thick women except for one.They were all six witches in total and the queen was the seventh.Mokoena's eyes roamed around the semi dark cave as they were busy"preparing"him. Mokoena : Kea le kgopela bagolo baka hle gele nka ntlogela nkase botse mothoke fetsa go hlokafalelwa ke ngwana babangwe ba babedi ba lahlegile ke lona le baka leo le mphihlishitsego gona famogatsaka o sepetlele ge le kampolaya go swana le ge le bolaya lapa laka ka moka ka gore a kase efoge sekea le kgopela ka leina la Jesu(I'm begging you my elders if you let me go I will not breathe a word to anyoneI just lost my son and my other two kids are missing which is the reason that brought me this side.My wife has been admitted at the hospitalif you kill me you would be killing my whole family cause she won't survive the heartbreak.please I'm begging you in the name if Jesus ) .He was muttering repeatedly...Just the name Jesus alone made them cringe and fall to the ground like something hit them someone whispered in Mokoena's ear Voice : Keep calling his name for his name alone is your salvationgive him praise and worship him wholeheartedly and you shall be saved Mokoena : Huh . Mokoena looked around but saw nobodythe witches and the queen mother were still trying to recover from their fall Witch 1 : Go diragetseng(what happened) Queen M : O biditse leina lela le sa bolelwego pele ga rena seo ke seo se diragetseng.Le se tsere kae sekamotho se?(He called that name that's not supposed to be mentioned in our circle that's what happened.Where did you get this inhuman thing ?) Witch 2 : Re mohwedits....(We w..we found hi....) Queen M : Homolang ditlatla ke lena ga ke nyake le go tsebale mpitsa mo lere lenale sehlabelo kganthe le mpiletsa mathata feela(Shut up you stupid idiots I don't even want to knowyou called me here saying you have a sacrifice for me when you have invited trouble for me) .All along Mokoena was praying and calling in Jesus nameand that made the witches fight even more Witches 3 : Tswalela molongwana wo wa gago monna towe(Shut your little mouth you silly man) .She said as she put a dirty cloth in his mouth Queen M : Berekang ka pela geeke nale maswebe a nkemetsego gore ke dire sehlabelo sa nnetega kena nako ya papadi(Work quickly thenI have albinos waiting for me to do a real sacrificeI don't have time for games) .The witches quickly finished preparing Mokoena who was now quiet because of the cloththe voice continued whispering in his ears Voice : Se emishe go rapelabitsa leina la gagwe(Don't stop prayingcall upon his name . Mokoena fearfully looked aroundhe tried praying but no words came to mindhe watched as one of them teared his trouser and left him with his boxersthe second one drew a line from his throat down to his navel with a knife which left small traces of blood dripping out.Mokoena screamed his lungs out as the witch licked the blood on the knife Witch 3 : Madi a gago a monate monna tena (Your blood is appetising man) Queen M : Hey lena ditlatla ke emetse pelo le marete a gagwe gona bjaloledimo laka le fela pelo(Hey you idiots I'm waiting for his heart and testiclesmy god is getting impatient) Witch 1 : Rea fetsa bjalo(We are almost done) .She said as she poured some red staff on Mokoena's forehead then took some and drew patterns on her face she passed the bowl with the staff to the other witches and they all did the same then threw the remaining staff on the fire which grew and changed colour with lots of sparks flyng around and up to the cave's roof Queen M : Badimo ba lokegile bjalo(The gods are ready now) Witch 1 : Rea leboga(Thank you) .She bowed down to the queen mother and took the sharpest knife and raised it up so she can stab Mokoena on the chest Mokoena closed his eyes Voice : DO NOT STOP PRAYING . Mokoena poured his heart out to the heavens in silence then opened his eyes and looked up Mokoena : My God let thy will be done .He said as the witch brought down the knife on his chest but the knife disappeared seconds later it appeared in front of the queen mother Queen M : Wena gape(You again) Voice : Ke go boditse gore tlogela tsela tsa gago tsempega o theeletse.Matsatsi a gago a badilwe (I told you to stop your evil waysyou never listens.Your days are numbered) . The queen mother threw some sparkling white powder in the air and the albino queen appeared still holding the knifethat scared the other witches and they started disappearing one by one Queen M : Ke tlaba ka thupa sefoka(I'll win eventually) Albino queen : Eseng ke sale mohlokomedi wa bao ba senang molato(Not as long as I'm still the protector of the Innocent) .The rest of the witches disappearedthe albino queen went to release Mokoena who looked traumatizedhe only picked up Tshepo's sneaker and shirt and ran as much as his legs can possibly carry him .He ran in circles around the woods out of confusion and fear. Voice : Owa lahlega morwalatela naledi ya masa(You are getting lost son follow the morning star) . Although he was out of it he did as the voice commanded himhe ran like he never ran before ignoring the thorns that were piercing his feet.His chest was hot from all the running but he never stoppedthe albino queen appeared in front of him.He stopped running and held on to his shaking kneesshe gave him a clay pot which had still water in it Albino queen : Enwa otlo kgona go bowela sekengse hlwele o bowela kua leshokeng bophelo bja gago ka moka gobane leina la gago le gwadilwe fase ke ba dira dibe bjale ka yoo a phonyogileng(Drink so you can get back to your usual self never step your foot in the woods again for the rest of your life because your name has been written down by the evil doers/sinners as the one that got away) .He drank the cold water and he felt a little better.He looked at the Albino queen and she bowed her head and disappeared leaving him puzzled and wondering if she was really therehe looked around and that's when he realized he was in town and wearing only his boxers. The sun was now rising and people were going up and down the street going to workhe started to feel light headed and his heart was beating faster and faster.He clutched his chest as he started feeling an excrutiating piercing pain...he tried to walk but the pain got worsehe struggled to breathe for few seconds before he collapsed in the middle of the road still holding on to his chest


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