part 21 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

After they stared at each other for what seemed like foreverthe big ugly guy cleared his throat and their bond was broken.Tshepo's uncle's face turned stone cold Uncle : Prepare him for the journeyit seems like we'll leave earlier than we planned Man : Sure boss Uncle : And make it quick .He turned to leave but Tshepo spoke before he reached to the door Tshepo : Ramogolo (Uncle) .He exclaimed with a low voice filled with shock and disappointmenthis uncle slowly turned Uncle : Little boy don't you ever ever call me what you're calling me right now.You are nothing to meI don't know you and you don't know me too Tshepo : Ra.... Uncle : Just shut up before ke go kgaola molalanyana wo wa gago (I slash your little throat) . Tshepo felt a heavy lump closing in on his throat and he felt like he was suffocating.With tears streaming down his cheekshe just couldn't believe his life is coming to an end soon and that he will die in the hands of his own blood relative.He used to dream of becoming a famous soccer star when he grows up and now he will never even reach standard ten.He reminisced about his family and how happy they used to behis home was always filled with love and laughter.Especially when his dad was back from the minesthose were special timesnow things have gone from bad to worst after Thabang's death he closed his eyes as tears continued rolling down.How could life be so cruelhe wondered how Amogelang was doing since they have separated them.Few hours later the man came in carrying a plate of food and threw it at him Man : Ija pele re sepela (Eat before we leave) .Tshepo stared at him silently Man : Ke rile eja maan wena(I said eat) .He spat it outonly then did Tshepo react showing him his hands Man : So o nyaka ke go tlemolle?(so you want me to untie you ? . Tshepo noddedthe man untied his hands Man : O leke mathaithai o tla ntseba ga botse(If you dare try to be clever you will know me well) .He pushed the plate even closer with his feet Man : Now eat we are leaving in thirty minutes .He then left the room Tshepo didn't waste any more time since he was very hungry.He dug in and strange enough the food tested amazing and delicious.True to his word the guy came back with another guy and together they tied Tshepo's hands together Man : Time to go little boy .The other guy roughly grabbed him and dragged him to the door there was a Isuzu van outside with a canob.The guy shoved him insidehe was shocked to find two teenagers and three albino kids inside the van they looked like they were between the ages of five to ten yearsthe teenagers were a girl and a boy.The boy looked like he was the same age as Tshepo and he was also an albinothe girl looked younger maybe thirteen or fourteen.Minutes later the crying Amogelang was dropped inside the van as well and they closed the door.Amogelang was screaming her lungs out in fearshe even peed on herself Tshepo : Amo tla moo(Amo come here) .She stopped crying for a second and turned to look at her brothershe ran into his arms and snuggled in his arms and continued to so silently.He embraced her while rubbing her backit hurts him so much to see his sister hurt while there was nothing he could do to ease her pain Tshepo : Se lle princessgo tla loka(Don't cry princessit shall be well) Amo : Ke nyaka mama le Papa buti Tshepo weeba ile kae.Go reng ba re shiile(I want mom and dad brother Tshepowhere did they go.Why did they leave us?) .She asked in a trembling voice Tshepo : Ga ba re shiya princessbanna ba babe ba ba tsere efela batlatla bare hwetsa ese kgaleselle sesinyana Waka(They didn't leave us princessbad guys took them away but they will come find us soon.Don't cry my little sister) .The car started moving to the unknown be destinationall the children looked at each other in fear . . Mokoena walked until he reached the place where Tshepo got injuredhis sneaker and bloody shirt caught his eyes.He knelt down and picked the things uphe cringed when he saw the dry blood on the ground.It wasn't much but he knew it was his son'she started to panic as he started imagining the worst Mokoena : Ooh God please tell me it's not what I think it is .He broke down as his knees gave up on him

he felt so week.He held the shirt and sniffed it several timesit was indeed his son's scent Mokoena : Modimo go reng go swanetse go diragalela nnawhy (God why does it have to happen to me) .He tried his level best not to cry but the pain was too much to barehe later got up and started investigating the area by following the blood spots on the path.He walked for sometime until they faded just before he reached the spot where the path diverged in two Mokoena : Ooh God where to from here? .He was so devastatedhe stood in the same spot for almost ten minutes then he decided to comb the woods on the left sidehe walked and walked until he was exhausted.He rested under a tree Minutes later he fell asleep that's when it started "raining".He woke up and looked up into the sky and it was raining cats and dogs Mokoena : When did the weather even change .He mumbled as he got up and started walking his way back to the path not caring whether he gets wet from the rain or not darkness was approaching when he reached the spot.He made his way into the other side of the woodshe walked for a long time without realizing he was going deeper into the forest.Thats when he heard someone speaking Voice : O nyakang mo hlageng ka nako eele ga se lefelo leo go swanetseng(What are you doing in the woods at this timethis is not a suitable place for you) .He looked around but he didn't see anyonehe started to panic Mokoena : Ke wena mang?tswelela ke go bone(Who are you?show yourself) Voice : Seo ga se bohlokwa setlogolo sa Bakwenawena theeletsa ditaelo tsaka.Sepela o bowele go mogatsago o ago hloka(That's not important grandson of the Bakwena'sjust heed my commands.Go back to your wife she needs you) .He still wanted to see the source of the voice but it seems like the person or ghost or whatever she is doesn't want to be seem Mokoena : Ge o sa nyake go itsweletsa mo go nna gona mpotse gore o mang le gona ge ore lefelo le ga lea loka wena o nyakang mo go lona(If you don't want to show yourself so I can see you then you better tell me who you are? you keep telling me that this place is not good then what are you doing here? Voice : Felo le ke legae lakaebile le gae laka la mengwagangwaga(This place is my homeit's been so for many many years) Mokoena : Ke wena mang?(Who are you?) Voice : O tla ntseba ka le lengwe la matsatsigwa bjalo ke nako ya gore o sepele. Bophelo bja gago bo kotsing(You will know me one daybut now you got to go.Your life is in danger) Mokoena : Ke swanetse go hwetsa bana baka pele(I have to find my kids first) Voice : Seo ga se mmereko wa gagose se phethegego ke seo se swanetsego go phethega(That's not your dutywhat is happening is exactly what's supposed to happen) Mokoena : Ora go reng?re bolela ka bana baka felo fa(What do you mean?we are talking about my kids here) Voice : Ba tlogele ba ikhweletse tsela ya bona ya bophelo (Let them pave their own way of life) Mokoena : Bjale ke lahlegile(Now I'm lost) Voice : Ke nakotsoga pele nako ego shia(It is timewake up before you run out of time) . Mokoena was still confused as to what the hell she meant when he felt a very cold wind brushing his cheekshis eyes shot open.He looked around and he was shocked to find himself still sitting under the same tree. Mokoena : Modimogo diragalang felo moo?(God what the hell is going on here?) .He looked around and noticed that it was pitch black that's when he realized he must have slept for hours because of exhaustion.The woods were scary as helljust when he was about to leave he heard someone laughing and two different voices joined in in the laughterhe couldn't see their faces but he knew they were laughing at him.He looked behind the nearest treeshe saw three strange lights heading his directionhe felt the hairs at the back of his neck risinghe tried to run but something caught his legs and he fell on the ground and they laughed again Woman : Ke matsatsi a go swana le a a dirang gore ke rate go ba moloi(It's days like this that makes me love being a witch ) .More laughter and mumblings Woman 2 : Wa reresha thaka(You're right my friend) . Mokoena felt great fear paralyzing him from head to toehe was literally shaking.He asked himself if he was dreaming or notbut sadly he knew deep down in his heart that it was really happening.He laid motionless on the ground because he dreaded seeing the self proclaimed witches face to face.Growing up they were always told stories if witches who roamed the woods at night but they never believed such stories because they seemed far-fetched so they concluded that it was their elders' way of scaring thembut now that he was in their presence he wondered how he happened to be in the verge if being their victims and if he would get out of their clutches alive"How will I get out of this predicament"he thought to himself as he waited for his fatehe felt so useless and hopeless cause it was late at night and he was Faraway from the village.In other words he was doomed


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