part 20 CURSE Of My Skin : Blood Of My Blood

Two hours later Tshepo was still walking with Amogelang to the bus stationit was around mid morning but the sun was not any kinder to them.The village was surrounded by mountains so it was always hot Amogelang started crying Tshepo : Amo keng bjalo?(what is it now?) Amo : Ke tennwe ebile ke swerwe ke tlala(I'm tired and hungry) Tshepo : Okay etla ke go pepule gee(let me carry you on my back then ) . He deliberately ignored the hungry part because he had nothing to offer her Koketso's mom only gave him money fit for the bus fare only and nothing else. He carried her on his back then wrapped her in his mother's towel.They walked for few minutes in silence Tshepo was even sweating and he was also hungry but his aim was to reach the bus station on time before the bus left the station Amo : Buti Tsheponna ke swerwe ke tlala(Brother TshepoI'm hungry) . Tshepo ignored her because he didn't know what to say to her Amo : Buti Tshepo(Brother Tshepo) .She called him slightly hitting him on the back Tshepo : Amo maan kganthe o dirang bjalee ?(Amo what are you doing now?) .He half shouted at her and she started crying Tshepo : Sorry princess .But she continued to cry Amo : Ke nyaka mama wena ga ke sa go rata ka gore ga omphe dijo(I want mom I don't love you anymore because you don't give me food) Tshepo : Amogelang Amo : Aowaaaaa...ke nyaka mamankishe go mama(Noooooo....I want momtake me to her) .She wailed so much that people would stare at them from their windows as they pass the street Tshepo : Amo ake o iketleankere ke go isha go mama gona bjalo(Amo relax isn't it I'm taking you to mom now) Amo :Ka nnete?(Truly?) Tshepo : Ee(Yes ) . She stopped crying immediately Amo : Mara ke sa swerwe ke tlala(But i'm still hungry though) . Tshepo rolled his eyes Tshepo : Not this again .He mumbled to himself Amogelang sang the lullaby that her mother used to sing for her before she sleepsthe way she sang it made Tshepo so sad because as much as he tried to ignore the longing he had for his mother when little Amogelang sang like that in her small sweet voice he felt like breaking down and cry.She finally fell asleep as they continued walkingshe later woke up with a start when Tshepo screamed his lungs out they were now far from the village and almost close to the bus station Tshepo : Aaaaaaaaacho aàaaaaah .He lifted his feet in pain and quickly unwrapped Amogelang and put her down beside him as he sat down to examine his feethe took off his sneakers only to see that they were torn underneath and he had a deep cut right in the middle of his feet.He was bleeding profusely when he touched it he could feel the bottle deeper inside the wound.He tried to remove it but it was so painfulhe took off his shirt and use it to try and stop the blood Amo : Buti Tshepo nna kea tshaba(Brother Tshepo I'm scared) .She pointed at the blood and started crying again wiggling her hands panicking Tshepo : Selle sesinyana ke tlo fola(don't cry little sister It will heal) .He bravely stood up and went to the nearest woods to look for a thorn treehe found it and use the thorn to remove the bottle all along screaming his lungs out in pain but he continued irregardless because he knew he won't be able to walk if it's still stuck in his feet.He tried one more time while screaming again and that made Amogelang cry even harder because she was afraid of bloodshe then did the unexpected and ran away just when Tshepo had managed to remove the bottle from his wound Tshepo : Amo emase ntshabele hle(Amo stop don't run away from me) . Amogelang continued to run Tshepo had no choice but to stumble his way to her still shouting for her to stop.She ran into a very scary muscular man then fellhe picked her up just when Tshepo got to them Tshepo : Put my sister down Man : No greetings whatsoever to your elderboy where are your manners? .He stated as he brushed Amogelang's hair who seemed to like it Tshepo jumped on the man trying to take Amogelang but he pushed him away and he fell flat on his butt Man : Keng ka wena mosha rrago ga a go ruta go hlompha babagolo?(Hey what's wrong with you boy didn't your father teach you how to respect your elders?) . Tshepo quickly got up and grabbed the man's armhe bit him as hard as he could the man screamed and slapped him so hard and he fell againThat's when Amogelang started crying for her brother Amo : Ntlogele malome ke nyaka abuti Tshepo (Leave me alone uncle I want brother Tshepo) Man : Wena my little girl o sepela le malomeago akerekeyo go rekela malekere ama ntshi kudu(You a leaving with your uncle isn't itI'll buy you lots of sweets) .He looked at Tshepo with a smirk as he was now struggling to get up again

he waved at him as he attempted to leave with Amogelang Man : Ke jackpot yaka e(It's my jackpot) .He pointed at Amogelang but Tshepo held on to his leg before he took another stephe dragged his leg with Tshepo holding on tight Tshepo : Thushang Thushang (Help help) .He screamed for help but there was no one on sight on the little dusty path they were onThe man kicked him so hard on the face with his other leg and he saw stars and his nose bled same timethe man kicked him again harder than before and he immediately blacked out . . . At the police station Mokoena was having an argument with the investigating officer Mokoena : Ako o mpotse nnete monna ana o ile wa itshwenya mara ka go nyaka bana baka or you just sitting around acting all high and mighty drinking coffee and vetkoeks in your little office?(Please tell me mandid you even bother looking for my kids ?) Officer : Bona moo(look here)you came to us looking for our help and as I told you before we are doing our best to find your kids but if you think you can do a better job you are welcome to do so Mokoena : Well it doesn't look that way to me ga le tsebe mmereko wa lena lena(you don't know your jobs).You are all useless and you're just getting paid for getting fat feela(only ) I'll go look for my kids I've wasted enough of my time coming here nxaa .He stood up from the chair and left banging the door behind him.Two hours later he arrived at Koketso's home Mma Koketso : Ao ntate Mokoenake lena batho ba(Ooh Mr Mokoenais it really you) Mokoena : Ee mmarema (Yes mam) Mokoena : I don't know if I'm lost or what but my wife directed me to your houseshe said maybe you might help us locate our kids Tshepo le Amogelang .Mma Koketso stared at her feet in embarrassment Mma Koketso : Eish Mokoenaga ke tsebe ke reng(I don't know what to say) Mokoena : Ey Oreng o ntshosha mmarema?(Er you are scaring me mam) .Mma Koketso shook her head Mma Koketso : Bana ba gago be bale gona fa eupsa ba tlogile goseng bare ba nyaka goya sepetlele go mmabo ka gore re kwele gore o sepetlelebjalo ka kwele bohloko ke ba neile tshalete ya go namela bus ya mosegare(You kids were here but they left this morning saying they were going to the hospital to be with their mother since we heard she was admittedso I felt sorry for them and gave them the bus fare for the midday bus) Koketso : One maaka mama(You are lying mom) .He said as he appeared behind the door where he was eavesdropping on their conversation with tear eyes Mma Koketso : Koketso .She shouted at him while Mokoena was shocked Koketso : You chased them away and for that I will never ever forgive you Mma Koketso : Koketso stop it Koketso : Or what heeyou will chase me away like you did with my best friend Mma Koketso : Shut up before I shut that stupid mouth of yours for you I'm still your mother . Mokoena was extremely disappointed to hear that the woman his wife spoke so highly of was capable of what her son was accusing her of so he stood up ready to leaveHe was at the door when mma Koketso stopped him Mma Koketso : Ntate Mokoenake kgopela tshwarelo hle.Lenna ke dirilwe ke letshogo ke ka baka leo ke rileng ba sepele because we all know how ruthless those guys are.I was just trying to protect my family but I really gave them the bus fare so that they would go and see their mom(Mr Mokoena please forgive me.Just that I was scared that is why I asked them to leave.) . Mokoena nodded and left Koketso's home with a broken hearthe didn't know where else to go in search of his kids anymore.So he decided to juat follow the trail to the bus station hoping he might see a sign that says they went to the stationit was already late in the afternoon but he just wanted to double check all the leads. . . It was late in the afternoon when Tshepo woke up and the first thing he felt was an excruciating pain on his face and feet.He looked around and he noticed he was in a strange little room made of mudhis hands and legs were tide with a rope Tshepo : Where am I? .He murmured as the ugly man entered the room and stared at him Man : Ooh you are awake Tshepo : Where is my sister you filthy man .The man laughed at him Man : She's around somewhere just waiting for my boss to come fetch her then kill you and take away your heartliver and private parts for muti.I'm going to be a rich man soon because of you two . Tshepo felt great fear crippling his body and soul Tshepo : No please don't kill us kea go kgopela hle(I'm begging you) Man : Keep on begging me but I won't change my mind your feistiness brought you here.It's body parts of brave boys like you that brings so much wealth.Plus the albino's blood will triple my wealth even more Tshepo : Please man don't do this to us we are just kids and we did nothing to you Man : You right you did nothing to me but soon you're going to make me a filthy rich man how's that .He laughed then left the small room whistling Tshepo broke down and cried not being able to come to terms with the fact that he failed to protect his sister and that now they are going to be victims of some sacrifice for riches"What is wrong with people in this village"he thought to himself as he cried until he fell asleep.He woke up when he heard voices outside the small room but he pretended to be sleeping.The voices got closer and the door was opened Man : The albino child is sleeping with my wife since I didn't want to scare her you know how useless they are when they are tired because of cryinghere is the boy Voice : Well done manthe big boss would be pleased with you especially with the albino child I know I amthe guys and I will take over from here Man : Thanks manbut I was thinking of coming along with you this time Voice : ooh okay no problemwe'll leave first thing in the morning . The voice sounded familiar to Tshepo somehow so he opened his eyes to look at the man just before they left the roomhe was shocked to see his father's brother Tshepo : Ramogolo (Uncle) .He murmured in shock but it was loud enough for the men to hear himthey both turned and looked at himhis uncle was shocked to see his nephew.He knew his brother's kids since they stayed in the same village although they were not in speaking terms.They stared at each other for what seemed like forever without blinking


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