Mend The Broken Pieces

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Nkosana's Pov

Well life have been much great but I can't stop thinking about that girl. So sweet and humble just like my wife (Sigh) Maybe I should forget about her and Forget she even existed this is Nothing but torture. I wake up then took a bath wore my Black Jean with Black Long sleeve t-shirt and black Adidas kicks then drove to my warehouse . My Dad has his own crew yes we sometimes work together but I don't want to be bossed around and be told what to do this is my life and I have three friend we're been friends since highschool. It's Viper (Lumko) Blade(Sakhile) Razor(Bukho) then there's me Ghost

I adore those guys there's been through with me


Lumko:My baby how are you

Me:Tsek marn Lumko

Lumko:Mnx 🙄

Bukho:You sure you ain't gay

Lumko: I would never leave a pussy for an ass geez


Sakhile:Stop playing let's get down to business

You see my friends are so different Lumko is the crazy one Bukho is the friendly one and Sakhile is the serious one  then me the cute and Simple one but never cross me in any life time

Me:Yes let's get to business

Bukho: There's this guy who've been a Snob lately

Lumko:He's messing with us

Me:Zishaphi Ngale Outie Viper (What's going on about that guy)

Lukho:Eix bozza die man wants your head

Me:Mmmmh he's playing with fire and he'll get burnt

Lumko:Die man has been on our tail and he's the one who stole our diamonds

Me:F U C K

Bukho: Calm down bozza

Me:Any info about him... Vrou... Ncosi anything valuable about Die man Viper

Lumko:Well...He's located in Russia after Divorcing his First wife Michelle Daniels leaving her with two kids a boy and a girl then they lost contact when the girl was born ... now he has a wife and kids

Her Wife is Philile Daniels and his adopted kids Sasha and Malia  Daniels. The guy's name is Lorenzo Daniels

Me:That's all...?

Bukho: He's on a mission to distroy the Sililo Empire

Sakhile:He's just a boy with no teeth so relax he won't strike..

 Atleast now 

Lumko:Yes I hope so... 

Me:Akebatle mathata now kenale Vrou (I don't want problems now I have a wife)

Bukho:Oooww man Libala ngalantana kodin you don't know her

Me:You don't understand Ndiyamthanda  njena

Sakhile: (Chuckling) My boy is Inlove

Bukho:Do you love her or you love the fact that she has Kamo's personality..?

Me: Eish Andaz Ndikhilni This shit is faustrating

Lumko:No it's not... Your just faustrated nje ngokakho

Sakhile: Forget obout her then you'll be fine my boy

Me:I'm not your boy

We drove off to my crib when we got in there were my parents with my mother-in-law ( I wonder why she's doing here and Kamo's brother is not here *sighed* that guy is intimidating like hell and apparently their father left them for another woman  and since then they haven't made contact and they don't talk about him at all)

Me: Molweni

KMom:Molo nyana How are you..?

Me:I'm fine mah you..?

KMom:Im fine son

Me:How are you mom..?

Mom:I'm good my son you..?

Me:I'm fine

Mom:Look how things you are.... When will you get a woman nyanam

Me:M O M

Mom:What..? Your so thin muc

Me:I don't need a woman 

KMom: (Laughing) Don't hold back my boy... Bokamoso would have love to see you happy... You can move on is fine as long you won't forget about Kamo's memory

Me:I understand mah

Mom:Lumko my so do you see how old you are..?

Lumko:No Bells I'm not old... Look how fresh I am

Mom: (Giggling) You need to settle down get a wife my son

Lumko:Haaah one pussy Awww no

Mom:You'll never change...  Sakhile How's the wife..?

Sakhile:She's fine mom... We're expecting

Me:Oh man why didn't you tell us 

Sakhile:Akere laphapha

Lumko:Oh Bra God how can Sakhile be a father before me

KMom:Like he settled before you

Mom:So My Son Bukho you'll die being a bachelor huh..?

Bukho:I have a girlfriend haw mah

Mom:Why haven't I see that Girlfriend

Bukho:Well you'll see her when the time is right not now

Mom:When will the time be right from wrong

Mr:Geez woman your questions ain't good

Mom:I just want many Grandkids haw... Even Michalle want grandkids right

KMom:Yes I'm getting old I want grandkids

Mom:You see (smiling) I'm not the one  who only want grandkids

Lumko:Don't worry I don't shoot blank... You'll have grandkids soon

Sakhile: Talks the Biggest fuckboy

Mom:My babies go to buy groceriy eMall we want to cook... Look how thin you'll are

Sakhile:Mna Bandiphatha kakuhle

Lumko:It's her work boy


Bonolo's Pov

Days passed and life have been hard.I don't know where my father is even if I know him I don't want to find him He messed up my life the day  he abounded me.Well it's still the same in in this house life have been difficult too

I woke up and kneel down to pray

Me:I come before you lord thanking you for this day and Love you gave me all together in Jesus name amen

I did my hygiene process then wore my Dress with simple push in then went to clean the house as I was cleaning Auntie came with old man

Aunt: We're hungry go and make breakfast

Me:But Auntie I'm st....

Aunt:Are you questioning me..?

Me:No Auntie

I made a breakfast for all of them (Sigh) This life is difficult for me to handle. I finished cleaning the house then  went to eat

Zinhle:Mom can I have money to do my hair

Mbali:Me too mom I need money

Aunt:Where are your Blessers Nje

Mbali: Mom don't be like that...  Lunga(Her bleeser) Is coming tomorrow I'll pay you

Aunt:Mnx fine how much will you need..?


Aunt:So much money 

Mbali:Mom we also want to buy a new dress with heels


She gave her then they took a bath and wore like some prostitute Arrrgggg. They walk out

Aunt:You have to go look for a job you slut I'm tired of feeding you so leave what you doing and go look for a job

I left the activities I was doing and took a bath then wore my summer dress with sandals then tied my hair into a neat ponytail

"Heyy Bonolo's"

I turned

Me:Tasha it's been a while

Tasha:It's been a hectic week you know... You look good

Me: (Smiling) I feel good

Tasha:Let's pray before you go

Me:Yes... ( Closed my eyes) Father I gather before you please bless me as I walk out of this room be with me through the way and protection in Jesus name amen

Tasha:Amen... Good luck Baby

She kissed my forehead then disappeared. I walked out as I took a taxi to town... I spent almost half a day Looking for a job in these restaurants I hope they hire me


Mbali  and Zinhle were  walking when they saw Nkosana and His Friends

Mbali:Zinhle look it's the Sililo last born

Zinhle:Mmmh let's go over there

They walk over there

Mbali: Hello Sexy


Zinhle: Can we join you..?

Then: Sure

They say down and talk

Mbali: (To Nkosana) Don't you mind if I we take this somewhere Hottie

Nkosana:I have a wife I don't have time for hoes

Mbali:But I thought yo...

Nkosana:You thought wrong

Lumko:You can go with me

Sakhile: Really Lumko....?

Lumko:What man I can't say no to free pussy 

Sakhile:You can never change

Mbali:Let's go handsome

They walked away

Zinhle: (Looking at Sakhile) Can we talk too

Sakhile:I don't do hoes... I'm married

Zinhle:🙄🙄 Duh

Bukho:I can help

Zinhle: Really..?

Bukho:Yes why not

Nkosana:You have a girlfriend Bukhosi

Bukho:What she doesn't know won't hurt right...?

Sakhile:Nc Nc Nc Aids












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