Mend The Broken Pieces

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***Five months later***

Bonolo's Pov

Well life has been good... I finally moved from the place I used to call home and I'm staying I'm my apartment. Well things are looking quite good with my lovely brothers and my little Angel except for Nkosi... That guy is kinda off because he doesn't want me to date and mostly communicate with guys except my brothers like come on I'm Nineteen and I'm about to turn Twenty I need to live a little but NO Nkosi doesn't want that... He would say 'No Nolo wam omuhle these guys will play you then leave you like a trash Because they don't care' or he says 'Wait for the right person Miss Williams but don't worry he's just around the corner and that guy digs you' and that leaves so much confusion .Well anyway I have made a Friend named Naledi and she's super cool.She has been here for these past months but it feels like forever.Ive been saving money Wich means I'm going to school ... Yes the school are opening and I'll be doing my 1st year I'm Medicine...I woke up and went to take a bath... I dressed in my black denim Jeanswhite vest and black Denin jacket with white Adidas kids Wich were bought by Lumko... I applied a little bit of natural makeup then topped up with Red Matte lipstick then I tied my hair into a neat bun and I was ready to go... I walked downstairs and there are my stupid Brothers.  

Me:Oh come on guys it's still early

Lumko:We know little one that's why we came here to take you to school

Me:But guys I'm fine

Bukho:No your not little one we came to take you my sister to school

Sakhile:And it's non negotiable

Me: But then there was no need to come here all of you

Nkosi:We have to go... Miss go and eat breakfast

Me:I'm not hungry

Nkosi:Was it a question..?

Me:I don't know or was it..?

Nkosi:Your annoying

Me:Like your stupid black ass

Nkosi:Wuuh my ass ain't Black


Sakhile: E N O U G H

We both kept quiet well .y Brother here likes being serious and he's very intimidating but he has a soft spot with crazy spot too and I love him... Well I love all my brothers even this damn ass called Nkosana.

Me:But Biggie you see what Nkosi is doing

Sakhile:Don't worry my Nunuberry I'll sort him out

Me:That's why I love you the most

Lumko:We heared that

Me:It was not supposed to be a secret vele

Lumko:Oh you don't love me..?

Me:I never said that or did I..?


Bukho:Oh Small you hate us

Me:Come in Goofy I rather hate them all... I'll never hate you

Bukho: But you said...

Me:It's in the past now we're focusing on the Present tense

Lumko:It's still the same because you said yo...

Me:Yeah right even though you ain't right coz I haven't s...

Nkosi:You gonna be late

Me:Let's go...

We walked out as I got in the car with Nkosi

Me:Don't come to pick me up because I'm going to work

Nkosi:I told you to stop working there Nolo

Me:You can't tell me what to do Nkosi your have forgot that this is my life and I don't want to depend on anyone...


Me:No Nkosi stop being a controlimg Freek and leave me the hell alone... I work it's fine I also need to take care of myself Besides the bursary that has been paying off my studies only

Nkosi:You don't understand do you..?

Me:No I...

Nkosi:You don't understand Nolo you don't... 

Nolo:About what huh that you trying to control my life..?

Nkosi:I'm looking out for you... I don't want these pervets to look at you and I want to take care of you

Me:Why is that..?Why do you care

Nkosi: Because it's... Because I love you Bonolo yes I said it damnit I fucken love you

Me:I... I...

He leaned over for a kiss and he kissed me woohoo this guy... I tried to push him but he didn't pull out... But he finally did

Me: Nkosi you can't... You can't love me... I'm broken so broken first I'm an orphan and secondly I was abused and what you telling me it a no go. You can't love me because I'm broken... 

Nkosi:I'll mend the broken pieces Bonolo

Me:No we can't be... I... I don't love you Nkosana I see you as my brother

After I said that... I quickly got out of the  car and walked away... The truth is I love Nkosana but we're far too different from each other... He deserves someone who's at his level and I'm far from that do it would be better to be his sister nothing more and Nothing less.I saw my brothers as they came to me

Bukho:What was that..?

Me:What was what..?

Lumko: Nkosana immediately drove off without us is there anything wrong

Me:No everything is fine don't worry

Sakhile:I hope so my Nunuberry

Lumko: We're leaving so see you later little one

Me:Ohk bye i love you'll

I walked over to the gate and i saw Naledi... Well she'll also do his first year but she's doing Law

Me: Hello there You hoe

Ledi:Yes my bitch you good..?

Me:I've never been any good you..?

Ledi:I'm good too

Me:Let's go to the Administrater or what what

We walked to him and we did all we were supposed to do and we walked away

Me:Well I'm going to class so see you

Ledi:See you bye

I walked to my class and there was already a lecture

Me:Good morning mam well Uhm... I'm Bonolo Williams

Ma'am:The new learner right..?

Me: Yes ma'am

Ma'am:Well I'm Mrs Smith... Can you please introduce take a sit

Me: Thanks miss

I walked over to an empty chair and I say down



Finally Nkosana said those three words he's been afraid to say 'I love you' But was it true..? Or is is only because she reminds him of Bokamoso..? We'll find out anyway. So after he dropped Nolo he left all the Niggurs and drove off to his house and stuffed himself with alcohol. He was looking so depressed as he remembered her words 'I don't love you'   'I see you as a brother'

Nkosi:Maybe that's what I am... Nothing but a Brother

He says as she drank his 8th  bottle of beer before opening a Vodka and drank

Nkosi:I don't deserve to be loved... First the love of my life dies and Bonolo sees me as a Brother... Life is unfair

He continued drinking from the bottle 


Nolo: Friend I'm going to work

Ledi:I'll see you Friend... Don't you have plans...?

Nolo:No not today

Ledi:Let's go Clubbing

Nolo:No you know I don't like clubbing besides.y Brothers won't allow me to

Ledi:Come on just one night won't hurt

Nolo:I'll call you when I have changed my mind because now I have to get to work

Ledi:Fine Chommie I'll see you then


Bonolo quickly took a taxi to work


Nkosana finally stood up

'Im going to see her... She's my wife I love her and I'll die without her... Let me go and see her because I really need her'-His thoughts

He took his car keys and walked away while his phone kept ringing it was his mom but he ignored it and the was a massage

-Nkosana please don't go anywhere my baby Please-

'Fuck  woman don't tell me to not go anywhere I need to see my wife'

He drove off going to Bonolo's Apartment... On the way he lost Balance and he was about to hit the brakes it was too late... The car rolled over the road  with him...

Paramedics were all over with Police. They managed to take Nkosana out and rushed him to the hospital while they called his family and they arrived

Isabella:My baby... My...

Nkany:Shh MaZungu he'll be fine

Isabella:We don't know that... He...

Royalty:He ca...n't die (Sobbing in Prince's chest) He ca..n't

Prince: He'll be fine shhh

Just as his friends got in

Bukho:What happened..?

Nkany:Car accident

Lumko:It looks like it was planned

Isabella:I...I... (Sobbing) I to...ld him that he m...ust not go anywh...ere but he did...n't listen


Isabella;What if...(Sobbing)

Prince:Be strong mom

Lumko walked out with dialling a call


Bonolo was busy working when her phone rang. She took it out and answered


Lumko:You have to get to the hospital

Nolo: What..?

Lumko:You have to come


Lumko:Now Bonolo

He hungs up... She knew he's serious when he calls her by her name so she walked over to James

Nolo:Mr James can I take the rest of the day off I Habe am emergency

James:It's fine Bonolo

Bonolo changed from his Work uniform and Took a taxi to the hospital when she gets there she heared cries...she walked over to Lumko who immediately hugged her

Nolo:What's wrong..?

Lumko:It's... Nkosana was involved in a car accident

Nolo:What..? (In a faint voice)

Lumko:We haven't he....

Just then the doctor approaches them

Isabella:How's my baby doctor..?

Dr:We tried but I'm sorry...

Nkany:What are you trying to say..?

Dr:We lost him

In that instantly Bonolo slide in Lumko's arms letting out a loud sobbs..

 'It's my fault... I should have told him the truth when he was here but not he's gone and it's  all my fault'-Bonolo's thoughts













Lots of love



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