Mend The Broken Pieces

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Bonolo's Pov

Well the following day I was called eSpur and i got the job for waitress so it would would  be my first day today. I woke up and took a bath I prayed and I walked out as I took a taxi to work.

James (Manager): Welcome Miss Williams 

Me: Thank you Mr James 

I changed to my uniform and started working. At lunch I ate my lunch box wich are leftovers from last night then the lunch ended. I worked till it was time to knock off and went home

Well the week passed very fast  and it was Surturday. I woke up and prayedtook a bath and went to work . I enjoy working here because it gives me some peace of mind to clear my head unlike being at home


Nkosana's Pov

Well week passed and I got back from UK because I went there for business. I woke up as I Took a bath and went downstairs and boom these stupid guys are here

Me: Don't you'll have houses...?

Lumko:This is also ours


Bukho:Man... I'm hungry

Me: Where's your girlfriend

Bukho:Aah that one can't cook... Even frying and egg dololo

Sakhile:Izinto zenu... They are not wife materials let's go to Spur

Lumko:Yes your paying

We got to out car and drove off to Spur we arrived and took a seat.

Me:I'm not paying...

Bukho: Who will pay..?

Me:Not Me

Lumko:Don't worry Sakhile will

Sakhile:Unye right there 

Bukho:It not l.....

"Hello gentlemen I'm Bonolo and I'll be your waitress for today so how can I help you"

We turned and Yoooh 😲😲😲

Me: (Cleared my throat) Uhmh... We would like some spur ribs and beef

Bonolo:Will that be all..?

Bukho:Yeah uhm yeah

She walked away ... I felt so drawn to this.Shr came back with our food and we dug in after that we drove to the warehouse.

Me:Let's get down to business

Lumko:Yeah this guy wants to strike

Me:We will wait for him... This guy is too old for my liking.

Bukho:We will strike once they strike right now let's pretend like we not there

Me:In the meantime tell these boys here to fix the weapons

Sakhile:We will do so

We walked out as we drove off to our houses separately. I arrived and there's Kim (My fuck buddy)

Me:What are you doing here Kim

Kim:I miss you bid Daddy

Me:I don't have time for you Kim... I have a wife so don't ever come here again

Kim:But Daddy you know I can't leave without you

Me: That's bullshit... Get the fuck out of my house and never set your ass here

Kim: Daddy I'll...

Me: I'm going upstairs and when I come back you better be gone

I walked upstairs to take a bath and wore my Black Tracksuits and sleepers then I took my phone and call my IT guy

Me:I need some information on Bonolo something from Spur

IT:{When bozza..?}

Me:Right now

IT:{I'll send it in 10}


 I walked downstairs and she's still here

Me:Andithanga uhambe kewena


Me:I said go

Kim:Big Daddy I miss you

I drag her out of my house because My Mom taught me Better than to hit women. In that case I'd never hit a women

After 10 minutes Spiro (IT yam) called


Spiro:{Bonolo Cleopatra Williams located in ******** that's all because some info is protected}

Me:Sho my man

I hung up.... It's better to visit my woman Yes my Woman because I can't stop thinking about her Bra God YooH what are you doing 


Bonolo's Pov

After I knocked off I took a taxi home and when I arrived this sluts where watching Television imagine they  haven't clean or anything Mnx they are such a waste of sperms. I started cleaning and cooking after I was done I ate

Aunt:Who told you to eat while we haven't ate..?

Me:If you'll wanted to eat you could have cooked then NC

I washed my plate and went to take a bath and slept.In the middle of the night I was disturbed by wet kisses down my neck and I moaned. Who is this man he have so much infect on me

Me: Mmmmh

Man: Shhhhhhhh don't make noise

She slide his hand down my pants and brushed my thighs... Mmmmh this feeling is so good. He kissed my twinnies and went for my mouth and Attacked me with a lustful kiss as I moaned then he went down to mufftown till I came and picked me clean

Whoever it is I love the effect he has and his authority... 

Him:Ssshh don't open your eyes sleep...

This voice sounds familiar too but again I love whatever happened with my unknown guy.So I didn't opened my eyes I slept












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