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Bonolo's Pov

I woke up the following day and pray... Yooh I couldn't even concentrate... Was it a dream..? Or it really happened...? But whatever it was it was so good.But I wonder who it was.I took a bath then walked Downstairs to eat then I took a taxi to work

I arrived then I started working until I saw those guy who were here yesterday... I walked over to them

Me:Gooday as you'll know me I'll be your waitress for today and what would you like to be served...?

Guy1:Can I be your friend..?

Me:I don't need friend

Guy1:Don't worry your already my friend and I'll be your big brother


Guy2:Don't mind this one because he may be crazy you know

Me:Ohk can I serve you..?

They ordered and I went to take their order from the kitchen to them.

Guy1:I'm Lumko little one

Me:I'm Bonolo

Guy3:Wich means we're all your brothers and I'm Sakhile

Guy2:I'm Bukho

Guy4:Well I'm the the sexy Nkosana

Me:Nice to meet you

Lumko: We're leaving now and we'll come and fetch you when your knock off Ohk...?

Me: Yess Biggie your the best brother

Bukho:What about me..?

Me: You'll are the best brothers

Them: Cool/Good/Great little one

They all kissed my cheek and walked away.I don't know them but they seem like the best brothers I could ever wish for (Sign) I never had brother I and they already complete that space of having a brother. Some wiped me... I didn't even notice that I'm crying

James:What's wrong Bonolo..?

Me:I'm fine thanks

James:You can take a day off you know

Me:My emotions were all over the place for a while but I'm cool

James:Ohk then if you say so

I got back to work


Nkosana's Pov

Seeing Bonolo was the great thing I had ever wanted. She's so sweet and Friendly just like Kamo (Sighed) God what are you doing to me huh.We we're now driving home at the Sililo household I miss my family.We arrived and all the family members were there.

Me: Hello people


Mom:Oh my boy... Your so thin I told you to look for a wife

Me:Mom I'm fine

Mom:No your not look at you

Dad: Isabella leave Nkosana alone

Mom:Ayy Wena Nkanyezi look at my son. I didn't give birth to such skeleton

Royalty:But to me he looks good

Me:Thank you big sis

Mom:No no Look good where when your so thin even lamtana wase next door uncono

Lumko:Yuuuh Mama ungamfanisi nalamtana Phela that guy is an ant

Bukho:Ndithi uphele tu tu tu 

Royalty:Niyahleba nina like your woman

Lumko:Who's a woman huh I wouldn't leave a pussy for a dick


Bukho: Uthetha nton kanene

Mom:But my children I think it's best if you settle down

Me:Mna Mama I'm setting down soon ungaWorry

Sakhile:Wena naban..?

Me:With Nolo...

Them: Who's Nolo..?


Lumko: She's already having a nickname


Lumko:Heeh mfeth if you break her heart I'll break your legs both of them 

Bukho:Mna I'll cut your dick

Sakhile:Vele Mna I'm killing you 

Prince:I wonder who's the Bonolo girl

Lumko:Enye I Cherry efana Na...

Me:Na Uhmm ayy namtu nje mhle

Royalty:Mmmh I can't wait to be an aunt

Dad:Your already an aunt muc

Royalty: Again then

Mom:And my son... I want a warrior and a special girl who can handle herself and respects or else I'm nolonger your mother

Me:Ohk mom Where's my Princess..?

Mom:In her room... I left her asleep


I walked upstairs to my Princess's room and I found her as she was waking up

She quickly jumped to me as 


I hugged her

Me:Hello Daddy's little princess how are you

Arabella:I'm fine Daddy but I miss you

Me:You miss Daddy..?

Arabella:Yes I miss you daddy I miss you I want to sleep with you tonight

Me:But Princess I...

She pouted her lips as her eyes were all out looking big

Me:That won't work Princess

Arabella:But Daddy

She pouted again

Me:Fine fine but I'm on my way to work and afterwards I'll come and fetch you Ohk

Arabella:What if you don't come back...?

Me: Daddy always keep his promises Princess

Arabella:Ohk Daddy

I lifted her up then walked Downstairs

Bukho:Let's go guys

Lumko:Bye Princess

Arabella:Bye uncle and come back with ice-cream

Lumko: Ohk Princess

I gave her to Mom as I kiss both their cheeks and walked out as we drive off to the to Spure we saw Sasha and Malia 

Sakhile:Take a picture we'll send it to Lorenzo

Bukho took a picture of them then we walked to spur and we spotted Nolo

Lumko: Little sis

Nolo:Heyy Biggie how are you

She said as he hug him

Sakhile: Ain't we getting hugs

Nolo:Leyatefa man

She hugged all of them then came to hug me and I was lost in her hug

Nolo:Mmmh That's enough

I pulled out of the hug


Bukho:Let's go little sis

Lumko:I'm riding with you

Sakhile:No she's ridding with me

Bukho:With me

Nolo:I think I should ride with Lumko and I'll ride with you'll next time

They Mumbled something as we walked over to our car and drove off.We arrived 3 houses before her home and she hugged us before she walk away.Then we all drove off to fetch Arabella


Lorenzo Daniels

Hello dear well I'm Lorenzo Daniels aged 56 and I'm a husband to Philile Daniels and the father to Sasha and Malia Daniels. I love my family they are the ones who keeps me alive. I have other kids who I last saw them when the girl was born. Their mother is Michelle Daniels. When my wife told me what those Sililo's did to her I was so angry... And I was Revenge for her because she's weak that one even though she has the Bipolar side. I wake up and walked Downstairs and my wife was there eating with my kids

Me:Good morning my lovely family


Malia:Daddy can you give me some money I want to go shopping

Me:No Sasha you won't go it's dangerous

Malia:Dad I can protect myself please 

Me:It's dangerous Malia

Mali:Tell someone to go with me then

Me:Geez Ohk fine

Phili:These children are trouble

Me:They take after you

I kissed her as she responded

Sasha: We're still here you know

We pulled out

Phili:We know because your Reminding us that your here

Malia: Arrggg Let's go Sasha

Me:Be safe

They walked out

Phili:I miss you

Me:But I'm here

Phili:You know what I mean

Me:Mmmh baby

I kissed her as she quickly respond and I went to her neck leaving wet kisses as I.....

(After the section)

Me:What about another round

Phili:No Lorenzo I'm tired... We had 3 already

Me:But baby I....

Then my phone rings

Me: Hello

Fire:{Boss you have to come to the warehouse now}

Me:I'm busy Fire

Fire:{It's important}

Me:I'm coming

I walked over to the bathroom as I took a quick shower and I dressed up and kiss Philile 

Me:I'll be back baby

Phili:Be safe

I walked out as I drove off to the warehouse

Me: Gents


Me:Fire what if is...?

Fire:Ghost sent a message with your daughter's photos at the mall

* Mmmmh such a shame they have terrible fatherThey look so innocent and they could make few Millions to the highest bidder* 

Me:F U C K  How did he found out about my daughters...!!!

Fire:I don't know boss

Me:They are playing with fire...






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