I can't believe we are having another child. Me and have been through a lotSince I have one child with her I have never wanted her to get pregnant again but I'm glad that she's pregnant with my third biological child after Dalokuhle and Thando. And I want to experience this pregnancy with her without worries.

Me:"Mntwam wake upwe have to go home"

I said that shooking her but she just to the other side avoiding me

Me:"Wake up Mpilo Vuka"

Mpilo:"Kodwa Nkazimulo what is wrong with you huh...? Why can't you let me sleep nje"

She asked getting out of the covers looking so annoyed

Me:"We are going homekfamele siyobika isisu... For the little Prince"

Mpilo:"You are annoying marnGo and make some breakfast "

I sighed before getting out of the Covers  as i walked over the bathroom.After bathing i dressed up heading downstairs.

After few minutes Mpilo came downstairs

Mpilo:"Mhm Your breakfast looks delicious but then it will be better with Yogurt"

I looked at her as she took out a yoghurt before spreading it on her breakfast

Me:"Are you eating this..?"

I asked looking so disgusted

Mpilo:"Yesdo you want to join me...?"

Me:"No Ewww Disgusting "

Mpilo:"Mnx WhateverWell how is Sne I last saw her Two weeks ago"

Me:"She's fine and survivingeven my little Princess is growing up"

Mpilo:"Mmmh Good"

Me:"Finish up we have to go"

I said that walking out


Me:"Come we have arrive"

I said that opening the car door for her


I said that looking at her indicating for her to get out

Mpilo:"Please help me"

I took put my hand for her to holdshe got out as we walked to the door as the guard followed behind with the suitcases

Me;"Good Afternoon Bantu abadala"

I said that as I looked at them before walking over the table

Baba:"Nkazimulo you have arrived Sawubona Makoti"

Mpilo:"Yebo Baba"

Baba:"Are you Ohk..?"

Mpilo:"Yes I'm Ohk"

Mkhulu:"I have heard that you are carrying the little Prince NoNtombi"

She giggled hiding her face on my shoulder.

Mpilo:"YeboI'm carrying a child though it might be a princess"

Mkhulu:"Oh But I hope it's a Princewe already have a princess" 

I sighed before sitting down with Mpilo by my side

Me:"We have a Prince too"

Baba:"That's not a PrinceI won't even welcome that demon in my kingdom"

Me:"It's my Kingdom now and Dalokuhle is my son if you don't welcome him that's means I'll be done with this family!"

Mkhulu:"Don't shout at your father NkazimuloI understand your situation but that boy has demons. But we can't disown him he's one of our own"

Mpilo cleared her throat before looking down

Mpilo:"With all due respect Bantu abadalathe demon you are taking about is my Sister's son. Advocate carried that boy for nine months so please don't badmouth him"

Mkhulu:"I understand your Situation b-"

Me:"He's my son Mkhulu so accept himthat's why he moved in with his Aunt in the first place because here he feels unwanted... That made me sad because I have failed Advocate"

Baba:"Im s-"

Me:"I'm going for a walk"



I finished up cleaning the shop before fixing the tables in a proper way. My boss made her way in looking so beautiful

Me:"Good Morning Mrs Molapo "

She looked at me smiling

Mrs Molapo:"Morning NandiWow this place is so clean you have been doing a good job for the whole Three Months"

Me:"I'm glad Mrs MolapoI need this job phela I have to feed my baby"

Mrs Molapo:"I'm so proud of you Nananot all Girls can be strong as you are"

Me:"I have leant the hard way Mrs Molapo Uhmm Let me get back to my Work "

Mrs Molapo:"Oh GoodI'll be in my office"

She said that walking away... I remember my first time in this Town


I was crawling as the pain hit my back a little. I was kicked out of the house I used to rent with the money Nkazimulo gave me for Abortion. But when noe i had no money... They kicked me out and that was when I was Seven Months pregnant. I managed to stay under a bridge for the other Two months depending on the little I had. 

But things hit hard when I was my last month. I had no one as I kept on crawling thinking about my pregnancy. That alone scared me what if I lose him...? He was my only hopethe only thing I had here.

A car stopped next to me as I looked up in a weak voice asking for help.

A woman immediately came over me and helped Me. When we arrived at the hospital I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

A woman came by smiling on me

Woman:"Hy I'm Mrs MolapoI'm the one who bought you here"

I smiled at her so faintly before turning to look at my baby boy

Me:"Thank youyou are a God sent. I don't know what I would have done if I lost him"

I sighed after that as Mrs Molapo walked over me

Mrs Molapo:"He's a fighterjust like you"

Me:"I wish things were so differenthe doesn't deserve me"

Mrs Molapo:"ListenThis baby is a blessing uyisibusiso"

I smiled as I looked up to her clearing my throat

Me:"That would be his name... Blessings"

He's a blessinguyisibusiso

Mrs Molapo:"You are going to be a great Mom just believe in yourself"

Me:"In hope so"

Mrs Molapo:"So tell mewhat at you doing here...? What bought you to Tembisa...?'"

Me:"It's lifeI have no one... I'm all alone with my son"

Mrs Molapo:"What happened yo your family"

Me:"I only have my GrandmaI didn't want to go to KZN

My homeland because I have disappointed her more than once"

Mrs Molapo:"Where is the baby daddy..?"

I smiled as tears streamed down my cheeks

Me:"He left me i didnt know that he's married and I found myself back to him again and again but when he found out that I'm pregnant... He gave me money for abortion"

Mrs Molapo:"You've been through a lot"


Mrs Molapo:"Do you have a place to stay...?"

Me:"NoI don't have any place I'm homeless"

Mrs Molapo:"You will stay with MeI have a daughter so it will be meyoumy daughter and my husband"

Me:"Won't your husband have a problem...?"

Mrs Molapo:"No he won't"


I felt someone wiping my tears as I looked up I saw Mrs Molapo

Mrs Molapo:"Are You Ohk dear...?"

I wiped my tears

Me:"I will be fine"

Mrs Molapo:"You can take a day off it's fineyou are not Ohk"

Me:"Thank you Mrs Molapo"

I said that heading to the restroom to change



I looked at her as she kept on smiling. What was I thinking Cheating on this lovely woman with a kid. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me

Me:"Let's gomy sister is coming"

Mpilo:"No im not going thereyour sister is too forward"

I chucked before getting out of the covers

Me:"Ohk I'll be back soon" 

I said that planting a kiss on her forehead as I was heading downstairs


I said that smiling

Arabella:"Oh My Godyou look old what's wrong"

I laughed pulling her in for a hug

Me:"Stop being sillyYou are still Beautiful for a 40 years old grandma"

She chuckled looking around

Arabella:"I'm still older than youwhere is Daddy..?"

Me:"Daddy's girl mmmh He's upstairs but hell be here soon where's my boy"

Arabella:"He'll be here before the Eveningbut don't be hard on him"

Me:"I'm not Hard on him come on"

Arabella:"He's still your son Nkazimulo. Yes i know that his sexuality came as a... Uhmm I don't know how to pit this bit it came unexpected and he's even Royalty"

I sighed before taking a sit

Me:"I want to fix my relationship with him... Hes my son so I have accepted that he's gay"

Arabella:"I hope so Bhuti omncani"


"Dad" I snapped out of my thoughts as i looked up and my eyes landed on him... My son. It's been long since I saw him and he's really growing up



I stood up walking over to him

Me:"How are you ..?"

I pulled him for a hug then i let go

Dalokuhle:"I'm finewhy are you outside...?"

Me:"I needed some aircome let's go in"

We walked back in as the whole family was gathering around the table.They were laughing and talking but silence took place when we walked in

Me:"Uhmm...Look who's back"

Baba stood up walking over to us

Baba:"Nyanahow are you doing..?"

Dalokuhle:"Im fine grandpa how are you...?"

Baba:"I'm goodyou are growing up Huh to think that you are fiveteen"

Dalokuhle:"Uhmm Yes I'm growing up Grandpa"

Me:"Let me go check on Mpilo I will be back"



I thanked Koko as I took out Two hundred Rand from my bag

Me:"Kokohere you deserve it"

She shakes her head before indicating me to sit down and I did

Koko:"Ngwanakalife it's so hard out there and I'm glad you aren't doing nasty things"

Me:"I want what's best for my son Koko"

Koko:"I know I'm proud of you. Nna I don't want your money NandiI don't mind looking after this handsome grandchild of mine"

I smiled at her so faintly

Koko:"Wena just go to work for your little one here Ohk"

Me:"Thank you Kokoyou've been the best since i arrived here"

Koko:"Tell me if you need anythingI'll be here Ngwanaka"

Me:"Thank you"

I stood up as I was heading to my backroom. I've been staying thereI'm glad i can afford it because the rooms around here are too expensive and it was the only place I could find after what happened back kuMrs Molapo


Mr Molapo:"This is not an Orphanage Nokubonga!"

He kept on shouting while I was holding my baby shushing him as I was sitting on the couch

Mrs Molapo:"I know Thabang but umntwana wabantu n-"

He cutted her short

Mr Molapo:"Kennete She's not ours so please Nokubonga I don't want her here"

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I glared at my sleeping baby. We are suffering while his father is playing happy family out there

Mrs Molapo:"She does not have a place to stay..!!!"

Mr Molapo:"Thats not my problem..!!! I don't have money to support other people's burden"

I sniffed looking at Mrs Molapo

Me:"Its fine Mrs Molapo I'll go"

Mrs Molapo:"It's dark outside where will you go"

Me:"I'll make a plan"

I said that heading outside with my bags

Someone tapped my shoulder and when i looked up I saw NalediMrs Molapo's daughter

Naledi:"Mama ore ketsamaye lewena k-"

Me:"Leave me alone"

Naledi:"It's past Nine you can't walk around with a child. He's still a new born

Think about him"

I sighed before turning to her

Me:"Ohk finelet's go"


Me:"This is the house....?"

Naledi:"YesYou'll be renting a room here Mother will pay for this month don't worry"


Naledi knocked as an old woman came out

OldWoman:"Naledihow can I help you ..?"

Naledi:"Mme found someone to rent the backroomshe really needs a place to stay"

OldWoman:"Oh Ngwanaka call me Kokohow are you?"

Me:"I'm fine Uhmm Koko"


I sat on top of the bed as I wipe a tear that has escaped my eye. I smiled looking at my baby boy... Blessings

Me:"Mmmh My boyMama loves you and I hate the fact that you look like your Stupid Dad"

I sighed before planting a kiss on his forehead wrapping him with a blanket

Me:"I want you to grow up and be a gentleman. Don't be like your so called father. Grow up so you could study and take care of mommy"

I held him as I kept on rocking him back and forth

Me:"I'll do anything for you baby.... I love you so much"























Lots Of Love




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