I woke up feeling so lazy. But I have to wake up even Though  I had no choice. After doing my hygiene process I walked downstairs finding Brandon making breakfast.

Me:"Good morning Brandon how are you doing...?"

I asked that taking a sit

Brandon:"What's wrong you look down are you Ohk...?"

He asked looking so concerned

Me:"Im fine"

I sighed as i ran my hands to my head

Brandon:"You are not fine Nandi tell me what is it...?"

Me:"I'm not feeling well but I will be fine"

Brandon:"Maybe we should go to the hospital a-"

Me:"I'll be Fine Brandon stop worrying about me"

Brandon:"I hope for your sake you are fineand don't go anywhere until you are really fine Ohk"

I smiled at him before getting up

Me:"I'll go and sleepI'm not going to school"



I was woken up by my ringing phone and it was Snegugu 

Me:"My beautiful friendhow are you"

I asked after answering the call

Snegugu:"I miss you so much FriendI wish I can come back you know"

Me: (Giggled) "Thats pregnancy yuuuh I don't wish to get pregnant Shem"

Snegugu:"It's not that bad Nandi come on"

Me:"I really don't wish to be pregnantimagine the morning sickness... The cravings..  The mood swings"

Snegugu:"You will get pregnant muc I tell you uzoswaba"

I laughed getting off the bed

Me:"Yeah whatever... How's my little Nephew..?"

Snegugu:"Who said its a He..?"

I giggled closing my eyes a little as i could feel the fresh air from the window

Me:"I can feel it... Uhmm It's definitely a he"

She laughed before replying back

Snegugu:"Whatever lookI have to go Ohk... I will see you"

Me:"Ohk Goodbye"


Brandon made his way in before pulling me in for a hug

Brandon:"Are you good..?"

Me:"Mmmh I'm fine"

He pulled out before looking me straight up to my eyes

Brandon:"I came back so that we can go to the hospital"

Me:"What are we going to do there..?"

Brandon:"You are sickwhat if it's serious...?"

I sighed before smiling

Me:"Im fine Brandon stop worrying about me"

Brandon:"I'm not taking that

Get Ready we are leaving"



Me:"What is wrong Doctor"

He smiled before turning to look at me

Doctor:"Congratulations ma'am you are Four Weeks pregnant"

I froze a little before I looked up to him

Me:"Is this thing accurate...?"

Doctor:"YesIt's accurate "

Me:"Uhmm I... Thank you"

I said that before standing up heading outside. Brandon approached me 

Brandon:"What is it...? You ain't sick right...?"

Me:"Yes b... But-"

Brandon:"But what..?"

He said that pulling Me in for a hug and I just let it all out

Brandon:"Shhhh... Tell me what's wrong..?"

Me:"I'm mm... I'm Pregnant Brandon"

Silence took place after a few minutes he pulled out of the hug as he looks straight up to me

Brandon:"Are you sure...?"

Me:"Yeshow can I be so careless"

Brandon:"Stop blaming yourself"

I sighed before walking away from him but he followed behind me

Brandon:"So... What is the next step..?"

Me:"I.. I have to tell the guy who impregnated me about Uhmm Pregnancy i have no other choice'

Brandon:"I understand you Nandi..."


I was waiting for NkazimuloI sent a message asking him to come and see me and he said he will come. I hope he's not bluffing because telling the thruth I can't raise this child alone and I can't do an abortion... That is not what I believe in

He made his way in looking good as always. I glared at him as I thought about the first time I saw him... He was sure a charmer


I looked at him and my smile faded he's even wearing a Ring


Zimulo:"What am I doing here Nandi..?"

I sighed before playing with my hands thats what I do when I'm scared

Me:"Nkaz... Nkazimulo I have something to tell you"

Zimulo:"What is it...?"

Me:"I... I'm pregnant"


Me:"Yes I... I just found out I didnt know"

Zimulo:"You must abort"

I popped my eyes at him looking so shocked


Zimulo:"YesI can't bring a child out of wedlock"

Tears streamed down my eyes before glaring at him. He took a out his wallet handing money to me

Me:"Nkazimulo I thought you loved me"

He sighed before taking my hands to his

Zimulo:"I love you but I can't... This thing will hurt so many people and I'm not ready to loose my family more especially my wife... Please abort"

He said that before standing up as I watched him walk away



I sighed after telling Kumkani about all that happened with Nandi

Kumkani:"You are mad manhow can you do that to her"

I looked outside with my hands in my pockets

Me:"She's not worth itI can't lose my family... Yes I love her but I can't"

Kumkani:"What if this abortion affect her womb..?"

Me:"I really didn't think of that but its the best"

Kumkani stood up pacing up and down

Kumkani:"You are so cruel Nkazimulo how could you..?"

I fixed my eyes to him

Me:"Mpilo does not deserve this"



Mpilo:"Myeni WamI made your favorite dish just the way you like it"

Me:"What would I be without you "

She giggled before planting a kiss on my lips

Mpilo:"Nothing... I love you so much Sthandwa Sam"

Me:"I love you more"



I sighed before placing a letter on top of Brandon's table dress

Me:"I guess this is it... I'm done with Johannesburg"

I said that before dragging my suitcase closing the door behind me




















Lots Of Love




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