I sighed playing with my hands on top of the table before looking up to her as she was waiting for me to start talking

Me:"Gogo I... I'm no longer a virgin"

Silence took Place as soon as I muttered that sentence. She closed her eyes looking so defeated. After some time she opened them fixing them to me

Grandma:"What happened....?"

I looked down again playing with my food this time around

Me:"It's all because of love... With a wrong person I'm so sorry Gogo"

Grandma:"Why didn't you tell me though NandiphaI.. I thought you are a virgin and that you will attend that ceremony Hence it was just on my mind that's all"

Me:"Things happened too fast GogoI'm really sorry to disappoint you"

Grandma:"I.. I have things to do upstairs"

She said that making her way up stairs. She's really Disappointed that i can see  even though she tries to hide her disappointment.

Me:"She can't even look at me OumaShe's disappointed in me"

Ouma:"Even if she is...she's still your grandma and she loves you so give her time"

Me:"I didnt want to disappoint her OumaI wanted her to be proud of me but now... I... I'm such a disgrace"

Ouma:"Don't talk like thatYou ain't a disgrace"

Me:"She hates me Oumashe hates me so much"

Ouma:"I... Hate is a big word Nana so don't use that to describe how your Grandma feels about you"

Me:"What can I say...? It's really disappointing talking about my virginity I wish I was s-"

Ouma stood up from her seat coming towards me

Ouma:"Don't regret such things because they happen for a reason"

Me:"You don't understand Ouma you don't"

Ouma:"Make me understand Nanawe've been here and we know how these things happen"

Me:"Yes I bet you do"

She chuckled taking the plates as she made her way to the kitchen. After few minutes she came in the sitting room and looked at me

Ouma:"I know that you always sleep with a boy thinking he's the one while he's not"

Me:"I'm my case Ouma it was different"

Ouma:"How so...?"

Me:"Though I don't want to talk about it"

Ouma:"I understand"

Me:"Thank you so much for your support Ouma"

Ouma:"I'm not uptight Nanayou can tell me anything"

Me:"Yeah right"


I was busy playing with my phone as I received a call from Gugu

Me:"Friendship how are you doing..?"

I asked making sure that I'm so comfortable on the couch

Snegugu:"Friend how are you doing..?"

Me:"I'm good though things didn't go as I expected here"

Snegugu:"There's something I have to tell you mngani but I will tell you mawubuya"

Me:"Oh I can't wait for the juicy Newswhat is it this time..?"

She giggled as I could hear that she's eating

Snegugu:"Uthanda I indabaI will explain everything don't worry"

Me:"Ohk fine then I'll see you when I come back"

Snegugu:"YesGood bye Baby"

Me:"Bye My Love" 


Grandma:"I want you to understand that I don't hate you Nandipha"

I looked down playing with my hands

Grandma:"Kodwa I'm disappointed MntwanamI thought you knew better than this"

I looked up to her sighing before talking 

Me:"I'm sorry Gogo"

Grandma:"It's Ohk Mntwanam now tell mewho broke your virginity'

I quickly looked down thinking about that moment... That moment I didn't want to let gothat moment I didn't want it to end

Me:"Uhhmmm Gogo"

Grandma:"He has to pay the damagesthat he took your Purity Sisi so tell me his name and surname"

Me:"Gogo that's not important"

Grandma:"it's important kimi Nandipha"


Tears streamed down my cheeks thinking about it... She's going to be much disappointed more than she is now after learning that I slept with a married man

Me:"Let's Uhmm Leave it"

Grandma:"What is it Nandipha?"

She asked looking concerned so I smiled assuming that I'm fine after standing up

Me:"I'll be in my room Gogo"

Grandma:"O... Uhmm Ohk my daughter"


Me:"Uhmm GogoI have to go back to Johannesburg"


I sighed before taking a sit next to her

Me:"I know Gogo that I have disappointed you but I promise that I will make you proud"

Grandma:"I hope so Nanaleave these boys alone before you find yourself as a single mother"

Me:"I will Gogo"

Grandma:"Ohk let me go and cook"

Me:"I will go and Check Ouma" 



I sighed before kissing him as I looked down before talking

Me:"Myeni Wam"

Zimulo:"Baby what's wrong"

Me:"I have something to tell you and Uhmm it's disturbing"

He sat up straight turning all his attention to me

Zimulo:"What is it...?"

Me:"It's Uhmm It's Sne"

Zimulo:"What has she done now uSnegugu"

Me:"She's Uhmm She's... well she's pregnant"


Me:"Yeah i-"

He immediately got up from the bed dressing up

Me:"Nkazimulo where are you going this late ...!?"

Zimulo:" I'm going to teach her some lessonsDamn Snegugu have to finish her studies"

Me:"Kodwa what has happened h-"

Zimulo:"Aaay don't Preachdon't even start because nc nc nc "

He said that before rushing out. God Nkazimulo is going to make a scene

After some hours he came back looking so drained

Zimulo:"I... I can't believe that she's pregnant"

Me:"Yeah hey"

Zimulo:"With her cousin's baby"

Me:"Yeah I know but it's not his cousin My loveYou are not Snegugu's real father"

Zimulo:"Yeah I know but still she's my daughtershe's mine"

I sighed looking up straight to him

Me:"Calm down Ohk... Calm down we will talk about this tomorrow"

Zimulo: (Sighed) "Ohk"


Me:"Good morning my love"

I said that kissing his Lips

Zimulo:"Mmmmh Morning how did you sleep"

Me:"Peaceful next to you"

Zimulo:"I'm so glad"

Me:"Wake up let's go and eat breakfast"

Zimulo:"But i-"

Me:"No wake up"

After doing my hygiene process I walked downstairs as I started making breakfast then Nkazimulo made his way in

Zimulo:"Thats why I'm getting fat"

I giggled handing him his coffee

Me:"Yeah though you got these muscles"

Zimulo:"Ayaphela lama Muscles"

Me:"Yeah right"


Me:"What are you going to do about Sne's situation...?"

Zimulo:"I have to call a meetingfist we have to go to KZN "

Me:"Oh Ohk"

Zimulo:"Yeah but again we will hear from Nqaba since Snegugu is a Mabaso"

Me:"I understand baby"

Zimulo:"Let me get ready for work my love"

Me:"Ohk baby"



Grandma:"Uziphathe kahle"

Me:"Yebo Gogofist we have to go to KZN "

Me:"Oh Ohk"

Zimulo:"Yeah but again we will hear from Nqaba since Snegugu is a Mabaso"

Me:"I understand baby"

Zimulo:"Let me get ready for work my love"

Me:"Ohk baby"



Grandma:"Uziphathe kahle"

Me:"Yebo GogoI will do just that"

She sighed before pulling me over to a hug after some time we pulled out

Me:"Ouma... I'm going to miss you"

Ouma:"You should come and visit me back home"

Me:"I willI will"

I kissed her cheek before taking my bags



Me:"Sawubona Gugu"

I said that as soon as I walked in finding Gugu eating. It looks like she's always eating

Snegugu:"Nandiyou are back"

Me:"Yes I'm backyou are always eating Yooh"

Snegugu:"What's wrong with eating manje..?"

Me:"Nothingthough you will be fat"

Snegugu:"WhateverI'm still going to eat my food I don't care if I will be fat or anything"

Me:"I was not fighting though"

Snegugu:"I'm not fighting too"

Me:"Ohk fine"

I said that heading to my room afterwards I walked over to Gugu

Me:"Tell me... About the Juicy News"

She sighed looking up to me

Snegugu:"I.. I'm pregnant"


Snegugu:"YesI.. I'm pregnant and its complicated Dad is going to kill me and Well DaddyN is... (Sighed) mad at me"

Me:"Oh my God I'm going to be an Aunt"

Snegugu:"YesAuntie Nandi"

Me:"It suits me so perfectly... I'm happy for you"

Snegugu:"Yeah I guessI should be happy right"

Me:"YesDid you tell Mantéz...?"

Snegugu:"YesI did and he's so happy and he can't wait"

Me:"Be happy My friend you have so much support by your side"

Snegugu:"Well I guess" 


Me:"Morning Mother Terressa"

Snegugu:"Don't call me thatI'm not Mother Nton Nton"

Me:"Whateverget ready we have to go to school"

Snegugu:"Ohk let me go take a bath"

She walked upstairs as Nkazimulo made his way in

Zimulo:"Uhmm uhhm Good morning"

Me:"Good morning"

Zimulo:"What are you doing here...?"

Me:"Uhmm I stay here"

Zimulo:"Oh silly meI thought you are Uhmm not here"

Me:"Well I'm here what can i do for you..?"

Zimulo:"I came to Talk to Sne but since she's busy Uhmm can we talk"

My eyes quickly traveled to his hand but this time around she was not wearing any wedding band

Me:"I don't want to talk to you.Nkazimulo"

Zimulo:"Can we talk just uhmm....For few minutes"



I sighed sitting down


Zimulo:"Nandi.. I.. I want to be with you. I'm incomplete I ... I can't live without you"

Me:"You will learn to besides... You have known me for few months"

Zimulo:"I know but... I'm incomplete"

Me:"You are my friend's father and you are married I'm not a home wrecker"

Zimulo:"I know b-"

Me:"No buts... I think we are done here"



We were walking from school. It's been Three days since I last spoke to Zimulo and it was hard not to think about him but what can I say..? He was not mine to begine with

Snegugu:"Tomorrow its Friday we are going to KZN"

Me:"I'm so going to miss you"

Snegugu:"You can ... Uhmm Go with us it was not a request"

Me:"No I'm not going"

Snegugu:"Come ondon't you want to support your friend..?"

Me:"I do but I don't w-"

Snegugu:"We are going... Yes you are going Nandipha Dlamini"

Me:"Fine Snegugu Mabaso"



We have just arrived in KZN. We came with Mr and Mrs Mabaso and all the kids were left behind.

Me:"This is a beautiful place"

Mrs Mabaso:"You have not seen anything My daughterI remember the fist time I came here"

Mr Mabaso:"Mhm Yeah this place is really beautifulWe have to go in  because the ceremony will be held here"

Apparently Snegugu is a Sililo and a Mabaso since her mother was a Sililo. 

They say the ceremony must be held in the Sililo household in respect of her late mom because She's part of this family as it was introduced to the ancestors

Mr Mabaso:"Let's go inThe ceremony will be held tomorrow since things ate done differently"

They said Sne is from Royalty because of Advocate. Since she was a Chosen QueenSnegugu is a Royal Princess crowned as the Sililo. Then she's a Mabaso because of her biological father

We walked inside finding the whole family at the table. My heart Sinked when I saw this beautiful lady next to Nkazimulo so I quickly looked down




I looked at her as she was talking with the ladies at the corner. I smiled thinking about the day we made love. It was so beautifulso different that I even felt things

"It's her right..?" I looked up to find Kumkani looking at me... He was looking at Nandi

Me:"Yesit's her"

Kumkani:"Now I understand why you are so insane without her"

Me: (Chuckles)"I don't know man.. She's so different"

Kumkani:"She's Snegugu's friend and young so it will cause conflict"

Me:"I know KumkaniI know"

Kumkani:"Let me go and get a quickie from my wife"

I chuckled gulping down my whiskey


He walked away. I glared at Nandi before going to my wife


Mpilo:"Are you Ohk..?"

Me:"I'm fine why..?"

Mpilo:"No just that you Uhmm look tense"

I smiled before kissing her as I glared over Nandi again. I found her looking at me before walking upstairs

Me:"Uhmm... Baby I'll be back Ohk"


I stood up heading to where I saw Nandi walking up to

















Lots of Love




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