I woke up so tired. I've been stressed because today Ouma is coming. What am i going to tell them about my virginity Grandma is going to be so dissapointed. I got up from the bed as i walked over to the bathroom. After doing my Hygiene process i walked to the kitchen finding Grandma making some Breakfast.

Me:"Morning grandma"

I said that taking a sit looking at her as she was singing her favorite song 

Grandma:"Morning My daughterhow are you..?"

Me:"Im good Grandma you look happy what's wrong am i missing something?"

Grandma:"No its nothing Nandiphaim just Happy that you are growing up"

Me:"There's nothing to be happy about ngalokho GogoI so wish to be more young"


Me:"YeboGrowing up it's full of difficulties"

I said that as I sighed thinking about Nkazimulo. It's really hard to grow uplook at me I'm so frustrated right now 

Grandma:"Ouma is comingI can't wait definitely you are attending the ceremony I've always wanted you to get married to a royal family"

Me:"Uhmm Yes Grandma I'll definitely attend the ceremonylet me go and take a bath I'll be back"

I said that trying to sit up

Grandma:"NoEat before Ouma gets here"

Me:"No Gogo i-"

Grandma:"Sit down sisi and eat haw"

I sighed taking a sit and Grandma handed me my breakfast

Grandma:"Now tell mehow is Johannesburg...?"

I looked up to her as I looked down again playing with my food

Me:"Its Uhmm... Its Ohk"

Grandma:"Just Ohk...? Come on Nandipha tell me all about it"

Me:"Its GreatThough you know how cities are... Full of danger"

Grandma:"That's why I don't want you kulabafana bakhonathey are dangerous too"

Me:"Yebo Gogo I'm not into any boys"

Grandma:"I'm proud of you Mtwanam"

Me:"Ngyabonga Gogo"



I said that hugging her

Ouma:"My daughteryou are growing up so fast but you are still my little baby"

I pulled out of the hug as we walked over to the sitting room

Me: (Giggling) "Oh I miss you Ouma"

Ouma:"You don't visit me anymore Your Cousins are naughty back home"

Me:"I'll visit themI miss them a lot"

Ouma:"Where is Your Grandma...?"

Me:"She's in her roomshould I go get her..?"

Ouma:"No just go and make my favorite tea"

Me:"Herbal tea"

Ouma:"You know me too well Nananow go and boil water"

I stood up walking over to the kitchen as I started making tea for Ouma


Me:"Here's your tea Ouma"

She took it as she thanked me sipping it

Ouma:"You should teach your cousinsyou make such a great cup of tea"

Me:"I'm sure they are not that bad"

Ouma:"Oh trust me they are"

Me:"Oh right"

She stopped drinking the tea as she looked straight up on my eyes

Ouma:"Tell me what is it"

Me:"What Ouma"

I said that avoiding eye contact

Ouma:"You are recklessWho is he..?"

I looked up to him so quickly

Me:"Who is who Ouma?"

Ouma:"The guy that broke your virginityI know you are no longer a virgin Nana"

I looked down so embarrassedthinking that I'm no longer a virgin because of a married man is really embarrassing

Ouma:"Don't be embarrassed Nana we all have been there but you should have told your Grandma"

Me:"Ouma I'm scaredI have disappointed her"

Ouma:"Don't be scared my granddaughtertell her before it's too late"


"Oh Oumayou are here" said grandma making her way to us

Ouma:"Yes I'm hereI didn't want to wale you up"

Grandma:"It's Ohk uhmm Nandipha go and make some tea for me"

Me:"Ohk Grandma"

I stood up making my way to the kitchen thinking about how I'm going to break the news to Grandma surely I have disappointed her. I walked over to them handing over her tea

Grandma:"NandiphaSince Ouma is here I think you should go and check"

Me:"Uhmm I... I-"

Ouma:"I'm so tired right nowI think we should do this tomorrow there's still time"

Grandma:"It's fine even if we do it tomorrow but I know that Nandipha would never disappoint me I don't want her to be like her mother"

Ouma:"Don't talk like that MariaYou should not compare uNana and her mother"

Grandma: (Sighed) "I know I shouldn't it.It's.  Its... let's leave it"

Ouma:"Ohk... It's afternoonI should be resting I'm so tired"

Me:"In the meantime I'll cook dinnerI want to cook a delicious dish so it will take some time"

Ouma:"It's Ohk Nana"



I was busy making lunch as Gugu made her way in. She kissed my cheek and sat down

Snegugu:"Auntie how are you..?"

I smiled looking at her. Advocate is really proud where ever she is. She has a great daughter here

Me:"I'm fine Andwhat are you doing here...?"

Snegugu:"Is it a crime to visit my family"

I laughed lightly as I fixed my eyes on my pots

Me:"You know what I mean... You don't always come here so what is it..?"

Snegugu:"Please don't tell DaddyN"

Me:"It will depend"

Snegugu:"He will kill me Auntie please don't tell him"

I sighed as I closed my pots making my way to her

Me:"I won'tnow tell me what is it..?"

She looked down playing with her hands sniffing

Snegugu:"I... I... I'm pregnant Auntie"


Snegugu:"It was an accident believe me Auntie I didn't get pregnant b-"

Me:"Your father is going to show you hell Snehow far are you"

She looked up as tears streamed down her cheeks

Snegugu:"I found out today I promise it's.. It's Four Months"

Me:"Why ain't you showing"

Snegugu:"The doctor said it happens"

Me: (Sighed) "We have to tell the whole family"

Snegugu:"But Auntie y-"

Me:"No!Sne I can't keep silence about this Hence you are from Royalty"

She looked down wiping her tears

Snegugu:"I knowI really do"

Me:"Who is the father...?"

Snegugu:"Auntie i-"

Me:"Who Sne Who is he..?"

Snegugu:"It's.. Its Mantéz Robbin"

Me:"Oh God this is not happening"

Snegugu:"I...I'm sorry Auntie"


Snegugu:"Ohk Ohk I know you are disappointed and you can tell DaddyN but please do it for me"

Me:"No Sne I think you should tell him by yourself"

Sne:"I'm scared Auntie please"



I sighed closing my eyes looking up defeated. I really failed Advocate

Me:"Finehow did you two meet up..?"

She smiled and I could see that she's really in love

Snegugu:"When we went to a school tripwe met up and we became friends then we started Communicating a-"

Me:"And you felt inlove"

Snegugu:"Yeshe's from RussiaGod I love him Auntie"

Me:"I'm glad you doWhere is he staying..?"

Snegugu:"In Durban though we always meet up"

Me:"Mmmh who are his parents"

Snegugu:"I only know his motherhe didnt want to tell me about his father because he said it's complicated"


Snegugu:"Yesher mother it's Montana Robbin"


Snegugu:"YesMontana Robbin"

Me:"Oh God it can't be"



I really don't know how I got here. I have never imagined myself falling in love with someone this young... She's even my daughter's friend Hence I'm so deep... Deeply inlove with her. Kumkani made his way in as he looked at me and took a sit

Kumkani:"What is it..?"

I looked up to him as I took a deep sigh before replying

Me:"I'm in love"

Kumkani:"Wow man that is goodfinally you are in love"

I stood up walking over to the window as I looked outside

Me:"Its not like that... I.. I'm inlove with a kid"

Kumkani:"A Kid..?"

I run my hands on my hair closing my eyes a little

Me:"Yeah a kidshe's about Eighteen years"


Me:"YesI can't believe it too and I'm so deep man"

Kumkani:"GodMpilo is going to kill you"

Me:"Who will tell her..? Besides that girl walked out on me because of my marriage"

Kumkani:"Why did you tell her that you are married"

Me:"I couldn't lie on her when she saw my wedding band"

Kumkani:"You are wiped"

Me:"Maybe I should forget about her though it will be so hard"

Kumkani:"I think you shouldshe's old enough to be your daughter"

Me:"Yeahtell me how is Takalani..?"

Kumkani:"You know my woman Nkazimuloshe's always fine"

Me:"I'm gladI don't want you to repeat what you did years ago with that Russian girl"

Kumkani:"Montana Robbin was a mistake Plus it's not like I cheated"

Things happened so fast Years back Kumkani impregnated a Russian girl called Montana Robbin and when he found out... He didn't tell his wife and when Takalani found out. She threatened their marriage that they almost divorced but they are so in love they didn't go through with the dovorce

Me:"Yeah but you should have told your wife about that the moment you found out"

Kumkani:"Mnx let's leave the past to the past"

Me:"Fineyou should introduce your son to the whole family"

Kumkani:"Mantéz doesn't want anything to do with me"

Me:"Still you are his fatherand I also want to meet my Nephew in a proper way"

Kumkani: (Sighed) "I will talk with Takie and Montana"




Me:"Gogo..... Ouma... Food is ready"

Ouma:"FinallyI thought we won't eat tonight"

Me:"I made a special dish Ouma so it took time"

Ouma:"I understand NanaYou outdid yourself"

Me:"I tried"

We settled around the table

Grandma:"Let's bless the food"

I blessed the food as we started eating

Grandma:"I taught you well My Babyyou are going to makes great wifeI tell you"

Me:"Thank you Gogo Uhmm you really taught me well"

Ouma:"And she's going to make a great wifethat's why i love her so much...she's respectful"

I chucked as I took a bite on my delicious Dumpling

Me:"Though I don't want to get marriedi feel like it's a lot of work"

Grandma:"Noyou should respect your husband and build a warm home for your family thats all"

Me:"Yeah right"

Ouma:"It's not bad Nanait's not... I remember back in the days where I met your Oupa"

Grandma:"You too were so in love"

Ouma:"Yes he wrote a letter asking me to be his girlfriend and I agreed because we were so inlove"

Me: (Giggling) "Oh Oumaa letter"

Ouma:"Yesitechnology beyingekho back then... We were sending the young ones for letters"

Me:"Yooh I couldn't survive"

Grandma:"Abantwana BeDemocracythey are now Queen Slay... I see many Queen Slay here in the village phela that's what they call themselves when they come back from eGoli"

 I laughed standing up

Me:"It's Slay Queen Gogo"

Gogo:"Yeah whatever"

I took the dishes to the kitchenafter washing them I went over to the sitting room

Me:"I'm going to sleep "

Ouma:"Goodnight Nana"


I woke up early in the morning to start with the breakfast. After making the breakfast I called both Gogo and Ouma.

Ouma:"It smells nice in here"

Me:"Mhm I made your favorite"

Grandma:"It's nice to be a visitor huh"

I chuckled walking over to the kitchen to take the plates setting them up on the table. After doing that... We settled around the table as we prayed and started eating

Ouma:"You really know your way around the kitchen"

Me:"I still got my touch Ouma"

Grandma:"Yeah you still got your touch NandiphaI always miss your cooking"

Me: (Chuckled)"I would too Gogo"

Grandma;"Yeah You should go and check after this"

Me:"Check what...?"

Grandma:"Your Virginity"

Me:"Gogo... There's something I have to tell you it's Uhmm important"

Grandma:"What is it"

Me:"Uhmm Gogo I... Uhmm..."


















Lots Of Love




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