I woke up as I looked around and I was in a fancy hotel. I panicked as i thought about what happened Yerstedaywhat would have  if my Greek God didn't arrive..? Snegugu told me about Thabo but I couldn't believe it. I sighed as the door was opened and my Greek God walked by

Zimulo:"Are you Ohk..?"

Me: (Clear Throat) "Uhmm I...I'm fine"

Zimulo:"Here... Go and freshen up I'll be back with your breakfast"

He said that handing out a plastic and I took it from him

Me:"Uhmm Thank you"

Zimulo:"You trust so easilydon't ever do that again" he said that walking out.

I sighed as I walked over to the bathroom. I took a bath then walked over to the bedroom. I glared at my phone on top of the table and I took it as I dialed my Grandma's number


Gogo:"My daughterI've been trying to call you last night are you Ohk"

Me: (Sighed) "Yebo Gogo I'm Ohk what about you..?"

Gogo:"I'm fine Ngane yam don't worry about me"

Me:"Oh Ohk Gogo"

Gogo:"Yebo I hope uziphethe KayleI don't want to be disappointed Nandi"

Me:"I'm.. Yebo Gogo"

Gogo:"It's ohkI'll call you Ohk"

Me:"Yebo Gogo bye"

I hunged up as I dressed up and lay down on the bed


"Nandi wake up" i mumbled opening my eyes

Zimulo:"Uhm... I'm sorry to wake you up but you have to eat"

Me:"I'm not hungry"

Zimulo:"And I'm not asking youeat up you've been starving yourself"

Me:"It's Ohk why do you care anyway"

Zimulo:"Nandi eatI'm not repeating myself because you won't like what I will do"

He gave me that death stare and I took the food from him as I started eating with him looking at me



Me:"You've been staring at mesay whatever you want to say before you kill me with your stares"

Zimulo:"Why are you so stubborn huh...?"

Me:"I-I'm Stubborn..?"

Zimulo:"You don't just go out with a person without doing research about him... All we know he might be a serial killer"

Me: (I looked down playing with my hands) "That didn't cross my mind"

Zimulo: (Sarcastic) "Yeah right"

Me:"How did you find me anyway...?"

Zimulo:"That's not importanteat up we have to go"

Me:"Uhmm Thank you"


Me:"Thank you for saving me if it wasn't for you I would h-"

Zimulo: (Sighed) "No it's Ohkas long as you are fine there's nothing to worry about but next time don't ever do that again"

Me:"I promise"


Snegugu:"Oh my Godyou didn't come back Yersteday... Do you have any idea how worried I was"

Me:"I'm back Gugu there's nothing to worry about"

Snegugu:"Don't tell me that NandiphaI was damn worried..!!! I didn't even have enough sleep while you were busy whoring around...!!!"

Me:"G..Gugu how could you say that..?"

Snegugu:"What am I supposed to think huh...? What..!!"

Me:"I was almost raped Guguyet you don't Care...!!! I'm not a whore...!!!"

Snegugu:"You were almost w.. What..? Raped..?"

Me:"Leave me alone Gugu get out of my room"

Snegugu:"Nandi i-"

Me:"Get out..!!! Close the door behind you"

Snegugu:"I'm sorry"

She said that as she walked out



I was busy doing the laundry while Nkazimulo's Aunt... Advocate's mother Mrs Johnson was drinking Tea next to me

Mrs J:"You are a good woman MpiloI'm glad that Nkazimulo has you in his life"

Me:"Yebo Ma ngyazama"

Mrs J:"You know

When Bonolo died... I promised her that I will take Care of her kids though they were able to look after themselves"


Mrs J:"They grew up so wise and independent... I'm so glad that their Fathers were able to raise them up to be the men they are today"

Me: (Sighed) "Zimulo is a good fatherI'm glad I married him and Advocate gave me her blessings before she died"

Mrs J:"She was a good womanI was found with her the moment I saw her and I saw a Queen but she had been through a lot before succeedingI hope you leant a lot from her"

Me:"I didshe was a good teacher and an Adviser"

Mrs J: (Sighed) "Yeah eyKanti where is Nkazimulo...?"

I sighed as I walked over to her sitting down 

Me:"He's at work Mahe said there's an emergency there"

Mrs J:"You know that you can't lie kimi Mpilo so tell me the truth"

Me: (Sighed) "He didn't cone home Yersteday and I... I'm afraid"

Mrs J:"Of what...?"

Me:"He might take another wifeMa Zimulo is from Royalty and its Ohk for him to take another wife"

Mrs J:"He's not a King yethe rejected the throne because he was still grieving muc"

Me:"Yes but there might be a possibility of him to take another wifeBaba and Mkhulu told me so"

Mrs J:"Fight MtwanamFight for what's yours... "

Me:"Ma Nkazimulo was not mine to begin with"

Mrs J:"Yes but now he's yoursPray my daughter and fight for your family"

Me:"It's easy to say Ma"

Mrs J:"Just... Believe in yourself Ohk"

Me:"Yebo Ma"



I walked downstairs finding Gugu making Breakfast


Snegugu:"Nandi... Look Na-"

Me:"It's Ohk GuguI'm sorry about the way i reacted it was inappropriate"

Snegugu:"Im sorry too FriendI love you"

I pulled her to a hug

Me;"I love you too"

I pulled out as I smiled and looked over the food she was making

Me:"This looks Good"

Snegugu:"Let me finish this up so we can eat"


Me:"Uhmm Nkaz..Zimulo"

Zimulo:"Uhmm hy"

Me:"How can I help you...?"

Zimulo:"Uphi uSne...?"

Me:"She went out Uhmm come In you can wait for her"

He made his way inimmediately as I closed the door. I was spinned against the wall as I felt warm lips on mine.















Lots Of Love




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