'Come on Nandi he's your friend's father' my mind Instantly betray me but again I brushed that thought of him as a Greek God. My Grandma would be so much disappointed at him and besides he's way older than... I don't know but yet he looks like he's in his early twenties

Me:"Uhmm Good evening sir"

He looked at me a little then shifted his eyes to Snegugu

Him:"EveningUhmm it's Ohk my baby I'll drop her off. Go and get your things"

Snegugu:"Thank you DaddyNi owe you one"

I wonder what is the story behind this family because I think there is a lot of Drama

Mr Mabaso:"Nkazimulo.."

Zimulo:"No Nqabai still don't like you so please"

Mr Mabaso:"You weren't there when all this things happenedI don't know why you are still mad"

Zimulo:"You can't talk about that heresome people should not hear such news"

He said that shifting his eyes to me as he observed me

Mr Mabaso:"Fine b-"

Zimulo:"I'm being civil to you for the sake of my kids Nqaba I can't fight with you especially here"

Mrs Mabaso:"Nkazimulo is right Nqabayou can't fight here"

Mr Mabaso: (Sighed) "Ohk then"

Zimulo: (Shouting) "Sne I'm leaving you behindI swear"

"I'm canyng DaddyN geezwhere is Mthobisi..?"she asked walking in

Zimulo:"He's at home don't worryUhmm let's go"

Snegugu:"Ohk Nandi let's go"

Me:"Oh Uhmm Thank you Mr and Mrs Mabasoyou've been so great to me"

Mrs Mabaso: (Smiles) "It's Ohk Dearyou are a good child"

Mr Mabaso:"Yes it's Ohk you are Welcome"

Zimulo:"Let's go"

He said that walking out. Eh Where's the smile...? This man is grumpy and has no respecthe needs to be taught mnx

We walked  over to his car climbing in as he drive off.

Alwande:"I don't know why i have to go and play nabo ThandoI'm Seventeen"

Snegugu:"Say its not always like that wena Lwande you are just so stupid"

Alwande:"Like you"

Zimulo:"You two are making so much noise"

I was at the backseat as he fixed the mirror and glared at me from the mirror

Snegugu:"Its Alwande DaddyN"

Zimulo:"I don't care who it isjust you are making noise"

Snegugu:"I'm sorry"

Alwande:"Sorry Mr"

Zimulo: (Chuckles) "We are here"

He said stopping the car

Me:"Thank you" 

I climbed out as Snegugu came out to hug me

Snegugu:"I will see you Ohk"

Me:"Ohk Good bye"

She climbed in the car as it drives off


My phone rang as I tried to sleep but I couldn't.


Gogo:"Sana lwam Lwam how are you..?"

Me:"I'm fine Gogo and you..?"

Gogo:"I'm fine Sis II miss you"

Me:"I'll come home Gogo don't worry"

Gogo:"Ohkare you behaving..? No boys angithi...?"

Me: (Giggles) "Yebo Gogono boys"

Gogo:"GoodI'll call you in the morning..sleep"

Me:"Goodnight "


I woke up so early. I want to go to the shopping Complex for grocery. I know that Gugu doesn't mind when I eat her food Korea I must have my own Food.

After fixing myself i walked up to the taxi rank.


"Sorry sis Iyou dropped your purse" I looked up to find this guy. He was really handsome but them he's not a Greek God.I admire their mother's. How could one give birth to such a charmer

Me:"Thank you"

Him:"It's okay but you owe me"


Him:"A dinner datejust for saying thanks"

Me:"Oh Ohk thenim Nandi by the way"

Him:"Thabo I'm Thabo"

Me:"I better get going"

Thabo:"I didn't get your number"

He handed me his phone as I punched my numbers

Thabo:"Thank you"


Snegugu:"Are you sure about this Nandi..?"

Me:"It's just a dinner Gugudon't worry about me"

We were walking from Spur as i kept on telling her about Thabodon't worry about me"

We were walking from Spur as i kept on telling her about Thabowe've been talking for a month and tomorrow night we are going for a dinner date.

Snegugu: (Sighed) "Thabo is a fuck boy Nandi i don't want you to find yourself heart broken"

Me: (Sighed) "I know that you are concerned but don't worry I'm just having fun"

Snegugu:"Ohk fine but promise me something"


Snegugu:"Don't give him your virginity at any costs"

Me:"I won'tI promise"

Snegugu:"Fair enough"

Me:"Tell me why you are Seventeen and you are in University..? Phela you are young"

Snegugu:"That's a story for another day"




I was asleep when I heard a knockI went over to the door as I came across with Gugu's DaddyN

Me:"Uhmm Good evening sir"

Zimulo:"Evening Where is Snegugu...?"

Me:"Oh she went out to buy something to eat but she might be on her way back"

Zimulo:"Oh Uhmm I will wait then"

I shifted as he got inside and sat on Gugu's bed

Me:"Can I get you anything to drink..?"

Zimulo:"Uhmm no I'm fine"


This guy is really a Greek God. He's so clean and very Unique. I kept on stealing glares on him as he was typing on his phone

The door opened as Gugu's walled in


Zimulo:"My babyhow are you..?"

Snegugu:"I'm finewhat's wrong..?"

Zimulo:"I came to see you but it seems like you are busy"

Snegugu:"I would never be busy for you"

Zimulo:"Ohk Uhmm let's go"

Snegugu:"Where are we going..?"

Zimulo:"Come you will see"

Snegugu:"OhkNandi will you be Ohk..?"

Me:"Uhmm Yeah sure you can go"

Snegugu:"Ohk then"

They walked out as I lay down on top of my bed


Me:"Good morning Gugu"

Snegugu:"Good morning"

Me:"I didn't hear you when you got in"

Snegugu:"YesDaddyN took me out and I lost the track of time"

Me:"Oh it's OhkWe don't have classes today"

Snegugu:"Oh YeahW-"

She was disturbed by my ringing phone

Me:"Uhmm Thabo"

Snegugu rolled her eyes walking out

Thabo:"My HeartHow are you..?"

Me: (Blushing) "I'm fineyou...?"

Thabo:"I'm goodI can't wait to see you"

Me:"Me tooI can't wait"

Thabo:"Look my heart I'm driving.. I'll call you later"

Me:"Ohk then"

I hunged up as Gugu made her way in

Snegugu:"Mmmh Nandidon't do stupid things with Thabo"

Me:"I won't"



Me:"Snegugu am I Ohk..?"

Snegugu:"You are fineyou are not going somewhere fancy it's just a dinner"

Me: (Sighed) "Don't be grumpy"

Snegugu:"Im not "

Me:"Well I'm sure Thabo is on his way"

Snegugu:"Whatever Nandi"

Just as we heard a knock

Me:"I'm fine right..?"


I walked over to the door as soon as I opened there he was in his Classy Clothes


Thabo:"My Heart...  You look beautiful"

Me:"Thank you"

Thabo:" Can we Uhmm leave..?"


Thabo:"Ladies first"

Me:"Thank you"


Me:"Wow that was good"

It was now after dinner....We were now driving at his place as he requested. We arrived to this penthouse

Me:"I like your place"

I said that Taking a sit

Thabo:"Uhmm thanksCan i get you Something to drink"

Me:"Well I'm Ohk"


He walked over to me as he kissed meI responded well he's not my first kisser

His hand went down under my dress as I tried to push him

Me:"T..Thabo no..no"

Thabo:"Relax My Heart"

Me:"I'm not ready Thabo no.!!!"

Tears streamed down my cheeksI shouldn't have agreed to this

Thabo:"Don't do thatgive me what's mine"

Me:"NO.. THABO NO..!!!"

Thabo:"I want to taste youyou can't just spend my money for nothing"

I was still trying to push him but he was so strong. He teared up my dress leaving me with my panties as he quickly Unzip his Jean while pressuring me with his Knee

Thabo:"I couldn't wait for this dayyou are so beautiful.. My African Queen"

He forcefully kissed me as the Door was pushed open and a punch landed on Thabo's face

I immediately jumped to this person hugging him. In this moment I didnt even care if I was naked. I sniffed as I could smell my Hero's perfume while sobbing and it was him... My Greek God





















Lots Of Love




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