I walked slowly to my room. I sighed as I pushed the door open and I glared to see the room clearly as I came across with this beautiful girl.

Me:"Uhhnm Hello"

She looked up to me as she smiled

Girl:"HyI'm Snegugu but you can call me Sne"

Me:"Well I'm Nandipha and you can call me NandiI suppose you are my roommate"

Snegugu:"Yes I'm your roomate and I'm new here"

Me:"Same here"

I slowly walked Over to the lounge as I looked across the room

Me:"It's beautiful hereSo beautiful"

Snegugu:"Yes it's beautifulnow come I want you to tell me all about yourself"

Me:"Let me go and take a nap GuguI'm do tired right now and I don't need izindaba"

Snegugu:"You are so uptight yooh but I will show you around and you will even meet my twin Brother"

Me:"You have a Twin Brother...?"

Snegugu:"Oh YesAlwande he's so overprotective but I love him... He's the best brother"

Me:"Mmmh I can relate"

Snegugu:"What's your Story...? Family..? Parents...? Siblings...?"

Me: (Sighed) "I don't have anyone except my grandmotherwell my parend never cared about me so I grew up with Grandma... All by ourselves"

Snegugu:"I can relateMy Mom died when I was 13it was so hard to move from her death but she taught me a lot you know... She was a Strong Woman"

Me:"I feel so free when I talk to youI feel like I have known you like... I don't know but I already knows that you are a great person"

Snegugu:"Thank youyou are a great person too Nandi"

Me: (Smile) "Let me go and Take a nap... I'll wake up later"

Snegugu:"Ohk sure"


I looked up as I glared over to the room... I can't believe I'm in a University. I hope I will not disappoint uGogo because I would hate to do that. That woman has been through a lot with me and I really appreciate it.

I walked slowly to the Kitchen finding Two guys with Snegugu


I looked at this guy who was really handsome but he looked a lot like Snegugu so I guess its thee Alwande

Alwande:"Hello beautiful"

Me: (Smiling) "Uhhmmm how are you doing..?"

Snegugu:"They are goodNandi this is my twin Alwande Lwande for short and this here is Gift"

Me:"It's nice to meet you"

Alwande:"It's always nice to meet beautiful girls"

Gift:"Don't mind him... He's mentally Disturbed"

Alwande:"You don't have any right to say that Gift"

Gift:"Whateveryou are making the poor girl to be uncomfortable"

Alwande:"If she's not Comfortable she can tell me by herself how's that"

Snegugu:"You guys are so annoyingwhy are you always arguing"

Alwande:"Its not me Duplicate its Gift and don't take his side

he's not your other half"

Snegugu: (Chuckles) "Jesus"



Me:"Baby aboSnegugu bayeza"

Mpilo:"I should cook for themI know how much they love food"

Me:"Just like their Mother"

Mpilo looked down

Me:"I'm sorry My love its... Its just that it's hard not to say her name"

Mpilo:"It's fine I understand Nkazishe was your first love"

Me:"Not saying her names makes me feel so guilty... Like I'm Forgetting about her"

Mpilo:"Babakhe you have to let goI understand and I'm also hurt but you have to let go"

Me:"I will try... Uhmm let me go and see Kumkani"

Mpilo:"I love you"

Me:"I love you too"


Kumkani:"I can't believe it Nkazimulo Geez"

Me:"Mnx I want to let Advocate go"

Kumkani:"By rebounding uMpilo...?"

Me:"I'm not rebounding herI'm not...!!!"

Kumkani:"Yesyou feel something for Mpilo and I can see that but you don't have to push things"

Me:"I ... I love uMpilo"

Kumkani: (Sighed) "Finebelieve whatever you want to believe"

Me:"Let's talk about your Woman"

Kumkani:"Takie is the bestI can't believe we got married without you'll"

Me: (Chuckled) "Love"

Kumkani:"It's really Love"



We were walking from the Criteria as we kept on talking. It was only me and Snegugu because the boys have places to be as they said

Me:"You've been a good friendI enjoyed my week because of you"

Snegugu:"It was nothing WethuI love your Company"

Me: (Sighed) "Well I can say that to you"

Snegugu:"My Auntie and Dad are inviting you for  Dinner"


Snegugu:"They are good people if I can say so there's no need to be afraid of them"

Me:"But Gugu I'm not ready to meet your parents"

Snegugu: (Laughs) "Girl you are talking like we are Girlfriend and Boyfriend... Come on"

Me:"How is you Dad...? Isn't he scary...?"

Snegugu: (Chuckles) "Come on don't be nervousThere's really nothing to worry about"


Snegugu:"Fine what..?"

Me:"I will come for Dinner Snegugu Mabaso Geez"

Snegugu:"Sharp don't kill me haw"



Mr Mabaso:"So Uhmm Nandi where are you from..?"

Me:"I'm from Nthlazatje Sir"

Mr Mabaso:"Call me Nqaba or better yet Baba"

Me:"Oh I will stick to Baba"

Alwande:"You are troubling the poor girl Baba"

Mr Mabaso:"But I didn't do anything"

Mrs Mabaso:"Uhmm Nandi don't mind themthey are like this"

Me: (Chuckles)"I understand Ma"

Snegugu:"Oh we are leaving with uBaba uNkazimulo"

Mr Mabaso:"Yes he called mehe will be here soon by now"


Me:"Uhmm can I go to a bathroom"

Snegugu:"I will show youCome"

We walked upstairs. I really don't know why this girl is staying at Ress meanwhile she has rish parents

Snegugu:"I'll be downstairs Ohk"


She walked away as I made my way in . After peeing I washed my hands as I walked over downstairs.

"I will bring them back"

"DaddyN can you please drop my friend eRess"

"Where's that friend...?"

I walked in as they all looked at me

Snegugu:"Here's my friend Tata"

I glared at this Greek God in front of me.... I'm so losing my breath a little by little. Did he have to be this Hot...? 
















Lots Of Love




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