I sat down slowly on the chair as my eyes were fixed on the sleeping Mpilo.I sighed as I hold her handshe slowly opened her eyes and smiled.


I stood up fixing her pillow after than I sat down on the chair again

Me:"Take it easy baby"

Mpilo:"Nkazimulo where's my baby"

She asked placing her hand on her stomach

Me:"Uhmm Baby...Uhmm We lost the baby"

She quickly looked at me

Mpilo:"What do you mean we lost the baby what happened?"

I sighed looking at her

Me:"There was nothing wrong"

Mpilo:"How can I lose the baby when there's nothing wrong Nkazimulo?"

Me:"Yesthe Doctor didnt find anything and I... I don't know either"

Mpilo:"Oh Uhmm Ohk"

She said that as she turned to look the other way

Me:"Baby look at me"

Mpilo:"Can I be alone"


She spoke so softly

Mpilo:"Leave PleaseLeave"

I stood up as I kisses her forehead and I walked out of the hospital.


I was standing next to the window as Kumkani made his way in


I sighed turning to look at him

Me:"ShoHow are you?"

Kumkani:"I'm getting therethere are no complains what about you"

I walked over to my table taking a sit on the chair

Me:"It's hard manMpilo just lost the baby and she's been quiet"

Kumkani:"What do you mean quiet? Wasn't she supposed to cry or something?"

I sighed looking up to him

Me:"I thought she will cry but nuh... And I'm so scared that she might do something crazy"

Kumkani:"NoMpilo would never do something like that"

Me:"I hope so because I'm so worried about her"

Kumkani:"Maybe I should ask Takalani to go and have a chat with her"

Me:"Do you think this will work?"

Kumkani:"They are women'sI'm sure it will work"

Me:"Ohk then"


I walked inside Mpilo's ward as she was facing on the other side


I called out for her as I approached the bed

Mpilo:"What do you want here Nkazimulo?"

I sighed placing my hand on her shoulder

Me:"We're going homestand up you have to get ready"

Mpilo:"No I'm not going anywhere with youI can't leave my baby"

Me:"Mpilo our baby is no more"

Mpilo:"Noyou are lying my baby is here and I can't leave without him"

I sighed so frustrated and I took her hand to mine

Me:"Baby listen to m-"

Mpilo:"No no no Nkazimulo he's crying"

She said that getting out of the hospital covers as she walked over to the door but I quickly held her


Mpilo:"What?Where is he Nkazimulo?"

She was looking around the ward like a crazy person

Me:"Where is who manje Mpilo?"

Mpilo:"My babyoh God I swear I head his tiny little cries"

I looked at her so shocked

Me:"Please Mpilo calm down our son is no more"

Mpilo:"Stop saying that wena Nkazimulo I know he's here (Laughs a little) God he's here i can feel it"

Me:"Mpilo baby look at me"

Mpilo:"He's here right..? He's here yes He's here I can feel it"

I walked out heading to the doctor's office

Me:"Doctor what's wrong with my Wife?"

Doctor:"Uhmm Mrs Sililo right?"

I nodded

Me:"Yeswhat's wrong with her?"

Doctor:"well Mr Sililo we didnt find anything wrong with your wife"

Me:"But she's acting crazy"


Me:"She's talking about her unborn babythe one we have lo-"

We were disturbed by screams outside the office and we quickly ran there. We found Mpilo busy screaming at the Doctors. I walked over to her

Me:"Mpilo baby what's going on?"

Mpilo:"Oh My husband"

She said that kissing meI was really amazed

Me:"Mpilo what's wrong"

Mpilo:"They took my baby Uhmm.... They took him Baby They did Yes They Uhmm took hi-"

She was talking too fast busy scratching her head like she's into drugs

Me:"Baby come on"

The Doctor's held her as they walked over to the ward

Me:"Doctor can I-"

Doctor:"Sir I think you should go and come back tomorrow because we still have to do some check ups on her"

Me:"Is she going to be Ohk Though?"

Doctor:"I'm not sure since we don't know the problem"

Me:"Ohk thank you Doctor"


I walked inside the house finding Snegugu busy cooking

Snegugu:"Dad how are you?"

I sighed taking a sit on the couch

Me:"I'll be fine My daughter"

I closed my eyes a little bit

Snegugu:"I thought you will be coming with Auntie Mpilo where is she?"

She asked closing her pots before walking over to me

Me:"At the hospitalit seems like things are getting worse now"

Snegugu:"What happened"

I opened my eyes looking at her

Me:"What can I say? That she's crazy? I don't know but it seems like she's losing her mind"

Snegugu:"Oh DaddyNeverything will be fine"

Me:"When Sne? I lost a baby now my wife is going crazy... Things are hard"

Snegugu:"Everything will be finejust... Pray"



I woke up as I looked next to me there he was... My little Angel. I kissed his lips before walking over to the bathroom. After doing my hygiene process I bathed My little Angel as I dressed him

I walked downstairs with Blessings on my arms as I came across with Romeo Santos.

Me:"Good morning Romeo"

I said that smiling before settling down around the table

Romeo:"Morning my Lovehow are you?"

I Sighed as I looked at him

Me:"I'm goodthank you for allowing me to spend the night here"

Romeo:"As I said my Kittenits Ohk you can stay here as long as you want"

Me:"I appreciate everything you have done so farfor the past few weeks you have shown me nothing but support"

He smiled at me before taking Blessings from me

Romeo:"I'm just glad that I've been here for you throughout "

I sighed

Me:"Now I have to look for a place to stay"

Romeo:"Nanadon't get this wrong but I think you should go back to school"

I shook my head looking at him


Romeo:"I'm not forcing you at all Nanajust... Think about it"



Rose:"You don't tell me ukuthi uthole indoda"

She said that walking over to me

Me:"Aay Marrn Rose leave me alone I'm trying to work here"

Rose:"But I'm still talking thoughlook Lunch is around the corner so I'll be back"


After some few minutes it was finally Lunch. Rose came up to me

Me:"Umuntu akasakwaz nokuphefumula Rose what's your problem"

I said that taking a sit as I opened my Lunch. Rose did the same

Rose:"I saw you And your boyfriend this morning and you're not telling me that finally you found a man"

I chuckled as I started eating

Me:"I don't have a man mna Rose so i really don't know what you are talking about"

Rose:"That cheese Gangster boy marrn who always came to see you"

Me:"He's not my Man

he's just a friend"

Rose:"Mmmh I'll take it as I believe you Shem"


Me:"Romeo where's my baby? I missed him so much"

Romeo:"He's asleepdon't wake him up"

Me:"Thank you for taking care of him? Didnt he trouble you phela I know Blessingshe's so much of a trouble that one

Romeo:"He was an Angel I tell you"

Me:"You lie"

Romeo:"It's the truth Nanahe was an Angel"

I rolled my eyes before standing up

Me:"Maybe I should go and bath I'm so tired "

Romeo:"You will find your food ready"



Snegugu:"DaddyN you have to eat come on"

I sighed in frustration before looking up to her

Me:"I said I'm not hungry Snegugu what more do you want huh"

Snegugu:"Come on Tatam you have to eat"

I sighed before taking the plate as I started eating

Me:"Are you happy now?"

Snegugu:"More than happy"

A cry came through from upstairs

Snegugu:"Let me go And take my liitle girl and DaddyN you better eat up"

Me:"I will"

After finishing my food. I walked upstairs to my room. I sat down thinking about this Mpilo issue

I immediately felt some cold air down my spice and she i looked up I saw the chief priest from the Manzini Kingdom

Me:"Uhmm The Great one"

Chief Priest:"You have to go and look for the young prince"

Me:"The young prince?"

I asked so confused

Chief priest:"Yesthe Young Prince of the Manzini Kingdom"

Me:"The Great one... There's no young prince in our Kingdom it's only Dalo"

Chief Priest:"Go and find the Young Prince. What is happening right now it's not too much because if you don't find the Young Princethere is more to follow.... The ancestors are angry"


I looked up and there was no oneI looked around but the Chief priest was not there


I woke up early in the morning as I sighed thinking about what happened yersteday because that was the first. I took my phone dialing Baba's numbers


Baba:"Nkazimulo what's wrong you sound stressed"

I sighed sitting down comfortable

Me:"The Chief priest was here Yersteday"

Baba:"What !?"

Me:"Yebo Baba the chief priest was here but when I looked around there was no sign of him"

Baba:"What you are saying is confusing and you are confused too"

Me:"No Tata I saw him"

Baba:"The chief priest is at the Palace and he didn't leave"

Me:"Give him the phone"

Chief priest:"My Prince"

Me:"The Great one you came to see me Yersteday"

Chief priest:"No I didn't"

Me:"You did The Great oneyou said something about a young prince"

Chief priest:"You must be mistake my PrinceI was here all night long"

Me:"Ohk the Great one"


I walked inside the ward as I looked at hershe was sleeping so peaceful but with some chains around her. I sighed before taking a sit

She slowly opened her eyes as she smiled at me

Mpilo:"Myeni Wam"

I smiled back

Me:"Sthandwa Samhow are you doing?"

Mpilo:"I... I don't know baby tell them to let me go"

Me:"Mpilo I can't do thatyou haven't healed"

Mpilo:"I'm good I'm just fine Nkazimulo please my son needs me"

Me:"Your son is no more Baby please listen"

Mpilo:"I won't listen to youI want my baby Nkazimulo they took him"

A doctor walked in

Me:"Doctor what is wrong with her?"

Doctor:"Can we talk in my office"


Mpilo:"Nkazimulo please don't leave me here!!!! Please they will take me too!!!"

She was crying and screaming and I felt that pain

We arrived at the office as I took a sit

Me:"What's wrong with her Doctor?"

Doctor:"We don't find anything wrong with her"

Me:"What do you mean?"

Doctor:"I think she just go to a Mental hospital"

Me:"No Doctor I can't send my wife there"

Doctor:"It is the best wayShe has to go"



I served a couple that was sitting there as I walked over to the kitchen

Mrs Molapo:"Nandi"

I looked up to find Mrs Molapo

Me:"Uhmm Mrs Molapo How are you?"

Mrs Molapo:"I'm goodI have heard about the death of Koko"

I sighed

Me:"I didn't expect that Mrs MolapoI didn't expect her to die just like that though she told me about her Heart disease"

Mrs Molapo:"So Where do you live right now because i know how Annah can be"

Me:"With a friend"

Mrs Molapo:"Will you be fine?"

Me:"YesI'll be fine"

Mrs Molapo:"Ohk"


I arrived home as I went over to check my baby and he was sleeping. I heard some sniffs and I followed them only to find Romeo

Me:"Romeo what's wrong?"

I asked getting closer to him


He said that wiping his tears away

Me:"Come on you can talk to me"

I said that pulling him for a hug

Romeo:"I'll be fine"

We pulled out as both our lips touched. He held my waist pulling me more over to him as I grapped his shirt.

He picked me up placing me on top of the bed as we undress each other

He stopped as he looked up to me

Romeo:"Are you sure Nana?"

I nodded

Me:"Oh Yes Romeo"

He smashed his cold lips on my biting my lower lip as he took a condom from the side of his bed



Nkazimulo stood there as he looked at his wife crying and begging him to save her. He had no choice though because every time passes with Mpilo getting worse than before. He tried avoiding that but it was reality

Doctor:"She will be fine man don't worry"

I sniffed as tears streamed down my cheeks

Me:"I have failed as a manI failed my family"

Doctor:"It's not your fault "

Nkazimulo looked away when they cuffed Mpilo with her screaming 'WHERE'S MY BABY! THEY TOOK MY BABY NKAZIMULO THEY TOOK HIM' that alone made Nkazimulo to think that he really failed as a man

He walked out of the hospital wiping off his tears. After he got inside his carhe drove off not knowing where he'd going until he found himself at Church. He got inside as tears started to fall again

He kneeled down next to the cross sobbing so hard 

Nkazimulo:"Oh God! I know I don't come to Church but I ask you today to heal my Wife"

He wiped his tears but they kept on streaming down his cheeks

Nkazimulo:"God you took My wife! The love of my life What More do you want huh! What the FUCK do you want"

He continue sobbing

Nkazimulo:"Why don't you make me crazy huh!? Why My Wife? Why her? Why not me Instead!?

He kept on sobbing as all the events that took place played in his mind from the day he found Advocate so pale and cold

Nkazimulo:"Please God! Please Heal my wife and I promise you that I'll be s better Man! I would change for her to have a better life! I will go to Church God I'll believe but please heal my wife"

He closed his eyes as sobbs escaped his mouth

-1 Thessalonians 4:7-8 

7 For God did not call us to uncleannessbut to holiness. 8 Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man but Godwho has also given us His Holy Spirit.

 Learning to live a clean life is all part of being God's child

We are probably going to have to let some old habits go and pick up some new ones. We may have to let go of certain friendsas well and those things that affect us

Changing our stance in life will cause us to change our surroundings. We may nolonger feel comfortable being around certain situations or certain types of activities. We may find ourselves troubled or getting irritated 

This is not a bad or negative thing. It is normal. It is the voice of the holiness speaking to uncleanness saying 'You are no longer welcomed here any longer' And we can't reject the Voice of the holiness

When we become God's Child it will feel like we are more conscious of our behavior and actions. We will be convicted strongly at times... it will cause us to me Miserable

If we let Holiness live and speak to usand we follow that leadingwe will remain in the peace of God.

Philippians 4:7 and the peace of God which Surpasses all understandingwill guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ




















Lots of love




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