I was woken up by Blessing's cries. I slowly got up from the bed and walked over to his cot that I was given by Mrs Molapo. I took him as I tried to make him quiet. Finally those tiny cries stopped as I fixed his bathing water. After bathing himI breastfeed him as a knock came through. I walked over to the door still with my little boy.

Me:"Kokoit's still early is there something you need...?" I asked making my way in with her following me.

Koko:"NoI just came to check up on you I hope this little one does not give you any troubles"

She said that settling down at the near seat opposite the bed

Me:"He's a little devil this oneBut I can't complain"

I sighed placing Blessings down walking over the kitchen to make some tea.

Koko:"He's a blessing though... You are so lucky to have him"

I sighed as I pour the hot water in the cups that I was placing on top of the table

Me:"He's really a blessing Koko"

I took the cups walking over to the room where Koko was. 

Me:"I'm glad he's minedespite everything I went through... Blessings came as a blessing"

I smiled handing her a cup of tea

Koko:"My dearI actually ceame to talk to you about a serious matter"

I looked up to her

Me:"What is it Koko...?"

She sighed placing her cup of tea on the floor since there was no table here

Koko:"I'm dying"

I looked at her waiting for an explanation

Koko:"I have a Heart disease well I've been  with it but now the doctor said it's too much"

I looked at her as a smile appeared on her face

Me:"Kokoyou can't die"

Koko:"I'm old Nandi so I'm not scared of death"

A tear escaped my eye as I looked down

Me:"What am I going to be without you Koko"

Koko:"There are many chancesyou are still young Nandi... You are Nineteen Go back to school"

I shook my head looking her her

Me:"I can't go back to school KokoI really can't"

She placed her hand on my shoulder

Koko:"Look at the bright side Nandiphayou can still make it"


I looked at the sleeping Blessings

Koko:"That child needs youA child is too expensive Nandi and you can't take Care of him nge R3000.00 think about it"


I walked over to a table full of guys. I sighed before taking a glare at them

Me:"Good afternoon I'm Nandipha and I'll be your waitress at the moment"

A cute guy lifted his head as the others kept on talking

Guy:"Uhmm.... I'm Romeo Santos "

I smiled at him and all of them looked at my way

Romeo:"Uhmm can you please get me today's special"

The other guy clear his throat before he talked

Guy:"Beautiful... I'm Andile and Uhmm you can also get me today's special"

The other guys ordered the same meal and I walked over tp the kitchen.


I took their orders to them as I continued with my work. Rose came over to me as I was busy with the tables. Well Rose is a friend not someone I could call my best friend since she's just a friend.  

Rose:"Uhmm Nandithose guys wants you"

I looked at where she was pointing and it was thee Romeo and his friends. I sighed as I turned to do what I was doing

Me:"Tell them I'm busycan't you see that I'm really Busy Rose"

Rose:"Come on stop being uptight Nandi hamba"

Me:"No leave me aloneI'm not going there and you won't force me"

I shouted as Mrs Molapo made her way in

Mrs Molapo:"Nandi what's going on here"

I looked away

Me:"It's nothing Mrs MolapoWe were just having an argument nothing serious"

Mrs Molapo:"But it looked so serious are you sure you are Ohk..?"

I sighed

Me:"Yes Mrs Molapo"


Me:"Koko are you Ohk...?"

I asked as soon as she handed me Blessings

Koko:"Don't worry about me NandiI'll be fine"

I looked at her for a while 

Me:"Is there something i can do for you because I really don't mind"

Koko:"As I said Nandi I'm Ohk there's nothing wrong with me you can go its late"

I sighed before taking Blessings baby bag

Me:"Call me if you need anything Koko"

I said that before walking out. I really need a good sleep


Koko:"Morning NgwanakaHow are you..?"

I smiled before handing her Blessings

Me:"I'm good KokoHow about you...?"

Koko:"I'll be fine

How about you...?"

Koko:"I'll be fineDon't worry about me"

I sighed

Me:"Koko I think you should go and see a doctor"

Koko:"As I said Nandi I'm Good so I don't need any doctors I'll be fine"

I looked at her

Me:"Ohk KokoI'm going to work then"

Koko:"Go well Ngwanaka"


I walked in as I glared over Roseshe smiled coming over to me.

Rose:"Hey Girl how are you?"

Me:"I'm good RoseWhere's everyone?"

She smiled waving her hand

Rose:"Mmmh Working"

I looked at her hand and saw a shining thing and I noticed it's a ring

Me:"Oh My God Rose you are Engaged....?"

She smiled

Rose:"Yes Darling I'm A wife to be"

I have never imagined Rose as a Wife

Me:"Who's the lucky guy..?"

I asked walking over to the restroom and Rose was following me

Rose:"It's David"

I looked at her with my popped eyes

Me:"Your Blesser...?"

She rolled her eyes 

Rose:"He's not a Blesser and he was not a Blesser for a start"

Me:"Oh Come onhe's about 50 something years and you are Twenty"

Rose:"I love himhe loves me so It's cool"

I laughed as I walked over to start working

Me:"You love him or his money..?"

Rosw:"Well uhmm Both"

Me:"Yeah I can telllet's start working Miss Engaged



I looked at my beautiful wife as I plant a kiss on her forehead. 

Me:"I love you Mpilo"

She smiled Brushing her Invisible stomach

Mpilo:"I love you more SililoI can't live without you"

Me:"I bet you can't"


I got out of the covers walking over to the bathroom. After doing my hygiene process I walked over to Mpilo

Me:"Baby wake upwe have to get ready remember there is a ceremony taking place today"

She turned to the other side

Mpilo:"Postpone it Baby"

Me:"Thats impossible Mpilo wake up"

Mpilo:"Argg fine"

She got out of the covers heading to the bathroom. After some few minutes she can by. She finished dressing up

I walked over to him as I held his waist

Me:"Let's go downstairs"

I held her as we walked downstairs finding everyone around the table eating

Me:"Good morning"

I said that settling around the table with Mpilo next to me

They responded as we always started eating

Mkhulu:"MakotiI really hope you are carrying a Prince because we all know that Dalokuhle won't be a Prince"

Me:"He's next on the Throne Mkhuluhe must just leave this gay thing"

Dalokuhle sighed before fixing his eyes on me

Dalokuhle:"It's better not to be a King than being someone I'm not I'm gay and that's it"


Dalokuhle:"Cha Tataif you are not welcoming me the way i am then it's fine I'll be out of your lives"

Baba:"Son you are still confused"

Dalokuhle:"Being 15 does not mean that I don't know myself I'm gay"

He said that standing up heading upstairsnow

Arabella:"That was not necessary Bhut'omncan"

I Sighed

Me:"I will talk to him Don't worry"


Me:"Dalokuhle... Please hear me out"

Dalokuhle:"Tata I won't change myself I'm gay and there's nothing you can do about it"

I sighed before sitting on top of the bed

Me:"I want to tell you that... It's fine you can be the way you are I accept you"

Dalokuhle:"I don't want you to feel guilty or something Tata"

Me:"No it's fine Really I want to bond with you as my son"

Dalokuhle:"Thank you Tata"



Weeks went by and things were really good. I was spending most of my time with Romeo Santos and he's quite a nice guy. I looked up to him as he smiled at me

Romeo:"Don't look at me like that Nandi"

I giggled before taking my ice cream from him

Me:"What's wrong with looking at this cute face of yours"

Romeo:"So you think I'm cute..?"

I laughed as he took my hand on his

Me:"I didnt mean in that way"

Romeo:"In what way..?"

Me:"That... Let's hurry Koko must be worried"

Romeo:"Yeslet me take you home"

Me:"Thank you"


I walked in as my eyes landed on some unfamiliar face

Me:"Uhmmm Good evening"

Lady:"Good Evening you must be Nandi"

I sighed before taking my son from him

Me:"What's going on? Where's Koko?"

She looked away as she sighed

Lady:"I'm Koko's daughter Annah and I... Mme is dead"


Annah:"YesI received a phone call from a neighbor saying Mme is dead"

I slide down as tears streamed down my cheeks not believing it... She can't be dead


I looked at all the things she gave me. I sighed taking a sit on top of the bed.

Me:"Koko how can you leave me like this"

I wipe a tear that has already escaped as I finished up dressing Blessings

A knock came through as I was still dressing him up. 

I walked over to attend the door

Me:"Auntie Annah how can I help you?"

Annah:"Uhmm I think it's time for you to go"


Annah:"You are no longer welcomed hereKoko is nolonger here so I want you to take all your shit and leave my house"

Me:"But it's lateI can't be walking with a baby at this time Annah"

Annah:"You go around opening those skinny legs for every man so it's not my fault. Nna I want you gone"



I was startled by a scream from the bathroom. I quickly ran over there finding Mpilo at the floor crying

Me:"Baby what's wrong?"

I asked making my way to her

Mpilo:"M...My baby Nkazimulo my Baby"


I saw blood next to her and i quickly picked her up running out of the house


I was pacing up and down as I saw a doctor walking over to me. I quickly stood up

Me:"Doctor what's wrong with my wife..? Is she Ohk?"

Doctor:"Yes she's fine but I... I'm sorry she lost the baby"



















Lots of love




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