Things were always been hard at home. Living with my mom was not an ideal thing because she was nothing but a drunken. We would try to make everything to be in a simplest way but she never appreciate it. My father instantly left us when I was Two months old... Well that's what mother says. She would blame me about my father's Disappearance yes that used to Hurt me but not anymore. Things were quite difficult because all I wanted was to live my dream study find my dream job and get married to my soulmate. But that was only a fairy tale right..? I would never get to marry the man of my dreams. 'Advocate' that's the word.... 'Advocate' i always wanted to be an Advocate. I guess I wanted to take it after my name.... Advocate Nom'thekhaya Ngcobo a Zulu Woman that's what you can call me. 

But yet again Being an Advocate shuttered right infront of my face. Yeah that's what happened when I had to marry my sister's fiancée. That is what had to happen when I was Proposed to get into a Polygamy Marriege. 'Isithembu' Well it's not like I had a choice... No! I didn't have a choice but to agree. It was not easy Sharing a man with your sister no! It was not easy to build a home with your sister hell no it wasn't..! But like I told you... I had no choice. It was like Mom sold me she sold me and that is what she did. She Sold me! Nothing became the same yet again. I refused to marry 'HIM' but Mother forced me. 'Isithembu' ruined my relationship with my sister. 'Isithembu' made me fill with hatred. 'Isithembu' made me fill with anger. 'Isithembu' ruined me. That's what happened... 'isithembu' shuttered all my dreams. But what happened is... 'Isithembu' made me the woman I am... It made me stronger it made me to Woman up it  taught me a lot.

'Isithembu is the name' how I married my sister's fiancée... Sister's In One Man



"Advocate come down here" she's shouting as usual. That's what she always do come drunk and shout at me. It wasn't that simple it's hard living with someone who always remind you how much hatred she has for you.

Me:"Mommy I'm coming" I said that walking from my bedroom I'm actually lucky that I got my own bedroom. Wich u share with Kamvalam yeah that's my sister.... My Future! Kamvalam!.

Me:"Mommy what can I do for you..?" I asked as my eyes landed on her sleeping body. As usually I had to pull her and place her on top of her bed it wasn't something new Ofcouse.

Kamva:"Advocate where are yoYou...?" Kamva is shouting again. We have a Sister-Sister relationship. We have that unbreakable bond.

I shouted back . Me:"I'm here Kamva"she came in looking so beautiful and happy.

I smiled looking at her. Me:"What is it Kamva..?" I asked she seems so happy. That's what she always does when she's happy... Showing off her beautiful white teeth with  Dimples.

Kamva:"What..?" She asked taking a glass to pour a drink. 

Me:" What...? Don't asked me that... Tell me why are you Smiling like that...?" I asked her I know she wants to make things difficult. 

Kamva:"Well... I have a boyfriend" she wispered. What..? She has a boyfriend! I've never had a boyfriend. Well since we live in these villages most of this village boys are players with no life.

Me:"Kamvalam you have a boyfriend..?" I asked narrowing my eyes on her. I still can't believe it. 

I turned as I put my focus back at my pots. Me:"Who is he..?" 

Kamva:"What..?" She asks.

Me:" I said who is he..?"I repeated the question so clearly.

Kamva: " I don't think you know him actually you don't"

Me:"Mmmh" I said.


Me:"Let's go and eat" I said as soon as I dished up.

Kamva:"Ohk cool Where's mom..?" She asked.

Me:"As usualshe's asleep"I answered

She sighed. Kamva:"It's better because next year your leaving the village" she said

I looked up to her. Me:"You have to take care of her you have to be strong Kamva" I said

Kamva:"I know so how do you feel about going to the City of Gold... Ain't you scared..?" She asked

Me:"Telling the truth Ngiyesaba ngizwe bathi iDolobha linobungozi obukhulu" I answered truely... Most of the people who went to Johannesburg says that It's so dangerous.

Kamva:"I think you will be fine I Trust you.... Advocate Ngcobo"

I smiled. Me:"I can't wait to be an Advocate imagine me Advocate Nom'thekhaya Ngcobo... An advocate" 

Kamva:"I hope you'll make us proud" she said. 

Kamvalam is Two years older than me but she's doing grade 11. It's not like she's stupid and all she started school late.

Me:"I will make you Proud Mashiyamahle"I said

"uMama uthi Siya eMhlangeni" Kamva Said.

"I can't wait it Ngibakhombise ukuthi ngiyilona itshitshi" I said

She looked down Me:"Kamva.... Kamva"

She looked at me

Me:"Kamvalam no... No... Kamva how could you ..?" I asked her. I thought she was a virgin.... Bekufanele siye eMhlangeni together.

"I broke it Last year" she said.

"You were dating..?" I'm shocked

so shocked I didn't notice that.

She sighed "I didn't tell you Advocate but I'm nolonger a virgin anymore... Sabelo broke it" she said

"What...? USabelo Pho..?" I asked Phela Thee Sabelo I know is nothing but a womanizer.... I didn't think Kamvalam would stood Soo low

"I loved him"

"Where's that love now huh...? Look where it got you... To lose your pride" I said

"Please don't tell mom" she said.

Me:"What...?" I asked shocked

"I'm begging you please don't tell her

Me:"Fine you'll tell her yourself"

Kamva:"I can't tell her AdvocateI can't..!"

Me:"What are you going to do when it's time for ukuya eMhlangeni..?" I asked so concerned

Kamva:"I don't know but I'll come up with a plan"

Me:"Fine so Wich tribe is he from..?"

Kamva:"Who..? "She asked

Me:"Your newly found boyfriend... Which tribe is he  from..?"I asked

Kamva:"He's a Xhosa wakwa Ndamase"

Me:"OweOhk Nginifisela inhlanhla"

Kamva:"Thank you"







Me:"Kamva... Kamva wake up" I said shaking her

Kamva:"What is it Advocate..?" She answered in a sleepy voice

Me:"Wake upwe have to fetch water"

Kamva:"Aw'kahle Wena ngikhathele" she replied.

Me:"Wake up" She woke up as we took our buckets and walked out to fetch water from the river. 

Well our Village is too deep. Doing all those doings. Were deep Zulu's and we gladly follow Zulu customs and Tradition. I've Never been EGoli or any cityI'm always here in the farm mostly farming Schooling or doing house chores. Yeah I have a boring life without Friends... My friend is My sister.

"Weh Khwezi uzwile bathi iNkosana yamaXhosa izofuna ingoduso ngakithi" (Khwezi have you heard that Xhosa Prince will come to look for a wife...?) that would be one of the girls around the Village.... Nombuso

Khwezi:"Ngizwile weNombuso Kodwa ngiyathemba uzokhetha itshitshi Phela Wena awulona itshitshi" 

(I've heard Nombusobut I hope he will choose a Virgin Your not a virgin anymore)

Nombuso:"Who said I'm nolonger a virgin..?"

One of the girls... Esihle answered

Esihle:"We all know you jump to every Dick you see Aw'kahle Wena"

Khwezi:"Yebo Kunjalo"she said as she takes her bucket.

Esihle:"Bathi uza Nini..?"She asked.

Nombuso:"Before the year ends Uma kubuya amantomi waseMhlangeni"

Khwezi:"Ohk.... Advocate uyaya eMhlangeni...?"

Me:"Yebo weKhwezi I'm going" I answered.

I just wonder who the Xhosa Prince will choose from this Village. I'm not ready to be a wife so I don't think I'll attend that ceremony

We all went home after fetching water

Ma:"Advocate where is my beer..?"she asked walking inside the kitchen

Me:"I don't know Ma I didn't see it"

Ma:"Your lying"

Me:"I'm not Mama...."

Ma:"Fine.." she answered giving me money

Ma:"Go to KwaGaza and buy a bottle"

Me: (Sighed) "Ohk Mom"


Me:"Yini Kamva..?" I asked her as she was busy smiling

Kamva:"I'm ingaged"

Well it's been 4 months she's dating the Mysterious man and they are now ingaged. 

Me:"What Kamvalam isn't it too soon huh..?"

Kamva:"He wants me to be his wife Advocate that's what important... I love him and he loves me too"

Me:"Well then I'm happy for you Kamva"

Kamva:"Thank you I can't wait for the wedding" she said fiddling her fingers

Me:"I'll be much delighted to be Your bride maid... Ngizogida Phela"

Kamva:"He'll be sending a letter to the family soon"

Me: (Frowning) "Ain't you rushing things"

Kamva:"No I'm not Ngiyamthanda "

Me:"Kulungile Kamvalam start cooking .. mom will be here soon"

Kamva:"Can you cook for me"

Me:"No Kamva I'm tired so cook"

Kamva:"Aww Kodwa Advocate" she was sulking






Weeks past by and it was time to go eMhlangeni. Actually I'm kind of Navous about all these things. I've once heard that eMhlangeni is not nice at all I don't even know what I will be expecting there (Sighed) I'm scared

Ma:"Don't embarrass us Nina nobabili I hope you're virgin"

She said drinking her beer as usual

Me: (Looking at Kamva) "Yebo Mama ngiyilo mina itshitshi" 

(Yes mom I'm a virgin)

Ma:"Wena Kamvalam... Uyilo..?"

Kamva: (Looking Down) "Cha ma angsiyilona mina"

(No mom I'm not a Virgin)

Ma:"Ini..!!!" (What..!?)

Kamva: "NgiyaQolisa mama"

(I'm sorry mom)

"Eh mina ngiyNtombi 

Mina NgiyNtombi

Eh Mina NgiyNtombi

Mina NgiyNtombi

Awbheke leli saka leshukela 


Ma:"Hamba Wena Advocate"

(Go Advocate)

Me:"Goodbye Sister I'll be back... Before your wedding"

Kamva: "Uhambe Kahle weAdvocate"

(Go well Advocate)























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