Kamva: (Sniffs) "She's the one who poisoned me Zweli... She killed my baby"

Me:"Kamvalam why would I do that..?"

Kamva:"It's Jealously... Your so bitter you want Zweli to Love you"

Me:"That's asburd and you know that... I found you eating and talking to a Person on the phone"

Zweli:"Advocate why...?"

I could see hurt in His voice... And it pains me that I'm the One who hurt him. To be honest a day by day I'm falling for him. And Surprisingly I didn't know I was until right now... Well I used to brush that feeling off but now... Right now I can feel his Pain but what hurts the Most is that he would never love me like I do. But what did I think...? She's inlove with Kamva and This Kamva have a Lover...

Me: (Low Voice) "I didn't do anything Zweli"

Zweli:"You... Advocate please tell me... Why...?"

Me:"I didn't... I swear please believe me"

Kamva:"Baby she killed my baby and why would I lie..?"

Me:"Because your a Cheater nothing more Kamvalam..!!!"

Zweli:"What does that mean.."

Me:"She was not even Pregnant Zweli"

Kamva: (Fake Sniffs) " You see Zweli...? She hates me"

Me:"Zweli pl-"

Zweli:"Get out Advocate..."

Me:"Zweli listen to me"

Zweli:"I SAID GET OUT.....!!!!"

Me: (Low tone) "Fine"

I said that walking out. I walked from the Hospital to Church and I knelt down.

Me: "Father... Why did I do to deceive such things I'm My life..? Whenever I tried to stay away from the whole Drama it just Follow me. I'm not ready... I'm not Ready for such Problems (Sniffs) Father what should I do... What ...?"

Tears dropped as I sat down the floor

"My Child... Every one had Problems but have Faith in God he'll be with you in every step of the way" I looked up only to Find a Modern lady standing there

Me:"My Problems are too much"

Her:"My Problems are too much too just like yours...I chose to Trust God with them"

Me:"It's easy to say"

Her:"I know but there's nothing you can do about that... Just kneel down and Pray that's the only Solution"

Me: (Sighed) "I guess"

Her:"Your beautiful... I'm Nandipha Mhlongo by the way"

Me: (Smile) "Aaw Njomane... I'm Advocate Ngcobo Ndamase"


Me: (Giggling) "Long Story"

Nandi:"Nice to meet you Mashiyamahle"

Me:"Same here"

Nandi:"I was just passing by... And I'm a Church member by the way and it's my first time seeing you"

Me:"It's my second time Coming here"

Nandi:"Oh I guess I will see you then"

Me:"I will see you"

She walked out  as I stood and walked to That Room (Mrs Ndamase's) I took a book as it reads 'I couldn't believe'

' Yeah I couldn't believe all that at first but I did. The Kingdom is really Haunted Many People couldn't believe me but I was telling the thruth. A day couldn't go by without me seeing a Ghost or hearing A cry.

That are not demon's at all. They are all Victim's of the throne. They were Sacrificed. As your reading this I hope you will stop all that '

What are all the Secrets and lies that are behind that throne... Even if I try to find all that where will I start..?


Me:"Good morning"

Them all:"Good morning"

Sino:"You look tired are you Ok...?"

Me:"It's just that I didn't get enough sleep"

Sino:"Why what's wrong..?"

Me: (Faked a Smile) "It's nothing to Worry about... I'm going to be fine"

Sino:"Oh... I hope so"

Zweli:"I'm going to hospital"

He said that standing up

King:"Is she Ohk..?"

Zweli:"It's not like you care.... It has always been Advocate this Advocate that... So don't start with me"


Zweli:"Aaay Tata Let me be"

He said that walking out

Queen2:"I don't blame Him... Since this girl came in this Palace it always about her"

King:"Avuyile don't start Nawe"

Things are very awkward... I don't know if it's me but I got this feeling against Avuyile... That's so evil and Very Disturbing. She seems so Evil but you wouldn't Pick that out because of her looks. I really don't know what the King saw in this Woman because Clearly... He can't stand her





Me:"Ow...Your back"

Kamva:"You Thought I won't be back..? Then hard luck"

Me:"Why did you lie Kamvalam...?"

Kamva:"Oh I lied..? My bad"

Me:"You see... When the thruth comes out when everyone knows who the hell you are Excetly... I'll be there for you and you know why..?"

Kamva:"I think you will tell me"

Me:"Because your my sister and Devil is using you"

Kamva:"Oooh An Unprepared Speech just for me Wow Sis"

Me:"You have Changed Kamvalam... Remember when we used to be 'Touxh her and you'll go through me' kind of Sisters...?"

Kamva: (Looked away) "I told you Advocate... Things change and mostly... Life changes a Person"

Me:"Telling the thruth... I miss you I missed my sister the one who used to be my ride or die"

Kamva: (Sighed) "I miss myself too but There's no going back. You have to forget that sister you used to have Because she's not coming back"

She said that climbing the stair going up to her room

"You miss her Don't you..?" Said Sino walking over to me

Me:"I miss her... I miss us and all those moments we used to be together"

Sino:"I understand I once lost a sister too"

Me:"A sister..?"

Sino:"But it was different you know.. mine got lost"

Me:"Oh I'm sorry"

Sino:"It's Ohk... We looked and looked for her but we never find even a clue ukuthi ukuphi"

Me:"Have you Prayed..?"

Sino: (Laughs) "Me and Prayer...? Fish I last Prayed when God forsaked me"


Sino:"When He didn't Help me to find my sister Advocate (Sniffing) it's been Eight years without her"

Me: (Embracing her) "It's Ohklet it all out"

It's like I said 'Cry' because she just Cried so hard


Me:"Sinokuhle Yaz you look a bit Different"

Sino:"Different how..?"

Me:"I... I don't know but you surely look different"

Sino:"I'm sure it's nothing serious Uhmm Let me make something to eat"

Me:"Out with it Sino"

Sino:"Advocate I... Eish"

Me:"On no Your Pregnant... (Smile) Your Pregnant right..?"

Sino:"Yeah I'm Pregnant and I'm afraid to tell Sakhile what of He freaks out"

Me:"He will be happy Sino I'm sure he always wanted an heir"

Sino:"I guess your right"

Me:"When he comes back from a Business trip you have to tell him"

Sino:"I will"


Sino:"Thank you"

"Mmmh what is the celebration" asked Avuyile walking in... I just rolled my eyes as I looked up to her

Me:"Aaay It's nothing Mamazala"

Queen2:"Don't call me that nx I'm not your Friend"

Me:"It's just an innocent g-"

Queen2:"Whatever it is don't call me" looks at Sino "Kutheni kengok..?"


Queen2:"You need to loose weight look how far you are"

Telling the truth Avuyile is annoying... She always says Sino is fat. Let me say Sinokuhle is a girl around 34(Dressing) she's not fat she's just thick with a little bit of Belly. She does not have that hour glass body but she's beautiful with her Chocolate dark Skin and a nicely hair cut.

Sino: (Annoyed) " What are trying to say..?"

Queen2:"Oh me..? Nothing let me get going I have an important things to get to"

She said that walking out

Me:"She really need a life nje lona"


Zweli Perspectives

I was just chilling with my Bro's and everything was actually good because I missed them.

Thabo:"You good man..?"

Me:"I'm good"

Thabo:"Your lying and you know that I can see right through you so start talking"

Me: (Sighed) "This thing if Kamva is draining me marrn"

Thabo:"What..? You know it has to be done"

Me:"Hurting her was not a Solution Thabo"

Mandla:"And Impregnating her was not Part of the Plan"

Me:"I know but it happened so fast so I couldn't even think of a Condom that night"

Thabo:"Why do you sleep with her Vele Zweli...?"

Me:"I want to enjoy her pussy Right now so don't judge me"

Mandla:"I'm not judging you but you have to finish with the Mission man"

Me:"I feel bad already"

Mandla:"I understand you Zweli I also felt bad when my target was that innocent girl... Asiphe"

Me:"To you it's better because you don't have to Kill her and Shit"

Mandla:"But She died so what difference does it makes"

Thabo:"I regret being involved in such things you know"

Me:"We didn't know that we will be here one day"

Mandla:"We were warned to not get involved but we didn't listen... My Parents died because of this Because of me"

Me:"Father will not forgive me if he finds out about this"

Thabo:"Mine would actually kill me"

Me:"Let me get going Bro's"

Mandla:"How's the wife..?"

Me:"Can we not talk about her..?"



Advocate Perspective

Queen2:"Oh Good evening Makoti"


Queen2:"No it's nothing I'm greeting you Haw what's wrong with that..?"

Me:"No it's just that Uhmmm this is the first"

Queen2:"It's Ohk"

Me:"Let me go and cook Dinner"

Queen2: (Smiling) "It's Ohk my Lovely Daughter-in-law"

I just wonder what's wrong with her... Is she Ohk..? But whatever it is I Pray to God to not let it be something evil because He knows how tired I am.



King:"This Food taste Good"

Sino:"Yes Especially the Beef stew... Mmmh it's so Yummy"

Queen2:"That's why you are so fat"

King:"What is that...?"

Queen2:"Oh nothing my Dear Husband"

King:"Oh i-" (Coughs)

Zweli:"Father are you Ohk..?"

King:"I... I...(Coughing blood) I..."

Zweli:"Oh My God Father we have to get you to the hospital"
















Zweli:"What is wrong with my Father Doctor..?"

Zweli Asked as the Doctor was approaching us

Dr:"He's Good but... He was Poisoned"


Dr:"Yeah and since he's getting old there were few damages to his lungs but he's Ohk now"

Zweli:"Can we see him..?"

Dr:"He's still asleep You can come back Tommorow"


Zweli:"Ohk Doctor"



Queen2:"You always ruin everything Advocate and now you tried to kill my husband"


Queen2:"Weren't you the one Cooking..?"

Me:"I was But I didn't do anything to the King"

Queen2:"You attempt to kill her and I want you out of my house"

Me: (Tears streamed down my cheeks) "Please don't kick me out I didn't do anything"

Queen2:"Go... I want you out...!!!!"

I was crying because I really don't know anything. I didn't poison the King. Where will I go..?


Zweli:"I'm going to bed"

Me: (Sobbs) "Oh Please don't kick me out"

Queen2:"I have already did so go"

I stood up as I walked out the way I am not carrying if I was feeling cold. I had no Place to except to my Mother's house. I walked and walked to the Village until I arrived.

Mama:"Who is it...?"

(I knocked)

Mama:"Eish I'm coming"

In a few minutes the Door opened as Mom showed herself

Mama:"Ufunani Wena La..?"

(What do you want here)

Me: (Sniffs) "They kicked me out Mama.... I don't have any place to stay"

Mama:"So you thought of coming here...?"

Me:"Please Mama I don't have anywhere to go"

Mama:"That's your Problem Go out of my Yard "

Me: (Sniffs) "Mama Please..."



She Shut the door on my face and I had no choice but to go and sleep On the streets








If I Have time I will Post Tommorow












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