Zweli:"What do you mean by that Kamvalam."

Kamva:"Uhmmm... I was going to tell you but i-"

Zweli:"Kamva you're Pregnant..?"

Kamva:"Yes I'm Pregnant Zweli"

Zweli: (Sighed) "Ohk then we're not going to honeymoon"


Zweli:"Yes Kamva I don't have money The fancy wedding now Honeymoon And a baby..!!!"

Kamva:"But you Promised Zweli You Promised"

Zweli:"Arrg Let's go"

King:"Congratulations Nyana... Your a man"

Zweli:"Thank you Tata"

Sakhile:"Congratulations bruh"

Zweli:"Thank you Uhmmm it's late and I'm tired"

King:"You may leave Son there's no Problem"


Everyone went to sleep except me and Sino

Me:"Now... Tell me"

Sino: (Sipping her coffee) "Tell you what..?"

Me:"You and Sakhile Come'on"

Sino:"As I said... We're just husband and wife that's all"


Sino:"Yeah Really"

Me:"I saw you too making out"

Sino:"Aaarg Advocate"

Me:"What..? I'm stating something I saw Now spit it out"

Sino:"Fine.. we're trying our Marriege and he's been a Good Husband"

Me:"Good husband you say..?"

Sino:"Yeah he's been a good husband"

Me:"Ohk Then let me go and sleep"



Sino:"Do you think Kamva is Really Pregnant..?"

Me:"Why are you asking that..?"

Sino:"It's just... I... I don't trust her"

Me:"Why Sinokuhle..?" 

Sino:"She's creepy same as your mother-in-law"

Me:"I really don't know Sino"

Sino: (Sighed) "It's Ohk.. let's go to sleep"

Me:"Yeah Good night"

Sino:"Good night"



Me:"Good morning"

Them all:"Good morning"

Kamva:"You look so happy this morning"

Me: (Smiling) "It's a good day so I'm so happy"

Sino:"Uhmmm A.. Advocate...?


Sino:"Are you Ohk..?"


Sino:"I mean are you like Ohk..?"

Me:"Ow yeah I'm fine let's Bless the food"

Kamva:"Ow Since when do you bless the food..?"

Me:"Since the Devil is here.."

Zweli:"The Devil..?"

Me:"Yeah I can feel her she's around infact let me say the Devil's Deputy"

Sakhile:"Advocate are you sure your Ohk..?"

Me:"Trust me I'm more than Ohk.."

King:"Let's Pray then I'm hungry"

Me:"Ow Close your eyes" They did " Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I come before you today please bless the food since we'll it Cooked by a Devil herse-"


Me:"Shhh I'm Praying... Father Bless this Food in the name of Jesus Amen"

Them all:"Amen"

We started digging in

Sino:"Advocate what was that..?"


Sino:"The Prayer..? The Devil..? Advocate What is it..?"

Me:"It's nothing Sino eat your breakfast before it gets cold"


Me:"Mother I hope you didn't forget about our Makeover..."

Mabotho:"Oh Relax I haven't"

Queen2:"What makeover..?"

Mabotho:"It's not your business to be involved in Avuyile"

Queen2:"It's my husband's money"

Mabotho:"My Husband's too"

King:"Can we eat in Peace"








Me:"I'm tired YooH"

Sino:"Same here I'm so tired and it's all your Fault I Salute you can you can Shop"

Me:"Whatever... Mabotho let's go and try these dresses out"

Mabotho:"Aowa I'm tired Nna"

Me:"Please.... I just want to see if they suite you"


She said that walking upstairs

Sino:"YooH you really killed me there Advocate"

Me:"Whatever Sakhile is working he'll give you money"

Sino:"I don't want to bankrupt my husband's money He will be Broke"

Me:"He'll work over and over again Sinokuhle so relax"


"How do I look...?" Said Mabotho walking downstairs


Mabotho:"Come'on guys...."

Me:"You look... Wow Beautiful"

Sino:"So gorgeous Mother"

Mabotho:"Well I try"

Me:"You try...? Oh you look beautiful"


"What's going on here...?"said Avuyile waking in

Mabotho:"Oh We were trying our Clothes so no worries"

Queen2:"Mmmh that dress look... Ewwww You are old marrn Ayyy"

Me:"Devil is a liar"

Queen2:"What are you trying to say...?"

Me:"Me...? Oh Nothing at all Queen Vee"

Queen2:"I will Moop this floor with your hair"

Me:"Aaah What now My Queen...?"

Queen2:"You'll are Disrespectful I don't know why your still here nx"

She said that walking away


Kamva:"Advocate what really are you up to huh..?"


Kamva:"Stop Pretending already Advocate what are you up to..?"

Me:"That's a Silly Questin of you ask me Kamva but for your info I'm not up to something"

Kamva:"Zweli won't let anything happens to me Do you know that..?"

Me:"Why are you telling me this huh...?"

Kamva:"I just felt like telling you so if you're up to something you better give it up"

She said making her way out

"I don't trust this girl" Said Mabotho walking in


Mabotho:"I don't trust this girl... She's up to something"

Me:"What do you say that..?"

Mabotho:"let me say... I can easily smell danger"

Me:"Maybe you're overeating Mother "

Mabotho:"Ofcouse you will say that... She's your sister after all"

Me:"And I don't know her anymore"

Mabotho:"What do you mean...?"

Me:"She has changed"

Mabotho:"That's why I'm saying I don't trust her so don't argue with me on that"

Me: (Sighed) "Fine"



King:"We have to organise a Ceremony"

Zweli:"A ceremony...?"

King:"Yes Son a ceremony"

Queen2:"For what...?"

King:"To introduce our grandchild to the ancestors"

Zweli:"Uhmm Dad isn't it too soon..?"


Zweli:"The introduction and all..?"

King:"Not it's not soon this child needs Protection from the Ancestors"

Zweli:"Oh Ohk"

Kamva:"Uhmm I.. can I be excused..?"

King:"Oh you may My daughter"

Zweli:"Thembalam are you fine..?"

Kamva:"Yeah My love I'm fine don't worry"



Pastor Johnson:"Mrs Ndamase is so proud wherever she is"

Me:"I guess so

this child needs Protection from the Ancestors"

Zweli:"Oh Ohk"

Kamva:"Uhmm I.. can I be excused..?"

King:"Oh you may My daughter"

Zweli:"Thembalam are you fine..?"

Kamva:"Yeah My love I'm fine don't worry"



Pastor Johnson:"Mrs Ndamase is so proud wherever she is"

Me:"I guess so I'm still miss her Though"

Pastor Johnson:"She was a great woman"

Me:"Yes indeed"

Pastor Johnson:"Let me show you the room"


We walked over to the room Wich was full of books

Me:"What is this...?"

Pastor Johnson:"It's private... Only Mrs Ndamase knew so now this place belongs to you"

Me:"Wow... It's so beautiful"

Pastor Johnson:"And Unique too... Let me get going I have a meeting to attend"

Me:"Ow Thank you Pastor"

Pastor Johnson:"It's a Pleasure My Daughter"

He said that walking out

My eyes caught this Beautiful Book... I opened the first page and it reads 'Untold Secrets'

I started paging the book and it reads

'This information is not meant for anyone except the owner

By the time you found this book I will be long Gone. There is a reason why I chose to give all this to you... You are brave enough to handle the thruth. 

It was not supposed to be like this but the evil spirit is surrounding the Kingdom. Pray... And don't trust anyone even the Kingdom stone

There's a lot to know but.....

In due Time'


Weeks went by and everything was good. Kamvalam was 12 weeks Pregnant and Tommorow they are introducing the Unborn baby to the ancestors Asking for Protection as they call it. Yeah life ain't fun but what can I say...? We have to accept all that's happening right..?

King:"We have to introduce the Child"

Kamva:"But Isn't it too soon...?"

King:"There's never too soon with the ancestors my daughter"


Zweli:"Thembalam don't worry everything will be good. I can't wait for the baby to be born"

Kamva:"I can't wait too my Love"

Queen2:"You too remind me so much in those days... My days you know"


Queen2:"What...? I'm telling the thruth Phela you and your father we were so inlove"

King:"Ayyy Avuyile..."

Queen2:"Shhh as I was saying we were inlove but someone snatched him from me... Like what happened to you Kamva"


Queen2:"But I married him anyway even though i was a second wife"

King:"Avuyile I'm warning you stop what your doing...!!!"

Queen2:"Fine let me go to sleep... It's late anyway"

She said that walking upstairs


















King:"People get ready MaNdlovu is on her way"

Zweli:"Kodwa Tata we're still enjoying our Breakfast"

King:"Breakfast will have to wait You and Sakhile have to slaughter a goat"

Zweli:"But Dad-"



He said as he walked out with Sakhile

King:"Finish up Ladies we have to get ready"

Mabotho:"Wait a minute Ntante Aowa don't rush us or else we will choke on our food"

King:"Just... just finish up"

He walked out as everyone got ready

Sino: (Wispered) "I wonder was is really going to happen"

Me: (Wispered back) "Me too"

"Ekhaya..." Said MaNdlovu making her way to us

King:"Your welcome"

MaNdlovu:"Sambeni siyoshosa iMpepho"

King:"Let's go"

We filled behind as we got to an empty room and we were instructed to kneel down and we did so

MaNdlovu:"We welcome this child in our Family.... The Ndamase family and I ask you Nina bokhokho to protect him/her still as an unborn" looked at Kamva "Come and kneel next to me"

Kamvalam did as instructed and MaNdlovu Tried burning iMpepho but it wouldn't burn. She tried again but it wouldn't burn

MaNdlovu:"There's a Problem here"

She tried again and again but it wouldn't burn




















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