King:"What do you mean by that Avuyile...?"

Queen2:"This girl won't take over the throne over my dead body"

King:"We all know that she's next in the line because she's the first wife"

Queen2:"I don't care all I know is that she'll never be the Queen of this Kingdom now while I'm still alive"

Zweli:"Mom I think you should calm down"

Queen2:"Don't you dare Wena Zweli or you are with them...?"

Zweli:"I'm not choosing sides mother"

Queen2:"You have to choose Zweli it's either Me or this rubbish"

King:"I'm still the King of this Kingdom you don't get to speak to me like that"

Queen2:"But that's the whole Thruth My King Advocate can't take over the throne"

King:"Then who will...?"

Queen2: (Smile) "Kamvalam there is fit to become our Queen"

King:"We all know that can't happen"

Queen2:"I know my King but I can't let this girl rule us"

King:"We will Talk about this Let me get going I have a meeting to attend"

He said that walking out

Sakhile:"Mother what's wrong with you..?"

Queen2:"What's wrong with me...?"

Sakhile:"You know that Advocate has to be the Queen stop forcing things"

He stormed out of the room followed by Zweli

Queen2:"I'll fight for this throne Kamva has to be a Queen"

Me:"Uhmm Mother you don't have to threaten me"

Queen2:"Oh No It's not a treat but you will Never be  a Queen"


Queen2:"Don't call me that's I'm not your mother... You left your mother in those poor villages of yours"

Me:"What did I ever done to you...?"

Queen2:"You came in this palace... That is what you did"

Me:"But i-"

Queen2:"Yeah we've been hearing that since you arrived in this palace"

Me:"But that's the thruth"

Queen2:"Mnx Get out of my side"

It was not my fault that I got married... It was not my fault that my Mother hates me... It's not my fault that I ended up being the future Queen. It was not my choice I had not say in all of this. But everyone hates me everyone curse me... Everyone Blames me

"Everything will be Ohk" I turned to look at this old man

Man:"Things happen in their own way you know"

I was now walking down the street from the Palace going to the river

Me:"What do you mean"

Man:"What you are facing now... It's happening in it's own way"

Me:"You don't know what I'm going through right now"

Man:"Oh. I do... I do... I am Prophet Zac by the way"

Me:"Your a Prophet..?"

Zach:"Yes God choose me for a reason and I believe God choose you for a reason to rule that Kingdom"

Me:"It... (sighed) it's hard"

Zach:"Your a strong woman you just need to believe In yourself"

Me:"Thank you"

Zach:It's a pleasure to help a Future Queen"



Me:What do you want Kamvalam...?"

Kamva:"I'm sorry you know I didn't want this app to happen"

Me:"You started it Kamvalam you know very well that I didn't like all this idea but you concluded it was my fault"

Kamva: (Sighed) "Maybe I wanted someone to blame... I need my sister Advocate"

Me:"You hurted me Kamvalam... Seeing my sister against me kills"

Kamva:"And I'm sorry we'll I'm sorry"

Me:"It's Ohk.."

Kamva: (Smiling) "That means I have my sister back right..?"

Me:"Well yeah your my family"

Kamva:"Thank you Advocate I know that I wronged you"

Me:"Me too...I love you mtase"

Kamva:"Well let get going"

Me:"Where are you going...?"

Kamva:"To the near Mall with Mother-in-law"

Me:"Ow Go well then"

Kamva:"I will sister"

She said that walking out as I walked over to my bedroom to take a nap

'Don't trust anyone'

I looked around and there was no one

'Dont't trust anyone'

Me:"Hello is anybody there..? Hello"

Then there was a cold air that turned my Hair up

'Ungathembi mntu'

'Ungathembi mntu'

'Ungathembi mntu'

The voice said that fadding away and I immediately woke up... It was just a dream but it felt so real. So... So I don't know like there's something important it says. Holding so much authority within in.

"Advocate are you Ohk..?" I turned only to find Zweli standing next to the door

Me:"Uhmmm yeah I'm Ohk"

Zweli:"Oh you look like someone who just saw a ghost"

Me:"No it's nothing serious"


Me:"Yeah it's nothing Uhmm ain't you supposed to be at work..?"

Zweli:"Yeah I came to fetch some files"



Me:"Is Kamva back..?"

Zweli:"No she's not back"

Me:"Ohk then"

I stood up as I made my way  downstairs to the kitchen. I took out my phone as I went through it but something caught my eye... Online Application for UJ... I'll just Apply and Study online if ukhona leyo right..?

"YooH it was so much fun" Sai Kamva Making her way to me

Kamva:"Hello Mtase"

Me:"Hy How did you go"

Kamva:"Oh everything went well and I bought you something"


Kamva:"Yeah something and you will love it"

Me:"Ow Ohk let me see"

She took out a beautiful baby blue  dress with black Block heel

Kamva:"I hope you like that"

Me:"I love it it's so beautiful"

Kamva:"You will wear that on my Wedding ceremony"


Kamva:"I'm getting married in a few weeks so baby you'll wear that"


Kamva:"It's beautiful right..?"

Me:"Yeah Uhmmm it's beautiful thanks"

Kamva:"I can't wait for that day to come... It will be a beautiful and everything will smell class"

Me:"Oh Uhmmm yeah I hope"

Kamva:"Let me get going I have to something"



Me:"Are you still my sister...?"


Me:"To Tell the thruth Kamva i don't know you anymore

you used to be that quiet girl but you have changed"

Kamva:"Things change Advocate More especially when something important in Your life is taken away from you"

Me:"Kamva i-"

Kamva:"But you will experience all that because it's part of life if you know what I mean"

Me:"Yeah Ngiyakuzwa"

(I hear you)

Kamva:"Yeah and Advocate...?"


Kamva:"Even if I change... I'm still your sister"

















King:"Uhmmm this food is Good who prepared it..?"

Me:"It's me Father"

King:"Wow My Daughter this is so delicious"

Me: (Smiling) "Thank you Father"

Sakhile:"Uhmm Father I heard there's a new Project that is taking place"

King:"Oh yes Son we're trying to build a Mall"

Zweli:"Father why haven't I heard of any of that..?"

King:"That's not your place to be involved in Zweli"

Zweli:"But Father i-"

King:"Aaay Zweli focus on your family... When are you getting an heir..?"


King:"We're waiting for the white sheet you've been married for  Two Months but I don't see any progress about that"

Zweli:"She's not ready Father"

King:"Yeah right... But Kamvalam was ready the minute she stepped in this house"


King:"No Zweli I'm getting old and I want a grandchild"

Zweli:"In due time Father"

King:"Wena Sakhile all your Siblings are married so I organized a Marriege for you"

Sakhile:"Father I-"

King:"There's a dance Reed that will take place in this upcoming weekend get ready"

Sakhile:"Ohk father"

King:"Avuyile what's wrong..?"


King:"Mmmh I'm going to sleep and Mabotho is coming"


King:"She'll be staying here Avuyile"

Queen2:"Kodwa Tatabo don't you think we're fine this way"

King:"I'm the one who is Making decisions in this palace so Mabotho is coming"

Queen2:"Kodwa i-"

King:"Mabotho is also my Wife Avuyile so you better accept that nx"

Queen2:"But We had an agreement that she will stay in those Villages with her Kids same as Your Forth wife"

King:"I'm changing my mind then And it's not up for discussion"

He said that walking away


Mabotho:"My child Yazi you remind me of my days"

Me:"Wich days mama because your still young"

Mabotho:"I'm 46 I'm old"

Me:"I just don't see anything old about you... What you need is a make over"

Mabotho:"I won't do any make over  I'm old"

Me:"You know what....? This Surturday we're going shopping"

Mabotho: (Laughs) "Stop playing with me Nomtha"

Me:"Oh Mother you will love everything I just want to do some make over nyana MPedi Wami"


Me: (Smiling) "Yes I can't wait"

"My ladies" said the King approaching us

I got used to this King... When I was growing I used to think Kings are the 'it' people and I wanted to live like Cinderella and you know why..? Because I wanted to find my Prince Charming in that way. I wanted to become a princess So i can wear those Dresses as I saw in our School. As young Pupils our teachers used to make us watch those Disney Dolls and staffs and we all could wish our life was a fairy tail.

Mabotho:"Ntate... How are you..?"

King:"I'm fine ladies tonight we will be welcoming Sakhile's chosen wife"

Me:"She's arriving today..?"

King:"Yeah she's coming I think they might be on their way"

Me:"Uhmmm Baba Ain't you the one who choose for them...?"

King:"Today I couldn't go so Their Uncle went there instead of me"

Me:"Owk... Uhmmm I'll just go and cook "

King:"It's not necessarily"

Me:"I insist I think they will be tired"

King:"Oh you may go then my daughter"




"It smells so nice in here" I turned to find Zweli Standing there

Me:"Oh yeah I'm cooking"

Zweli:"Can I have a taste..?"

Me:"Cha I'm not done yet"

Zweli:"But a little Advocate"

Me:"No Zweli I don't want to haw"


Me:"Why are you back so early"

Zweli:"I missed my wife"

Me:"I'm serious here Zweli"

Zweli:"Fine Advocate I want to apologize I know I've been blaming you for this whole thing and it's not your fault so I'm sorry"

Me:"Are you sure..?"

Zweli:"Yeah I'm sure"

Me:"Ohk I forgive you Zweli"

Zweli: (Smiling) "Thank you"

He said that walking out

"I see you are getting cosy"Sai Kamva Making her way to me


Kamva:"He may be your husband but he's my man and only mine"

Me:"Kamva I did-"

Kamva:"I noticed what you're trying to do and you won't succeed"


Kamva:"I was just warning you nothing serious"

Me:"Kamvalam for the hundredth time I don't want Zweli we may be married but it ends there"

Kamva: (Sarcastic) "Yeah right I believe you"

Me:"I'm serious here"

Kamva: (Sighed) "Sorry then it's just that I... I'm Insecure a little"

Me:"It's fine let me get back to my work"



Queen2:"So awutsho Nontombi... How old are you...?"

Sino:"I'm 19"

Sinokuhle is the new wife... Sakhile's chosen wife and YooH Her Mother-in-law has been questioning her since we started eating

Queen2:"Your still young... Tata you should have let me chose my Son's wife look what you have bought for us "

King:"Mind your language"

Queen2:"Bit it's the thruth Aaay look at her "

King:"I don't want to be angry Avuyile so please"

Queen2:"Ohk fine Tata fine I.. -"

Sakhile:"Khawyeke Mama tchin"

Queen2:"Fine... But I'm not involved in this rubbish"

Mabotho:"For once in your lifetime Avuyile respect"

Queen2:"Don't teach me about Respect Kewena"

Mabotho:"Nthante bowa leAvuyile"

King: (Sighed) "Avuyile eat or go to sleep"




Pastor Johnson:"You know Mrs Ndamase was a strong believer"

Me:"She had a good heart and i always Miss her"

Pastor Johnson:"We all do my daughter but we accepted that all"

Me:"Yeah we had no choice"

Pastor Johnson:"I don't have a lock of the Room that have Mrs Ndamase's things but you may come back next week"

Me:"Oh Thanks pastor I will"

Pastor Johnson:"Stay blessed my daughter and come to Church"

Me:"Thank you Pastor I will"




Me:"Hello Sino "

Sino:"Hey Advocate how are you..?"

Me:"I'm good how about you..?"

Sino:"I'm good besides your mother-in-law"

Me:"She's yours too and unfortunately she's a Monster-in-law"

Sino:"She sure going to make my stay hard"

Me:"Just ignore her"

Sino:"How do you cope with her huh..?"

Me:"I am used to her and the late Queen taught me a lot"

Sino:"She sound like a great woman I wished I met her"

Me:"And you would like her she was a great woman"

Sino:"Unlike Avuyile"


Me:"Yeah un-"

"Your are lazing around... Will the food going to cook itself.?" Asked The Queen2 walking in

Me:"Why don't you tell your precious Daughter-in-law..?"

Queen2:"What are you saying..?"


Queen2:"Good now go and Cook"



Weeks went by and today it was Kamva's wedding and believe it or not it smells 'Expensive'

Mama:"I raised you well look at you now"

Mother is here... Yeah and she can't stop bragging about how good she raised us as if she really did

Queen2:"You look beautiful My daughter"

Kamva:"Thank you Mother"

"It's time"

Sino:"I just wish all this to be over"

Me:"Me too Arggg"


Me:"So tell me... What's going between you and Sakhile"

Sino:"He's my husband"

Me:"You know what I mean"

Sino:"The wedding is about to start let's go"

Me and Sino we have grown close to ear other and Madam does not like that. We walked in the hall as we took our seats and the Wedding ceremony began

Pastor:"I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride"

They kissed as the crowed cheered and ululating




Kamva:"I can't wait for the honeymoon"

Queen2:"You must enjoy yourself My Daughter"


Mama:"Take care of yourself my daughter"

Kamva:"Yeah... Advocate thank you"


Kamva:"For not stopping the wedding Ofcouse"

Me:"Why would I do that..?"

Kamva:"You will never know with a black child"


Zweli:"Thembalam can I pour some wine for you..?"

Kamva:"No My love"

Zweli:"I thought you love wine njena..."

Kamva:"I'm Pregnant Zweli"



















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