I had to let them do what they wanted...I had no other choice but to agree. He can marry her I tried arguing with them... It's not like I win in those arguments. My fear is not about Zweli and Kamva Ofcouse... It's about building a home with my sister Sister how will I survive that..? Honestly I have never imagine my life to turn up like this... It is full of hatred and anger. 

Queen:"My daughter I want you to be strong... Not only for yourself but for your husband and this Kingdom"

Me:"But Mother... This Kingdom doesn't belong to me"

Queen:"That's where you are wrong my Child all this up there and out here belongs to you. Your the first wife of our Future King and the Crown will be yours"

Me:"But I... I can't rule people my Queen I can't"

Queen: (Smile) "That's where we all start You'll make a Great Queen"


"Mother can I talk with Advocate" said Zweli walking in

Queen:"Ohk and Advocate don't forget what we talked about be strong... There's a big storm coming your way"

She said that walking out as Zweli approaches me

Zweli:"We're going to pay amaLobolo to the Ngcobo family"

Me:"Then why are you telling me...?"

Zweli:"I just want you to be readywe will be bringing home my new wife"

Me:"You should have go ahead without telling me it's what you do anyway"

Zweli: (Sighed) "Advocate I'm trying here"

Me:"Then Stop trying I need a new phone I got a lot to do while your paying Lobola"


Me:"Aw'kahle Zweli"

Zweli:"You knew that I'm inlove with Kamva so why are you so Grumpy"

Me:"I'm not affected by any of that Zweli but I can't seem to build a home with my sister"

Zweli:"It's not like i-"

Me:"Shut up Zweli Shut the hell up go on and do what makes you sleep at night"


He said that walking out Leaving me in tears. I have never thought I would be stuck here where I would be sharing with my sister. Where I would beg a man to not take my sister as his second wife but who am I to put on a last word. Zweli doesn't care about me. All he cares about it's his fiancée



Zweli Perspective

When I was Proposed to marry a virgin. I told my dad that I ain't Doing that... I mean I have someone I'm inlove with but with my father you can never go against his word. What he says literally goes. Kamvalam caught my eye the minute inset my eyes on her and God knew how much I wanted to make her my wife. Yet I still do even though it won't be enough for her to become a second wife but I'm inlove with only her.

Me:"Tata we have to get going"

Dad:"Where are you going Zweli...?"

Me:"Uhmm... I... To Ngcobo residence"

Dad:"Your not going Zweli"

Me:"But Father i-"

Dad:"Where have you seen such...? You being part of the negotiations..?"

Me:"But Tata i-"

Dad:"Aay Aaay khawume kwedin"

Me:"Fine Dad I will stay in the car"

Dad:"That won't happen we will tell you everything when we come back"

Me: (Sighed) "Ohk fine"

Dad:"In Proud of you son your a real man"

He said that walking away. I took out my phone dialing Kamva's number


Me:"Thembalam..How are you doing..?"

Kamva:"I'm nervous Zweli what of Things don't go in a good way...? With my motheryou can never know"

Me: (Sighed) "Relax Thembalam everything will be fine"

Kamva:"I hope so... I can't wait to be your wife"

Me:"I can't wait to be your husband either"


Me:" will see you when you get home Ohk...?"


Me:"I love you"

Kamva:"I love you too"


I really don't believe Zweli Went ahead and paid Lobolo for Kamva. Imagine how it sounds to share a man (Not that I'm inlove with him) But We're Sister's. I didn't have any choice really but to agree to whatever that happened.

Queen:"Makoti come Your sister wife has arrived"

Me:"Can't I just sleep I'm tired anyway"

Queen:"She has to be welcomed by you as your sister wife"

Me: (Sighed) "Fine Mother I'm coming"

Queen:"Ohk then"

She said that as she walked out. I sighed as I stood infront of the mirror... Who am I...? Maybe I'm such a bad person...? My dreams are shuttered...!!! I'm involved in a Polygamy Marriege... Not only a Polygamy Marriege but with my older sister.




Me:"Evening Everyone"

King:"Good Evening my daughter please Welcome your sister wife home"

Me:"Uhm... Welcome Home KamvalamI hope we will be able to live together as a family Ofcouse"

Kamva:"Thank you Sister I'm very much honoured to be welcomed by you in such a lovely home"

Me:"Oh it is sure a Pleasure Kamvalam the Maidan will show you your room"

Zweli:"Don't worry she will sleep with me"

Me:"Zweli you know that is not allowed in this Palace"

Zweli:"Well today it is allowed"



King:"We all know what Your first wife said it's true"

Zweli:"But Dad I want to spend my night with my new wife"

Queen:"But you never did that with Advocate"

Zweli:"I know but with Kamvalam it's all different"


Queen2:"Leave the Kids alone  Nina


King:"You know that this is not allowed MaZweli"

Queen2:"Fine do as you'll please I'll leave you to it.... And Welcome my Daughter-in-law"

Kamva:"Ngiyabonga Mama" 

(Thank you Mother)


She said that walking Upstairs

Zweli:"Father... May we please be excused"

King:"You may go ZweliI'm also going to sleep"

They all walked out Leaving me with the Queen.

Queen:"I want to talk to you Advocate"

Me:"What is wrong Mother..? Are you Ohk...?"

Queen: (Smile) "Don't worry about me... I'm fine but I'm worried about you"

Me:"What is wrong Mother...?"

Queen:"Remember Your the Queen of this Land and since Zweli has two wifes... They will fight you for the throne"

Me:"But Mother I told you that I cannot Rule People"

Queen: "It's not a choice where you get to choose that is your throne and no one else"

Me:"I... I'm.i..."

Queen:"I was Scared too but I became Strong and I hope to have it in you... Fearless"

Me:"I'm not as strong as you claim to think Mother"

Queen:"I believe you're Strong and I want you to believe in yourself too. I give you my throne... It's yours"

Me:"Mother why are you talking like this huh...? What's going on"

Queen:"I want you to Visit Pastor Johnson he will help you (Sighed) There are so many hidden Secrets here my daughter and I believe you you will overcome all the challenges that will take place"


Queen:"Don't Forget the secret Place Pastor Johnson will show you"

She said that walking out of the room. Now I'm worriedwhat is really happening in this Household















I woke up as usual and get ready. I guess Zweli slept in Kamva's room and that's good. I wore my Royal attire as I walked down the stairs. When I get there the mood was so tense. More like we're in a funeral

Me:"Uhmmmm good morning"

They all replied but you can tell they weren't in a mood for such

Me:"Uhm what's wrong you all seems tense"

King: (Sighed) "Makoti..."


King:"The greatest Queen has fallen the Queen of this Kingdom has fallen"

What are they trying to say... I turned and I spotted Zweli's mother and that means... That means The Queen first wife of the King is Gone.... Tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought of the day before yesterday where she was telling me about the family. Where she was telling me how Strong i am Where she was telling me that I'm the next Queen. (Sniffs) Where she told me about the secret place

'I believe you're Strong and I want you to believe in yourself too. I give you my throne... It's yours'

That were her words... I still remember how she said it... It's like.... She knew she knew she was dying but she didn't tell me. How can she do something like that. I took her as my mother. Since I got married she's been there for me. Through thick and thin. I know it's Been about Two weeks since I got Married but she has been my Pillar of strength how will I survive without her...?

Me: (Sniffs) "Can I see her body before you send her to a morgue...?"

King:"Yes uMaNdlovu... The Royal seer will take you"

Me:"Thank you Baba"

MaNdlovu appeared as we walked over to The Room... It was empty the atmosphere was so tense. There was a Candle there Wich was something that bought peace and Quietness. I sat down next to where they put her. She was so beautiful... So beautiful but Pale. With no life 

Me:"I will make you Proud Mother I will definitely make you Proud"

I kissed her forehead as I cover her with a Blanket that was next to her then I walked out.


Me:"Seniyamkhambisa njalo...?"

King:"Yes My Daughter it's time... I know it's not hard more especially that you two were so close but let her soul rest"

Me:"Yebo Baba"

King:"Your Strong my daughter"

He said that making his way outside

"Sister...."said Kamva as she approached me

Me:"Yeah Mtase"

Kamva:"I know it's hard but Kuzodlula"

(It will pass)

Me:"Yes it will... It will"

Kamva:"And Remember whatever you think you can do like now... Taking over the Queen baby you won't succeed"

Me:"I'll take over the throne when it is mine to have if not... Then I won't fight for something that doesn't belong to me"

Kamva:"I hear you Sis I really do and Stay away from Zweli"

Me:"Aaay Kamva this is not the place"

I said that making my way to the kitchen

"Then Where is the place...?" Asked Kamva following me

Me:"I don't want your lover Wena Kamvalam I still love you. Your my only sister"

Kamva:"Sister's don't Betray each other Advocate"

Me:"Like I said I had no choice"

Kamva:"And we always have a choice Advocate we-"

Me:"Then if I said no... Where was I going to stay...? Do you think mom would have Welcoming me back huh...?"

Kamva:"You could have tried Advocate harder but you didn't.... You continued and stole what's mine"

Me:"Kamvalam i-"

Kamva:"I HATE YOU Advocate I. (Sniffs).. I... I hate you"

She said that turning over her heel walking out



I wish things were a bit different. I wished I did not have a Mother like mine. I wish my father was here. I wish I wasn't sold. With that.... My sister wouldn't even utter those words she said.... 'I hate you' .

I can't fathom all those words Wich left me heartbroken. Those words Wich let's me puzzled... Those words Wich were caused by this shameless Marriege of mine.

It's been a week and we buried the Queen. It was emotional but we managed to bury her with Dignity.  It was hard to accept that... She's gone but life has to go on right...?

"Advocate Father called a meeting" said Sakhile as he walked onto me.

Me:"What is it about...?"

Sakhile:"I really don't know but you have to come down"

Me:"I'm coming"

Sakhile:"Ohk cool"

He walked out. I took a deep breath and Walked down the stairs as I approached the Throne room

Me:"Good afternoon"

Them all:"Good afternoon"

King:"You may take a seat  Princess"

Me: (Sitting down) "Thank you My King"

King:"As I called this meeting I decided to step down as the King of this Land"


King:"Shut up Zweli..."

Zweli:"I'm sorry My King"

King:"As I was saying.... Zweli need to take his rightful throne with Advocate by his side as his first wife"

Queen2:"That won't happen...!!!!"









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