Truely speaking i was so nervous I mean... I'm going to meet my so called husband for a first time. What If he doesn't like me..? What if he abuses me...? Well it's not like I would let him to but again I'm scared. 

Walking down the isle with my hand around my Uncle's arm seems to increase the heat I'm feeling.Taking a step makes me feel like I'm Suffocating. It feels like I'm getting deeper and deeper into a hell hole. Is it..? Am I getting in a hell hole...? I glared at this handsome looking man with a White Tuxedo and black shiny formal shoes with a nicely shaved beard. Kamva took a glare on him and almost fainted. I wonder what is it...? Oh don't let it be her fiancée

Uncle gave me to him with Kamva by my side... Tears streaming down her cheeks.

Me:"What is it Kamva why are you crying...?"

Kamva:"No...Uhmmm it's nothing"

Pastor:"We have come to Witness the Marriege of our beloved Children may God bless them"

Crowd: (Clapped hands)

Pastor:"My Childrenz Marriege is too sensitive Marriege is too deep and it is for you to make it work"

Crowd: (Chaered)

Pastor:"Now... Advocate Nom'thekhaya Ngcobo do you take this man... Zweli Ndamase as your wedded husband in pain and in joy. In sickness and in health. In Richness and in Poverty until death to you apart"

I looked over to Kamva who was crying. I looked up to Mom and all the people in the Church


Me:"I... I... I do"

Pastor:"Zweli Ndamase Do you take this woman as your wedded Husbandin pain and in joy. In sickness and in health.in Richness and in Poverty until death do you apart...?"

Zweli:"I... I..."

He looked over to Kamva then at me as he sighed

Zweli:"I do"

Kamva immediately ran outside as tears streamed down oh her cheeks

Pastor:Now the Vows"

I wish we can skip all that... My mind is not here anymore. All I'm thinking about is Kamvalam who ran outside. After the Vows part. 

Pastor:"I now Pronounce you husband and wifeyou may kiss the bride"

Arrggg can this way get any better...

Me:"Uhmmmm.. is it necessary..?"

Pastor:"Kiss your husband my daughter"

Zweli came closer as his lips touched mine and I quickly responded. I pulled out as I raise my head to the door and there was Kamva looking at us with her blood shot eyes

We walked out hand-in-hand. I wanted to run and hug My sister tell her that everything will be Ohk. That I'm still her sister and I love her but how When I'm married to her fiancée....? How when I'm sure she doesn't want anything to do with me...? How when she surely hates my guts...? How when I'm about to lose a sister...?

Queen:"Oh Congratulations I want a picpi the with you two"

Zweli:"No Problem Ma"

Queen:"Wow you look BeautifulYour such a cute couple"

A couple...? Hell  no we ain't a couple...!!! I'm not inlove with this man. He's my sister's fiancée for Goodness sake. But who am I to go against Mother's word...? She's the one who forced me...!!! How will I look at Kamva in her eyes. I'm ashamed of calling myself her sister... It feels like I betrayed her I should have left the altar. I should have denied to marry him. But I continued even though I knew he's my sister's fiancée... My sister's soulmate... My sister's lover...!!! I said the vows knowing that he's inlove with my one and only sister. I continued to say 'i do' even though I knew I build my marriege on top of my sister's tears. (Sighed) That makes me a bad person right...? It makes me feel so dirt. I vowed to make my sister's happiness come first but what did I do...? I ruined all that... I broke my promise


Kamvalam Perspective

Just tell me this.... How would you feel when you see someone you love marrying someone...? Not just someone but your sister...? I'm angry..!!! I'm scared...!!! What if Advocate is what is needed there...? What if she surely takes him. But I infact all this was my mom. It's her fault that Advocate got Married to my fiancée. But she should have said 'No' but she continued to say 'i do' . 

"Kamvalam I'm sorry" Said Advocate walking in the room

Me: (Turned to look at her) "About what..? Huh..? What Advocate..?"

Advocate:"I didn't know Kamva" she said that shedding tears

Me:"But you continued Advocate you ruined my happiness"

Advocate:"I was forced Ohk...? (Sniffs) I didn't want all this. All I wanted was to go study Law"

Me:"That doesn't change that you took his last name... It would have been me...!!! Taking that name I would have been Ndamase"

Advocate:"I'm sorry Kamva"

Me:(Turning away from her) "That doesn't solve anything it won't change anything"

Advocate:"I had no choice... I-"

Me:"We always had a choice Advocate..!!! We always had a choice and your choice was to Continue and marry him"

Advocate:"I... Kamva I don't want to lose you"

Me:"Angazi Advocate kub'hlungu"

(I don't know Advocateit hurts)

Advocate:"I'm sorry" she said that walking away

I just sat down and cried. I cried for My sister. I cried for My Man. I cried for my ingagement. I cried for what just happened

"Thembalam..." Said Zweli walking in

Me:"Ufunani WeZweli...?" 

(What do you want)

Zweli:"I'm sorry baby I had no idea it was your sister"

Me:"But you could have got married anywaywith anyone at that matter"

Zweli:"I'm sorry Thembalam I didn't want to get Married i-"

Me:"You got married anyway Zweli (Sniffs) I loved you"


Me:"And you know what hurts..? Is that I still love you"

Zweli:"I will marry you Thembalam"

Me:"As a Second wife..? I won't share you with my sister"

Zweli:"I.... I.... Thembalam I..."

Me: (Taking out the Ingagement ring) "Here I don't want anything to do with you"

Zweli:"I'll talk to my family and I'll make a plan or something but Baby don't leave me"

Me:"What must I do then Zweli huh...?"

Zweli:"Marry me"

Me:"Zweli i-"

Zweli:"Please marry me"

Me:"I... I... Zweli I'm...."

I ran I can't... I just can't fathom all what is happening. How can I share a husband with my sister...? How can I build a home with my sister...? All that is overwhelming. I can't


I'm worried about Kamvalam. 

I haven't seen her since at the Wedding and this is a second day since I got married. We're staying at the Palace but unfortunately soon we will have to move from here.. well I really don't know where we will be going but I know we will move.

"Advocate..." Said Zweli approaching me

Me:"What is it..?"

Zweli: (Sighed) "I ... I don't love you get that..?"


(I hear you)

Zweli:"I'm inlove with your sister"

Why is he telling me this... It's not like I wanted to marry him. No I didn't..!!! I was forced

Me:"Sorry but why are you telling me this..?"

Zweli:"I want to assure you"

Me:"It's not like I wanted to marry you and I don't love you anyway"

Zweli:"I wanted to make it clear I want to marry your sister and I'm going to marry her"

Me:"No way I'm not going to build a home with my sister"

Zweli:"I love her so I'm going to marry her and you have no choice"

Me:"I admit I Married her fiancée but that's not my problem. How will i-"

Zweli:"I told you that it's not up for any discussion Advocate

so I'm going to marry her and you have no choice"

Me:"I admit I Married her fiancée but that's not my problem. How will i-"

Zweli:"I told you that it's not up for any discussion Advocate and Breakfast is ready"

He said that walking out. The nerve of this guy... I may had got in their love between them but he can't marry her. I don't want to be involved in any Polygamy Marriege




Me:"Good morning... My Queen my King" I said that Bowing

Queen:"Oh my dear Good morning"

King:"Good morning my daughter"

Me:"Good morning everyone"

Them all:"Good morning"

I settled around the table and i dished up as I started eating

King:"How did you sleep Makoti..?"

Me:"I slept very well my King"

King:"Oh and your welcome to call me Father"

Me:"Oh Ohk then Uhmm Father"

Queen2:"I still don't know why you got married to her"

Sakhile:"Mother not now"

Queen2:"Shut up Wena Sakhile this girl is not fit for your brother"

Queen:"Then who is..?"

Queen2:"I should have chose one I'm his mother but no you didn't allow me to"

King:"MakaZweli don't start"

Queen:"You like spoiling things Wena Aaay"

King:(Clear throat) "Uhm... So Zweli when Are you giving me a white sheet..?"

Zweli instantly chokes on his drink



King:"When are you bringing a white sheet futhi we want grandchildren from you too"

Hell no I won't sleep with him ever and I must become pregnant..? With who's baby...? They must be mad

Me:"Uhmmm Kodwa Baba angimthandi mina uZweli ngalokho ke ngekhe ngikhone ukuya naye oCansini"

(But Father I'm not inlove with Zweli and therefore I can't sleep with him)

King:"Sooner or later Makoti you have to you two are married and it's necessary for you to Uhmmm -"

Zweli:"Dad that won't happen"

King:"You have to take over the throne Zweli"

Zweli:"That doesn't mean anything"

King:"We need grandkids and we're getting old"


King:"You need an heir so you can take over the throne"

Zweli:"Sakhile is the oldest he's the one who's supposed to take over the throne"

King:"The ancestors chose you Zweli"

Zweli:"Tata I... I... Let me just...."

He stood up making his way upstairs

King:"Uhm... Sakhile..?"


King:"When are you getting married..?"

Sakhile:"I'm not ready Tata..."

King:"I'm giving you Two weeks to bring a virgin girl home otherwise we're going to organise a Reed dance for you to choose a wife"

Sakhile:"But Dad i-"

King:"It's not up for discussion"


















Queen:"I want you to tell you a secret"

Me:"Uhm.. yeah..?"

Queen: (Sighed) " There's this place it's a secret place. I want you to go there always and pray"


Queen:"I know that you're confused right now but My dear whatever is there I want you to have it"

Me:"Oh Mother your scaring me"

Queen: (Smile) "It's nothing so scary That thing there belongs to you"

Me:"Uhmmm I.."

Queen:"I feel uneasy something big is coming and I feel like I won't survive"

Me:"Don't Talk like that my Queen"

Queen:"Your the next Queen and whatever that is it belongs to you" 

She said that walking out. Now I'm confused. Whatever the Queen was talking about made be so dull. With gives me headache

"Advocate..." I looked up and there was Kamvalam

Me:"Kamvalam... What are you doing here..?"

Kamva:"What am I doing here...? So I'm not allowed to Come...?"

Me:"Uhmm no I didn't mean it like that"

Kamva:"It's fine Advocate I came to see someone but unfortunately she's not here"


Kamva:"Yes 'she' what Did you expect...?"

Me:"Zweli I thought you came here for him"

Kamva:"Well no but I wished I bumped into him"


Kamva:"Yeah Uhmm me go"



Me: (Sighed) "What happened to us...?"

Kamva:"Life happened Marrige happened Love happened Broken Promises happened and.... Betrayed happened"

Me:"I love you Kamva"

Kamva:"Bye Advocate"

She said that walking away



"My Princess Supper is ready" said a Maiden

Me:"Where's Zweli...?"

Maidan:"The Prince is downstairs my Princess"

Me:"Please call me Advocate"

Maidan:"I... I can't Princess that is disrespectful"

Me:"As your Princess I order you to"

Maidan:"Ohk my P... Uhmm Advocate'

Me:"Thank you I'm coming"

I said that finishing what I was doing and heading downstairs

Me:"Hello everyone"

Them all:"Hy/Hello"

I settled down the table as I dished up

King:"Sakhile I hope you didn't forget about what I told you right...?"

Sakhile:"Ewe Tata I didn't"


Zweli:"Uhmm... I... I want to take a second wife"



Zweli:"Yes I want to take a second wife"

Queen2:"Yeah that's good my boy I always knew that I raised you to be a Man amongst Men"

King:"Who is she...?"

Zweli:" Kamva... Kamvalam Ngcobo"





















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