Things got a bit different now I'm not allowed to go outside. Yes I'm always locked up in this cabin like a thief. I've been locked up in this hell I can't even breath. I can't fathom all that is happening. My life came from just the simple to thr hardest. It's not easy..!! No it's not...!! Knowing full well that you don't have a future. Knowing very well that you might wake up being someone's wife. No...!!! I've been through so much but this ain't supposed to happen. Mostly because it's my mom who's dragging me to those people.

 If my Mom was sane if my mother was like any other mother she wouldn't agree to such nonsense. I wonder where my father is to save me out if this hell...!!! But maybe he's just the same as mom. If she was not she wouldn't run and left us Behind. We wouldn't be here without him...!!! My mother would love us...!!! Is he was here my Mom wouldn't curse us.... If he was here...!!! Mother wouldn't be a drunken... If he was here.... I wouldn't have to be forced to get married to some Prince. But he failed us... He failed Kamva..!! He failed me..!! He failed as a father...!!! Our Protecter... He family his family. Instead he went running to eGoli. Ukuthi

Wenza Ini asazi.

"Advocate get up" that would be mom. (sighed) how I don't have any energy left

Me:"What is it mother...?"

Ma:"Today it's your Lobolo day you have to get ready"

Me:"But mom I...I can't"

Ma:"You have no choice Bath so you can look perfect like a real Makoti"

Me:"Mom you hate me that much"

Ma:"I do not hate you I hate the day you were born nx get ready"

I stood up as I took a basin and poured cold water as I started Bathing. 

"Qeda Wena Your in-laws are on their way" said mom smiling

Argh I wish it was my real Lobolo... Like being With the man I'm inlove with not the shit that is happening right now.

Me:"Kodwa mina anginandaba nje" (But I don't care)

Ma:"You have to care my daughter and make me proud ingabi yihlazo"

Me: (Sighed) "Like hell I would right...?"

Ma:"Mnx... Let me leave Kamva will be here in a minute"

She said that walking away. If things were different if....

"How is my sister doing..?" Asked Kamvalam as she stepped inside the Cabin

Me:"I feel like hanging myself up there"

Kamva:"Don't say it like that maybe the Prince will like you"

Me:"I don't care if he likes me or not the thruth is... I don't want to marry him"

Kamva:"Well what can we say..?"

Kamva:"I will miss you you know...  Things won't be different without you"

Me:"Your getting married either so stop whining"

Kamva:"I don't know anymore if I will get married"

Me:"Why are you saying that...?"

Kamva:"It seems like he's ignoring me Advocate"

Me:"He will come around Stop crying"

Kamva: (Giggling) "I love you Advocate"

Me:"I love you too Kamvalam"

"Ngcobo  Bhelesi   Mariya

Flange  Fido  Lubhahlane

Nombuya  Nyavini

Nyavunyavu  kaBhontshisi

Ntombi  emhlophe -"

The door opened and Mom got in with a doek enhloko.

Ma:"Asambeni nibheke Phansi niyenzwa...?"

(let's go look down do you hear me)

Kamva:"Yebo ma"



Ma:"Uziphathe Kahle"

(Compose yourself)

Me:"Yebo ma"

(Yes Mom)

We strolled to the house sitting on the mat next to the adults  as we were facing down waiting for their response
















Uncle:"You made me so Proud My daughter"

Me:"Well Uhm.... I-"

Kamva:"Advocate take care of yourself Ohk...?"

Me:"Don't worry about me... I will"


Me:"You must take care of yourself too"

Kamva:"Don't worry about me"

Ma:"Oh My Goodness I will miss you my daughter" Oh my God mom is sure a good actor

Me:"Kamvalam Please take care of yourself"

Kamva:"I will Mntase take care of yourself too. I will see you on your wedding day"

Me:"I love you"

Kamva:"I love you too"

I followed a car that was at the gate...

RUncle:"You have chosen well Apha uzoba yiKumkanikazi enothando nyan"


This child is humble unlike all those girls I Saw at the Reed dance"

RUncle:"Welcome To the Royal family my daughter don't be scared or anything we're family Ohk...?"

Me:"Iyebo Baba" 

(Yes father)

King:"My son will definitely like her she's down to earth "

RUncle:"Well I can see that"

We drove about 1 hour 45 minutes until the car stopped next to this big Palace. The Palace in our Village is so big but this one here is a Castle.

We got inside and people were bowing left right and centre. Ain't that annoying...? Nuh I find it More annoying indeed. I wouldn't survive a day Bowing and bowing. Ayy Abame kancani

"Tata your back...?" Asked a beautiful lady waking up to us

King:"Yes My wife this is the new member of the family. The negotiations went very well"

Lady:(Warm smile) "Ow Your so beautiful I'm your mother-in-law"

Me:"Thanksnice to meet you Ma'am"

Queen:"Oh Call me Mom come let's get you to your room"

Me:"Ow Ohk then Ma'a... I mean Mom"

Queen: (Giggled) "Don't worry you will get used to it"

Me:"I hope so"

Queen:"Zweli will like you your so humble"

Me:"Who...?" I thought I didn't hear correctly ain't that Kamva's Fiancée

Queen:"Oh Your Husband Zweli he will like you"


Queen:"But his mother is a monster you have to be careful around her"

Me:"Ain't you his mother...?"


Queen:"I'm his mother well I'm the First Wife as  Zweli's mother is the second"

Me:"Oh The King has Two Wives...?"



Queen:"He has four wives 7 Children and 3 granddaughters"

Me:"Wich means you have a big family"

Queen:"Well yeah what can I say"

Me:"So where are your children...?"

[Awkward silence]

Queen:"I don't have kids I'm a Burren"


Queen:"That's why The King took a second wife"

Me:"Oh my God" I wonder how it feels to share a man with four woman. Imagine how it is... I wouldn't survive 

Queen:"Yes then Zweli's mother has Three Children being Two sons and a Daughter"


Queen:"Yes then the rest has two children each... Only Daughters"

Me:"I heard that Zweli will become a King... How when the first son is Sakhile...?"

Queen: (Smile) "You see my daughter... There's a lot you don't know behind that throne. And there are lies and secret in this Household all you have to do is to be strong"

Me:"I hear you Mother"

Queen:"You will know everything when you're full part of the family"

Me:"I understand mom"

Queen:"I'm sure Dinner is ready let's get downstairs"





Queen2:"What the hell how could you choose a Rural girl without class for my son...?"

King:"Avuyile this is not about class"

Queen:"Avuyile can't we eat In Peace"

Queen2:"Peace my foot This Girl won't take over the throne"

King:"Why are you talking because that's not your Throne ... It belongs to Natasha"

Queen2:"Natasha can be the First Wife but I also have a say in this.... Zweli is my son"

King:"Uyadika Wena Shut up..!!!"

[The table went Silence]

King:"I don't want to see anyone mistreating Advocate Ohk...?

Queen2:"Yebo Tata"

King:"Good where is Zweli"

Queen2:"He said he's going to a business trip he'll be back on the day of the wedding"



It's the day... Yeah the day I'm getting married to the unknown Prince. Even though I get an uneasy feeling about this marriege but I brush that off.

"You look so beautiful" she said that giving me a hug and I welcome her in a tight hug

Me: (Pulling out of the hug) " Thank you... I wish I was happy"

Kamva:"Forget about all this negativity and pretend to be happy atleast"

Me:"I don't think it's even possible to fake a smile"

Kamva:"I know right ..? But Sis please brush the sadness away"

Me:"I will try in a very possible way"

"It's time Advocate Your uncle will Walk you down the isle" said mom making her way to us

Me:"Ohk fine Kamva you have to go first since you're my Maid of honour"

Kamva:"Ohk then let's get going Makoti"

We walked out as we drove off to the Venue.

Kamva:" Breath... Breath all will be fine"

Uncle:"Your beautiful My Daughter"

Me:"Thank you Uncle"

Uncle:"Let's go Your Husband is waiting for you"
















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