Chapter 9

I requested nonhlanhla to meet me at ocean busket restaurat. It is a seafood restaurant so we will see what this will get us into. As i enter the restaurant i spotted him there at a corner but before i could go to him i spotted the manager and she came to help me. 

Her: " miss dlamini hey. " 

Me: " hey girl. Stop the formalities. " 

Her: " the papers ma'am. " 

Me: " i have them now. Ready and signed. All i need to do is to arrange the cash. " 

Her: " thank you. The boss will be happy. " 

Me: " oh. Before i forget. Make me an appointment with mrs brown. Make it 8 or nine. Here are my numbers. " 

I handed her a card with my numbers. I quickly go to nonhlanhla. 

Me: " hey mr. " 

He didn't respond. He kept quiet for a moment and look at me. 

Me: " is my voice not clearly... what are you thinking about. " 

Him: " i called you here to meet up with me but it seems like you came here for a stupid waitress. " 

Me: " friend it's not like that. Ok let's forget about that. Now that i'm here i think we should order something. I hope you enjoy my seafood. " 

Him: " i'm sorry i offended you with my questions. My mind is all over the place. " 

Me: " can you share what's troubling you if you are okay with that? " 

He thought for a while and then opened his cute mouth. 

Him: " can i trust you? " 

I wish you knew how my mind operate. You wouldn't ask but say. 

Me: " yah sure. " 

Him: " my little sister's boyfriend impregnated my little sister's bestfriend. " 

Oh the names... he doesn't want to share the names. 

Me: " i don't understand. Can you share the names maybe it will be much easier for me to understand. " 

Him: " sam is the boyfriend of my sister

thatego is the bestfriend and owam is my little sister so sam had an affair with thatego then later they produced a child. My sister is very sad about that. " 

I need to find sam or thatego and encourage him to strengthen their relationship. I need to see owami sad and hurt to a point where she attempt to kill herself then i'll save her. 

Me: " that's sad. I hope owam recover from all this. Can i ask? " 

He nodded. 

Me: " who is thatego? " 

Him: " the lady who my family praise because she made mbatha legacy construction successful. " 

Oh sounds interesting. I need to go to this company maybe i could spot her. 

Me: " according to my judgemental the decision lies amongst sam. It's up to the girls to do everything in their power to impress him. This thatego girl is wrong in the first place. " 

Him: " you stand with my family? " 

He smiled a little. 

Me: " enough about other people. What about us. Where do we stand? " 

I spoke gently. 

He went silent for a while when he attempted to speak but suddenly i called a waiter. 

Me: " let's order. I hope you enjoy okay. " 

He nodded. The waiter came and took our order. Actually my order because he doesn't know any seafood. He just came here because of me. 

Me: " what were you saying. " 

He cleared his throat. 

Him: " you are amazing my gift. My whole entire life i never met a very beautiful woman like you. You have humanity and you never judge. You always by my side. You stand with my family even when it is not needed. You are humble and you could make a perfect bride in the mbatha family. Today i want to say this biggest words to you. I think i've fallen for you. " 

Oh how sweet mr. How i longed for these words so i could gain access to your house. I'm already your bride what it is needed is action. 

Me: " i think i feel the same way too. Let's take everything step by step and see where this leads us. "  

Him: " that's great i thought you will turn against my offer. I know you girls. " 

We talked for a while. 

[ at mbatha household ] 

Mr and mrs mbatha were sitting at a balcony when mr mbatha broke the silence. 

Him: " wifey did you notice the tension between those two. " 

Before she could speak she sighed. 

Her: " i did but let me call jeff to investigate the beef between those two. " 

Him: " don't be in a hurry dear try to talk to your son first. " 

Her: " i wonder what is happening with my children because they didn't come downstairs today. Let's just hope history won't repeat itself. " 

Him: " skhumbuzo came down the stairs. He went to work but owami never did. " 

Her: " bab'mbatha don't forget that we have a mission to accomplish. We have to book the tickets. "  

Him: " we have a private jet at home what happened to it? " 

Her: " skhumbuzo wants to use it next week. " 

Oh that's bad. 

While they were talking they hear something falling. They called their son's names and their daughter and no one answered. They quickly stand up to search what is happening inside the house. Unfortunately they couldn't find anything. After 4 minutes their personal driver appeared from outside. They looked at each other for a while then they looked at the driver.  

Driver: " mr and mrs mbatha. " 

The driver: " i was coming to fetch water since i was training outside. " 


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