part 9 accidentally inlove

NAOMI No strings attached those were the words I said not that I regret saying them but why does it hurt so much. I've fuck bunch of hot guys but damn max Max is not handsome but beautiful that type of hot that going to make you go nuts. Where did it all go wrong? Why the sudden change?? I've been asking myself these questions alot these past days. Finally I came to realize I was attached that the thing I was fuckin damn attached. But why did it have to be Max?? Max is engaged and I'm so stupid too stupid. I was mad too mad at myself how can I be so stupid . I took my glass of whiskey and drank it all. "That enough!!"Anna said Me:"can you keep it down" Her:"yesterday you were better" Me:"alcohol always makes people better my love"I rolled my eyes Her:"Max is a jerk I get it" Me"you don't get it I'm not mad at Max I'm mad at myself .how can I be so stupid??I promised myself I will never fall inlove......" Her:"wooah hold on did I hear you well you love Max" Me:"i don't love Max" Her:"but you said you are inlove with him" Me:"I didn't say that either" Her:"so I'm hearing things now huh?! My god Max got you so bad " Me:"there's no time for being sarcastic Anna I'm so screwed " Her:"there's nothing wrong for being inlove the wrong part it the person you inlove with" Me:"fuck Anna man Im not inlove" Her:"keep lying to yourself N but......" Me:"oh god give me a break"I poured another glass but Anna took it away Her:"you can't allow max do you like this" Me:"yeah whatever"I rolled my eyes Her:"anyway I'm not here to watch you all look miserable go change we going out shopping" Me:"shopping??" I remember when I was young in the age of 5 shopping with my mother it was amazing.But the day she decided to kill herself that all changed I was now shopping online Everytime. I made sure I avoid everything that going to remind of her I hated her so bad. What kind of a Mother that kills herself while she have a 7 years old kid. Didn't she think about me at all??. I snapped out of it when Anna hugged me and I didn't realise I was crying the day my mother died I've never cried I hated her so much. Her:"I'm sorry"I sniffed Me:"it OK I'm being emotional for nothing"I broke the hug Her:"what wrong??" Me:"I'm just I don't Know why did my mother kill herself. I was too young Anna why didn't even think about me. I suffered so bad because of her I hate her god No how much I hate her. I didn't have a place to sleepi didn't have nothing to eat. I was just 7 fuckin 7 years old I know loosing dad made her crazy . I loved dad too but did she have to live me?? How can she do this to me"tears could stop falling and Anna was crying too. Her:"I'm sorry" Me:"we used to go shopping together I loved Barbie dolls but that changed the day she died . I went crazy I was the pink colour kind of girl but that changed. Black became my favorite colour.As you can see my bed my closet and everything is black and white besides my clothes. In her Funeral well I didn't go. I was too young to have too much hate in me I don't even have her pictures bit Dad's are all over. I don't go to change I hate everything I was super lonely .I have never had a friend before I was super lonely .I have never had a friend before i've never been attached to any guy but now God"I screamed and let go off Anna Her:"let go take a Nap" Me:"No let go shoppingi will go bath while you go home and change" Her:"are you sure" Me:"I'm positive"I wiped my tears Her:"you not going to to do anything stupid right??" I chuckled Me:"like killing myself fuck No!!"she smiled Her:"I'm sorry"I sighed Me:"it okay Anna" Her:"God doesn't hate you"I rolled my eyes Me:"Not now please"she sighed hugging me Her:"I love you"I smiled Me:"I love you too you the best thing that have ever happened to me"she smiled and wiped her tears Her:"not another crying session"we both chuckled at the same time and bust out of laughter After bathing I took a good look at myself the thing that I hated most about myself is that I'm just a Reflection of my mother. I took my black lipstick and applied it I wore my black knee dress black high heels and my black Leather jacket I cover my messy hair with a black scarf. And I looked aaargh so much like my mother my died mother. Me:"Vampire!!"I smiled Anna looked at me and smiled Her:"my Vampire Best friend" Me:"Best F...R..I..E..N..D?"I asked puzzled Her:"yeah dummy" Me:"isn't that supposed to be asked like N can you be my best friend"she laughed Her:"OMG You crazy"I rolled my eyes Me:"yeah Whatever" Her:"my car or yours" Me:"yours I don't feel like driving" Her:"but yours is cooler" Me:"fine but you will drive"she jumped Her:"yeeeey I've always wanted to drive a Sports car"I rolled my eyes Me:"yeah whatever the time is not with us"she laughed Her:"what a Statement(The time is not with us) take a high five my friend you good "we laughed and got in the car The shopping was amazing so amazing I couldn't do it without Anna.i would find myself looking at her and smiling and that it I've found a friend. Her:"what about this"she was holding a pair of nude heels Me:"oh my Anna they are beautiful" Her:"I've always wanted them" Me:"let take them" Her:"did you see the price?? R2 500 each"I smiled Me:"take two pairs" Her:"twining?"I nodded I looked at her and smiled Me:"Anna" Her:"yeah" I took a good look at her damn Anna was beautiful so hot. Dark chocolate type of girl Me:"uhmmm ...."she frowned Her:"you not breaking up with me right??"I chuckled Me:"can you move in with me we will change the colour and......"she hugged me Her:"say No more"she hugged the shit out of me Me:"you don't care about the colour" Her:"you love it" Me:" we will talk later I need to fit these"she smiled Her:"Wow" A knock came threw Me:"Anna you not serious" .... Me:"Anna you can't be......"I stopped talking when I opened the door and Max was standing there looking all type of hot and dashing in his Casual clothes I sighed and finally talked Me:"what the fuck you doing here??"he got in Him:"sorry to interrupt you can continue" Me:"I can what ?? Fuck Max the fuck do you want from me" Him:"I'm sorry" Me:"for what?? You did nothing wrong it was no strings attached thing so??"he shutted me up with a kiss and forceful ripped my pant off I gasped He turned me around and inserted himself without notifying me. Me:"oooh my God Max"he pounded me so bad the groans and the moans Him:"I love you"he held on my waist tighter pounding hard Me:"oh god Max" sex with Max has always been amazing and hot the guy is gifted I tell you Him:"I said I Love you" Me:"mmmh I love you too goddd "he stopped and turned me around pinned me against the wall and kissed me so passionately Him:"you mean it fuck I missed her"he brushed my cookie Me:"I missed him too"he chuckled and I trapped my legs around his waist he inserted himself slowly not breaking the eye contact. Him:"damn you too tight god fuck"he cursed he started moving and I gasped. He hit places that I didn't know even exist. Doing lot of positions and I was now on top of him riding the shit out of him. With his help ofcourse he was fucking me so bad beneath. Me:"mmmh"I humm Him:"you love me"I nodded "Say it I wanna hear you say it"god he was killing me he was now holding my head down his neck and moving like crazy beneath me "Say it NayNay"I giggled Me:"I love you"we kissed * * * * Me:"No Max I'm paying for my things" Him:"I said I will pay" Me:"you can't do that"he took out his card out and he payed "You such a bully" Him:"gotta spoil my woman is that a crime" Me:"I buy my own things Max" Him:"you have to call me bae or bbe now" Me:"isn't it enough for Jessica to call you that" he looked at me annoyed Him:"I'm not dating Jessica" Me:"don't!!"he sighed and started narrating his thing Him:"all because of you"he cupped my face and kissed me Me:"wow"I was super amazed Him:" Ndiyakthanda sthandwa Sami(I love you my love)"him saying it in Xhosa made it sound so sexy and meaningful Me:"I love you too wait where is Anna??" Him:"shopping with Chris" Me:"Chris??" Him:"yeah one of my friends" Me:"and she agreed" Him:"she was crazy mad but you know my charms"I hit his chest and he laughed Me:"mxm" Him:"I'm playing yooh your friend gave me one of a hot slap" Me:"you lying" Him:"Seriously she's god damn I don't know" we laughed and he kissed "I can't get enough of you and I can't get enough of saying it I Love you MaDavid's" I blushed.


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