part 8 accidentally inlove

MAXWELL I've been silent for more than any hour now and Jessica on the other side was busy yepping I didn't give her much of my attention until she taped my shoulder Me:"huh" Her:"it her right??" Me:"it her who??" Her:"that Naomi bitch girl" just hearing her calling Naomi a bitch made me mad pretty mad Me:"this conversation is starting to bore me Now" Her:"bore you?! Nx why are you even marrying me" Me:"don't you want to?" Her:"don't turn this on me i asked you a question"I stepped forward Me:"you have balls now huh?! Just because I let you wear trousers doesn't mean you have to talk to me like I'm your friend" Her:"bbe chill "she touched me and I backed away Me:"I'm going out"I took my car keys Her:"where you going"I ignored her and walked out I didn't know where was I going but i knew I was going somewhere. Maybe if I met Naomi firstmy life would have been better. Why am I even thinking about this??why am I thinking about Her I'm sure whatever she is. She want nothing to do with me. Jade:"look whose here" yeah i decided to pop in Jamal's place Chris:"Ain't you suppose to be fucking your future wife or something"they laughed Jamal:"that loose panty of wife you have" Me:"Eish"I snitched Jamal's strong whiskey and drank it all Jamal:"aaargh that my million stuff bra!!" Me:"aaargh this cheap thing" Chris"smoko(and the problem)" Me:"I'm not sure if I can do this anymore"they looked at me than laughed Jade:"And Now" Me:"Jessica is driving me crazy and Naomi on the other side" Jade:"what my plan didn't work" Me:"your plan sucked man and they always do why did I even listen to you" Chris:"Naomi is giving you hard time neh??" Me:"her and her newspaper team were there" Jamal:"you are doomed" Jade;"you will never have her pussy again just give it to me" Me:"aaargh man bra No" Chris:"are you catching feelings"it took me time to answer just as I was about to answer him my phone rang Me:"hello" ??:"Max the Wolf" Me:"Jimmy Jimmy Khaya" Him:"well it seem as if the Cheese boy doesn't want to back out" Me:"not that again" There's this New guy from boxing who wanna fight with me so bad. And the Newspapers are pushing it . Him:"have you read the Durban North Sports Newspaper his saying lot of nasty things like you being a girl. You being a gay because you don't wanna fight him." Me:"well we will talk later" Him:"sure" Well Jimmy is my former Manager he was my couch the time I was a boxer. Jamal:"and Now?? The sour face" Me:"this Cheese boy guy want to fight me bad" Chris:"why ain't you fighting him anyway" Me:"I'm old for this stuff now I'm 32 and that guy is like 28 or something" Jade:"that doesn't matter just hit his ass and maybe this will help you forget Naomi"I gave him a eye Jade:"what?!" Me:"maybe I have to talk to her" Chris:"and say what?? That I played you!" Me:"come on I didn't!! It was No string attached thing" Jamal:"than why are you working yourself like a puppy" Me:"you don't understand" Jade:"usemathandweni neh!!(you are inlove boy)" Me:"mxm"I rolled my eyes sitting back Chris:"let go out just to clear your mind" Jamal:"like old times" Me:"club it is than" I went back home just to change my things..and Jessica was laying on my bed wearing my favorite black Lingerie. Which turned me off the time I remembered that she fucked my boys. Me:"awusesifebe (you are such a bitch"I said in a low tone Her:"oh hey bbe"i went to my closet and passed her like I didn't see her.i wore my skin ripped Jean and white top with my white sneakers. I looked like a University fuck boy. I walked out and she was standing in the door way. Me:"may I" Her:"are you just going to ignore me like I don't exist" Me:"you do??" Her:"excuse me" Me:"what??! I'm going out and you waisting my time"I looked at the watch in the wall Her:"since when do you say No to sex" Me:"since you act like a loose bitch" Her:"a bitch Max I'm a Bitch Now??"tears formed in her eyes I almost felt bad Me:"please I have to live" Her:"do you still Love me??" Me:"do I??" Her tears fell Her:"max you can't do this I love you" Me:"well maybe if you didn't blackmail me back than we wouldn't be here" Her:"I....I. Uhm bbe it in the past now I was stupid" Me:"you told me if I don't date you you will tell my parents that i smoked cocaine as a friend that you was were suppose to support me and help me as a friend but you blackmailed me to tell my parents??" Her:"I loved you bbe i wanted you so bad I'm sorry" Me:"what about you fucking Chris??"her mouth dropped Her:"bbe.....I god it was a mistake" Me:"what about Jade?"I raised my eyebrow Her:"oh my god....." Me:"oooh and Jamal how was the threesomewow you are just like them all" Her:"bbe" Me:"when I come back I want you out of my house and I don't want that stupid ring back .you can go sell it somewhere else"I took my care keys Her:"Max you can't do this to us babe our family!! Please don't humiliate them like this we can still work things out and start over" Me:"too bad"with that I left The thing that I wanted to do now is to tell Naomi about this maybe we can work things out.i just feel ......fuck what is happening?? Jade:"you late" Me:"Jessica was giving me one of the hell time" Jamal:"girls??" Me:"I don't feel like having sex tonight not anytime soon"they all looked at me Chris:"that ....New" Me:"yeah whatever let go" I was pretty wasted so wasted I saw NayNay dancing with Her P.A . They looked like their were having funny. Chris:"you see Naomi there if she was dancing with another guy. You would have gone all Chuck Norris on the poor guy" Me:"fuck off man" Jamal:"damn look at that butt wow" Me:"that my future bra stop drooling"the all turned to me Me:"What??" Tomorrow is another day I hope all will go well with NayNay..What a day without a good fuck.


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