part 7 accidentally inlove

MAXWELL What is so special about her? Why can't I just rub her off my mind as I do to other girls? Why can't I get enough her touchesher voice everything about her makes my heart skip a bit. "Oh Max" Jade said getting in my bedroomwell I have 4 skeem of boys from my childhood . We stick together no matter what we even fuck each others ex's no strings attached ofcourse. Eish that reminds so much of My NayNay. I found myself smiling... Jade:"and his crazy"I chuckled Me:"She doesn't want anything to do with me"he laughed Jade:"DUDE!!" Me:"what?!" Jade:"that a firstwhy are you so worried about NayNay or Naomi whatever she is. Just hang out with another girl or fuck Naija "I frown Me:"You know too well Naija is a Mistake we are cousin's ."he chuckled Jade:"you didn't really thought about that when you fucked her" Me:"come on Jade it was a Mistake" Jade:"it doesn't seem like that to her like she wants you like crazy. Anyway I don't think i will attend your engagement party" I frowned Me:"why??" Jade:"that a stupid question to ask your so-called Fiance hate our guts .We are a bad fluency to you we are invading Your privacy we force you to party nx!! That Bitc.. i mean Jessica " Chris got in Chris:"me too man Im sorry I know we have been friends for years but her No"I chuckled well I understand well how Jessica can be Me:"it understandable"they sighed Them:"thank bra" Me:"I'm hungry" Chris:"the girls cooked"my eyes popped out Me:"they are still here??"Jade laughed Chris:"No they have left and Bru the party was lit "we fist bumped Jade:"can you believe that he did the party to forget all about Naomi" Chris:"Naomi David's"we looked at him Me:"yeah" Jade:"you know her" Chris:"Damn Jade she's the hottest girl I've ever seen in my life"he bit his bottom lips Me:"she's off limits dude"they chuckled I got off the bed and we went downstairs and Jamal was eating well Jamal and Jade are twin brothers. Jamal:"you not marrying her are you??" Me:"not you again"well on a serious note I don't Love Jessicai don't really feel a thing for her. Well what do I know I can even define the word LOVEwhat is that anyway?? Jamal:"what is really keeping you together anyway I mean her pussy is not a golden pussy as I thought"we all looked at him Me:"Jamal!!"he smirked and the guys laughed Jamal:"Just so you know I fucked her well we fucked her. "I was shocked I mean Jessica hate Jamal and Jade so much Jade:"Jamal man"I raised my left eyebrow "Ok ok fine it happened last month. The day you went to State well we got here and she was alone . She was kind that day well things got hitted up and we ended up having uhm threesome" Me:"wow"I gasped Jamal:"we sorry dude but we just wanted for you to see she's not worth it" Jade:"we really are sorry" and Chris bust out of laughter Me:"Chris how can you laugh at the moment like this" Chris:"well it look like we've all fucked her"my eyes popped out Me:"you guys are not serious"I took my water and went out for a jog that what i needed to freshen up my mind. On my way back I got a call from Jessica's mother. Me:"Mrs Dlamini" Her:"Maxwell!!" Me:"Mem" Her:"I hope you are ready "I sighed I don't Really think im Read I was never read and I'm not read. Me:"well yeah I am"she sighed on the other side Her:"after you get married I don't wanna hear anything bad about you from my daughter. You have broke her so many times"well don't tell me she knows how much of a player I am Me:" Mrs Dlamini I don't follow" Her:"Jessica tells me everything " Me:"oooh" I wonder if she told her that I fucked her cousin too Her:"she's too innocent "if she knew of how much of a bitch she was Me:"well umm I have to go" I dropped the call I knew if I didn't . She will even tell me which time to have kids I got home and the boys have left well I wasn't really mad at them it just I don't know. I never thought Jessica will do this to me but I won't stop the engagement she understand me better than anyone. Just than I got a call from Naijawell Naija and I fucked 3 months ago. It was a simply fucked up mistake I mean she is my cousin. Me:"Naija"she giggled Her:"hey handsome" Me:"It would have been great if you called me max" Her:"gosh why are you so serious??at time like this you really need a pussy"well she was right I needed something to distract me from this shit engagement . Me:"well I could use a hang out"she giggled Her:"just a hang out??"I chuckled Me:"we can sex each other if you like" Her:"I will be there in few" As she said she walked to me wearing a red lacy lingerie looking hoti bit my lower lip and she giggled Her:"you a bad bad boy max" I didn't waste much time I went straight to her and pinned her against the wall she gasped.i place her in a kitchen counter and kissed her necki went up to her ears and that her weakness. The thing with girls no matter how arrogant and crazy you are my sex will make you weak not just sex but how I use my dick to fuck you and that what bring girls straight to me My Dick!!. I pushed her pant aside and put myself all in. I couldn't waste anytime I just had to get this over and done with. I started moving and her moans were music to my ears. I moved faster Her:"fuck!!! God Max you ....oh"I fucked her even harder what girls should know is sex is my life. Me:"how you feeling"she gasped as I turned her around to hit it behind. Her:"I'm feeling oooh amazing mmmh" Me:"I can't hear you" Her:"you fucken good so damn good"she screamed Me:"that better"I bit her earlobe just than I got a call from Jessica shit shit!!! I pushed Naija away I went to the lounge Me:"bbe" Her:"Im coming there in a few hope you haven't forget about the party" Me:"oooh" Her:"yeah yeah bbe??"just than Naija took all my dick to her mouth and I gasped Jessica:"bbe are you there??" Me:"mmmh god bbe yeah I'm .....shit .....uh....let me call you later"I dropped the call Me:"shit Naija mmmh"I closed my eyes this girl knows well how to do blowjobs she was playing with my balls sending me straight to heaven well to hell course we are Cousin's The party wasn't exciting without my boys Jessica was busy nagging and nagging it really pissed me off knowing well that she fucked my friends . Jessica:"it time for the speech bbe"I sighed at how annoyed I was Me:"mmmh "I faked a smile she dragged me there. Whether I liked it or not I had to smile just as I look around my eyes met with Naomi's. My world just stopped therei was shaking. I was out of words I really never wanted her to find out about this. My feelings were trashed so trashed and I don't know why but I followed her. I screamed her Name but I was too late she left . My world was shutting down what is fucken happening to me??


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