part 6 accidentally inlove

I screamed in frustration and pinned my face in the pillow.im not about to let a random guy ruin me Gosh but his not just any random guy his Max the hot sexy max the max who touch you than feel things the max that Fuck you bad so you gonna Miss him when his not there and that was it I missed him. I finally got up the first thing I did was to take my phone and text Anna. "Hi I know it has been 2 weeks since we've talked and I'm sorry..I'm coming to work today and we will talk" These Past weeks I've been shutting everybody out I even neglected my work.I just wanted a moment to think to think about my future and what do I really want but I didn't find anything. I'm living my future and I'm not about to complicate things. I'm alone and Peaceful alone and that it the only person I need at times like these is a friend and that what I'm gonna get. I finished showering and I felt like wearing casual I wore a black skin Jeanwhite loose T-shirt black blazer and my nude held I let down my weave. I looked beautiful simply beautiful. I took a deep sigh as I remember that i'll have to face Anna. Her:"look who decided to come"she walked up to me Me:"hey Anna"she smiled Her:"Damn N I missed you "she hugged me and that made me realize she's not mad Me:"I'm sorry things had been hectic these past weeks"she nodded Her:"I know Mr Jacobs have been here almost everyday asking for you . Where you at and when will you be back"I bit my bottom lip in frustration Me:"he did"she smiled Her:"yeah god N you look beautiful"i chuckled Me:"stop that friend"she stopped smiling Her:"you called me your friend does that mean...."I nodded Me:"yes "she screamed and hugged me Her:"oh my god I'm too excited wow i don't know what to say ...I've been waiting for this moment since gosh I don't know when"I giggled Me:"my beautiful dark chocolate sexy Anna"her eyes got glassy and she smiled Her:"you don't know what this mean to me thank you"she hugged me again Me:"don't cry come on you will ruin the makeup "she giggled Her:"thank you it really means a lot"I smiled..."Enough about tears there's a woman who have been wanting an meeting with you" Me:"did she say her name"she went to her desk and I followed her Her:"Jessica Dlamini and I called her to come today this afternoon since you said you coming"I nodded Me:"okay let me go I got lot of things to do ....oh and how's Max article"she smiled Her:"you nailed it "we high fived Talking to Anna really made me feel better

I got lot of things to do ....oh and how's Max article"she smiled Her:"you nailed it "we high fived Talking to Anna really made me feel bettershe just have her way to lighten up my face wherever I talk to her. I took at the article that I wrote about Max and all the things we did just flowed back to my mind. Fuck fuck Just than the door flew open and there a Kim Kardashian body look a like standing right Infront of the doorshe cat walked to the table and I stood up to offer her a handshake she just looked at me up and down...yeeeer talk about nasty attitude. Her:"may I"I nodded she took out a wipe and she wiped the chair and throw it in the dust bin..Wow. Me:"Afternoon Miss"she looked around and showed me her left hand Her:"about to be a Mrs"I faked a smile Me:"congrats than how can I help" Her:"actually I'm here to help you"I raised my left eyebrow Me:"wow how so??"I was amazed Her:"well I want you guys to capture my engagement part and write and article about it I'm gonna offer you R40 000 since it look like you need it"I chuckled in disbelief Me:"well we busy"she frowned Her:"busy?? Hey little girl I'm gonna report you to the manager .how can you be so unprofessional aaargh" Me:"sorry but your attitude is nasty and it not sexy either attractive so if you don't want us to do the job the way we do it than you are allowed to live . Your attitude is boring my love so boring so please live" Her:"I'm gonna report...."I cursed her short Me:"and oh I'm the manager"her face changed from nasty to fear Her:"you you...." Me:"I'm not your slave so stop behaving like my masteri don't want your money if you think we that desperate you can shove your ass somewhere else we don't deal with fools like you"all this time she was mute "Oh you don't talk now"I raised my eyebrows Her:"I don't know what to say" Me:"you don't have to say anything just live" Her:"look I'm sorry i had you are the best in town and I don't know what is happening to me but I'm sorry okay" Me:"you still wanna do business with us"she nodded "Well than since you are rich let do this . Uhm it will cost R60 000"she gasped Me:"and I'm not settling for nothing less"she sighed Her:"fine than I will email you the direction"I nodded and she left After talking to my team we left for this party I don't know if it was me or my crazy mind but we were going somewhere near Max's place After some damn 30 minutes we arrived and damn was I right ..we were at Max's house I just hope that his not the one who's engaged to that Bitchy Miss Nasty Attitude. We got in and it was packed like Crazy we split others were shooting and others were writing. miss Nasty went to the stage with her fiance I think when they turned around Max was the one the mysterious fiance is Max. His eyes roamed around the room with his sexy smile on and his Dimple visible.i felt my legs getting weak and weaker I felt tears warming up in my eyes just than his eyes met mine and he stopped smiling. I couldn't do it anymore I ran outside and I heard someone calling me it felt into deaf ears I opened my car and drove off My phone was ringing non stop but I didn't dare answered.i was too broken I didn't know how to handle the situation .


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