part 5 accidentally inlove

I was woken up by Anna's call Sunday morning more like Sunday afternoon last night sex was too crazy and I'm too devastated Me:"gosh Anna"she giggled Her:"hey how's your weekend with Mr Hot Hot oh my god N I can't wait to come back are you okay how is the sex?"I laughed Me:"too much info my love " Her:"we about to take off so can you please come fetch me at the airport"Joy was all over her voice Me:"mmmh I can...." Her:"I can't and I won't take No for an answer you owe me N you owe me bad damn girl you left me of Thursday night for a dick"I laughed so hard Me:"you crazy you know that"she giggled Her:"that Nature my love so tell me how is Max's dick "I blushed Me:"No" Her:"oh My God N you did it you guys fucked"she screamed Me:"my god Anna" Her:"I'm sure you blushing right now God I should have stayed maybe I would have fucked Tee" Me:"and who's that?" Her:"oh my god the way I'm blushing I'm biting my nails.. Tee is Thabiso the Barman"I chuckled Me:"you go girl"just than Max got in looking yummy Her:"a girl gotta live N so be there at 14h00 toodles" Me:"see'ya" Max came back from the bathroom Him:"NayNay"he jumped on me Me:"my god Max"he chuckled Him:"I could get use to waking up to this hot Beautiful yummy sexy NayNay of mine"he brushed my thighs Me:"mmmh too bad I ain't here to stay"he smirked Him:"you different but crazy different " Me:"huh?!" Him:"like what you saying right now it crazy cause my NayNay you are here to stay"he bit my thigh Me:"in your dreams"he went up and kiss my cookie Him:"you on injection right"I nodded Me:"yeah" Him:"meaning you usually have sex "my eyes popped out Me:"you..."he shutted me up with a breath taking kiss Him:"but that about to change my love"I frowned.."oh my NayNay you look cute"I shyly smiled Me:"god stop ..."he stood up And took off his boxers Him:"let have a good bye good fuck"I raised my eyebrows Me:"food I haven't....' Him:"chill I'm coming"he walked out all naked after some minutes he came back with a tray of Yummy junk stuff Me:"this is too much"he smiled Him:"you need ityou need to eat so bad cause I will fuck like you've never been fucked before"I swallowed hard and he grins Me:"oh my god"I gasped Him:"I'm craving your kiss "he took few steps and attempt to kiss me than stopped when out lips met he than brushed his to mine and moved away Him:"on a second thought you need to eat first"all this time he was walking around naked Me:"damn I didn't wash my face"he laughed Him:"don't be embarrassed I didn't wash my hands too"I pushed the tray a little far from me Me:"what!?!"he shrugged laughing After sometime watching his back viewdamn the guy is really hot his just the definition of beauty. Me:"what you doing there" Him:"I'm exercising" Me:"what?!"he laughed Him:"im getting ready to fuck you "I blushed and he turned around his dick was pointing right straight to me Me:"oh my lord you big"he chuckled Him:"from Thursday to today you haven't noticed"he walked to the bed Me:"damn"I bit my lower lip Him:"stop doing that"I did it again and he jumped on top of me and flipped me over than I was on top. Me:"you look hot"he brushed my lips bringing my face closer to his slowly... "Stop teasing"I whispered Him:"I want you now"he kissed me while inserting himself and I moaned between the kiss. Me:"mmmh"I moved my ass slowly than upped my pace he was groaning like crazy I rode him till we came twice and I was getting tired having sex for 4 days ain't child's play he brought my hand in his chest and he starts moving beneath he was super crazy and fast Me:"oooh my gooood"he wasn't giving me no max Him:"you beautiful"he was fucking me so hard he even held my neck. Me:"gooood Max bbe slowly down" It was falling to deaf ears after coming I don't know how many times than he stopped I thought it was over but I was kidding. He got on top of me and put my leg on his shoulder. Him:"you have beautiful breast NayNay"he cupped them living wet kissing on my neck. Me:"you look beautiful"he chuckled Him:"No man is beautiful sweet" Me:"but you are?!" Him:"mmmh I've get that alot "I frowned Me:"from the girls you fuck?"he smirked Him:"mostly yeah"he than inserted himself I gasped closing my eyes biting my lower lip so hard Me:"so fucking girls is Your casual thing"he laughed Him:"I smell jealousy"I shook my hand moaning the guy can really do his thing Me:"Nop "he put all himself in Him:"I've never in my life had beautiful sexy like this"I forced a chuckle the guy was busy talking while he was pounding me like crazy Me:"stoop talking"he chuckled and moved faster I was woken up by my phone ringing Me:"mmmh" ??:"is Max dick driving you to paradise? Bitch you late"I sat up straight Me:"Anna" Her:"don't nya nya me get your ass here"I quickly got up and went to the shower Me:"see you in few" After sometime bathing max got in ... Him:"going somewhere" Me:"I'm fetching Anna from the .....wait a minute where's my car"he shrugged Him:"Abe Angiyazi(I don't know)"he looked the other way Me:"Ngangihlanyeli wena(don't drive me crazy)"he laughed Him:"chill NayNay it parked outside"I sighed Me:"gosh Thanks"he nodded Him:"when will I see you??" Me:"I don't know maybe this is the last..."he shutted me up with a kiss Him:"don't say thatim gonna see you"I moved away washing my body Me:"Are you married"he shifted uncomfortable Him:"Nop" After getting dressed to my new clothes we kissed and I finally left.i got the chance to look at the beautiful side of Durban North Beach suburbs housesit is a beautiful peaceful place after some damn 3 days indoors I finally got my freedom back. Although it wasn't the same as before but I need to play far away from Max I can't let him change my life like that .I don't want no controlling man in my life and I'm going to take a break on going out maybe seeing his face less will make things better although I feel beautiful and sexy when I'm around him I can't let him change me. I got out and Anna was impatiently waiting. Her:"god you can take your time" Me:"just get in I wanna go home and sleep"she smirked Her:"Mr Hot was keeping you awake huh?!"she grins Me:"God where are you going from here" Her:"my place" Me:"ok"she looked at me and laughed Her:"mmmh those bit in your neck"she giggled Me:"stop it Anna" Her:"so tell me...." Me:"No Anna I ain't telling you nothing"she pout Her:"but you god I'm gonna cry"I laughed and she joined in. I dropped her on her flat. On my way home I was thinking of how will I get rid of Max. I wasn't up to see him some strange things happens when he touchs me and when we talk. We connect in a different way that I connect with other guys.i don't know what this mean and I don't think I want to know. But what I know is I don't need a man in my life I "Hit and Run" and things should stay like that. I got a message from Anna "Can we be friends"


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