part 4 accidentally inlove

I woke up next to Max's naked body...I looked under the sheets and realised that I'm naked too. God what have we... Then it all came back we had a steamy sex yesterday it was super crazy.Holy fuck what have I done?? I get out of bed slowly making sure that I don't wake him up him waking up will ruin my plan of getting the hell out of here.I wore my clothes and tiptoed to the door I opened it slowly finally I got the space I got out than looked inside to make sure his sleeping. I didn't waste time I ran around the house but it was leading me no wherei could find the door . After some time I finally found it the house was too big I tried to open it but it was pin locked. I cursed quietly as I walk to the window I don't really recognise the place it too fancy. I took a deep sigh as I walk back to the room. Him:"I will take it as if you've failed" Me:"morning to you too" Him:"attitude mmmh I like" Me:"can you fuckin tell me why did you drag me here??" Him:"oh that " Me:"yeah that "he brushed his head Him:"well I don't know but seeing another guy touching you that way really pissed me I swear to my grandmother's grave I don't really know what was happening to me but all of that view really pissed me off" Me:"you can't just up and control me" Him:"I'm sorry ok? I just don't know what happened but damn girl you can ride a nigga till he talks French"he laughed Me:"oh god "I closed my eyes using my hands Him:"mmmh shy shy shy"he chuckled Me:"fuck off Max just take me home" Him:"well you home bbe"I raised my left eyebrow Me:"home?? Please just take me home" Him:"you spending the day with me " Me:"excuse me the what ?? Look if you use to control your girl or whatever try your luck somewhere else. I'm my own woman and no flat ass man can control me" Him:"wouldn't be a bad thing" Me:"huh?!" Him:"you Being my girl"I laughed sarcastically Me:"I don't do boyfriend's "he got out from the bed a came right straight to me he stood up Infront of me two inches away . He was still naked I couldn't help but stare . He traced his fingers on my lips and sent chills over my spine I gasped and he brought my body close to his and he kissed my forehead Him:"I guess I know your weakness"he chuckled walking to his closest. I cursed quietly fighting with my mind which kept on bringing his sexy body right in my face. Just than I remembered about the Vacation shit it slipped my mind I went throw my bag to call Anna just than Max snatched my phone away Me:"the fuck dude" Him:"I've called Anna and I told her that they can go without you since all the things are settled and you spending the weekend with me" Me:"excuse me you did what??" Him:"I was just helping since you not going anywhere we just gonna chill and have plenty of sex" Me:"you don't get it do you?? Nobody call shot in my life okay" I was boiling like really boiling who the fuck do he think he is huh?! Him:"too bad come let go make breakfast beautiful" Me:"you son of a...."I didn't get to finish my sentence he was already out I sat on the bed fighting my bad mind influence that was driving me to another level of craziness. From the room whatever he was making down the kitchen smelled Divinei dragged myself down to the stairs the smell was too much and my stomach needed something I was too hungry. Him:"thought you will never come"he was in a cooking apron he really looked cute Me:"what you making" Him:"cheese burgerim too tired to cook you really drained me last night"he grins Me:"you cook?"I ignored the last part Him:"I cook Naomi I live my life in the kitchen when I'm bored"too bad I can't cook wait why am I comparing us? Me:"didn't picture you as that kitchen type of guy"he laughed Him:"you'll never judge the book by it cover Naomi"I chuckled Me:"like how I didn't expect what you did last night"he sighed Him:"god Naomi I'm sorry okay" Me:"mmmh I just need you to drive me home that all" Him:"and stop making Yourself crazy my love you ain't going nowhere" Me:"do you have a wife or a girlfriend" Him:"where we gonna eat here or the bedroom"he simply ignored my question Me:"I'm fine here" Him:"no we going to the bedroom" Me:"why did you even asked me if you the one who's gonna decide" Him:"I thought you were going to say the bedroom but than Naaa you came up with the dumbest answer "I shook my head Me:"can you give me my phone backi need to make a call" Him:"nop NayNay" Me:"what?" Him:"huh?!" Me:"you called me NayNay"he smirked Him:"yeah you are my 2014 dance and it not your Choice to decide who am I suppose to call you" I just let him befighting him wasn't gonna change anything.After some good 15min of him cooking breakfast we finally went to the bedroom and ate with him drooling over me now and than. Him:"were you going to sleep with him?" Me:"huh?!" Him:"the guy from the club were you going to fuck him"I chuckled Me:"I don't know maybe he was hot man"he frowned Him:"you kidding right?!" Me:"what would have stopped me I mean I just fucked you yesterday...fuck Max did we use protection"he blankly stared at me Him:"so you were going to fuck him " Me:"Max just answer the damn question" Him:"I don't rememberi was too pissed"he grinned Me:"uh fuck I'm not worried about being pregnant cause I'm contraceptive but you giving me STD's" Him:"you think I am...."he chuckled Me:"you can't judge the book by it cover your words not mine" Him:"wow" Me:"can I use your bathroom??" Him:"why you asking for permission I mean you didn't asked me when you drove yourself crazy and tried to leave naughty naughty NayNay"he laughed I left him there and went showering He opened the shower door Me:"the fuck dude"I covered my boobs and my cookie Him:"it not like I'm seeing something new"he laughed taking off his clothes Me:"don't tell me you showering with me" Him:"I won't since you have it all figured out"I tried to pass Me:"let me pass"he block my way Him:"we will shower together NayNay" Me:"you son of a..... Him:"oh lord stop cursing come let me wash your back"he brushed my back slowly bringing my body pinning his dick in my ass he brushed my waist until his hands lend in my breast brushing them slowly he really was turning me on I couldn't help but moan. He bitted my earlobes and went down on my neck living wet kisses. He turned me around and i faced himhis eyes locked with mine and he grins pecking my lips than turned the kiss to a deep kiss just than his finger fucked me. Him:"I've heard you not a relationship type of girl so in times like this what should we do??" His hand was not giving me no mercy down there Me:"uuuh.... Him:"NayNay I'm talking"he was talking between our lips Me:"oh god Max No strings uuuuuh" Him:"No strings what??"I took a deep breath Me:"No strings attached"I was breathing heavy Him:"No string attached it is then"he inserted himself


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