part 3 accidentally inlove

After that kiss I froze I wanted to take things back . I wished it was a CD player so that I can repeat it now and then. His soft lips his amazing voice his touch god his warm breath . I finally snapped out of it what was wrong with ??what stupid game is my mind playing why do I have this suddenly indescribable thing. I don't know if I should call it a feeling or an emotion. Me:"god Anna you are a lifesaver"she giggled Her:"I know " Me:"let me make it up to you I'm taking you out this evening going clubbing" Her:"it Friday tomorrow" Me:"so??" Her:"it work day my darling and..." Me:"chill will you? Tomorrow is a holiday" Her:"what holiday?? I mean I check the calendar now and then but I didn't see a Friday circled in red in my calendar"I chuckled Me:"god you love to work it our holiday darling...me and you my love oooh and after lunch please call a stuff meeting "she nodded smiling All my lunch time I have been searching Maxwell Jacobs best moments during his boxing days. He was really a good fighter I'm not a boxer person but every fight I watch on You Tube really amaze me gosh his abs . The way he was great he even won Best Athlete Africa in AA's Awards mmmh I couldn't get enough I kept on repeating every fighter. "We waiting for you" Anna said Me:"huh" Her:"you didn't even hear me getting in what are you doing there"I quickly closed my laptop Me:"gosh Anna I'm coming"she laughed walking out. I went to the boardroom and everyone was seated waiting for methey all smiled when they saw me . Me:"afternoon good colleagues I call you colleagues cause I don't feel like a boss .I feel home were I'm loved and all since we've been running this newspaper well and for reaching 15 000 000 readers I'm blessed to have you here. Tomorrow afternoon by 12h00 the flight..." Anna:"what do you mean the Flight" Me:"well we going to a Vacation..." Anna:"we as in us all" Me:"yeah we going to cape Town "they all screamed blocking my ears Me:"okay

okay and my Private jet will take us there...now go pack"they all took their stuff and left but Anna left behind. Her:"wow I'm amazed" Me:"what??" Her:"the suddenly change but anyway I'm coming by your house as you promised to take me out this evening " Me:"oooh okay than "we went our separate ways My way home was one of the journey I've never heard my mind kept on bringing max there and there .I tried by all means to block this stupid picture of him and I making love. Nx what a stupid obsession. In no time I was home I went straight to the shower that what i needed the most maybe it gonna shower all this stupid thought that roaming in my mind. I finally finished after some time struggling to choose what I'm gonna wear I finally chose a short revealing thigh purple dress black thigh boots and I let down my weave . I looked stunning I drank my wine while waiting for Anna damn the girl can take her stupid time. After some 20 min she finally decided to pop in my door we didn't waste anytime we left. Her:"Damn your car is amazing wow you have a life Naomi"if she knew Me:"well I can't say that if I were you" Her:"why?? everything with you is perfectthe house the cars your taste of style you inspire me in everyway N"I frowned Me:"you called me N" Her:"yeah I've realised and I'm gonna stick there my love"I rolled my eyes. Me:"sure whatever" Her:"oooh before I forgot how was the meeting" Me:"ok" Her:"ok just ok?? I mean the guy is hot and shit all you can say is he meeting was ok!" Me:"what do you want me to say" Her:"the Truth N I want the Truth" Me:"aaargh fine his amazing everything about him is amazing"she Laughed Her:"finally!!"she clapped twice Me:"oh lord what a long way "she chuckled Her:"Max max max" We finally arrived in the club as we expected it was fullim not the VIP section girl it boring there like really boring. Her:"VIP??" Me:"Naaa!" Her:"why it quite there" Me:"and it boring there girl you need to have a life sweet live a little" Her:"aaargh whatever I need a drink" Me:"you go girl!!"I took her hand and we went to the bar. Every single shot I drankit was going straight to my mind right away..in 2 hours I felt like taking over the dance floor while Anna was bonding with Barman I was dancing like really crazy with Rihanna track "work work work" I felt someone hands snaking around my waisti hand no energy to push him away I was powerless. We danced like that until i heard a boom sound I turned around and Max was pulling the poor guy away from me. Me:"max the fuck??" Him:"I'm taking you home" Me:"you crazy I just..." Him:"what are you even wearing you look like a hooker" Me:"max!!" Him:"you don't want to go?? Fine I will drag you out" Me:"Fine!!" Him:"I didn't picture you as a Bitchy type but this stupid shit will stop now" Me:"excuse me???"


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