part 2 accidentally inlove

I took a look at myself and there a woman in the mirror I don't know facing me behind that face there's story to tell but that is my problem and my problems are mine only mine. My body was a body to die for every women dream body that how I hooked every man right in my finger .my life is fucked up for a journalist I party to much and that how my life roles I'm just a hit and run girl only if that fit for a girl .I finally took my handbag and left for work. I'm a Journalist I've always been passionate to write inspiring stories and to own my library store someday but that turned around instead of writing a book I'm writing articles for Newspaper my own Newspaper . "You late"my P.A said I don't get why she wanna be friends with me cause I'm not a friendly type and I don't have friends and I like my spacei don't have time for backstabbers and gossiping cheap girls my life runs around me only me. Me:"I'm the Boss Anna"she chuckled shooking her head. Her:"you have a meeting in 2 hours"my eyes popped out and she laughed Her:"let me guess you've forgot oh god Mr Jacobs will be here anytime soon you better prepare yourself good luck"she giggled as I run straight to my office. I checked my files and Anna was right I have a meeting in 2 hours god I look at the time and I was left with 1hour and 45 seconds to prepare myself. I got interrupted by Anna entering without knockingi raised my eyebrows Her:"sorry but it look like you can use a little help this file have everything you have to know about Mr Jacobs and what he likes mostly about his style but the main aim here is that his here to tell his story "I brought my eyes together Me:"his story??" Her:"yes dummy don't tell me you don't know him"I shrugged Me:"not really" Her:"god this is going to be more harder than I thought Mr Jacobs is Maxwell the Max "I was totally lost Me:"what max are you talking about??"she sighed Her:"you need to stop partying to much and focus"I rolled my eyes Me:"whatever!" Her:"as I was saying Max is a boxing coach although he used to be a boxer he retired from the young age."still I was lost Me:"so?" Her:"his here to tell us why he dropped being a boxer and choose to be a coach" Finally I got it Me:"oooooh"she laughed and I giggled for the first I've been with her I've never shown any motions but today I felt free. Her:"good luck you need it"I rolled my eyes Me:"damn look at the time"she smiled Her:"you look good by the way although you've always look good "I smiled Me:"thank you"she smiled and walked out. I went throw Mr Jacobs file in his games he have never loose . A knock came and Anna got in Her:"his here"I faintly nodded she went back. Moments of silence moments of silence than a door opened his cologne filled the room

my face was to lazy to be lifted up..from the distant he smelled amazing. Him:"Morning"I sighed as I lift my head up and I just froze his Trey song himself his kissable lips and his dark skin colour. Me:"Morning you can take a sit"he smiled revealing his left dimple and I swallowed hard his was too sexy his body the way we walked gosh his voice and his scar right in his eyebrow that made him look even sexier.Dammit focus Naomi focus. He finally sat down after his sexy model walki offered my hand for handshake Me:"welcome to Durban North Newspaper Mr Jacobs"he smiled again god just swallow me Him:"thank you miss??"he asked still holding my hand Me:"Let stick to Naomi"he nodded.."so I've heard you are a good boxer" he smiled god his smile was so yummy Him:"Former boxer Miss Naomi well yeah I'm a coach now" Me:"why did you stop boxing??" Him:"well family crisis the day I took a break in boxing is the day my grandmother diedwell she never believed in those things . She hated it she was all about school .the day I left for a game in Cape Town we argued about me going to another province and going to fight in this stupid boxing but I left anyway.i was too passionate about being a boxer I was just 25 years old still leaving my life the way I please. But when my flight landed I got a call that My grandmother died in the cause of heart attack" he sighed Me:"wow that too deep"he nodded..."you said you took a break does that mean someday you will come back??" He Chuckled Him:"only the time will tell" Me:"how much is the Boxing fee??"he smiling looking straight to my eyes like he was searching for something Him:"it for youngsters to keep their mind off from drugs and all bad stuff focus in school..I help the homeless so there's no fee"I smiled his eyes went down to my lips Me:"you don't mind me coming to your gym right?? And would it be free for me too??" He Chuckled Him:"free for everyone Naomi" gosh the way he say my name the meeting continued and in 45min we were done. Me:"it was nice doing business with you Mr Jacobs"we shook hands again and he kissed my hand this time aroundwhat a charmer. Him:"let stick to Max"he imitated my voice and we laughed Me:"oh my god"I hit his shoulder Him:"push me out"I raised my eyebrows I mean I've never done that before after the meeting people just leave in their own. Me:"oh uhmmm okay"he smiled and finally let go of my hand Him:"ladies first"I opened the door and we walked out I could feel his eyes pacing down my skin and that gave me a courage to cat walk. We were finally in the parking lot Me:"thank you again Mr Jac.. I mean Max"he smiled looking straight into my eyes like he was searching something again Him:"it my pleasure beautiful lady"he hugged me and kissed my chickgod his breath was to warm down my neck and he finally let go and we said our goodbyes after that he left. Did he just hug me?? Did he just kissed my Chick??


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