part 11 accidentally inlove

NAOMI Nap! I took a nap when max dropped me I was too devastated from yesterday sex . Him:"I didn't know I'm sorry"I frowned Me:"your fucken father killed my father and ...."I just cried and took off my ring Him:"bbe please don't...." Me:"I'm sorry but I can't " Him:"I love you and you love me trust me bbe we will make it work I'm sorry" Me:"you kept this away from me how can I fucken trust you after this huh?!"he sniffed Him:"NayNay.... Me:"don't call me that"I took my bag And left I walked down the street not knowing were im going. I walked and walked till I saw a grave stone written my name...I screamed.. "N " "Naomi!!" "N"the voice said I was too lazy to open my eyes "Naomi "I gasped as my heart bit increasingi sat up straight. I was even sweating. Anna:"It ok it just a dream"I looked around like a zombie Me:"it felt so real"she smiled Her:"you look like a kid the way you pouting right now"I playful hit her Me:"Voetsek"she giggled Her:"come let go eat" Me:"you cooked"she shook her head Her:"I ordered in"I nodded and went to the bathroom. Anna's phone rang she looked at the screen and smiled Her:"hey" ..... Her:"I would love too but I'm spending the day with my friend" ..... Her:"I miss you too"she giggled blushing ..... Her:"come on not that way the friendly way"she smiled ..... Her:"you like shopping huh?!" .... Her:"well I will think about it" ..... Her:"and thanks for the diamonds they look beautiful" ..... Her:"see you tomorrow than" . ... Her:"bye"she smiled dropping the call Me:"who is he"she brought her face up and damn she was blushing like crazy Her:"no one"I chuckled Me:"it Chris right" Her:"how did you...."I rolled my eyes Me:"bae told me" Her:"bae?!!" Me:"max and I well we decided to take our relationship to the next level"her eyes popped out Her:"like getting Married?"I chuckled Me:"no dummy we dating"she smiled Her:"I thought you were dating" Me:"so tell me about Max" Her:"about Max??" Me:"shit I mean Chris"she chuckled Her:"damn you inlove"I sighed Me:"and I wasn't suppose too" Her:"it called Accidentally Inlove sweetie" Me:"and how do you know that" Her:"I know things"I smiled Me:"yeah whatever"just than my phone rang Me:"my hot chocolate"he laughed Him:"my strawberry lips"I smiled Me:"mmmh"I hummed Him:"I'm sure you horny right now"I gasped Me:"what?! Max No I'm not" Him:"yes you are!!" Me:"No"I giggled damn I missed him Him:"I miss you"I blushed Me:"mostly you miss fucking me"he groaned Him:"bbe...come home"I laughed Me:"I'm home bbe"I said in a whisper Him:"damn bbe i miss you " Me:"too bad I will see you tomorrow"he groaned Him:"you don't miss me"he faked a sniff Me:"huh huh that won't work my love" Him:"what you wearing" Me:"Nothing" Him:"Fuck NayNay I'm coming there" Me:"No you not" Him:"but bbe... Me:"I'm spending time with someone I love" Him:"so you spending time with you boyfriend" Me:"mmmh". Him:"I will fuck you up Naomi I tell you" Me:"easy tiger" Him:"Naomi" Me:"yes my love" Him:"I will kill you and that boy"I smiled Me:"I'm so wet right now"he groaned Him:"bbe i miss you " Me:"you not mad anymore" Him:"Naomi don't test me"I laughed Me:"Im kidding bbe!! But on a serious note I can't see you I'm spending time with Anna"he sighed Him:"fine but I will fuck you so bad tomorrow". Me:"Max!!" Him:"love you bbe!!" Me:"me too" Him;"you too you what??"I rolled my eyes Me:"I love you too my hot chocolate"he giggled . He hung up Anna looked at me and giggled Me:"what so funny?!" Her:"you so damn inlove"I rolled my eyes Me:"whatever Anna"she gasped Her:"you can't even hide it" Me:"oh god"I hide my face with my hands Her:"Are you blushing N"I gave her a death stare Me:"I'm gonna fuck you up" Her:"wuuu I'm scared"we laughed Me:"you sound like a high school girl" Her:"duuuuh"she rolled her eyes Me:"oh my god stop doing that"she smiled Her:"I've never had a close friend like you in my life" Me:"me too"she smiled Her:"yooh the first day I saw you I tried by all means to make you smile but you would look at me and shook your head. I wanted so bad to be your friend"she pout Me:"I love you"she chuckled.. "Wait wait. What happened to Tee" Her:"Teeh?!" Me:"yeah Thabiso the Barman"she rolled her eyes Her:"his Married"I gasped Me:"you lying" Her:"I wish!! But than again I found a hot fuck boy" Me:"Chris is a fuck boy" Her:"well he told me crazy stories about him and his friends that I can't even tell you"I rolled my eyes Me:"his a bad boy huh?!"she grins Her:"bad boys are good in bed"I gasped Me:"Anna!" Her:"what???don't act like a saint here "I shook my head Me:"what happened to you" Her:"you happened"my eyes popped out Me:"what??" Her:"you the one you introduced me in this crazy Amazing life" Me:"I think we need to go to church" Her:"why" Me:"we've sinned too much this week" Her:"have you ever go there" Me:"Nop" Her:"you got to be kidding me" Me:"I'm serious but in Sunday we going there" Her:"why the suddenly change?" Me:"I want to forget the past and focus in the future I'm too damaged Anna. I need a change"she chuckled Her:"you and I both" Me:"mmmh what wrong with you" Her:"my Brother raped me..... Me:"wait wait your biological brother"I was shocked Her:"yeah he was obsessed with me" Me:"where is he now"she looked away Her:"dead"my eyes popped out Me:"you killed him" Her:"My father did before he went to jail" Me:"your father is in jail" Her:"well my mother used to work for this big rich family she fell inlove with my father who was married and his boss. She fell pregnant and I was born my father would visit in weekends. In the age of 5 my after he killed my brother he got arrested for killing his Arranged marriage wife's lover well he got caught and was arrested" Me:"wow?!" Her:"it a crazy story isn't?" I was too amazed Me:"you not even crying"she smiled Her:"the pain is not there anymore" Me:"wow" In the evening we decided to eat out. Me:"this place is beautiful" Her:"and Jade is the owner" Me:"whose that"she rolled her eyes Her:"One of Chris friend"I nodded Me:"it beyond amazing" Her:"wait whose That"I frowned Me:"whose who?" Her:"that woman she have been looking at us for about 3 min now" Me:"where" Her:"shhh she's coming " "Good evening"I looked up and this woman was just a version of Max. Us:"evening"she smiled Her:"uhm sorry to interrupt you but do I know you from somewhere??" Anna:"both of us"she nodded Me:"not really" Her:"well I know you your mother used to work for me"she said looking at Anna. Anna:"oooh" Her:"Ain't you Mr David's daughter"I frowned Me:"yes i am" Her:"Now I see who you areim sorry to interrupt ladies have an amazing night"she left Me:"she look so much Like Max" Anna:"who is she anyway???"


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