part 10 accidentally inlove

MAXWELL I took a deep sigh and looked at her she was beautiful the most beautiful girl I've ever met. Maybe it my heart talking but I wouldn't want anything rather than this I don't know what I'm really doing but I hope it doesn't back bite. I kissed her forehead and went to make us breakfast. "Morning"she smirked getting in wearing my shirt Me:"NayNay!! That my million shirt"she giggled and hugged me from behind and I bit my lower lip she always turn me on Her:"what are you cooking"I turned around and kissed her forehead Me:"nothing serious "she looked at me and smile Her:"you did it for me"I grinned Me:"all for you my bbe"I spanked her Her:"aarh aarh Max "I spanked her Again Me:"all mine"she rolled her eyes Her:"you not getting some today" Me:"NayNay!!" Her:"No!!"I walked up to her and brushed her chick snaking my left hand to her waist and she gasped Me:"are you sure about that??" Her:"uhmm. . Yeah im positive"I smiled Me:"your body say something Else though" Her:"where is my phone" I raised my left eyebrow Me:"what are you gonna do with it" Her:"I miss Anna I wanna know where is she and how she's doing" Me:"you will see Anna tomorrow my love today it just me and you making love"she blushed Her:"Max I'm not sleeping with you" Me:"mmmh"I hummed Her:"I'm serious"I side smiled Me:"OK" Her:"I'm hungry" Me:"wait a few minutes bbe be patient"she chuckled Her:"I'm going to take a shower than" Me:"No"she raised her eyebrows god my bbe is cute and sexy Her:"excuse me"I chuckled Me:"you gonna wait fo..."just than my phone rang .. Me:"Mom" Her:"don't mom me Max what is this that im hearing"damn she was angry Me:"mmmh" Her:"Dlamini girl said you broke up with her" Me:"mom that not a new thing these kind of things happen day and night she will get over it" Her:"you acting like your father now" Me:"MOM" I really hate to be compared to my fatherim nothing like my father. He used to abuse mom and his first arranged wife mom said the first wife left with her other lover than rumors said Dad killed her lover. After couple of months Dad got arrested I've never visited him And I will never fuckin set my foot there . Her:"You promised bbe you said you will never be like you father"that cut me too deep am I changing to my father?? Me:"I will come there and we will talk" NayNay eyed me and went out Her:"you better" Me:"bbe"I called out she appeared from the lounge Her:"what Max" Me:"are you mad" Her:"why would I be??"she looked at me more like reading me Me:"bbe"I walked up to her and hugged I brushed her cookie but she moved away Her:"Not everything is about sex Max"I sighed Me:"ohk what wrong??" Her:"you said we will spend the day together and now??"I inhaled sharply Me:"I know but my mother...." Her:"wants you to get back with Jessica??" Me:"bbe?!" Her:"maybe This wasn't meant to be" Me:"come on now" Her:"I'm hurting another woman here if it wasn't for me . She would be getting married in few days now...fuck this shit take me home"my eyes popped out Me:"but NayNay you..." Her:"I'm not mad okay I just wanna be home when all this thing off yours is done I will be here waiting for you"I smiled Me:"you promise?" Her:"I promise"we kissed and I slide my finger on her cookie she gasped and I let go of her body Her:"Are you kidding me"I bit my lower lip seducing her shaking body that want me so bad Me:"Not everything is about sex my love"she Chuckled hitting my shoulder Her:"Voetsek!" Me:"I love you too" Her:"yeah whatever"she took my hand and we walked out. . . . "What if your mother wants you to get back with her" Me:"huh"she raised my eyebrow and I sighed "Let hope she doesn't" Her:"what do you mean by that??" Me:"Naomi just give me a moment to think"I snapped Her:"nx"she opened the door and walked out Me:"bbe"I called out as I was getting out of the car too Her:"just go back go back to her. I don't want to cause bad blood between you and your mother just go back"I sighed and hugged her Me:" I love you" Her:"you will never live me"she sulked Me:"I love you too much to live you"she smiled Her:"good luck" Me:"I'm gonna sex you so bad when I come back"she walked away Her:"Nop" Me:"but bbe" Her:"Go away max"I smiled she's just something else . . . I got to my crib and the house was full I swallowed hard when I saw Jessica's parents. I couldn't face mom's disappointed face. Me:"Afternoon"I finally managed to say everyone eyes were locked to me Mom:"sit" that was cold but I obeyed and sat down Jessica:"would you like tea"I gave her a eye Me:"no thanks" I'm sure she fed our parents all lies she could think of she smiled oh fuck me right now can she just drop the act Her dad:"son what is this " Me:"sir"her mother chuckled Her mom:"I asked you the day before yesterday if you were ready and you said yes you even promised you will never hurt our little princess"I rolled my eyes Mom:"MAXWELL!! I didn't raise you like this"I looked away Me:"I'm sorry mom" Mom:"there's No break up here you both getting married"Jessica smiled looking down aaargh I felt like puking Me:"I'm sorry but we won't"the smile on her face disappeared Mom:"I'm not asking I'm telling you" Me:"And I won't marry someone I don't love somebody who forced me into this shit. I'm sorry to curse but this is all madness. The stupid fake Relationship I'm done with that shit" Her dad:"Language SON"I chuckled and pointed at Jessica Me:"we were only 19 when she caught me smoking cocaine instead of helping me as a friend she blackmailed me and forced me into a relationship if I didn't want to date her than she would have told my mother. What kind of daughter is that??" Jessica:"I love you" Me:"you love?? Trust me I love you too but only as a friend"her mouth dropped Her:that not true" Me:"I'm sorry but... "She cried and knelt down and hugged my legs Her:"please Max I can't live without you" Me:"Jessica!"I said softly Her:"yes my love"I helped her stand up And hugged her Me:"I'm sorry"she smiled in between her tears Her:"we can get married now gosh my dress is....." Me:"No Jessica please you will find someone else maybe Thomas that guy like you but you and I...." Her:"but his not you" Mom:"you blackmailed my son?"she looked away Her:"Mrs Jaco...." Mom:"Agnes(Jessica's mom) you knew about this didn't you" she looked away I took my car keys and left them arguing. . . . "There you are"the cousin Naija that I fucked said Me:"hi"I said coldly as I pass her and went in the house Her:"don't you want some in this crazy weather"I looked at her she has always been hot but not more than my NayNay Me:"in A Weather like this I don't eat expired cakes"she gasped Her:"so now my pussy is Expired"I rolled my eyes Me:"can you fuck off Naija" Her:"you can't kick me out" Me:"fuck Naija man you don't want me to drag you out I'm not in the mood for shit OK!!"I snapped Her:"uhmm before i go can I tell you something"she took out an envelope and gave it to me Me:"what that??"I frowned Her:"A surprise"I opened it and it was a scan Me:"it is a Scan"she screamed hugging me Her:"I'm pregnant"I smiled Me:"congratulations" Her:"you the father" Me:"you Crazy" Her:"I'm not I just....." Me:"you can't be pregnant" Her:"but i am" Me:"unless you faked it or it for someone else" Her:"excuse me!!" Me:"I'm infertile "the truth I can't have babies. ________________________________________ >Max . {Max is infertileWho is Max's father just curious}


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