part 8 married in contract

×Thando× It been more two days of hell. Lubanzi haven't gave me my phone's and my laptop back. I think he still believes I'm cheating. I made strong coffee the way he like it. I wonder if he knows what I like I sighed. English breakfast is his favorite I wonder if he wish to know my favorite. I still don't get why am I stressing myself with these "I Wonder". I walked up to his room. Before I could knock I heard moans and groans. I closed my eyes and knocked the moans stopped. There was silence for sometime. "Oh it you"She rolled her eyes. me:" Uhm I came to give him these" I hand her the tray. Tamara:"No matter what you put in there. He will always come to me"She winked and took the tray. I walked to my room. My wish was to take my things and leave with my sister. But I doubt that wish would come through. "I'm ready" Nicole brought me back to earth. She was wearing her uniform. me:"Remember to- Nicole:"To eat my lunch don't fight with other kids be careful I love you" I giggled. me:"I love you baby"She rolled her eyes. Nicole:"I know" We laughed if only the day can last with us laughing like this. me:"Ok bye"She waved back and walked out. "Beautiful girl" I jumped in fright. me:"Thabo god what are you doing here??"he chuckled. Thabo:"The last time I checked my best friend lives here" I rolled my eyes. "The way you have attitude towards me."I smiled he kissed my forehead. Thabo:"Have you heard from your mother?"I shook my head. me:"Nop and I don't want to know anything." He nodded. Thabo:"I understand but she's still your mother" I shrugged. me:"Anyway about the plan- Thabo:"Shhhh we can't talk about that right now" I nodded. me:"Sorry" Thabo:"Morning loves youi mean you look beautiful." I giggled. me:"You such a fool anyway let me go and check on the kids"He nodded I walked upstairs. _ (Tamara and Lubanzi at Lubanzi's room) Tamara:"is it that nice??"she asked as he kept on Making those 'mmmh' sound when eating. Lubanzi:"Yeah"he answered coldly. Well Thando is really a great cook her mother is a good teacher. Tamara:"I have news I need to share with you" she said nervously. Lubanzi:"Good or bad" Tamara:"For me they are good but I don't know how you will feel about them." Lubanzi looked at her for sometime. Lubanzi:"Go on" She sighed. Tamara:"I'm pregnant" he chuckled. Lubanzi:"Nice one" He Looked at her she kept the straight face. "You not joking?"She shook her head smiling. Lubanzi:"GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"He shout pushing the tray from his lap and stood up. Tamara:"Baby- Lubanzi:"I will hurt you Tamara I will hurt you so fuckin bad if you don't leave right now"his eyes were burning in anger. She just opened old wounds. Tamara:"I don't understand why you angry- Lubanzi:"Because that shit is not mine. i can't have- fuck bitch fuck off" He held her aggressively and threw her out of the door. Tamara:"baby- Lubanzi:"Out of my house" he roared. Tamara tried to calm him down but she was making him more angry. He held her by her hair and walked downstairs. "Lubanzi are you out of your mind?" Thabo rushed to them. Tamara:"His going to kill me Thabo Please help" Lubanzi:"Shut the fuck up"he opened the main door and threw her out.. "Don't ever call me don't ever sat your foot here ever again. you hear me??"Tamara nodded crying. He shut the door and roared . Thabo:"What the fuck was that about?" He followed After Lubanzi. Lubanzi:"She's pregnant" He took his car keys and walked out leaving Thabo still shocked. _ ×Thando× The twins were still sleeping. I heard noise downstairs but I thought it was just Lubanzi's friends. When I heard him Roar I knew Something was wrong so I rushed downstairs. me:"What the hell happened" Thabo sighed and turn to face me. Thabo:"Lubanzi Lubanzi happened" I frown. me:"Where is he??" Thabo:"His out." me:"Ok what Going on??" he sat down on the couch. Thabo:"Tamara is pregnant" my eyes popped out. me:"The fake cousin??"He nodded. "So what was the noise for?" Thabo:"It not Lubanzi's" me:"I don't understand" I said curiously. Thabo:"Lubanzi can't have kids" I stared at him waiting for him to tell me his joking. me:"But the Twins- Thabo:"They are not his" My mouth half opened I wanted to speak. But I didn't know what to say. me:"Wow" Thabo:"Yeah" Me:"Oh my god" Just than there was a knock. I hope it not Tamara. me:"Uhm Dr Drew"I opened the door widely so he can come in. Dr Drew:"Miss Thando" He didn't look okay. me:"Are you okay?" he sighed. Dr Drew:"I lost one of my patient today" We were now sitting in the Lounge. me:"Oh I'm sorry" he nodded. Thabo:"Dr Drew"they shook hands. Dr Drew:"I tried to call you but you didn't answer" I looked over Thabo. me:"Some junkies stole my phonesorry"he nodded. Dr Drew:"Your Mother said I should give you this" he hand me a envelope. me:"Ow.k"I took it and tear it apart. it was a letter. "Is she okay??"I asked unfolding the paper. Dr Drew didn't answer . _ THE LETTER: "" Thando my princess ........ I am tired. It's not the kind of tired that you can simply sleep off and rise from refreshed. It's the kind of tired that makes functioning at a "normal" level seem absolutely exhausting. Sometimes I wonder how my arms are still taking the necessary steps to pull me out of the bed after slumber. Sometimes I am fooled into thinking that I have been lifted from this madness. I am simply too tired.. ... The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist...depressed ...without my husband besides me ... money for rent ... money for child support.. money for debts ... money! ... I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain ... of starving children my children... I'm really really sorry. I couldn't take it anymore. I just want to leave you in peace. You might look at this as Selfishness buy im doing it for you. You need to be free I need to be free. I'm Sorry please apologise to my little girl for me. I love you guys. I'm just simply tried. ... -Mommy"" I frowned after reading it. me:"I don't understand" Dr Drew:"She committed suicide" I almost fell from the couch. me:"She What?!"

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