part 7 married in contract

×Thando× me: "Hide under the bed or something don't you just stand there" I whispered. Thabo:" When he opens that door he will hurt you. I can't allow that to happen ok" I pushed him slightly. me:" I will deal with consequences when I meet them. Just hide please if he founds you here. He will go mad please" he sighed in defeat. "Open the Fuckin door Thandolwethu shit!!" I took few deep breaths and opened the door. me:"Hi" He just pushed the door and let himself in. Lubanzi:" Who was here??"He looked around the room and went to the window. Opened the bathroom door. "Who was fuckin here?? I can smell a man in here" he walks towards me. I took steps back. me:"Ngobeni" Lubanzi:" Who was fuckin here??" he grabbed my neck. me:"No one please believe me"He tighten his grip on my neck. I was already crying. Lubanzi:"Talk bitch!" I tried to fight him. He was now holding me with both of his hands he was lifting me up. me:"I'm...I...m..s.o..o..r.y sorry!". I held on his hands . Lubanzi:"Meaning there was a nigga here!!"I closed my eyes I could feel them role back. "Dady!!" I couldn't make who said that between Tia and Tasha but he fastly let go of my neck. My body hit the floor I slept there helpless and coughing. I opened my eyes and he was already out with the twins. I tried to stand up but I couldn't. I sat there for 2 more minutes and he got in. Lubanzi:"I want your phone's and your laptop. Since you are a big girl and bring boys here. You are not allowed to walk out of the house" i nodded. "Do you here me?"he half shout. me:" Cristal Clear" He took my things and walked out. Thabo finally got out under the bed. He Cursed quietly. Thabo:"Is this guy Crazy??"he closed the door and locked it. he help me up to the bed. me:"Pl..e.. ase leave I don't want more trouble" He closed his eyes. Thabo:"I'm sorry" I faintly smiled. me:"it..o..ka..y" Thabo:"Take this phone don't hesitate to call me if you need help. Make sure he doesn't know about it" I nodded between the tears. Thabo:"Take care you going to be out here soon ok?" i nodded in hope. He kissed my forehead. me:"T.h.a.n.k..... You" I said with my husky voice. Thabo:"We will talk over the phone" I nodded. he walked to the window and jumped out. I slept with my stomach and let the tears fall. ... The following day. I was woken up by someone banging the door I sighed. And Frustratedly get out of bed to go open it. "Morning"my sister said bubbly . me:"Nicole" Nicole:"Are you okay"I nodded. "You don't look okay to me"She shrugged. I laughed she's so clever. me:" I'm fine baby Where are the twins??"She rolled her cute dark eyes. Nicole:"Sleeping please wake up. I'm hungry" Thank God it was June holidays she wasn't going to school. me:"Give me two minutes"She nodded I kissed her forehead and walked to the bathroom. _ (Lubanzi talking to his mother over the phone) Lubanzi:"Mom" Lubanzi's mother:"Yes baby" he sighed. Lubanzi:"Please tell Asanda's family that the meeting have been postponed." Lubanzi's mother:"What?why?" she asked curiously. Lubanzi:"My wife is sick. I have to take care of her i won't have time for guests." Lubanzi's mother smiled. Lubanzi's mother:"So sweet baby. You've grown up"She said proudly. Lubanzi:"Yeah yeah so can you please tell them that??" Lubanzi didn't want his mother and his late wife's family to know about him abusing Thando. Lubanzi's mother:"Ofcourse Makoti's health comes first" Lubanzi sighed in relief. Lubanzi:"You are the best mother in the world" She giggled. Lubanzi's mother:"I know and im proud of you". Lubanzi kept quiet for a while. Lubanzi:"I have to go mom" Lubanzi's:"Bye Sweety" He hung up. He sighed and took Thando's phone and went through it. Did he regret what he did yesterday?? No he was actually proud of himself.. _ ×Thando× The phone rang I jumped in fright and walked out the bathroom. Rushed to it and answered. I went back to the bathroom and locked the door. me:"Hello"I whispered. Thabo:"How are you feeling today" I smiled. me:"I'm good and you??"Thabo sighed. Thabo:"Not so good. I couldn't sleep I kept on thinking about what happened yesterday. I'm sorry" I could here how sincere he is. me:"It ok I'm better now" Thabo:"Good I will call you later. make sure that phone is on silent mode. I don't want Lubanzi to know about this" me:"Ok I will" Thabo:"Sure bye" me:"Thabo" Thabo:"Yes" me:"Thank you" I could here from his breathing. his smiling. Thabo:"It nothing bye"I hung up with a smile. "Thandolwethu are you doing to lock yourself there forever?? I want food woman"I Huffed. Lubanzi was really annoying to the level of point where I wanted to kill Him. _ (Thando's mother Knocked to Dr Drew's office) She was feeling nervous. What If she get caught??. She sighed and opened Dr Drew's office door as he said she should come in. Dr Drew:"Morning Mem"he politely smiled. Thando's mother:"Morning Doctor" She smiled back but nervously. Dr Drew:"You can sit down please" Thando's mother:"Thank you" she sat down at the small couch facing Dr Drew's desk. Dr Drew:"What can I do for you??" Thando's mother sighed. Thando's mother:"I want to apologise for my past behavior. I was selfish and not thinking" Dr Drew Smiled. Dr Drew:"I'm glad Mem you should really eat your treatment the way you suppose to. Or something will go wrong" Thando's mother nodded. Thando's mother:"I know Doctor and I'm sorry" Dr Drew nodded. "Can I ask a favor please" Dr Drew looked at her concerned. Dr Drew:"Anything" Thando's mother:"I want to write a letter for my daughter. To apologise for what I've done." Dr Drew:"So you need a paper and a pen"Thando's mother nodded. Thando's mother:"And envelope" Dr Drew stood up. Dr Drew:"Wait here I will be back soon" Thando's mother nodded he walked out. She looked around Dr Drew's desk. She saw a pocket of Razor blade. She smiled and took it. "What are you doing"she got the fright of her life. Thando's mother:"Oh it you doctor" She said holding her chest. Dr Drew:" What are you doing ??" he walked over to his desk. Thando's mother:"I was eeerh I was looking for a toilet paper yes! I was looking for a toilet paper. I wanted to blow my nose" She said nervously hoping Dr Drew believes her lies. Dr Drew: "oh okay here are your things"she sighed silently and took them. Thando's mother:"Thank you Doctor"he nodded and she walked out. She looked around the passage of the hospital Hoping to see her husband. What have she done now? He only came once and never returned. She sighed and got in her ward. she sat down on her bed. She started writing. "I am tired. It's not the kind of tired that you can simply sleep off and rise from refreshed. It's the kind of tired that makes functioning at a "normal" level seem absolutely exhausting.---" the letter didn't stop there it continued.

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